Forum logs for 05 Feb 2014

Sunday, 24 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
mike_c no time for copyediting at the rate he publishes. [00:00]
chipug i like the site btw [00:00]
chipug lol mike_c [00:00]
mircea_popescu mike_c no actually there's a girl reading my shit [00:01]
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mircea_popescu jesus the new blockchain logo is fugly. [00:02]
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Duffer1 yea it's pretty aweful [00:02]
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mircea_popescu why do people do this [00:02]
mircea_popescu next they'll put a penguin up there or some emu or something [00:03]
ThickAsThieves why do they have it in that retarded boat shape [00:03]
Duffer1 like they halfassed a QRcodefont [00:03]
ThickAsThieves they forgot it was only boat-shaped to fit the silly cube from the prior logo [00:03]
mircea_popescu hahaha i guess so! [00:04]
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mircea_popescu which cube was already a descend into suck, as their prev logo was still better [00:04]
jurov i must have been asleep when i published that... what is a / (1 / b) equal to? [00:06]
jurov oh kingofsports is away [00:07]
jurov at least benkay is here? try redeem yourself :D [00:07]
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ThickAsThieves look at all the lisp clojure [00:09]
ThickAsThieves "BitcoinJ is widely used across the Bitcoin community; some users include Bitcoin Wallet for Android, MultiBit, Hive,, the block explorer (written in Lisp!), Circle, Neo/Bee (Cypriot payment network),, Bitcoin Touch, BlueMatt's relay network and DNS crawler, academic advanced contracts research and more." [00:10]
mircea_popescu wait what ?! [00:11]
mircea_popescu benkay ^ check that shit out [00:11]
dub [00:15]
ozbot Twitter / Wu_Tang_Finance: CRYPTOCURRENCIES RULE EVERYTHING ... [00:15]
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mircea_popescu #derpfinance trending yet ? [00:15]
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benkay wu tang finance is inferior white people in blackface [00:20]
benkay you have to be an american jew to do that black music well, or actually grow up in the ghetto. [00:20]
ThickAsThieves someone trying to take nubbins weed [00:20]
ThickAsThieves [00:21]
ozbot Request for information for lawsuit against Michael Marquardt / Theymos : Bitcoin [00:22]
ThickAsThieves headline should be "Things Heat Up for Thermos" [00:22]
mircea_popescu lol if they knew the words, yeah. [00:22]
BingoBoingo "Thermos keeps things hot" [00:22]
ThickAsThieves Thermos Gives Cold Shoulder [00:22]
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benkay additionally on the bitcoinj topic, the litecoin folks have put together some funds to hire someone to port it to litecoin. [00:25]
dub ThickAsThieves: pot holes in ur blog too eh [00:26]
benkay do we like hearn? [00:26]
chipug loved the thermos thing [00:27]
chipug he never responded to that did he? [00:27]
jurov he responded on earlier reddit post it's linked there [00:28]
dub [00:29]
ozbot Twitter / jgarzik: Decentralized #bitcoin auction ... [00:29]
dub garzik saves [00:29]
ThickAsThieves ThickAsThieves: pot holes in ur blog too << i skim, and 2dopeboyx [00:29]
ThickAsThieves 2dopeboyz* [00:29]
chipug woah jurov i was meaning the thermos typo and the ensuing piss takes. didn't know MNW was back bumping his gums [00:30]
jurov gums? lol [00:30]
mircea_popescu benkay we despise hearn. [00:31]
benkay mircea_popescu: 'cause google? [00:31]
ThickAsThieves i dont despise him [00:31]
mircea_popescu nah, cause mole. [00:32]
BingoBoingo benkay: The anti-fungibility and other stuff [00:32]
mircea_popescu pretty much what he's doing is trying to fuck up bitcoin. [00:32]
ThickAsThieves i barely know him though [00:32]
mircea_popescu not sometimes. always. [00:32]
jcpham oh lolololol is MNW [00:32]
jcpham can't take that guy seriously [00:32]
benkay oh he's behind the antifungibility song and dance? [00:32]
mircea_popescu hearn is the guy that answered experimentally the usg's question as to "what happens in case of major bitcoin fork ?" [00:33]
benkay sounds like assume bitcoinj is trash, in that case. [00:33]
mircea_popescu by creating one. [00:33]
ThickAsThieves Hearn is the kinda guy that tells Amazon they should do drone delivery system [00:33]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves no, that's what he pretends to be. [00:33]
mircea_popescu otherwise, he's the anti-snowden. [00:33]
mircea_popescu benkay worth a read in any case. [00:34]
benkay doubtless [00:34]
ThickAsThieves Hearn at least hates Mastercoin [00:34]
ThickAsThieves he has that going for him [00:34]
ThickAsThieves is Mastercoin and Open Transactions the same guy? [00:34]
BingoBoingo benkay: You may be able to fork and earlier version of BitcoinJ. Whatever runs Multibit 0.5.11 seems... The least bad SPV option. SatoshiDice had been running off of an older BitcoinJ for quite some time. [00:35]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: Different guys. [00:35]
ThickAsThieves word [00:35]
ThickAsThieves Auction Punk ay? [00:36]
ThickAsThieves it's 5mos old! [00:36]
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mircea_popescu lolwut, mnw wants his forum donation bacxk ? [00:36]
benkay this punk thing was cool when kdrake put his together. auctionpunk is just shameless derping. [00:36]
mircea_popescu this will be a trending topic. "hey guise remember me ? i donated 0.35 btc to your project in 2010. [00:37]
mircea_popescu meanwhile i lost all my btc playing dice sites and being scammed on cantina marketplace [00:37]
mircea_popescu but since btc is now 100000000 billionz [00:37]
mircea_popescu can i have my donation back and be like a rich guy ?" [00:37]
ThickAsThieves sure, here are your dollarvalues from back then! [00:37]
mike_c i hate that reasoning. like snackman saying "now i was scammed for $100k!" [00:38]
mircea_popescu .*... [00:38]
ThickAsThieves yknow this Lawsky guy aint so bad [00:39]
mircea_popescu "cocksuckers coming to bitcoin" more like it. [00:39]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: Basically the difference is Open Transactions guy started his thing in 2012 and pretty much only knotwork uses it. Mastercoin guy announed his thing in 2013 and... Profit! [00:39]
ThickAsThieves why dont they just mate? [00:40]
mircea_popescu was before 2012 [00:40]
mircea_popescu i sponsored it with some btc in 2012 iirc and it was ancient then [00:41]
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mircea_popescu mike_c at least gives kids something to do. rather than them keeping track of the pretend value of their "investments" [00:42]
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BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: I don't know the exact open transactions birthdate, but it seems older than me [00:42]
mircea_popescu they keep track of the pretend value of their "scams" [00:42]
mircea_popescu i think it's 2011 [00:42]
mircea_popescu early. 2011. [00:43]
mike_c hah, yeah. there's even a website for it isn't there? btc sob stories. [00:43]
ThickAsThieves [00:44]
ozbot Dogecoin community raises money to send service dogs to kids and families in need | The Verge [00:44]
ThickAsThieves these dogecoiners are pretty slimey [00:44]
mircea_popescu [00:44]
mircea_popescu btw, if you're in the btc/paypal game : [00:44]
mircea_popescu apparently they're going nuts over there. [00:44]
mircea_popescu "Dogecoin Control Group is running out of retarded sacharine stories to pump their scammy coin. Strangely, the "defraud early investors" thing they pulled yest isn't mentioned" [00:45]
jcpham i personally dump dogecoin daily [00:46]
jcpham total pump/dump [00:46]
jcpham might as well float these dogecoiners on for awhile though [00:46]
mircea_popescu [00:47]
ozbot Fee deducted from the transferred amount. Insane. [00:47]
mircea_popescu this is the lol of al ltime [00:47]
chipug I wanted to see how pool mining worked, so I used doge. then i was given some. I don't know what i should be doing with them [00:47]
ThickAsThieves you should be selling them [00:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.12310001 BTC [-] [00:47]
mircea_popescu chipug anything that doesn't involve you trading anything you value for them [00:47]
jcpham i trade it for btc and encourage others to do the same [00:47]
chipug i only have 2041 (lol the 41 was my mining experiment) [00:48]
jcpham that's like an hours worth [00:48]
mircea_popescu anyone here got a hashcoins asci thingee ? [00:48]
chipug yeah i was satisfied at that point [00:48]
chipug i just wanted to do the process [00:48]
mircea_popescu chipug on an optimistic view they're worth like a bitcent or two. [00:49]
jurov [00:49]
mircea_popescu "Your words are nothing but attempt to darken our company. " [00:49]
BingoBoingo chipug: Go on Bitcointalk and trade your Doge for Altcoin [00:49]
ThickAsThieves [00:49]
chipug urgh but btctalk man [00:49]
mircea_popescu alt miners take doge ?! [00:49]
ThickAsThieves good question [00:50]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Only one way to find out... [00:50]
chipug is this your one ThickAsThieves? [00:50]
ThickAsThieves yes and no [00:50]
ThickAsThieves it's mine in that it happened cuz me [00:50]
ThickAsThieves but i dont own it [00:50]
ThickAsThieves or any Altcoins [00:50]
ThickAsThieves yet [00:50]
BingoBoingo Any way this electronic Doge thing has been happening for a long time nao [00:51]
chipug should i take that as a negative flag?! [00:51]
mircea_popescu [00:51]
ozbot ******* EXPOSED FRAUD WARNING ************** [00:51]
mircea_popescu dub you gotta read that one. [00:51]
mircea_popescu HIS CRIME [00:51]
mircea_popescu 1. BULLSHIT [00:51]
mircea_popescu 2. MORE BULLSHIT [00:51]
mircea_popescu 3. EVEN MORE BULLSHIT [00:51]
mircea_popescu 4. CONMAN TRAITS [00:51]
dub heh [00:51]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.119 = 0.238 BTC [+] [00:51]
ThickAsThieves PROVE IT?Huh? OK [00:51]
ThickAsThieves NUMBER 1 BULLSHIT [00:51]
ThickAsThieves lol [00:51]
chipug i'm sorry guys but i see the forum like a daily soap or something. i can only find 8% serious [00:51]
mircea_popescu chipug that's exactly it. [00:52]
mircea_popescu we mine it for comedy gold. [00:52]
jcpham I wouldn't read the forum on any type of regular basis [00:52]
jcpham these guys do [00:52]
chipug it really is it times. i really wish i had seen the cosby coin fiasco [00:52]
jcpham that was classic [00:52]
mircea_popescu cosby coin fiascoed ?! [00:52]
jcpham I showed it to my boss and he was like WTF close the browser now [00:52]
mircea_popescu ono all my savings! [00:52]
* mike_c has quit () [00:53]
chipug lol so wish i had seen it [00:53]
jcpham best .js i've seen in a hack in a few years [00:53]
jcpham entertaining [00:53]
chipug i prefer humour hacks [00:55]
chipug if any hacking needs to be done, at least add in something funny [00:55]
jcpham [00:55]
chipug they were all over the forum too werent they? [00:56]
chipug another issue i have with btctalk community is i find out later I've been speaking to the same person about a hundred times, no idea [00:57]
chipug just say who you are [00:57]
ThickAsThieves so make a wot forum [00:57]
ThickAsThieves with reputation filters [00:58]
BingoBoingo [00:58]
ozbot Putin Critic Finds 200-Pound Wooden Cock On Roof Of Her BMW [00:58]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves you know about a year ago i made an invite only forum [00:58]
ThickAsThieves Click here to ignore all noobs [00:58]
mircea_popescu it died, because i didn't invite idiots and everyone got bored and went back to btctalk [00:58]
ThickAsThieves sounds about right [00:58]
ThickAsThieves people need at least the option of idiots [00:59]
mircea_popescu tbh im really happy with this solution [00:59]
ThickAsThieves but IRC aint so bad for edutainment [00:59]
* btc-monkey has quit (Quit: Page closed) [00:59]
ThickAsThieves yeah [00:59]
mircea_popescu the forum's overthere, mpoe-pr sends me the nuggets... [00:59]
chipug BingoBoingo: i like how the mother in the background isn't caring about her young child, too busy snapping the giant cock in front of them both. [01:00]
benkay children should be more frequently exposed to genitalia. [01:00]
dub Buffett on -assets [01:01]
mircea_popescu lol [01:01]
BingoBoingo chipug: Well, good parents realize they have to let their children fall and realize ice is slick [01:01]
chipug we just killed our site to get rid of the arseholes [01:01]
chipug quiet while we build it back up [01:01]
chipug i wasn't thinking on the falling, more the giant cock in front of her [01:02]
chipug "mum, why doesn't our car have a huge penis on it?" [01:02]
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mircea_popescu "ask your dad" [01:03]
chipug lolololol [01:03]
wao-ender [01:03]
ozbot Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences [01:03]
chipug there is a forum coming, in a while [01:04]
kakobrekla goats thing? [01:04]
chipug crypto finance forum with a private section [01:04]
chipug nope [01:04]
chipug no goats, i don't know him [01:04]
