The Divine Cunt

Tuesday, 22 October, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This article is composed out of two equal and essential halves. If you prefer the good (as opposed to evil) half first, you should skip ahead to part two. If you have no fucking idea what "good" is supposed to even mean proceed below. There isn't a third bit involved, the divine cunt is made out of two lips and a hole.

Part I.

    Noam Chortlsky
    Stacey Nelkin
    The sign outside her building says "Clinic". She greets me in yoga pants and fluffy animal slippers, cradling a Pekingese dog whom she introduces as Marilyn Monroe.

    Noam Chortlsky ikr?
    Stacey Nelkin Why aren't they interested in sex? i think we oughta start with those three answers.

    Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all.


    Noam Chortlsky ikr!!!
    Stacey Nelkin

    Although there has long been a pragmatic separation of love and sex in Japan – a country mostly free of religious morals

    Stacey Nelkin Ahahaha omfg. What is this bullshit. A religious belief doesn't crawl up people's ass about sex therefore it doesn't exist?!

    Noam Chortlsky My explanation is much simpler : in a society in which making woman your slave is not possible, nobody bothers with woman period.
    Stacey Nelkin What are you talking about, Japan invented the geisha.

    Noam Chortlsky That society is dead, having long been replaced by some sort of nomadic ape-people. Just like Egypt is currently populated by some dark skinned fuckwits that can't read nor have ever seen a map.
    Stacey Nelkin Well tbh I know pretty much nothing about modern Japan.

    Noam Chortlsky Egyptians invented maps, sure, but if you review the statues they're tall people with delicate noses, not Arab orcs.
    Stacey Nelkin Stop trying to bait me wouldja.

    Noam Chortlsky Dead serious.
    Stacey Nelkin "Just like Egypt is currently populated by some dark skinned fuckwits"...

    Noam Chortlsky They are.
    Stacey Nelkin Iyo, ancient Egypt was populated by fair-skinned people?

    Noam Chortlsky Not imo. Look at the damned statues they left behind for facial and body features. And they were copper, not brown.
    Stacey Nelkin This isn't about facial and body features, this is specifically about "just like Egypt is currently populated by some dark skinned fuckwits". The term was dark skinned. It didn't specify as to particular hue.

    Noam Chortlsky Well, it does now.
    Stacey Nelkin It does now. And that's well and good, but absent that now, the underlying implication there is that ancient Egypt was great because it was populated by white people and now it sucks and they're black. Which I dont imagine you actually meant ofc, but I took it as you baiting me. Anyway.

    Noam Chortlsky Not any such implication. The statement is that the people that made Egypt great are long extinct, and long replaced with some worthless rats.
    Stacey Nelkin Yes but their skin color has 0 to do with their worthlessness.

    Noam Chortlsky Makes for easy identifying of difference. If an apple is yellow and another red, I will naturally give you this point of reference.
    Stacey Nelkin Sure.

    Noam Chortlsky But yea, it's not BECAUSE they're not light enough that they suck. They just happen to suck, and they happen to be readily distinguishable in terms of physical anthropology from some other people that didn't suck, which they pretend some laughable continuity with. As if the current inhabitants of Virginia started calling themselves Cherokee.
    Stacey Nelkin I wonder if it gets annoying for you, arguing this sorta thing time and again...cause I know I'm not the only one who struggles with it.

    Noam Chortlsky Notrly. Anyway, back to the slave :
    Stacey Nelkin Well good for you then :) I'm thankful for your patience. Sure. Yeah, uh...your explanation is interesting but I'm not sure that it's the case that it's not possible to make a woman your slave in Japan. Is it possible in the US?

    Noam Chortlsky It's not that it's not "possible". It's that if I order lunch for me and my slave the waitress sits there, blinker on. If I introduce her as my slave people are like... silence. Well... fuck them then. Consider the problem in historical perspective. For most of human history, the masses reproduced because fucking was literally the only available distraction,
    Stacey Nelkin Uh...

    Noam Chortlsky Gin only became affordable and popular in the 1700si. The elites however, those people who DID have options, did not reproduce. It got so bad that this entire social system had to be constructed whereby your lordship may only be inherited by kids you yourself verifiably spawned so as to make the man even CONSIDER fathering children. So basically, now that each and every last inhabitant of Japan is a sort of medieval viscount, you have this very acute problem : what's in it for me, ya dorks ? And as it is... there's nothing. So then... extinction.
    Stacey Nelkin This doesn't mean they didn't actually have children though. They didn't have ginormous families as non-elites did perhaps but seriously?