mircea_popescu young padawan. [01:04]
chipug are you meaning trolly goat from btctalk? [01:04]
kakobrekla he is doing something of the sort [01:04]
kakobrekla yes [01:04]
* bigboss has quit (Quit: Page closed) [01:04]
chipug the forum does present this weird thing of knowing who people are without ever having spoken to them. like when you know people at school just from attending the same building [01:05]
KRS- Lol they be trippin over the logo and shit. [01:06]
chipug holy shit preev. the forum really has 4.5 mil??? [01:06]
assbot [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.C095T] 880 @ 0.02475688 = 21.7861 BTC [+] [01:06]
ThickAsThieves here comes another wave? [01:07]
benkay [01:07]
ozbot Twitter / bitcoin_txt: I informed the manager and ... [01:07]
mircea_popescu so everyone's decided upupuo ? [01:07]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:07]
kakobrekla well no, the treasurers have that [01:07]
* cads has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:07]
KRS- ThickAsThieves: What is it about ATC that allows everyone to finally focus on ONE coin? Looks like you just added another. [01:08]
mircea_popescu 15th standard [01:09]
benkay reason fifteen million bitcoin is not consumer tech [01:09]
chipug amazing how all these people who were like fuck LTC are lining up their doge wallets nicely underneath their btc addresses for tips [01:09]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [01:09]
mircea_popescu gotta keep those quarter cents flowing [01:09]
chipug do you guys all trade as your primary business? [01:11]
ThickAsThieves formerly mostly [01:11]
chipug sorry if nosy [01:11]
dub lolrussia [01:13]
* samson_ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [01:13]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13948 @ 0.00093045 = 12.9779 BTC [+] [01:14]
kakobrekla chipug, no, not everyone trades as primary biz [01:14]
kakobrekla i dont know if anyone does that at all [01:15]
mircea_popescu $t m ^oix [01:16]
mircea_popescu !t m ^oix [01:16]
assbot [MPEX:^OIX] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 122.22370491 / 98.04225811 / 97.72401779 (894 shares, 22.39 BTC), 30D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC) [01:16]
ThickAsThieves ThickAsThieves: What is it about ATC that allows everyone to finally focus on ONE coin? Looks like you just added another. <<<< No, I shifted the paradigm. [01:17]
chipug what do you do kakobrekla? [01:18]
truffles eats cows [01:18]
truffles and pigs [01:18]
mircea_popescu i'm starting a donation. [01:18]
mircea_popescu drive. [01:18]
mircea_popescu to clothe the czechs. [01:18]
mircea_popescu [01:18]
mircea_popescu there are very many sad czech ppl because no clothes at the moment [01:19]
KRS- ew [01:19]
ThickAsThieves and feed while youre at it [01:19]
chipug 1. dude she needs to trim the minge mullets she has going on down there and 2. why the fuck is she outside?! [01:19]
KRS- ThickAsThieves: so its the final altcoin for everyone to concentrate on it because you say it is? [01:19]
chipug im thinner than that atm :'( [01:20]
ThickAsThieves it's not for me to say [01:20]
kakobrekla chipug i got asked that same question about an hour ago. i said "nothing." [01:20]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [COG] 3 @ 0.04999999 = 0.15 BTC [+] [01:20]
KRS- I don't see that it serves a purpose, unless I'm missing something. [01:20]
ThickAsThieves have you missed things before? [01:20]
KRS- of course [01:20]
ThickAsThieves well, there ya go! [01:20]
chipug must be interesting if two people ask in an hour though right kakobrekla? [01:20]
diametric so i was informed of altcoin today [01:21]
mircea_popescu KRS- you prolly missed my comments earlier. grep for straight man story [01:21]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 1220 @ 0.00012305 = 0.1501 BTC [-] {3} [01:21]
diametric my body is ready [01:21]
KRS- ok [01:21]
kakobrekla chipug new people do that to you [01:21]
chipug mircea_popescu: how old is this pic? looks 70s 80s [01:21]
mircea_popescu diametric you gonna carry it to term ? [01:21]
truffles chipug is your balls smooth shaved? [01:21]
mircea_popescu chipug 2011 [01:21]
diametric mircea_popescu: absolutely [01:21]
KRS- lol lark [01:21]
KRS- .. [01:21]
ThickAsThieves the question is [01:21]
ThickAsThieves Do you even mine Altcoin? [01:21]
chipug truffles: i don't shave. can't stand the stubble. epilation ftw my balls are as smooth as the day you were born [01:21]
KRS- thanks haha [01:22]
KRS- and cheers to ThickAsThieves [01:22]
truffles hmmm [01:22]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves "do you even altmine coin" you mean. [01:22]
chipug i dunno truffles lol i dont have any balls [01:22]
truffles ha [01:22]
KRS- lol fag? [01:22]
KRS- or vag [01:23]
chipug unich [01:23]
KRS- hehe [01:23]
ThickAsThieves eunich? [01:23]
chipug she has nice bewbs that chick mircea_popescu swear the cars look super old though!!! [01:23]
truffles there's a harem somewhere needing of ur care [01:23]
chipug thanks ThickAsThieves you know, i typed it and was sitting thinking, that doesn't look right [01:23]
kakobrekla truffles gotta slaughter a pig as the right of passage for that [01:23]
truffles make it 3 [01:24]
ThickAsThieves well, we're all wrong [01:24]
ThickAsThieves it's Eunuch [01:24]
chipug it's ok! we can sleep tonight now we know for certain! [01:24]
pankkake gnu's not unich [01:24]
* herbijudlestoids ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:25]
ThickAsThieves time for the daily ticks report! [01:25]
herbijudlestoids haha [01:25]
herbijudlestoids not yet [01:25]
ThickAsThieves :) [01:26]
benkay nice pankkake [01:27]
truffles what did he make cake? [01:28]
* mius has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [01:28]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:31]
truffles id like some [01:32]
* truffles has quit (Quit: cake cake cake cake cake) [01:35]
herbijudlestoids does anyone actually want the daily ticks report? :P [01:35]
* tyrion70 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:35]
herbijudlestoids i dun wanna spam it if people dont care [01:35]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:35]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:36]
* MobGod has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [01:36]
herbijudlestoids ok...20 tick return dist, volatility, DPO and volume,foEGS3c,g9VpbGm,OkRuf5A [01:38]
* cads has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:39]
* samson_ (~ukru@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:40]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 243 @ 0.000824 = 0.2002 BTC [+] [01:40]
kakobrekla hm [01:40]
kakobrekla i wonder if i can make herbijudlestoids draw a nice gaussian curve or maybe even a hockey stick [01:40]
chipug wow /r/bitcoin is just turning into btctalk in a different coat [01:41]
pankkake it was always worse [01:41]
kakobrekla without him knowing ofc. [01:42]
kakobrekla or is that just too evil [01:42]
herbijudlestoids kakobrekla: i doubt it :) [01:42]
pankkake top lulz in [01:42]
kakobrekla well i doubt i couldnt yea [01:43]
kakobrekla but i guess the collateral damage is too great. [01:43]
herbijudlestoids to draw a normal distribution youd need to eliminate points from the dataseries, to kill off the tails [01:43]
kakobrekla but i can make up any arbitrary new center of the gauss [01:44]
herbijudlestoids and lets say whatever plan you come up with has an unintended consequence which leads to a vol spike, fat tails again :P [01:44]
BingoBoingo kakobrekla: What about tits? First get him to draw 4 tits, and then make them bigger tits. [01:45]
kakobrekla :D [01:45]
herbijudlestoids sure you can, but how will you actually do that in the market [01:45]
herbijudlestoids im skeptical :) [01:45]
kakobrekla i dont have to do it on the market ;) [01:45]
herbijudlestoids cryptic vagueness always helps me feel like i know wtf [01:46]
BingoBoingo herbijudlestoids: He runs assbot... [01:46]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids sure. [01:46]
herbijudlestoids lucky im about to switch to the RSS feed :P [01:46]
kakobrekla you spoiler you [01:46]
kakobrekla bb [01:46]
mircea_popescu people spam naked ladies all the time, what's some bars. [01:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 46 @ 0.00286013 = 0.1316 BTC [+] [01:47]
mircea_popescu pankkake that shit's epic, they manage to have an entire subreddit dedicated to bitcoinstocks including no actual bitcoin stocks. [01:48]
mircea_popescu i guess it must be because of all the beef they eat that includes no beef. [01:48]
kakobrekla vegan blood sausages [01:50]
herbijudlestoids shame there is no listed options on MPOE [01:50]
herbijudlestoids it would be great to calculate an MPVIX [01:50]
mircea_popescu well... wannabe exchanges too busy listing crap. [01:51]
mircea_popescu maybeoneday.jpg [01:51]
mircea_popescu << pretty lulzy dramafest. [01:54]
ozbot Ukyo & ActM forms? : BitcoinStocks [01:54]
herbijudlestoids S&P500 looking ugly down from highs, but my systemic risk indicator still claiming its a healthy regime... [01:55]
herbijudlestoids anyone thoughts on the regular economy for this year? [01:55]
mircea_popescu it's the end of regular economy, this year. [01:56]
BingoBoingo herbijudlestoids: Invert all of the GDPs [01:56]
herbijudlestoids i dun think the GDP forecasts for this year are pretty [01:56]
herbijudlestoids i think world GDP forecast <2.5% [01:57]
mircea_popescu -2.5% ? [01:58]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [01:58]
ThickAsThieves can someone load currently? [01:58]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 81052 @ 0.00093378 = 75.6847 BTC [+] {4} [01:58]
ThickAsThieves it stalls on me constantly [01:58]
ThickAsThieves i think cloudflare hate me [01:59]
herbijudlestoids stalling here [01:59]
* cads has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [01:59]
mircea_popescu cloudflare is one of the worst things that happened to the internet recently. [02:00]
mircea_popescu i have no idea why people were so derpy about sopa, [02:00]
mircea_popescu it wasn't nearly as bad as cloudflare. [02:00]
* BingoBoingo has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [02:01]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:03]
* cads has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [02:03]
* Steve__ (415858af@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:03]
pankkake NSAFlare* [02:04]
* daybyter has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!) [02:05]
mircea_popescu 2% ? fucking hell, they cost money and do nothing. [02:05]
mircea_popescu the same asswipe public that keeps forcing isps to do these "unlimited" bs deals and "everything for fiddy cents" and so on [02:05]
mircea_popescu those same people turn around and pay cloudlfare to... hijack their dns and talk about "rays' [02:06]
dub wat [02:06]
dub rays wat [02:06]
mircea_popescu dub sorry your message couldn't be delivered because clourflare. ray id 98759847 [02:07]
dub ohj [02:07]
* SesameSeedSeller (443d5802@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:07]
pankkake 2% what? [02:07]
* BingoBoingo (~BingoBoin@unaffiliated/bingoboingo) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:07]
mircea_popescu pankkake the recent netcraft report actually fucking mentions cloudflare [02:07]
pankkake oh… [02:08]
pankkake cloudflare is mostly free by the way [02:08]
mircea_popescu because that's why i read netcraft reports, for bullshit product placement. [02:08]
pankkake well, paid by the NSA [02:08]
mircea_popescu i'm so sick of this pretend fiat capitalism thing they do. [02:08]
mircea_popescu pankkake i wonder if i could get tor through cloudflare on an amazon server ? [02:08]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:09]
assbot [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.C125T] 317 @ 0.01531827 = 4.8559 BTC [-] [02:11]
* testname33 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:11]
kakobrekla hi philip [02:11]
nubbins` heh [02:12]
nubbins` philip is just a test name [02:12]
testname33 hi! [02:12]
mircea_popescu lol i was thinking the same thing [02:13]
kakobrekla menstrual cycles all synced up [02:15]
* SesameSeedSeller has quit (Quit: Page closed) [02:15]
mircea_popescu hahaha [02:15]
mircea_popescu i didn't know you still had menstruation in frigid slovenia. [02:16]
* Bugpowder ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:16]
Bugpowder 21,000BTC short ITM puts? [02:16]
herbijudlestoids ok what about Dec 30 2014 BTCUSD price prediction [02:16]
mircea_popescu ditm [02:17]
Steve__ thats a lot of puts [02:17]
kakobrekla herbijudlestoids bitbet does that [02:17]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids [02:17]
ozbot BitBet - 1BTC >= $10,000 USD [02:17]
kakobrekla ... [02:17]
kakobrekla told ya, its synced up [02:17]
kakobrekla -assets are now one [02:18]
mircea_popescu bitcoincube [02:18]
kakobrekla a few more days and ill set it to +m , we do not need to converse any longer [02:19]
mircea_popescu #trilema is +m [02:19]
mircea_popescu nice and peaceful [02:19]