    Noam Chortlsky Seriously. Actually, this "disgust with sex" the article hints at is well documented in 1600 French, as well as prior, as well as other places.
    Stacey Nelkin That doesn't mean it was the overriding, driving force of thought and practice at the time does it?

    Noam Chortlsky Except it was.
    Stacey Nelkin So if none of them had any children where did their heirs come from?

    Noam Chortlsky By late 1700 the French lords had to be tricked into fucking by an insanely complex echafaudage of pretend-furtivity. Ie, each fucked other people's wives. This provided marginally sufficient incentive, because it gave them the impression they're stealing something. Notwithstanding that the something was widely in the open and everyone was ok with the practice - just like the "i'm unique" t- shirts, everyone somehow turned Polichinelle on it. The Brits did something very similar, only darker, clammier and humourless-er, spitting image of their accursed island : the sense of duty. Very German, that, incidentally. And don't even go looking into German sexual practices, one could well argue that the military gauntlet was invented by simply copying the sexual life of your German female.
    Stacey Nelkin Aha.

    Noam Chortlsky And also, that's the very point : they didn't have kids, they had heirs.
    Stacey Nelkin Which entered this life in a fucking cabbage?

    Noam Chortlsky If the entire system of heritage wasn't there, and if the idea wasn't simply "here's your chance to make a guy that will piss all over these serfs and walk their faces in the mud" they'd have likely never bothered. Even with it plenty didn't really bother. So basically the lesson here is... fuck with the balance of nature at your [anal] peril. For if you think hey, wouldn't it be great if there were no more serfs and no more lords, and every fuckwit had options ? You implement that, a century later you're in this position where these newfound lords without domains have the exact same problems of the past lords, except you have no solutions nor could there ever be any solutions. So the entire experiment goes extinct and we start over, specifically at the Gengis Khan moment.

    The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters,

    Stacey Nelkin Aha. Well it's an interesting cycle as presented.

    Noam Chortlsky Yeah. And don't ask me "where women figure in all this". Women don't figure in all this, it's not their choice to have children (in the sense that if they actually get the choice, they don't have children).
    Stacey Nelkin I'm feeling pretty goddamned repressed by this line of argument.

    Noam Chortlsky I bet. You recall the "I don't remember asking you one god damned thing" Samuel L Jackson face of wrath ?
    Stacey Nelkin Yeah.

    Noam Chortlsky That's basically historical representation of women and sex (which, obviously, is not historicaly separated from childbearing). Of course you'd feel repressed. It's fucking repressive.
    Stacey Nelkin Hm. How is it I got such a backwards upside down inside out representation of it? Just being a stupid kid in doctrination skool? Or never thinking about it in such terms maybe...

    Noam Chortlsky Well, you recall Shaw's epistle ? It has to be presented ass-backwards to work.
    Stacey Nelkin Recall what, the whole thing? Lol. I recall it.

    Noam Chortlsky Lol. Choice. It's a horrible thing. Would I rather go out with Catwoman and have a ball or would I rather wash diapers ? Catwoman. Definitely. Does that mean the world ends when I die ? Color me any nuance of not giving a shit you prefer. There's no possible retort to that, and so it goes.
    Stacey Nelkin You kinda sound like you're arguing with some imaginary person that's accusing you of things. And bringing you specific problems that do not actually exist.

    Noam Chortlsky Nah I'm just using the opportunity to present this thing for the article I'm preparing. Perhaps putting that in the first person is disconcerting.
    Stacey Nelkin This entire thing is disconcerting.

    Noam Chortlsky Well that too.
    Stacey Nelkin Are you publishing imminently?

    Noam Chortlsky I was giving you a moment to comment.
    Stacey Nelkin Aha. I don't know what to say beyond the fact that the cycle you've presented does make sense in terms of how stupid social practices surrounding sex would eventually turn everyone off from doing it, including to the extent that they're not interested in children, and gee, I guess it has really sucked for the women.

    Noam Chortlsky It's not merely that it sucked for the women. It's that the perpetuation of the species, as well as sugar, spice and everything nice squarely and strictly depends on it sucking for people. Specifically, it has to suck for more people than it works for, and it has to suck for the people it sucks for more than it works for the people it works for. Absent this, doom. (And if you're curious why it sucked for women ? Perhaps simply because there's always more women than men.)
    Stacey Nelkin So if I'm following this correctly, the anti-doom would be to somehow force the majority of people (the poor people?) to have lots of kids and completely remove choice out of sex?