* paxtoncamaro91 (~paxtoncam@unaffiliated/paxtoncamaro91) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:19]
kakobrekla but there you got all that pussy voices [02:19]
mircea_popescu yeah [02:19]
* PsychoticBoy_ has quit (Quit: Leaving) [02:19]
* chairforce1 (4409c223@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:20]
mircea_popescu kakobrekla btw you gotta go tyhrough the bash queue [02:21]
ThickAsThieves [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.C125T] 317 @ 0.01531827 = 4.8559 BTC [-] <<< Bugpowder wants to play [02:22]
mircea_popescu haha is it ? [02:22]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves: heavy lel @ that action bronson video [02:24]
ThickAsThieves :) [02:24]
nubbins` what sort of security guard pops up on stage and shoves the performer? [02:24]
ThickAsThieves that dude sure knows how to rap too [02:24]
nubbins` after the second shove back, i think the guard realized he was in too deep [02:24]
ThickAsThieves yeah, some force there [02:25]
nubbins` funny tho, crowd tossing joints up on stage [02:25]
ThickAsThieves looked like he might sprout horns and charge [02:25]
nubbins` he lights them and throws them back [02:25]
nubbins` lel [02:25]
ThickAsThieves people have started conspirati to say he hires people to make shit like that happen at his shows [02:25]
ThickAsThieves not the first time apparently [02:25]
nubbins` heh [02:25]
ThickAsThieves either way, nice troll then [02:26]
nubbins` nod [02:26]
nubbins` [02:26]
ozbot Action Bronson - "Strictly 4 My Jeeps" (Official Video) - YouTube [02:26]
ThickAsThieves like MF Doom sending impersonators to play for him [02:26]
nubbins` more badass than 90% of rap videos [02:26]
nubbins` hahah yeah [02:27]
nubbins` imagine that [02:27]
nubbins` such a burn [02:27]
nubbins` reminds me of when billy corgan let it slip that he didn't like the way his band played on siamese dream [02:27]
nubbins` so he re-recorded all their parts himself [02:27]
nubbins` "hey, remember that landmark piece of pop culture history that you thought you were a part of?" [02:27]
ThickAsThieves lol [02:27]
nubbins` "well, turns out you're just a name in the liner notes" [02:28]
ThickAsThieves we did that in our band once [02:28]
ThickAsThieves stakes werent nearly as high [02:28]
Bugpowder Seems like a pretty cheap price [02:28]
nubbins` nod [02:28]
chipug my client freaked out. someone swore and mentioned cloudflare [02:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 5 @ 0.04948998 = 0.2474 BTC [-] [02:30]
chipug peta? [02:31]
nubbins` some mining turd [02:32]
nubbins` peta being an SI prefix, not an acronym [02:32]
dub ThickAsThieves: kinda like vengaboys throwing wads of cash into crowds [02:33]
dub but different [02:33]
kakobrekla lol mircea_popescu, endoftheworld.swf outside, 4 days bash queue UNACEPTABRU [02:35]
kakobrekla anyway flushed [02:36]
dub its just a big of climate change, chill out [02:36]
dub bit* [02:36]
kakobrekla chill out? its already cool. [02:36]
ThickAsThieves [02:36]
herbijudlestoids ff27 out [02:36]
herbijudlestoids seems ok [02:36]
ThickAsThieves caps! [02:36]
dub land based casino [02:37]
* rbonestell_ is now known as rbonestell [02:37]
herbijudlestoids dub: yea as opposed to the floating ones in macau :) [02:37]
ThickAsThieves air casino been taking btc [02:37]
asciilifeform what next, the floating, then orbiting casinos? [02:37]
kakobrekla is dat local area netword daemon ' [02:37]
kakobrekla network* [02:37]
* dub land's kakobrekla [02:37]
ThickAsThieves floating ones on cruises too [02:37]
* Steve__ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:38]
kakobrekla aww i been boarded [02:38]
* mjr_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:39]
herbijudlestoids the floating casinos in macau are not very good imho [02:39]
herbijudlestoids i was in HK not long ago for work [02:39]
ThickAsThieves [02:40]
ozbot Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham - HD - YouTube [02:40]
kakobrekla yeah they should do bigint casino [02:40]
ThickAsThieves (live) [02:40]
herbijudlestoids ThickAsThieves: thx! i saw a tweet about it and wanted to watch [02:40]
dub fuck dat is? [02:40]
nubbins` ah, i remember nye vs ham [02:40]
nubbins` that's today? [02:40]
asciilifeform what qualifies as 'bigint casino'? All bets must be >= 2^64 + 1 ? [02:41]
ThickAsThieves Ham is going ham [02:41]
asciilifeform or rather, >= 2^65 [02:41]
nubbins` i like his slides [02:41]
nubbins` "see? the seven Cs" [02:41]
nubbins` AHH OK I GET IT [02:41]
ThickAsThieves it's like debate via ermahgerd [02:42]
ThickAsThieves like i couldnt even debate this guy [02:42]
ThickAsThieves cuz i'd hate him for making me take these words seriously [02:43]
* mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:43]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20782 @ 0.00093713 = 19.4754 BTC [+] [02:44]
ThickAsThieves if you acknowledge sin you can make better computer chips [02:45]
ThickAsThieves tell reddit! [02:45]
mircea_popescu lol mircea_popescu, endoftheworld.swf outside, 4 days bash queue UNACEPTABRU <<< [02:45]
ThickAsThieves JesusErupter [02:45]
mircea_popescu that's just how we roll. [02:45]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves i hear that was mary magdalene. [02:45]
dub kakobrekla needs to show more commitment to the team [02:46]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: This is Activemining Ken, the one based in Springfield Missouri? [02:46]
kakobrekla lol [02:46]
ThickAsThieves what? [02:46]
ThickAsThieves this? [02:46]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: Jesus erupters guy. [02:46]
ThickAsThieves oh, no [02:47]
ThickAsThieves i'm refering to Ham [02:47]
dub is he drunk? [02:47]
ThickAsThieves talking about how if we accept jesus we can make better tech [02:47]
ThickAsThieves so maybe more hashes! [02:47]
pankkake jesus multiplies hashes [02:47]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [02:48]
ThickAsThieves turns water into whine [02:48]
BingoBoingo But Jesus preaches flatness and poverty. Satan though teaches structure and efficiency. Has he read the Divine Comedy? Hell is nothing if not organized. [02:48]
mircea_popescu more like "our delivery would be nothing short of miraculous at this pooint " [02:48]
kakobrekla hashes are like prayers, you dont know what god will use them for as you dont know what Luke-Jr will use them for [02:48]
dub havent seen much on the bitcoin is the devils one world currency tip [02:49]
jayk win 3 [02:49]
mircea_popescu no, you kinda know what luje will use them for. [02:49]
mircea_popescu you just don't really wanna think about it. [02:49]
dub unless raping your own children is your deal [02:49]
Luke-Jr still trolling hard in here, I see. [02:49]
nubbins` ^ he's talking about nye vs ham [02:50]
* Kushed has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [02:50]
nubbins` lel [02:50]
mircea_popescu what's a nye ? [02:50]
nubbins` bill nye, the science guy! [02:50]
dub its a bill [02:50]
* Kushed ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:50]
Luke-Jr a hardcore evolutionist would-be dictator [02:50]
mircea_popescu nubbins` you linespoiler you :D [02:50]
pankkake I thought it was coin nye [02:50]
nubbins` :D [02:50]
mircea_popescu this was the perfect plot in my head : dub says its a bill, pankake says i thought its a coin [02:51]
mircea_popescu now you gotta go ruin my dictatorsheep. [02:51]
nubbins` we'll have to work on our timing [02:51]
dub Luke-Jr says evilldooer [02:51]
mircea_popescu why, is luke dutch ? [02:51]
nubbins` maybe if he smoked some dutch he'd figure a few things out ;( [02:52]
* Luke-Jr goes back to productive work [02:52]
* nubbins` goes back to eating his own head [02:52]
dub try not to die in a fire xx [02:52]
nubbins` wait a minute, i wasn't doing that before. [02:52]
pankkake my head is kinda eating itself [02:53]
nubbins` chewing your hair doesn't count [02:53]
* onlyifshes53 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:53]
* TATthisway ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:53]
* RattaTATpow ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:53]
* TATgoesforawalk ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [02:53]
dub mircea_popescu: please tell me you've seen Nell [02:53]
dub jodie foster at her most fuckable [02:54]
mircea_popescu i have not seen nell. [02:54]
nubbins` this bill nye thing is great [02:54]
dub get to it ffs [02:54]
nubbins` because he used to have a show explaining science to kids [02:54]
nubbins` and today he's explaining it to sub-human mouth breathers [02:54]
mircea_popescu dub i have added it to the list of films the girls will be stealing [02:54]
mircea_popescu because they wouldn't download a multiplex, or a car. [02:54]
dub perfect casting too, all she had to do was act retarded! [02:55]
ThickAsThieves tayaya inna weeen! [02:55]
nubbins` you can actually see the people in the crowd who just aren't listening [02:56]
nubbins` tough crowd [02:57]
Duffer1 [02:58]
ozbot Dogecoin Just Solved A Problem Bitcoin Will Face - Business Insider [02:58]
Duffer1 chocked full of comedy [02:58]
dub lol [02:58]
BingoBoingo Dogecoin and Business Insider were made for each other. [02:59]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 "how to spend money you don't have to pay people nobody reads to say ridiculously stupid shit which is how they got to not be read in the first place" ? [02:59]
mircea_popescu we've long solved this problem really. [02:59]
mircea_popescu you take two professional joggers and dress them up in facebook polo shirts. [03:00]
herbijudlestoids hey Duffer1: on your advice i made the thing into a blog post...aside from a kind word from jurov the response was pretty underwhelming :P [03:00]
mircea_popescu " That's a lot to pay for a single Bitcoin for someone just entering the market. " [03:01]
dub this is why we ignore australia [03:01]
mircea_popescu seriously, this is what they write now. [03:01]
pankkake "Money, like every commodity, works best when the supply can adjust efficiently to the demand." that is EXACTLY bernankoin [03:01]
pankkake doge is still inflating less each year [03:01]
pankkake in percent [03:01]
mircea_popescu pankkake it's fascinating how they completely gloss over the part where one group (the scammers behind it) stole the resources of the rest of the people involved (every idiot that bought some, mined some, or pumped it up until two days ago) [03:02]
mircea_popescu this happens, of course, tol ALSO be exactly how "normal" fiat currencies like the dollar operate. [03:02]
mircea_popescu fuck you granpa, so you've worked for thirty years to make the us work ? here's some inflation. enjoy your fixed income. [03:02]
mircea_popescu and the fact that this will continue happening i nthe future, arbitrarily, is like... splendeed. [03:03]
nubbins` lel [03:03]
herbijudlestoids its worse than that mircea_popescu because not all granpas get it equal [03:03]
nubbins` whenever bill nye mentions science, he makes a gesture that indicates he's talking about things that happen outside the building he's in [03:04]
mircea_popescu ofcourse. [03:04]
herbijudlestoids if you started on the fixed income 10y ago, much better than 5y ago [03:04]
Duffer1 herbijudlestoids sorry to hear that mate, do you plan to keep up with the blogging? [03:04]
dignork somebody wishes to co-rent with me seedbox account? it's 14EU/mo, but I want to pay only half of it. [03:04]
dignork lol, wrong window [03:04]
herbijudlestoids Duffer1: i am thinking of writing a piece on the "market implied EPS growth rate" of MPOE, but want to verify the data that i can see on btcalpha [03:04]
Duffer1 i don't know if the audience for that manner of analysis is here yet in bitcoinland, but i bet it will be sometime [03:05]
kakobrekla pankkake how do bailouts work? [03:06]
herbijudlestoids well, i did implement one of my simple mean reversion models for MPOE too, maybe a "trade this and get rich quick" blog post will be more persuasive :P [03:06]
Duffer1 yea lol that'd do it, even if your blog was hokus pokus magic it'd still be popular [03:07]
herbijudlestoids im not doing this for an audience or anything, its all a matter of incidental curiosity, but i thought your suggestion was nice :) [03:07]
mike_c herbijudlestoids: you have a question about the data on btcalpha? [03:08]
mircea_popescu did you just stick with braindamaged blogspot and then whine that nobody seems to have noticed ? [03:08]
pankkake kakobrekla: for now you have to bail yourself out by printing more [03:08]
pankkake no central authority [03:08]
kakobrekla hm [03:08]
kakobrekla thats no bailout [03:08]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:08]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: lol well its not that nobody noticed, the post is *still* getting hits, was referring to a couple of the comments left on /r/BitCoin [03:09]
pankkake I'll take better ideas for YellenCoin [03:09]
mircea_popescu oic. [03:09]
kakobrekla bailout would mean no actual work was done pankkake [03:09]
benkay herbijudlestoids: [03:09]
herbijudlestoids mike_c: not a question so much as i dont know who runs/operates the website so i dunno if i can trust the data...just wanted to verify it myself [03:10]
mike_c i do. [03:10]
* Bugpowder ( has left #bitcoin-assets [03:10]
mike_c data is culled from monthly reports on trilema. if you want to verify yourself, there are links to all the monthly reports on the left rail of the stock page [03:10]
herbijudlestoids dont take offense, how was i supposed to know that :P [03:11]
mike_c no offense taken [03:11]
mike_c just trying to help [03:11]
BingoBoingo pankkake: For Yellencoin increase block reward as the square of the increase in mining difficulty? [03:11]
nubbins` i'd like to take a public-domain text and then typeset, silkscreen, and bind the entire thing by hand, but i'm having trouble choosing a book [03:11]
nubbins` not being religious, i can't think of a book i care enough about to put such an enormous amount of effort into [03:12]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids cause i told you like 3 days ago ? [03:12]
kakobrekla nubbins` how many pages [03:12]
nubbins` 'through the looking-glass' isn't long enough, know what i mean? [03:12]
herbijudlestoids that mike_c runs the website? [03:12]
mircea_popescu yes. [03:12]
pankkake maybe but still boring… maybe let the users "vote" on what should be the reward [03:12]
nubbins` kako, not sure. couple hundred max, maybe [03:12]
herbijudlestoids must have missed it [03:12]
mircea_popescu yes. [03:12]
herbijudlestoids benkay: hmmm is there a page on which explains what exactly fpcomplete is? :P [03:13]
nubbins` bonus points if it's something that a person might want to purchase at some point [03:13]
* jespern ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:13]
kakobrekla log is public domain [03:13]
BingoBoingo nubbins`: Maybe do that with the Federalist Papers? For the lulz of selling fancy copies to gringos in the Estados Unidos from Canada. [03:13]
nubbins` kakobrekla, nice try ;p [03:13]
nubbins` BingoBoingo, federalist papers? [03:13]
* benkay has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [03:13]
nubbins` ah, i see [03:14]
dub the book of assets [03:14]
nubbins` log isn't really in a suitable format for books [03:14]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:14]
dub thousands of years after the great climate change cleansing a future civilisation will find it and build a religion [03:14]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.12799999 BTC [+] [03:15]
kakobrekla ok we do it [03:15]
benkay also, herbijudlestoids think bout blogging as a long term thing you do - not one-off shots that might bring some fame [03:15]
BingoBoingo dub: Or alien Archeologists. [03:15]
herbijudlestoids benkay: i srsly dun want any fame :) [03:15]
benkay mp suggested blogging as a series of notes to self, as one can't actually remember all the bullshit waded through over a significant period of time. [03:15]
* Guest86383 has quit (Quit: leaving) [03:16]
dub I used to maintain a private wiki for that [03:16]
nubbins` kakobrekla: not to mention that most of log isn't worth saving in the first place ;p [03:16]
herbijudlestoids when i said "the response was underwhelming" what i meant was that for ~200 pageviews, there was only a couple of comments from parties and only some of those comments were interesting [03:16]
kakobrekla wekk a buttcoin can make you famous in a single post benkay [03:16]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [03:17]
kakobrekla i dunno what wekk is doing there [03:17]
benkay tru nuff [03:17]
kakobrekla im in bed. [03:17]
mike_c 100:1 readers to commenters isn't bad [03:17]
kakobrekla nubbins` prolly still best coffe table book, ever. [03:18]
nubbins` so much chaff tho! [03:18]
mike_c you gotta include all the images though [03:18]
nubbins` nah see that won't work [03:18]
nubbins` could do line art [03:18]
kakobrekla as ascii [03:18]
* mod6 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:18]
nubbins` hm, a hand-bound book of ascii pornography [03:19]
nubbins` getting warmer... [03:19]
herbijudlestoids HAHAH ken ham! [03:19]
herbijudlestoids he has a chart, which explains to that *moron* bill nye, how moses was 500 years old [03:19]
KRS- [03:19]
herbijudlestoids explains it all. [03:19]
kakobrekla ascii nekkid chicks with bash quoetes under [03:19]
ozbot An analysis on's popularity vs web traffic data. : Bitcoin [03:19]
KRS- oh hey ozbot [03:19]
KRS- .bait [03:19]
ozbot [03:20]
nubbins` kako that's actually not bad [03:20]
KRS- Now her butt is going to smell like that countertop. [03:20]
kakobrekla sign me up for one [03:20]
kakobrekla err [03:20]
kakobrekla 10 [03:20]
nubbins` fair warning, these will be expensive [03:20]
kakobrekla like arm and leg expensive? [03:20]
nubbins` well it depends on the number of pages [03:21]
nubbins` but on the scale of several hundred $ per copy [03:21]
nubbins` if it's any size [03:21]
* herbijudlestoids falls on the floor in lels [03:21]
nubbins` price decreases drastically with quantity, of cour [03:21]
nubbins` se [03:21]
herbijudlestoids ken ham is killing me [03:21]
kakobrekla any size? [03:22]
dub do all the john copypastas [03:22]
dub that shit cracks me up [03:22]
nubbins` sorry, if it's a significant number of pages :) [03:22]
nubbins` colloquialism [03:22]
kakobrekla bash is short [03:22]
nubbins` i'm thinking one ascii porn image per page [03:23]
nubbins` with say a couple of quotes [03:23]
nubbins` below or above [03:23]
kakobrekla 50 quotes or something [03:23]
kakobrekla 25 pages [03:23]
jurov illuminated letters? [03:23]
nubbins` 2 quotes per page [03:23]
nubbins` not bad [03:23]
jurov or how do they call them.. calligraphy [03:23]
kakobrekla well i was thinking more of - a paper has 2 sides [03:23]
kakobrekla or you doing one side only [03:24]
BingoBoingo nubbins`: I assume this is going to be some sweet acid free cotton paper... For Archaeologists? [03:25]
nubbins` nah, double sided [03:25]
nubbins` just like a regular book [03:25]
nubbins` ah, i see, i was picturing a couple of quotes per image [03:25]
dub fuck that [03:25]
dub find something funny [03:25]
nubbins` well natch [03:25]
nubbins` it's not just assbot [03:25]
nubbins` okay, so who can produce ascii pornography? [03:26]
dub I may have a collection [03:26]
asciilifeform emacs, 'artist mode.' [03:26]
nubbins` yeah, would need to be original [03:26]
nubbins` can't lift existing art [03:26]
nubbins` i suppose we could comb bash for the quotes [03:27]
nubbins` could even grab some choice gems from the forum [03:28]
kakobrekla thats not good for dubs chi [03:28]
herbijudlestoids nubbins`: if you google 'ascii art from images' there is plenty :) [03:28]
herbijudlestoids plenty of sites that convert images to ascii art, i mean, sorry [03:28]
nubbins` heh [03:28]
* antephialtic (~antephial@2607:f140:400:1024:302f:15ef:8c2f:9da6) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:28]
nubbins` was about to say that's the same problem ;p [03:28]
nubbins` but yes, this is true [03:29]
nubbins` those generally produce enormous files tho [03:29]
* herbijudlestoids kills the ken ham feed [03:29]
nubbins` we're talking something that can fit on say an 8x10" page at 10-12pt font [03:29]
herbijudlestoids i cannot handle this fuckstick any longer [03:29]
kakobrekla stop with the slander [03:29]
kakobrekla n stuff [03:30]
nubbins` yeah, leave ken ham alone [03:30]
herbijudlestoids try this one nubbins` [03:30]
nubbins` he's had a bad day [03:30]
herbijudlestoids ken ham is my countries gift to the world :'( [03:30]
* herbijudlestoids cries an apology [03:30]
nubbins` can we re-gift him? [03:30]
herbijudlestoids no dude, no. [03:31]
* twizt (18be329d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:32]
herbijudlestoids lunchtiemz, banh mih i think [03:32]
benkay no gdp bets on bitbet eh [03:32]
herbijudlestoids maybe the bitcoin economy should get its own GDP and we can bet on that [03:33]
jurov if you can think how it would be measured... [03:34]
nubbins` ham is hamming it up now [03:34]
dub not going to work [03:34]
dub you'd be counting the same coin as its restolen over and over from the tardcircle [03:34]
* samson_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [03:38]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [03:38]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1331 BTC [+] [03:38]
* LorenzoMoney has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium [03:39]
* LorenzoMoney (~LorenzoMo@unaffiliated/lorenzomoney) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:40]
* jborkl (~jborkl@unaffiliated/jborkl) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:40]
herbijudlestoids Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a year [03:45]
herbijudlestoids make a list of whats officially recognised final g/s and calculate then sum their MVs :P [03:45]
herbijudlestoids could be opinionated and start with just, say, bitstamp, bitpay and MPEX [03:46]
* samson_ (~ukru@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:46]
jurov mpex monthly profit would thengo into gdp? [03:48]
jurov you'd end with rather low estimate [03:49]
antephialtic or you could use the quantity theory of money to estimate it. Y = MV where Y is output, M is the size of the money supply, and V is the velocity of money. Both M and V are easily computed in the case of bitcoin [03:50]
jurov just ask MP, he designated himself as official recognizer of all things btc :D [03:50]
* Jezzz is now known as Guest71969 [03:52]
* Jezzz_ is now known as Jezzz [03:53]
* tyrion70 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [03:55]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:56]
* [\] (~imsaguy@unaffiliated/imsaguy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [03:57]
* twizt has quit (Quit: Page closed) [04:01]
chipug who is still around? [04:05]
copumpkin not me, certainly [04:06]
chipug was hoping for some opinions [04:06]
chipug aw shame was really hoping you were still there copumpkin [04:06]
chipug :P [04:06]
copumpkin sorry! [04:06]
* chipug slaps thigh [04:06]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [04:09]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:09]
dub show switch [04:10]
* ron- (~kvirc@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:10]
* dub shows it [04:10]
ron- what are you showing? [04:10]
dub pnix [04:11]
ron- no! [04:11]
* ron- gets a rice grain to cover it up [04:11]
mircea_popescu [04:11]
ozbot Why Dogecoin is a scam, why the people pushing it are assholes, why Business Insider is a contemptib [04:11]
dub use image prim [04:12]
dub oh ffs [04:12]
mircea_popescu Μούσα, τραγούδα το θυμό του ξακουστού Αχιλέα,τον έρμο! etc [04:12]
ron- oh, that must be romanian? [04:12]
mircea_popescu no, that must be greek. [04:12]
dub thats quite the uri [04:12]
ron- aha [04:13]
ron- it does look greek i should know my character sets :`( [04:13]
mircea_popescu and you mustn't have liked it much in school. [04:13]
ron- only yogurt and greek goddesses [04:13]
ron- :-) [04:13]
mircea_popescu :p [04:13]
chipug it looks really nice [04:14]
BingoBoingo The Illiad ron- [04:14]
mircea_popescu the first sentence. [04:14]
chipug in a subscription crypto service, what would you want as necessity? [04:14]
mircea_popescu what's the service ? [04:15]
chipug like motley [04:15]
chipug but crypto [04:15]
dub fuck is motly [04:15]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [04:16]
chipug motley fool? [04:16]
* twizt (18be329d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:16]
chipug [04:16]
BingoBoingo Like Trilema? [04:16]
chipug not really more interactive [04:17]
mircea_popescu Now her butt is going to smell like that countertop. << i'd be more worried about the reverse tbh [04:17]
mircea_popescu antephialtic how do you calculate bitcoinv? [04:18]
* twizt has quit (Client Quit) [04:18]
mircea_popescu trilema is not interactive ?! [04:19]
BingoBoingo Trilema get subscribers. [04:20]
mircea_popescu but anyway, if memory serves that thing started as a blog and became subscription based after building a base [04:20]
mircea_popescu so do the same thing, write a lot of smart insightful stuff, once you have a ton of readers add a subscription, wait for the cheapskates to butthurt away and that's that. [04:21]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Don't forget the form for selling credits [04:22]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: the doge folly makes me wonder, what the 'greater fleas' that must surely come, will look like. [04:22]
asciilifeform i can easily picture, for example, a 'revolutionary! amazing! genuinely Alt' coin, with subtly pre-broken crypto. [04:23]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [04:23]
BingoBoingo [04:23]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets bash [04:23]
asciilifeform (it won't be ECC, it'll be some very spiffy looking lattice work or the like.) [04:23]
antephialtic mircea_popescu: bitcoin days destroyed is a decent estimate [04:23]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform that's likely actually [04:23]
mircea_popescu antephialtic how do you reason to come to this conclusion ? [04:24]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14200 @ 0.00093713 = 13.3072 BTC [+] [04:24]