    Noam Chortlsky Nah.
    Stacey Nelkin Then?

    Noam Chortlsky There isn't any option available. You don't "fix" a broken orbit, you don't shove the tootpaste back in the tube. Once you've squeezed it, you've squeezed it, that's that. No going back. Planets just collide, astral movement starts over in new paradigm.
    Stacey Nelkin "so the entire experiment goes extinct and we start over, specifically at the gengis khan moment".

    Noam Chortlsky Well... not we as in you and me, or whites, or English speaking idiots, or libertards. We as in human beings. Which won't be us. It will probably be the South Africans, who are currently raping white women by the boatload simply as an aculturation process.ii Or the whoever the fucks.
    Stacey Nelkin Of all the reasons why modern humans are fucked up and potentially doomed, it seems ridiculous to consider this as the actual threat. The population, dude. The fucking population. Japan not growing doesn't seem too worrisome.

    Noam Chortlsky Right.
    Stacey Nelkin In the face of....when I was a teenager, not that long ago, it was 6B people, this planet. Which was staggeringly huge. What's it now? And you're telling me we're doomed because nobody is having kids?

    Noam Chortlsky Those 6bn people turned to 10bn people in places where women are regularly raped, as a matter of course, as natural function of their sexual organs. Not in places where "people" get "choices". I'm saying we're doomed, as in, again, you and me, white people, literate people, people who have read Shaw. You look at those 10 bn and think "people, just like me". 10 bn people look at you and think "what the fuck is this alien shit". When the entire planet held one billion, you could find your peers anywhere. When the planet held 100 million there didn't even exist anything BUT your peers, as nobody took the various cvasi-monkeys for humans. Not the "peculiar institution" colonists, not the Spanish missionaries, not the invaders of Koreea and so on. Now you gotta be careful not to leave THE COUNTRY, or else. And even within the country, gotta be careful not to stray out of the reservations. Better make sure they're locked at night, too. Do you realise this, "upscale community" now means prison ? Do you imagine Napoleon's Grande Armee cowered behind walls anywhere, any time ? In a little longer you won't even be able to meet your peers outside of the Internet, at all, period. They won't exist. Meanwhile the monkey-cabdriver that never saw a map until the day I showed it one will be just fine. He'll have a bunch of kids and his wife as well as gf(s) will know better than giving any lip, especially at the wrong times.
    Stacey Nelkin I don't get where this lackadaisical defeatist sorta stance is coming from though. The idiots have always outnumbered the non idiots.

    Noam Chortlsky Right.
    Stacey Nelkin What, you think that's not the case?

    Noam Chortlsky Defeatist, in what sense ?
    Stacey Nelkin Defeatist, in the sense of saying we're doomed.

    Noam Chortlsky I'm personally doing fine. I feel no debt to the supposed culture of Europe, or white people, or whoever the fuck else. If it's that good it'll manage. If it fails to offer me a good enough deal so as to get me to give a shit, tough. It probably wasn't meant to survive in the first place. Just like whatever "endangered" species that outlived their timeslot. Time to say goodnight. "We"re only doomed as a construct. Individual people will survive in different constructs.
    Stacey Nelkin What deal do you imagine it could ever possibly offer you? And why the fuck!

    Noam Chortlsky Why the fuck ? Because it needs me, apparently, to give a shit about it.
    Stacey Nelkin Fuck this. Why did you say you were "putting that in the first person"! What you said WAS in the first person. It wasnt that you "put" it in the first person.

    Noam Chortlsky Um...
    Stacey Nelkin You were speaking from the first person.

    Noam Chortlsky I thought once I pointed it out, it's indifferent if I continue in the style. You prefer we move to "one" instead of I ?
    Stacey Nelkin Oh seriously? Apparently I'm not too good at this. It sounded like you're speaking very personally here.

    Noam Chortlsky Well it's an argument. What do you want from it.
    Stacey Nelkin Shouldn't have to move to second best pronouns just cause I suck, I'll have to learn.

    Noam Chortlsky They're really indiferent, one works just as well. So, all the Roman citizens did fine once Rome collapsed. In fact, they did better right after, as shown by their more developed skeletons. Better nutrition et al.
    Stacey Nelkin Aha. But then...

    Noam Chortlsky Anyway, to wrap-up : nobody denies that getting raped sucks for the victim, as an individual thing. Nobody denies that it sucks being poor for each person being poor.
    Stacey Nelkin K. Right.