chipug thanks guys, you know mircea_popescu i think im currently in the waiting for the butthurt folk to piss off lol [04:24]
asciilifeform more likely than borked crypto is 'underhanded c contest' shenanigans. [04:24]
mircea_popescu what's your blog ? [04:24]
BingoBoingo antephialtic: What if someone moves 100K coins from one storage address to another to lessen the chance the coins are on an address that gets vanitygen'd [04:25]
asciilifeform once we get an 'alt-artist' who is actually conversant in basic c [04:25]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform this is somewhat like asking for a showgirl that's read the classics. [04:25]
dub I am disappoint that you're giving it air [04:26]
asciilifeform not a physical impossibility, by any means [04:26]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.13499999 BTC [+] [04:26]
dub its just teh same old brain damage [04:26]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform merely a mental impossibility :) [04:26]
mircea_popescu dub i bet you 90% of the ppl who read it because it's about doge never heard of dump and dillute. [04:26]
chipug not a blog, its a chat site. i took on coinchat and totally changed direction. its a bit dead now [04:26]
mircea_popescu how can a chat site compete with irc ?! [04:26]
dub that trilemna articicle is the single biggest peice of press todate [04:27]
chipug cus we have pictures! [04:27]
asciilifeform i dare to predict: there will come a slick charlatan who will 'improve! the crypto!' [04:27]
chipug and cats [04:27]
asciilifeform subtle mathematical boojum in the signing, or, more cleverly, a mining shortcut [04:27]
mircea_popescu dub "life is sweat and blood and making love to a woman you don't know and nobody prints your name in trilema until the day you die" [04:27]
mircea_popescu oslt. [04:27]
asciilifeform 'you read it here first' [04:27]
antephialtic mircea_popescu: actually that is incorrect. A better measure the amount of bitcoin transferred over a given period/the length of the time period. Very noisy measure, but using a larger time period smooths it out [04:27]
antephialtic * better measure is [04:27]
mircea_popescu how do you know it smooths out ? [04:27]
BingoBoingo .bait [04:27]
ozbot [04:28]
BingoBoingo Picture! [04:28]
chipug i see what you did there [04:28]
chipug man i want her shoes [04:28]
mircea_popescu someone was talking about my editor ? she's just said to me : "The price of Dogecoin, the world’s third most traded cyrptocurrency / did they seriously publish "cyrptocurrency"?" [04:29]
mircea_popescu i think this is memeworthy. the business insider cyrpt occurency. [04:29]
asciilifeform this is almost on part with the chinese 'ipnohe'. [04:29]
asciilifeform *on par [04:29]
* CheckDavid has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [04:29]
chipug lolol [04:29]
antephialtic mircea_popescu: see this chart (, and try increasing the daysAverageString in the url [04:29]
BingoBoingo Maybe Dogecoin gets a Haircut like Cyprto depositors did [04:29]
mircea_popescu antephialtic aha. and ? [04:29]
mircea_popescu someone should make a papp to bring cyrpt to the ipnohe. [04:30]
asciilifeform cyprtocurrency. [04:31]
mircea_popescu maybe it's time for the finchcoin. cirp-cirp-urrency [04:32]
ron- does the bitcoin source on allow you to generate your own custom coins? [04:32]
ron- or just client only? [04:32]
mircea_popescu with a little awk-ing it should. [04:33]
asciilifeform seriously, where are the true masters of the satanic arts. any day now there ought to appear, out of nowhere, an 'alt' genuinely better in every way. written in 50kB of nice, clean whatever. with shiny and apparently flawless, Shor-resistant crypto [04:33]
ron- oh [04:33]
asciilifeform with subtle bug... [04:33]
BingoBoingo So many things for benkay to derive revenue from if only [04:33]
ron- i compiled it [04:33]
antephialtic mircea_popescu: have you looked at counterparty at all? [04:33]
ron- problem loading altgen [04:33]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform the one advantage of all the idiots being on the field is that the smart people kinda tend to just stick into the same team. [04:33]
mircea_popescu antephialtic if you expect to justify a theoretical model by the effect it has on data you are living in a state of sin. [04:34]
ron- it took me a while to compile the client, i dislike lib boost :| [04:34]
* ron- pees on it [04:34]
ron- well i suppose it is a server too [04:34]
mircea_popescu there's an entire rpc boondoogle. [04:35]
antephialtic antephialtic: well, in that case I'm living in a state of sin anyway because velocity is traditionally computed from output and money supply. The idea that one can measure it empirically is not really seen in mainstream economics, as far as I can tell from a brief review of the literature [04:35]
ron- it was worth doing [04:35]
ron- 1.5 hrs maybe [04:35]
ron- make -j 1200 [04:36]
asciilifeform i'm entirely unconvinced that the smart people are automatically on one team. [04:36]
ron- jk [04:36]
mircea_popescu antephialtic the problem, as BingoBoingo pointed out to you, is that in your model the greatest economic activity will occur whenever a major holder moves cold wallets. [04:36]
asciilifeform just that 'the beautiful ones are not yet born.' [04:36]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform you know what happens to quarreling dogs once they see a wolf ? [04:36]
KRS- .bait [04:36]
ozbot [04:36]
asciilifeform they run? [04:36]
KRS- Cool thanks ozbot..ttyl [04:36]
KRS- ...fapfapfap [04:36]
mircea_popescu they quit bickering. [04:36]
mircea_popescu if they run or if they fight, they're doing it together. [04:37]
nubbins` [04:37]
ozbot 2 Oscar winners join TV adaptation of The Book of Negroes - Toronto - CBC News [04:37]
antephialtic yes, I'm still thinking about a better way to measure velocity. If a good one is found it would be possible to create an altcoin with an algorithmic central bank that adjusts the block reward dynamically to target a certain output growth. [04:37]
nubbins` kakobrekla ^ [04:37]
mircea_popescu antephialtic which is kind-of why i believe it fundamentally can not be measured. [04:38]
mircea_popescu you gotta give something to get something, always. [04:38]
mircea_popescu think about for a minute : i could hijack your bank's printing press just by moving my coins around ? sweet moses on a stick, this is like USD 2.0 [04:39]
antephialtic yes, I agree that the concept has major game theoretic issues. But a coin that solved this issue would be useful primarily as a medium of exchange, rather than as a store of value. [04:40]
* chipug proposes BeiberCoin for rent boy currency [04:40]
* dub waits for watcoin [04:40]
mircea_popescu why do you think the fiat role as a medium of exchange needs fixing ? [04:41]
mircea_popescu i like going aboutg with a wad of cash. works fine. [04:41]
antephialtic well, I have doubts about the long-term viability [04:42]
antephialtic of the US dollar. [04:42]
mircea_popescu right, sure. but some other scrip [04:42]
mircea_popescu what diff does it make. [04:42]
nubbins` IOUs! [04:42]
mircea_popescu you can make vanity money with your face on them [04:42]
nubbins` promissory notes [04:43]
mircea_popescu as long as you redeem them for btc... they're as good as anything [04:43]
* Nadia_Comaneci ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:43]
mircea_popescu in short, the medium of exchange function of the currency is a minor. [04:43]
mircea_popescu Nadia_Comaneci du-te tu ? [04:44]
Nadia_Comaneci hi [04:44]
chipug i guess i should get a cryptsy account to get rid of these flipping dogecoins huh [04:45]
mircea_popescu just tip them to people. [04:46]
herbijudlestoids lol mircea_popescu you are literally the FOFOA of bitcoin, where s/physical gold/bitcoin/ [04:48]
mircea_popescu what's a fofoa ? [04:48]
asciilifeform but who is the F00F of bitcoin. [04:48]
herbijudlestoids the freegold guy [04:48]
mircea_popescu oh. [04:48]
herbijudlestoids (don't hate me for blogspot) [04:48]
mircea_popescu now we see where you get your bad examples [04:48]
herbijudlestoids :P [04:48]
nubbins` mircea_popescu, you mention in a couple of articles that bitcoin is deflationary rather than inflationary, and then point to the increasing supply as evidence of this [04:48]
asciilifeform [04:49]
ozbot The Pentium F00F Bug [04:49]
mircea_popescu believe it or not, my sum total interest for metals (precious and industrial) pre 2010 was pretty much nil. [04:49]
mircea_popescu i've looked into it since mostly to try and understand wtf is with these people [04:49]
mircea_popescu but i'm still kinda clueless. [04:49]
herbijudlestoids well, i would say freegold completely discounts and (if you believe in it) discredits all the goldbug hypothesis bullshit thats out there [04:49]
mircea_popescu nubbins` did you dyslexia there ? [04:49]
nubbins` er, sorry, yes [04:49]
nubbins` the opposite [04:50]
mircea_popescu aha k. [04:50]
nubbins` :( [04:50]
nubbins` i don't get it [04:50]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: try this one on for size, his articles are quite long but IMHO absolutely worth it (there is a part 2 if you find it interesting enough) [04:50]
mircea_popescu kay. [04:50]
nubbins` inflation refers to good increasing in price [04:50]
nubbins` not necessarily because of an expansion of the money supply [04:50]
nubbins` although that's usually the cause [04:50]
asciilifeform nubbins`: or, more subtly, failing to decrease in price. [04:51]
* Nadia_Comaneci has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [04:51]
nubbins` sure, yes. [04:51]
mircea_popescu nubbins` inflation has nothing to do with price. [04:51]
asciilifeform (when applicable - 'moore's law' and sequelae, etc) [04:51]
nubbins` but x bitcoins buys more goods over time [04:51]
mircea_popescu inflation is a discussion of monetary base. [04:51]
mircea_popescu if tomorrow i invent a new way to make cakes, and cake prices drop 95% [04:52]
mircea_popescu this does not mean there's been inflation in the currency [04:52]
mircea_popescu (perhaps in the cakes, i guess) [04:52]
herbijudlestoids ^ [04:52]
nubbins` sure, but inflation refers to the general increase [04:52]
chipug asshole scams me for 1.6btc > denies it > emails for the new website url = areyoufuckingshittingme? feel like emailing back saying sure thing fuckwit, url costs 1.6BTC [04:52]
nubbins` not any one specific item [04:52]
mircea_popescu of the monetary base. [04:52]
asciilifeform but if the crown decides to crank up the printing press until cakes cost the same... [04:52]
nubbins` you can't say that there's deflation because pumpkins are cheap on november 1. [04:52]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [04:53]
mircea_popescu prices aren't a reference point for inflation tho, this is like saying she's a good lay cause she's a redhead. [04:53]
herbijudlestoids nubbins`: the modern definition of inflation is bullshit, its hedonistically adjusted and the general price includes all sorts of nonsense, which is completely disparately defined across countries [04:53]
mircea_popescu people say it all the time, but what of it. [04:53]
nubbins` sure [04:53]
nubbins` i can't speak to past definitions, but everything i'm reading says that the thing which is inflating is the price of goods [04:54]
herbijudlestoids soooo...defining inflation as a general price level increase is extremely fuzzy [04:54]
mircea_popescu well you're reading business insider then [04:54]
nubbins` heh [04:54]
nubbins` hey now [04:54]
* Kushed has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [04:55]
nubbins` okay, so if inflationary/deflationary is out [04:55]
nubbins` how do you verbally differentiate between a currency where purchasing power increases over time, and one where it decreases? [04:56]
nubbins` (no saucy answers plz) [04:56]
mircea_popescu purchasing power in what sense ? [04:56]
mircea_popescu as opposed to another ? [04:56]
nubbins` say, herpcoins where it's cheaper to buy an apple tomorrow than today [04:57]
nubbins` or derpdollars where it's cheaper to buy the apple today [04:57]
herbijudlestoids also purchasing power is a better proxy than inflation, because you can have inflation where the purchasing power of a dollar goes up, but also inflatoin where the purchasing power of a dollar goes down [04:57]
mircea_popescu nubbins` what's wrong with just saying "herpcoins has increased ppp and derpd's has decreased ppp ?" [04:58]
nubbins` i don't know how much apple i get, that's what's wrong [04:58]
herbijudlestoids ^ [04:58]
mircea_popescu wait what ?! [04:58]
nubbins` haha [04:58]
mircea_popescu these are macro discussions [04:58]
mircea_popescu why do you expect they do anything to any one apple ? [04:58]
nubbins` how many apples are in the bag i'm buying, whatever [04:59]
herbijudlestoids then what he is saying is correct nubbins` [04:59]
herbijudlestoids because you are only asking about PP, not inflation! [04:59]
nubbins` sure [04:59]
mircea_popescu for that matter, how do you know it's the currency ? [05:00]
herbijudlestoids ^ [05:00]
mircea_popescu maybe derpland has a bumper apple crop and herpfields a shortage. [05:00]
mircea_popescu maybe the one yearly boat taking apples from d to h sunk that year [05:00]
mircea_popescu i mean wtf, how did you end up pinning the world on the currency ? [05:00]
nubbins` well until five minutes ago i laboured under the impression that a 'deflationary currency' was one where the purchasing power increased over time (i.e. the cost of goods decreases) [05:00]
herbijudlestoids i wonder if i invited FOFOA to chat here he would come [05:00]
mircea_popescu ok, but this is a very naive approach [05:00]
nubbins` but i think i've just never thought this through [05:01]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids so invite him [05:01]
nubbins` who's to say purchasing power is constant over time, etc [05:01]
mircea_popescu nubbins` do you think on average bigger cars are faster ? [05:01]
nubbins` hm [05:01]
herbijudlestoids nubbins`: it is not constant. varies in a nonstationary path [05:01]
mircea_popescu i mean to some very general degree this'd perhaps be true... [05:01]
mircea_popescu at least within some margins... [05:01]
mircea_popescu but srsly. they're not that related. [05:01]
nubbins` okay, no, i definitely had my cart before my horse here [05:01]
herbijudlestoids nubbins`: :) [05:02]
nubbins` tbh i never thought about it much until recently [05:02]
* OneFixt has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [05:02]
mircea_popescu well so good for you [05:02]
* OneFixt (~OneFixt@unaffiliated/onefixt) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:02]
nubbins` not really ;( [05:03]
mircea_popescu why not ? [05:03]
nubbins` well who knows what i'd have ended up thinking about if i'd gotten it right the first time [05:03]
mircea_popescu lmao [05:03]
mircea_popescu this is inflationary thinking. [05:04]
nubbins` the lost opportunities! [05:04]
jborkl Mircea, you know I love your writing. I am not very verbose but in a non competitive way . I printed that first :) [05:04]
nubbins` wait, you're saying bigger brains aren't smarter? [05:04]
nubbins` ;D [05:04]
mircea_popescu jborkl which one you mean ? [05:04]
jborkl The dogecoin one [05:04]
mircea_popescu ah [05:04]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1425 BTC [+] [05:04]
mircea_popescu hey, did i get you on the blogs list ? [05:04]
jborkl No? [05:05]
mircea_popescu i didn't. let's fix. [05:05]
jborkl Ok sounds good [05:05]
dub you big tim now [05:06]
dub time* [05:06]
mircea_popescu You tried to visit, which is not loading. [05:06]
dub on the mp blogroll [05:06]
mircea_popescu hm, is it down ? [05:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.145 = 0.29 BTC [+] [05:06]
jborkl my bad typo [05:07]
mircea_popescu [05:09]
ozbot People have made blogs pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. [05:09]
mircea_popescu there you go ;) [05:09]
jborkl I feel honored to be mentioned on there, really. Thanks Mp [05:11]
mircea_popescu hehe. took a break there for a few, did you ? [05:13]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids you know like i was saying to diametric the other day, this article gets a lot of wordcount mileage out of the banal [05:14]
* Jezzz is now known as Guest57182 [05:14]
mircea_popescu nttawwt. [05:14]
jborkl Yes, regular fiat business is booming and all the hardware I have has been taking up time basically tuning each chip [05:14]
* chipug has a confession about trilema [05:14]
* Guest71969 is now known as Jezzz [05:14]
chipug i pick the articles for their titles, not gonna lie :) [05:15]
mircea_popescu lol [05:15]
mircea_popescu found any good ones ? [05:15]
chipug so many! [05:15]
jborkl I have a November jupiter up to 1th [05:15]
mircea_popescu jborkl mining huh. that great timewaster. [05:15]
chipug why do gentlemen prefer blondes? (I'm brunette - had to read lol - very good ) [05:15]
jborkl Yeah it sucks [05:15]
mircea_popescu wait, you're a chick ? [05:15]
chipug yep [05:16]
chipug thats why all the bait pics ive been mentioning the shoes.... [05:16]
jborkl Lol [05:16]
mircea_popescu well good for you [05:16]
mircea_popescu i didn't even know girls were allowed here. [05:16]
chipug probably not, i'm good at getting into bother [05:16]
chipug sorry if im in the way [05:17]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: some more than others, depends on who the target audience is [05:17]
mircea_popescu haha i wouldn't say that, [05:17]
jborkl Don't go into OTC and announce you are a chick. [05:17]
asciilifeform i did think that mpoe-pr lurks hidden somewhere here. [05:17]
chipug forumites like to wind me up about it [05:17]
chipug she has a good job [05:18]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform chetty is actually a girl too, the eulora chief of tech [05:18]
asciilifeform m-pr is a titan: [05:19]
asciilifeform [05:19]
ozbot Shall be Delivered | The Whet [05:19]
ThickAsThieves she said forumites, she's okay in my book [05:19]
jborkl Chipug, you Romanian also or VPN into a To freenode server [05:19]
ThickAsThieves i cant believe that text from Business Insider.. [05:19]
dub think about vexual then realise the writer shares the same broken piece of genome [05:20]
* nullp (~textual@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:20]
mircea_popescu except vexual actually comes up with pretty good shit now and again [05:21]
chipug neither jborkl I am a scot [05:21]
chipug lol thanks ThickAsThieves [05:21]
herbijudlestoids i just looked it up ThickAsThieves [05:21]
herbijudlestoids the quote from ripple founder is retarded [05:21]
herbijudlestoids bitcoin does not have a fixed supply, i am sure if the price goes up to $1,000,000,000,000 some supply will come out of the woodwork [05:22]
mircea_popescu there's a Department of Retarded Quotes somewhere, fucking shit up. [05:22]
jborkl Ha, ripple is now some type of retarded charity now [05:22]
ThickAsThieves when did bitcoin stop responding to demand? [05:22]
* antephialtic has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [05:22]
ThickAsThieves i dont get it [05:22]
mircea_popescu i swear the proportion of good to retarded quotes i read can not be explained away statistically. [05:22]
chipug what was that random site that has irc quotes? [05:22]
* Lee- (~Lee@unaffiliated/lee-) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:22]
herbijudlestoids are you adjusting for the avg IQ mircea_popescu? [05:22]
herbijudlestoids chipug: [05:22]
chipug thats the one! thanks! [05:23]
mircea_popescu ye heretic [05:23]
asciilifeform if by 'out of the woodwork' one means 'ECDSA crypto-break using Advanced Magic'... [05:23]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids HOW do you adjust for average iq [05:23]
mircea_popescu there's no iq. [05:23]
herbijudlestoids asciilifeform: i just meant, higher prices can entice supply [05:23]
jborkl Well you have to divide IQ by # of sock puppet accts [05:23]
jborkl So it is almost 0 [05:23]
herbijudlestoids therefore the supply is not fixed, its just constrained by price [05:24]
herbijudlestoids (like gold :P) [05:24]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids they really go over the deep end with this "fixed" bs. [05:24]
mircea_popescu as if the total heat differential i nthe universe weren't ALSO fixed. [05:24]
ThickAsThieves the US basically perverted advertising to the degree people are at least part salesman, or part sucker. it's a sad play but so many parts to fill. [05:24]
mircea_popescu it's just... kids that grew up without any limits having psychological issues. [05:24]
chipug who does the log keeping for here? not every channel has a log do they? [05:24]
mircea_popescu see the topic eh ? [05:25]
ThickAsThieves the republik of kakobrekla [05:25]
herbijudlestoids chipug: i get paid 0.0000001 doge every day to maintain them [05:25]
herbijudlestoids its an arduous job but someone has to do [05:25]
chipug sounds like a killer deal man [05:25]
herbijudlestoids its my whole reason for living [05:25]
mircea_popescu doge can has fractions ?! [05:26]
chipug but just think of your life rolling round your doge riches..... in 2080 [05:26]
jborkl No, they no do maths good. Amazing [05:26]
chipug think they are pups mircea_popescu [05:26]
herbijudlestoids hahahahahaha pooorr github user "MadCold"...he wants recourse against an open source software developer for modifying his code [05:26]
herbijudlestoids this is as good as the bill nye vs ham thing [05:27]
mircea_popescu chipug they even allow brunettes in scotland ? [05:27]
chipug 0 [05:27]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids waitwhat ?! [05:27]
mircea_popescu plz to tip him a doge. [05:28]
herbijudlestoids " I still demand [Palmer] answer for what he's doing to ruin the DogeCoin currency." " [05:28]
herbijudlestoids he must answer! [05:28]
ThickAsThieves what will the answer do? [05:28]
ThickAsThieves cure the hope? [05:28]
mircea_popescu lol [05:29]
mircea_popescu palmer knows what he's doing. [05:29]
mircea_popescu "for the good of the country everyone's gold must be confiscated" [05:29]
mircea_popescu "it's either that or we're bankrupt" [05:29]
jborkl Print more, that fixes all problems. Signed by the treasury [05:30]
mircea_popescu all the problems of bitcoin, resolved! [05:30]
ThickAsThieves maybe we should make a coin that isnt a coin, just percentages [05:30]
ThickAsThieves that way you know whats important [05:31]
ThickAsThieves your % of worth in the world [05:31]
mircea_popescu that's... bitcoin. [05:31]
ThickAsThieves yeah but it has decimals [05:31]
mircea_popescu owning a bitcoin simply means 1/12mn or w/e [05:31]
jborkl Yep, just like that- that is divisible is not important [05:31]
ThickAsThieves so complicated [05:31]
chipug lol sorry lay on keyboard hence the 0; mircea_popescu i got smuggled in, was born in holland :P [05:31]
* nullp has quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: [05:32]
mircea_popescu i wonder what the best github drama to date was [05:32]
mircea_popescu they really should run drama contests, like a pageant. [05:32]
mircea_popescu hire jerry springer. [05:32]
chipug lololol [05:32]
chipug yes [05:32]
ThickAsThieves i'm telling you man [05:32]
mircea_popescu "and then he said, I MUST EXPLAIN!!1" and I closed the pull request. [05:32]
ThickAsThieves this is nouveau performance art [05:32]
chipug what am i missing? [05:33]
mircea_popescu chipug what do you do for a living ? [05:33]
chipug exist atm mircea_popescu [05:33]
ThickAsThieves i guess i should learn all 3 words in french [05:33]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves nouveau arte forestiere. [05:34]
chipug i used to be a hospital admin in a psychitric hospital for almost 8 years but they fuckedme over [05:34]
ThickAsThieves thank you sir [05:34]
mircea_popescu ok, so then you missed what github is. [05:34]
dub inb4 'would you be interested in taking insertion photos' [05:34]
mircea_popescu unlikely cause BingoBoingo seems asleep [05:34]
chipug LOL [05:34]
chipug man please [05:34]
chipug that picture [05:35]
chipug that was my first day on irc! my eyes [05:35]
chipug he is so proud of it too lol [05:35]
Duffer1 [05:38]
ozbot Revolutionary new cryptography tool could make software unhackable | ExtremeTech [05:38]
ThickAsThieves S.NSA crash incoming! [05:38]
Duffer1 s.nsa most valuable company ever [05:39]
ThickAsThieves nice to meet another reasonable man [05:39]
* punkman1 (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:40]
chipug unhackable for how long... til someone works it out? [05:40]
ThickAsThieves all things are what they are til they arent [05:40]
Duffer1 till the nsa intercepts all packages of box manufacturers and replaces them with compromised versions before sending them on [05:41]
mircea_popescu ha, fu, same principle. [05:41]
* samson_ has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:41]
* punkman has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [05:41]
ThickAsThieves I get all my anti-spy gear from the NSA [05:41]
chipug that's what i find so funny about people talking about bitcoin safety and hacking... it's all a continual cycle nowadays and that won't change. like leapfrog [05:42]
* samson_ (~ukru@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:42]
chipug lol ThickAsThieves XD [05:42]
* nullp (~textual@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:42]
* jborkl has quit () [05:43]
asciilifeform homomorphic crypto seems to have the ancient appeal of other proven impossibilities, like perpetuum mobile. [05:44]
mircea_popescu i bet you we will have a major breakthrough in homomorphisms before we have one in quantum computing. [05:45]
* bloctoc has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [05:45]
asciilifeform the original turd: [05:45]
asciilifeform see 1st comment, by author [05:45]
asciilifeform (horrified author) [05:45]
mircea_popescu disqus is nullrouted onthis system [05:46]
asciilifeform Amit Sahai • a day ago [05:46]
asciilifeform I am a co-author of the research quoted in the article. I realize it is likely pointless to write this comment in an Internet forum, but let me attempt to clarify the situation, in the hope that some thoughtful participants will find it useful. Please note: I will not be monitoring this forum in the future. If you are a researcher, please feel free to contact me. [05:46]