    Noam Chortlsky The problem here is that society fails to function without these foundations. Without the raped, sexually, economically, in each and other perspective, there isn't nor can there be human accomplishment and certainly no civilisation worth the mention. Kids no longer humiliated by the teachers for their ignorance ? No more school. Fucking period. Kids no longer being bullied for their physical and mental inadequacy ? No more society. Fucking period.
    Stacey Nelkin And why is that the case? Why does human society require these foundations?

    Noam Chortlsky Now that I don't know.
    Stacey Nelkin Yeah...

    Noam Chortlsky Why do two hidrogens fuse to make a helium and in the process a bright warm yellow Sun ? Because they do. Blame troll jesus if you will.
    Stacey Nelkin Well no, I'll just be curious about it until I either find out or die or I suppose become disinterested.

    Noam Chortlsky Yeah. I can see that. Let's get back to the example of the thought-furniture, remember that ?
    Stacey Nelkin Yeah.

    Noam Chortlsky Why is it that those people live in squalor ?
    Stacey Nelkin Because that's the level of living that corresponds to what they've found acceptable in terms of required amount of thinking.

    Noam Chortlsky If you can do anything it'll be hard actually doing anything. Your art school friends, making mostly plans ? They literally can do anything. Abundance of tools and materials. What do they do ?
    Stacey Nelkin Yeah. Yeah. But why look at it in this light of 'everyone ought to be doing great things'? Maybe some people are genuinely disinterested in doing great things. Maybe they're perfectly contented not doing great things, or they hate doing great things to the extent not doing them is better. *Should* they be in some environment that revolves around The Stick?

    Noam Chortlsky Right. Completely disinterested in having babies, which is where we started. And I didn't say any should. I merely observed the thing will topple, to be replaced by better sticked people.
    Stacey Nelkin Yeah. Yeah.

    Noam Chortlsky Cause yeah, to exist you gotta do. A great example here is, of course, the city of Merv. The greatest agglomeration of people that could in the history of the world. They were led to the fields for the adequate treatment for them as for cattle over four days, creating such piles of corpses as is the stuff of legend.
    Stacey Nelkin By whom?

    Noam Chortlsky By the people that did.iii Little short shits riding poneys.
    Stacey Nelkin Ah. Well I shall make a reading project :)

    Noam Chortlsky There's a 1260ish writing about it, by some persian guy.
    Stacey Nelkin Bob?

    Noam Chortlsky Hahaha yeah. Bob, the 1260s persian guy. Juvaini.
    Stacey Nelkin Aha, ty :) Do you suppose this is becoming more and more the central theme of writing about modern stuffs? Or was it central all along and I just didn't see so well?

    Noam Chortlsky Well, whenever I respond to anything to do with "why are our hands all blistered" I will have to mention the hot pot on the hot stove. I mean I could not, for variety. Seems dumb.
    Stacey Nelkin Lol. indeed!

Part II.

Gardens of the Night (a 2008, also with John Malkovichiv) is yet another installment in that man's awesome, ruefully complete, atrociously honest, blithely limpid discussion of the divine cunt. The effort started perhaps with "Being John Malkovich", continued with Dangerous Liaisons and blossomed in these two 2008 productions that are, of course, just as widely ignored as they're intellectually mandatory. Mandatory, I say, there is no and can be no excuse from ignoring either. Take your retarded, worthless girlfriend to see them and then dump her sorry, ignorant, pointless ass once she fails to grok it.

The film contains an honest, truthful depiction of the process of aculturating the female cattle to her social role, with all the "trickery", if you can call it that, involved. If you don't want to call it trickery you might as well call it wisdom, or culture, or "that invisible glue which holds the nation together". Any nation, because that's what it is. And then the broken in female cattle turns around and breaks in a younger version of herself, and so it goes.

The girls involved in this process are seven and twelve years old, which will probably arouse your hypocritical array of objections as to how they're too young to step into their mother's hoofprints.v The problem with this objection, of course, it's that it's entirely methodological, it has no actual substance to it. You don't object to whipping the nigger and you sure as hell don't object to the status of the nigger. You just dislike the exact timing of his master's lashing, and perhaps if we go into much detail you also object to the tool employed. That's just about it.