asciilifeform 1) The title is misleading: secure obfuscation does not necessarily create "unhackable" software, whatever that means. [05:46]
asciilifeform 2) Secure obfuscation is a mathematical term of art. It is unfortunate that the word "obfuscation" has an ordinary meaning that is very different than what we mean. An analogy might be the word "countable" which for mathematicians usually refers to infinite sets, while lay readers would likely not think this way. [05:46]
asciilifeform 3) The right way to think of what secure obfuscation allows is to create, *under many technical conditions*, software that has secrets built into it. These secrets are used by the software to compute output, and yet the secrets remain hidden even if an attacker obtains the entire machine-level code of the software, which of course the attacker could run and analyze. Thus the attacker would be able to *use* the [05:46]
asciilifeform secrets only in the way that the software allows, but not recover these secrets in any way beyond that. [05:46]
nubbins` but how do you have disqussions? [05:46]
asciilifeform 4) In no direct way does secure obfuscation have anything to with DRM, software copy protection, etc. [05:46]
asciilifeform 5) Obfuscation is really a terrible name, but unfortunately it is the mathematical term that has become widely used in the academic (non-hacker) community. [05:46]
asciilifeform 6) All of this is based on mathematical computational assumptions, which may be proven false by future algorithmic advances. [05:46]
asciilifeform - end quote [05:46]
asciilifeform naturally, we have the boojum: '...the attacker would be able to *use* the secrets only in the way that the software allows...' [05:47]
mircea_popescu turns out it wasn't pointless! [05:47]
asciilifeform so let's say you have a homomorphic turd that signs arbitrary giblets with your key (which, for the sake of argument, assume cannot be extracted, as claimed) [05:48]
mircea_popescu ok [05:48]
asciilifeform and on top of that, is only willing to sign giblets beginning with 1. [05:49]
asciilifeform so fine. i extract the turd and feed it whatever i like [05:49]
herbijudlestoids giblets? :D [05:49]
mircea_popescu it's a term of art. [05:49]
herbijudlestoids no, i meant, would he like to feed his turd giblets :P [05:50]
asciilifeform there is already a hard impossibility proof of turing-complete computation in a homomorphic turd. [05:50]
mircea_popescu that there is. [05:50]
mircea_popescu however! [05:50]
mircea_popescu you wouldn't be necessarily running a compiler there [05:50]
asciilifeform so you're stuck with some special-case exotica, that idiots will inevitably embed in conventional code. [05:50]
mircea_popescu and the case of futzing non-recursively with data is not covered. [05:50]
asciilifeform the whole field appears to be funded by the desperate 'media' conglomerates, who dream in their opium haze of unbreakable copy protection. [05:51]
mircea_popescu that'll never work. [05:51]
asciilifeform i live right outside of a big uni, whose comp sci dept. pisses out a never-ending supply of this crud. [05:52]
mircea_popescu what may work tho is indeed code that does the function of cardano in software. [05:52]
asciilifeform then the code is the key. [05:52]
mircea_popescu well yes. [05:52]
asciilifeform lift it, accomplish the same purpose. [05:52]
mircea_popescu same is true of the hw cardano. [05:52]
asciilifeform correct. [05:52]
mircea_popescu so inasfar as that, it may be the case homomorphic software can be in fact written that protects the key say [05:53]
asciilifeform anyone who wants 'software cardano' can grab 'gpg' today. [05:53]
mircea_popescu but w/o a pw. [05:53]
mircea_popescu make it be automated. [05:53]
mircea_popescu i'm not saying this is practically useful. [05:54]
mircea_popescu but it is mathematically interesting [05:54]
mircea_popescu or properly said, computer-scientifically. which is math anyway but w/e [05:54]
asciilifeform the building blocks of homomorphic crypto (say, the 'millionaires protocol') are certainly interesting, not only in the mathematical but practical sense. [05:54]
mircea_popescu well ya [05:54]
asciilifeform but for the subject of the article, one is left to wonder what problem is actually being solved [05:55]
mircea_popescu the article is in wired. [05:55]
mircea_popescu forgeddaboutit. [05:55]
mircea_popescu the problem itself tho, "make me gpg which keeps my key safge and uses no pw", is not trivial. [05:55]
mircea_popescu anyone solving this'd feel that particular elation. [05:55]
* bloctoc ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [05:55]
asciilifeform if it 'keeps key safe' via the whole proggy becoming the key, you haven't accomplished much [05:56]
mircea_popescu if the whole proggy is the key then it;s not safe ipso definitio [05:56]
asciilifeform i venture to say that the actual goal of general-purpose (or whatever approximation is possible) homomorphic crypto is quite different. [05:56]
asciilifeform but nobody seems willing to say it publicly [05:56]
asciilifeform so i'll mention it here. [05:56]
asciilifeform certain people would /love/ a mathematically-impenetrable boobytrap. [05:57]
asciilifeform that is, code with genuinely-hidden functionality [05:57]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids if you care, is formally incorrect on the listing of romania [05:57]
mircea_popescu ask the guy what his research is for that list he made sometime. [05:58]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform both people could use this. [05:58]
asciilifeform so, worked example: [05:58]
asciilifeform a 'soft pgp' that appears to work fine, but when you encrypt a message to a certain pubkey, the message becomes 'eat shit and die' [05:59]
asciilifeform and this fact not being deducible from the code. [05:59]
mircea_popescu or a soft obamacare, which appears to work fine, but when your name is obama an email is sent to a certain address with your vaginal probe pics. [05:59]
mircea_popescu technology helps neither side. [06:00]
asciilifeform correct. ideally one should like to be on the 'correct end of the barrel' for this one. [06:00]
* Bugpowder ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:00]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: asked :) [06:00]
mircea_popescu there's no way to pick really. you're on both ends always [06:00]
asciilifeform it is thus useful to know how to tell which end of the barrel you are being placed on. [06:01]
mircea_popescu and since we're speaking of, [06:01]
mircea_popescu [06:01]
asciilifeform hence, if someone asks you to run homomorphically cloaked code... [06:01]
ozbot Romania Cuts Benchmark Rate to Record Low as Inflation Slows - Bloomberg [06:01]
* Bugpowder has quit (Client Quit) [06:02]
mircea_popescu but anyway, what i was looking for is [06:03]
mircea_popescu now you look at that chart and tell me that debtors beat savers in 2000-2005 ? [06:03]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [06:09]
asciilifeform in principle, 'all blades have two edges,' etc. but in practice, the one and only objective of the folks funding homomorphic is a kind of satanic opposite of my purpose outlined in 'don't blame the mice' [06:11]
asciilifeform they would like to create (and then mandate) computing machinery that cannot be audited for security even in principle. [06:11]
Dimsler__ lol [06:11]
Dimsler__ inflation rates are lies anyway [06:11]
asciilifeform the inevitable boojum of conventional computing is that a boobytrap, no matter how clever, could eventually be stumbled upon by some clever soviet kid with a copy of 'ida' [06:12]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform [06:12]
mircea_popescu it never works. it can't work. [06:12]
herbijudlestoids hhaha wau [06:12]
asciilifeform it's a perpetuum mobile, but that never stopped the desperate idiots with infinitely deep pockets, has it. [06:12]
mircea_popescu Dimsler__ no actually these are good. [06:13]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform true. [06:13]
herbijudlestoids so the inflation rate went from >40% to <10% [06:13]
herbijudlestoids err <20% [06:13]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids yes. and the early spikes aren't exactly easy money either. [06:13]
mircea_popescu romania had no consumer sector at the time [06:13]
mircea_popescu so it's not like there's something debatable really, it's entirely and flatly wrong, like a chinese man on a list of hepatic patiens. [06:14]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22100 @ 0.0009352 = 20.6679 BTC [-] {2} [06:15]
asciilifeform btw the whole homomorphic business reminds me of an old sf story, where some malefactor stumbles upon a pair of large integers whose multiplication doesn't commute. [06:15]
herbijudlestoids i cant comment cos i dunno shit on the topic but i did fwd your statement and query on [06:15]
* bgupta has quit (Quit: bgupta) [06:16]
* bgupta ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:16]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform haha that's a great premise [06:17]
asciilifeform greg egan, 'luminous', if i recall. [06:17]
Dimsler__ [06:17]
mircea_popescu wait, they're primes right ? [06:17]
mircea_popescu i think you can probably write a brown note novel on this, you can literally drive math people to insanity. [06:18]
mircea_popescu "two large primes whose product doesn't commute [06:19]
mircea_popescu yet the product of their squares does [06:19]
mircea_popescu but not of the 3rd powers [06:19]
asciilifeform damn if i recall. but there was a mathematical galactic battle in there [06:19]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: got a response, somewhere privatish i can send it to? [06:19]
mircea_popescu just keep going on with the description of the complexity until the reader falls over [06:19]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids sure [06:19]
michiel_l_ midnightmagic mikaeldice mike_c MiningBuddy- mircea_popescu mius mixdio [06:19]
michiel_l_ midnightmagic mikaeldice mike_c MiningBuddy- mircea_popescu mius mixdio [06:19]
michiel_l_ midnightmagic mikaeldice mike_c MiningBuddy- mircea_popescu mius mixdio [06:19]
mircea_popescu /query mircea_popescu [06:19]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform then, the product of the square of the first with an odd power of the second does [06:20]
mircea_popescu but viceversa... no. [06:20]
mircea_popescu and so on and so forth [06:20]
asciilifeform the premise was a little brain-fucking, yes - turned out that mathematics was a physical object, that one could fuck with [06:20]
asciilifeform by carrying out certain computations. [06:20]
* [7] has quit (Disconnected by services) [06:20]
* mius has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [06:20]
* TheSeven (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:20]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:21]
asciilifeform obligatory warez copy: [06:21]
asciilifeform [06:21]
ozbot Greg Egan - Luminous [06:21]
mircea_popescu scribd does warez ?! [06:21]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:22]
asciilifeform it does whatever the russian kids throw in, until the censors nuke it. [06:22]
asciilifeform as always. [06:22]
* Bugpowder ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:22]
* Kushedout has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:22]
mircea_popescu this is so different from aaron schwarz [06:23]
* Kushedout (~Kushedout@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:23]
* dudesir (4c4e0334@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:23]
nubbins` math fiction [06:24]
nubbins` great stuff [06:24]
asciilifeform damn, censored. [06:24]
asciilifeform [06:25]
asciilifeform seems to be the real thing. [06:25]
ozbot BookReader - Greg Egan - Luminous (2) (Egan Greg) [06:26]
* lippoper has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:26]
nubbins` read this story once where the law of averages stopped working [06:27]
nubbins` e.g. everyone in manhattan decides to drive across the same bridge on the same evening, etc [06:28]
nubbins` was chaos [06:28]
mircea_popescu nubbins` you mean social media. [06:28]
nubbins` heh [06:28]
asciilifeform better still, robert sheckley's 'the petrified world.' [06:28]
nubbins` technically wasn't really math fiction tho [06:28]
* davout has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:28]
nubbins` most of the story was about attempts to legislate order back into society [06:29]
nubbins` only those whose surnames begin with A through F may visit the zoo on sundays, etc [06:29]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [06:34]
* chairforce1 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [06:34]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [06:35]
* mike_c has quit () [06:35]
* IveBeenBit (~user@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:35]
* lippoper ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:40]