What if they were fourteen ? Still too young, except in Texas, right ? Alright, make her sixteen. Still too young, except in Europe, right ? Eighteen, twenty-one, thirty three. Not too young anymore, is she. Time to leave her old family and become part of the new family, isn't it ? Time to forget all about her original parents and restructure her emotional life around her new parents, isn't it ? What if instead of being "coerced" we just patiently wait for the "biological clock" ? That makes all the difference in the world, right ? Like hell it does.

By all appearances woman is so constructed so as to be able to withstand this repurposing, this retooling, to have her breasts turn from "virginal" to "mature" and her life from person to mother. And with it, from Sabine to Roman, and from Smith to Jones should she marry some bloke named Jones. And if she isn't so constructed, tough tits, because apparently life on Earth so requires her to be. And before you go on yet another rant about how you're just about done building a better world in which this ancient curse no longer holds, and about how much "progeress" has been made, button yer yap.

Button yer yap, for I've heard it during my endless life nothing short of a million times. There's an old Romanian joke about a Gypsy guy that had a donkey, which he wasn't feeding. One day the donkey died, of hunger. Some villager asked the Gypsy how's the donkey doing ? And the Gypsy retorted that sadly, just as it was getting used to not eating anymore it died. That's you, right there. You're the Gypsy, building a great donkey of tomorrow, and so fucking clueless as to imagine you're the first guy that figured hey, a donkey'd work much better if it didn't need to eat anything.

Button yer yap and consider the fate of all those other wunderbar places that during the endless flow of time accomplished the exact same perpetuum mobilistic accomplishments you claim for yourself.

A wait, the good part. Seems I forgot the good part. Well, the good part is that the lost little girl is found and returned home, a decade later. A woman. Her ex family thinks she had been gone to Heaven. She in fact had returned from Hell. Doesn't say it, but looks it worth a million screams. And for that matter, I wouldn't trade her hard features cut in obsydian for a million of "everyday" twerps like her newfound mom and dad and siblings and neighbours and so on.

The moral of this painful text is that we're prisoners here, and so we shall remain. What you chant and what you "think about it" and how you "represent" it, package it and sell it, to everyone and for everyone's benefit doesn't make one whit of difference. The perpetuation of a healthy, thriving human population is strictly rooted in sexual rape, the perpetuation of a healthy, thriving human society is strictly rooted in economical rape. These are the facts. Fight rape all you wish, you little blob of cancer you. As you spread through what once were the veins, the nerves, the muscles of your culture you bring it one step closer to its eventual demise. Every victory, painful for your unwilling host, painless for your clueless self, every step "forward" towards a "better" future, every dribblet of "progress" is just one more metastasis.

You do realise the neoplasm earnestly believes it's fighting the good fight, for a better future and all that. Right ?

  1. This may make an interesting point of study for the anthropologically curious. Initially gin was a welcome industry in England because it allowed a new class of consumption for grain, thus promising to elevate the prices of grain and so the profits of the landed gentry. Within a generation or two the prevailing winds changed, and most all of "Victorian morals" can adequately be reduced to and explained in terms of, the lords pushing their sponsored priests to go to war on their behalf, under the banners of "other people should drink gin so as to make the lord money, but the people of this parish should not drink gin so as to be able to work long and hard, thus making the lord money". That schizoid insanity is still torturing our fledging northern colonies to this day. []
  2. Remarkably, Malkovich's excellent 2008 Disgrace is perhaps the best vehicle pasty ass monolinguistic monocultural dorks have at their disposal to try and comprehend or at least vaguely represent what the fuck is going on there. []
  3. Consider the following interesting point : as far as the US vernacular (ie, "fightin' words") is concerned, you can be as lazy as you wish just as long as you're not "ignorant". This hasn't obviously been always the case, of course, and the US hasn't always been a bankrupt deadbeat, either. []
  4. Presenting it as a Malkovich thing is massively unfair. Damian Harris should get most of the credit really. []
  5. Hoofprints, you hear ? It's what they are, no room to wiggle out of it, they're hoofprints made by live human beings that are used as cattle because we need to. To survive, we need to ride the woman like a beast of burden. We, both genders, she and you, that's how the thing goes. Sure, she could have been something else, perhaps something in some imaginary way "more", as if there ever is "more" than what is. Sometimes you talk to your cow as if it were your equal, and guess what ? So do the poor Egyptians, living in the barn with the actual cows they need for survival. So does the Lone Ranger, he talks to his Silver wife, girlfriend, partner and mount as if she were, as if at some point she was, a human being. []
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24 Responses

  1. Diana Coman`s avatar
    Diana Comaninsigna de cetatean educatinsigna de tehnolog 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    Well, IVF.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    This is like the story of the woman that didn't cut down on her diet and then went and worked out five days a week to lose weight. I'm sure it happens sometimes that people who find the simple solution too hard will actually implement the more inconvenient, difficult, expensive and risky solution. I just don't think it will ever happen often enough.

  3. So basically humans are animals and any attempt to deny that is doomed.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    Any attempt to construct an artificial environment will result in an uninhabitable place. That "you've made your bed now lay in it" old story.

  5. What if the raep system hadn't existed before this current consequential? system, the nonraep. Because the nonraep nonfunctional system observation comes from a .. functional system observation, raep system.

    How can/could it be an artificial environment if there's no/wouldn't be a natural one? How can the natural be natural! What if there's just dices and recorded history of dices after they were thrown! What's natural for men and women and humanity? Nature? What's nature!

  6. ^dices as in socialism. you have some elders mumbling about poorness where they agree it was better before, when they were Fed, Worked, Housed and Special, only having knowledge of the Socionazism and Capitalism, the good and the bad.
    someone casted socialism, people were in it somewere in the 'middle' and got thrown out in dirt. increase the span to millenia and replace with raep. raep cast -> raep -> nonraep, only to have raep and nonraep but not before Casting.

  7. I find part 1 informative. Japan, the culture where masturbation beat copulation. I figure we can go the Georgia route and give Japan incest or go the New York route and give them adultery. Like you seem to imply though, I'm not sure either could save a culture that is a sexual failure.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    @BingoBoingo Save, you know ? What's that even ?

  9. I saved the day!

  10. Rape as we know it today has little to do with sex and procreation, generally its an act of violence.
    Rape in the context of conquering armies was both a control and a procreation act.
    What we deal with now (illustrated by Japan but probably a much wider problem) is loss of desire - for sex/to procreate. To form whatever sort of family unit the culture has developed for raising children. To me this is the attitude of the defeated, the conquered.

  11. @Mircea Popescu I imagine saving is like what we try with the pandas where we see if taking their hentia and Nintendo away gets them to hump, and if they can't procreate they extinguish. Less an exercise in salvation for them and more an entertainment for whatever crowd we can get to pay for admittance.

  12. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    @Anon Lol. Way before his time, that guy.

    @Chet Now *that*'s an excellent point. The article is written from the very general perspective of rape = "sex without consent". Neither historically nor conceptually does this necessarily require or even imply violence, and for that matter the historic record is replete with mentions of the very complicity of the woman in the "violence" directed at her, as exemplified by an entire array starting with folklore (like the hen* joke) and ending in learned commentary (like the aforementioned epistle dedicatory).

    Completely unrelated to all this, the immediate functional definition of rape in the everyday English language works more like rape = "woman battered to death". This obviously is informed by the dysfunctional post-Victorian (and in that, pre-modern) legal system, because if the proposed punishment for rape exceeds the proposed punishment for murder the result will obviously be turning every case of rape into a case of rape and murder. Which, obviously, is very much the pernicious intent of the post-Victorian (and in that, pre-modern) legislator in the first place, much like someone who has mental issues with fruit will be more than pleased to see the orchards blighted.

    * A rooster chases a hen. The hen thinks to herself hm, if he catches up he'll think I'm a slut, if he doesn't he'll think I'm stupid, let me stumble then.

  13. Completely unrelated to all this, the immediate functional definition of rape in the everyday English language works more like rape = “woman battered to death”

    And here I thought pieces like mostly satirized the immediate functional definition of rape = "mom he's looking at me!" in everyday English, what with every middle class collegiate princess having her own little story of how she was "nearly raped" at a party once and all that.

  14. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 23 October 2013

    Well, it's Victorian and therefore schizoid. Making sense of all the complex quid-pro-quo going on in the mostly premodern mind of your average US citizen far exceeds the meager abilities of this modest blog.

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  8. [...] to have other people go against their "nature", which is to say indolence ? Well... either that or gin, I suppose, but still... wasn't all of South America raised by the whip, weren't the multitudes of [...]

  9. [...] to do than play genital lottery, and totally so do they, everyone's special in this land made up of no citizenry, just emperors. [↩]In fact, she does remember, which leads us to a useful tip to the [...]

  10. [...] to put out and finds herself in the "hero"'s bed. That part needs no explanation whatsoever -- yes it sucks to be them, but you're welcome to suck in one palm and piss in the other and report the revolutionizing, [...]

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