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assbot [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 4 @ 0.09111107 = 0.3644 BTC [+] {3} [06:45]
herbijudlestoids [06:46]
* jMyles has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [06:47]
herbijudlestoids when i say dont touch the thing or youll break it, and then they touch the thing... [06:47]
herbijudlestoids now we gotta split the hypervisors into 2 clusters [06:47]
herbijudlestoids :@ [06:47]
herbijudlestoids err oops sorry wrong window [06:48]
herbijudlestoids this site is my life: [06:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.5698999 BTC [+] [06:49]
* Lee- has quit (Quit: Leaving) [06:50]
* ron-_ (~kvirc@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [06:56]
* ron- has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [06:59]
* freshcoin has quit (Quit: Leaving) [07:01]
* moneycat has quit (Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.) [07:01]
* moneycat (~moneycat@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:02]
mircea_popescu this actually looks a lot like mpoe-pr baiting threads. [07:02]
Namworld What? [07:05]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:06]
herbijudlestoids easily the best bitcoin website ever: [07:07]
* zoinky (~Adium@unaffiliated/zoinky) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:07]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13450 @ 0.00093552 = 12.5827 BTC [+] {2} [07:07]
* caustiq ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:07]
chipug it doesnt even fit on the page properly! [07:10]
Namworld The url tells me otherwise [07:10]
chipug lol hi Namworld [07:10]
herbijudlestoids Namworld, didn't you see it says *free* [07:10]
chipug mircea_popescu: wtf was that balloon guy thinking?! [07:10]
Namworld Yes I see it. [07:11]
mircea_popescu that dicking around with my pr is fun [07:11]
* chipug is confused - still thinks the dude learned something there [07:11]
mircea_popescu the name of at least one nurse in the burns section ? [07:12]
chipug lol! [07:12]
dudesir mircea is the 30 BTC fee going to change eventually? [07:12]
mircea_popescu yeah. [07:12]
mircea_popescu it was 20 up until glbse croaked. [07:12]
mircea_popescu it'll go to 50 eventually. [07:13]
dudesir lol I was assuming downwards, I suppose MPEX is only for those who are already rich... [07:13]
Namworld The rules are like this, dudesir: fee will only increase or stay the same. [07:13]
dudesir haha why? [07:14]
* zoinky has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [07:14]
Namworld Why not? [07:14]
dudesir more users? [07:14]
chipug everything increases with time, even waistlines [07:14]
herbijudlestoids dudesir: its an exchange, do you have an account with the CME or NYSE? you have an account with your broker, who has a seat (or equiv) at the exchange [07:14]
Namworld MPEx doesn't need more members and doesn't offer much support. [07:14]
Namworld It's designed to work like any stock exchange. [07:14]
Namworld Not for everyone to sign up on. [07:14]
Namworld Only large brokers and large institutions. [07:15]
Namworld People with lower investments can use a broker like CoinBR to trade MPEx [07:15]
dudesir Does it cost 30000$ to get an acct at nyse? [07:15]
Namworld Much more than that. [07:15]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.5698999 BTC [+] [07:16]
dignork dudesir, actually more [07:16]
herbijudlestoids $30,000 per MONTH i am pretty sure [07:16]
chipug i could live off that for life! [07:16]
dudesir Ok, I think I understand, NYSE is like an underlying exchange and brokers are on top of it? [07:16]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids was about 1.5mn per year iirc. [07:16]
herbijudlestoids and not just that but its not like you can just buy a seat at the NYSE, someone has to die or want to sell their seat [07:17]
Namworld [07:17]
ozbot NYSE, New York Stock Exchange > About Us > News & Events > News Releases > Press Release 12-30-2005 [07:17]
Namworld I found this, looks like about 4 million in 2005 [07:17]
herbijudlestoids [07:17]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10050 @ 0.00093454 = 9.3921 BTC [-] {2} [07:18]
herbijudlestoids "However, to own a seat, a trader or broker must meet more criteria than simply being able to afford it. Prospective owners of the seats must go through a stringent review process and, once accepted, they are required to maintain high levels of compliance and ethics as the NYSE and governmental regulators constantly review members. " [07:18]
herbijudlestoids :) [07:18]
mircea_popescu well mpex users are also required to maintain high levels of compliance and ethics. [07:18]
herbijudlestoids mircea_popescu: do u need someone ethical like me to do due diligence on all your members? :P [07:18]
mircea_popescu lol [07:18]
* Vexual ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:18]
herbijudlestoids uhoh its vexual [07:19]
mircea_popescu it's a self-performing operation. one of these days ima wake up to a report of "and then X tried to break Y" and just go "so revoke X" [07:19]
dudesir So does being a member enable you to vote on what stocks get allowed? I think I have much research to do on how the NYSE operates... [07:19]
herbijudlestoids uhoh i think my analogy has gone too far [07:20]
Namworld Nope [07:20]
mircea_popescu come to think of it, if the average person knew a whole lot of how the real world functions they'd be pretty scandalised. [07:21]
mircea_popescu "what do you mean it's 5mn and a bunch of crap and al lyou get for it is the opportunity to eat the crap ?!?!!" [07:21]
mircea_popescu "i want fries with that!11" [07:21]
* benkay has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [07:21]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.24310363 BTC [07:22]
herbijudlestoids the price is only there as a barrier to entry, not as a meaningful representation of how much it costs to maintain the seat [07:22]
herbijudlestoids (on NYSE i mean) [07:22]
* zoinky (~Adium@unaffiliated/zoinky) has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:23]
mircea_popescu generally. [07:24]
herbijudlestoids you get a pretty good deal for 5 mio IMHO [07:24]
herbijudlestoids naked short almost anything even unborrowed [07:24]
herbijudlestoids cancel trades [07:24]
Vexual im in a loop thinking of numbers i don't understand, but there are external govt regulators vitoing bullshit on wall street no? [07:25]
mircea_popescu sort-of. [07:25]
mircea_popescu herbijudlestoids you' [07:26]
mircea_popescu re confusing seats with specialists. [07:26]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 8 @ 0.118 = 0.944 BTC [+] [07:26]
nubbins` asciilifeform, great story [07:26]
mircea_popescu not all the people in the pit are specialists. [07:26]
ThickAsThieves vitoing, is that how italians vote? [07:27]
herbijudlestoids you cant really be a specialist without having a seat or working for a bank/insto that does [07:27]
herbijudlestoids not that there are many specialists left [07:27]
herbijudlestoids lol wut pit? [07:28]
ThickAsThieves this is a pit [07:28]
* benkay ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [07:28]
herbijudlestoids how many left and how much trading on them vs electronic outcry markets [07:28]
nubbins` your mother's pussy is a pit [07:28]
nubbins` sorry, habit [07:28]
Vexual zing [07:29]
* Now talking on #bitcoin-assets [17:48]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets is: || - most days worth reading || - all days worth reading [17:48]
* Topic for #bitcoin-assets set by kakobrekla!~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla at Wed Nov 27 22:34:53 2013 [17:48]
mircea_popescu bettyclamp [17:48]
mircea_popescu whoa. so i go to call up benkay who ofcourse isn't on, and i hit on bettyclamp ? who are ye! [17:49]
ThickAsThieves Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura is currently on the press circuit around the launch of his talk show Off the Grid, but only from an undisclosed location in Mexico, safe from the prying camera-eyes of drones. "I'm off the grid," he said in an interview with CNBC yesterday. "I move about with my TV show so that the drones can't find me, and that you won't know [17:51]
ThickAsThieves exactly where I am as long as we have solar power and we can reach the satellite." [17:51]
mircea_popescu um [17:51]
ThickAsThieves only in Americo [17:51]
mircea_popescu but if he reaches the satellite i know where he is [17:51]
ThickAsThieves also, what fuck does anyone give where he is [17:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1448 BTC [+] [17:52]
mircea_popescu well that too. [17:52]
mircea_popescu but i mean what the fuck is with these people, it's quite plain to explain that talking to a satellite is like yelling really really loudly. [17:52]
ThickAsThieves well we're criticizing the wrong problem [17:53]
mircea_popescu he imagines that "as long as i got my coffee and can yell to the wifey for sandwiches the kids don;t know where in the house i am to come asking for money" ? [17:53]
ThickAsThieves i dont think he believes what he is saying [17:53]
mircea_popescu then what's he sayin' it for. [17:53]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1448 BTC [+] [17:53]
ThickAsThieves no he's saying it for the people that do worry about that shit [17:53]
ThickAsThieves for their votes [17:53]
punkman1 he gets paid to say that shit [17:53]
ThickAsThieves or whatever [17:53]
mircea_popescu yes, but here's the problem : [17:53]
mircea_popescu he could say something intelligent that'd work just as well [17:54]
mircea_popescu bar that, he could say something unstupid that worked just as well [17:54]
ThickAsThieves if he werent pandering to anti-intellectuals maybe [17:54]
mircea_popescu his choice to say something retarded i HIS [17:54]
ThickAsThieves well as a "pro" wrestler, it's surprising he'd compromise his integrity for attention [17:55]
ThickAsThieves not [17:55]
mircea_popescu ya definitely. [17:55]
ThickAsThieves hehe [17:55]
ThickAsThieves you see the google news? [17:56]
ThickAsThieves your google will suck now [17:56]
mircea_popescu nah i've not looked outdoors yet. [17:56]
* Dimsler__ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:57]
ThickAsThieves this is much more cringe-worthy: [17:57]
* libbelol (~libbelol@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [17:57]
mircea_popescu that, incidentally, would be one of the cool things to do : [17:57]
mircea_popescu a bitcoin google. you can advertise on it on the bitbet model and fu govts. [17:57]
ThickAsThieves put more search in your search bro! [17:57]
mircea_popescu it indexes anything, gl. [17:57]
ThickAsThieves well there was my custom filter idea [17:58]
mircea_popescu filter schmilter. have a spider farm [17:58]
ThickAsThieves not sure bitcoindecentralizable [17:58]
mircea_popescu have an actual coin whose pow is related to spidering websites [17:58]
ThickAsThieves hmm [17:58]
ThickAsThieves sucks to not have a legion of competent programmers at our disposal to explore every whim [17:59]
mircea_popescu we do. [17:59]
Apocalyptic i don't believe that's pow-able [17:59]
mircea_popescu sucks to onyl have a legion. [17:59]
mircea_popescu Apocalyptic whyssat ? [17:59]
mircea_popescu we need over 9000 legions [17:59]
punkman1 spidering is the easy part, indexing and answering queries fast is the problem [18:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 135 @ 0.00305999 = 0.4131 BTC [+] {2} [18:00]
mircea_popescu punkman1 this is true. [18:00]
mircea_popescu the thing is, one of the fundamental business strategy mistakes google fell into is [18:00]
mircea_popescu that it picked "fast" rather than "correctly" [18:01]
punkman1 like I wanted to put commoncrawl data on AWS and run my own queries, but fuck it if it's gonna cost me $20 per query [18:01]
mircea_popescu you'd rather have 5 second waits for excellent search pages than the current search pages in .5 seconds [18:01]
ThickAsThieves works well enough for most i guess [18:02]
mircea_popescu they didn't start this way, back when larry and serghey, but over the course of "business" various moles slowly optimized towards it [18:02]
* Diablo-D3 has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep) [18:02]
punkman1 not enough seconds for everyone [18:02]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves only because they don't know what they're missing. [18:02]
punkman1 my biggest gripe is that exact search is no longer very exact [18:02]
ThickAsThieves indeed, my wife is actually the one who reminds me of this [18:02]
mircea_popescu for instance. [18:02]
ThickAsThieves she thinks google is too creepy and will create a small paradigm [18:03]
mircea_popescu it has already [18:03]
mircea_popescu all the fuckwitted jimothies out there are the results of the kitsch-wisdom created by google and wikipedia. [18:03]
ThickAsThieves in and of itself maybe [18:03]
ThickAsThieves but i dont get all my info from google [18:03]
punkman1 Google is like the central planning office of the internet [18:03]
mircea_popescu YOU don't. [18:03]
mircea_popescu a good chunk of the people listening to jesse james or w/e the mn govt's name was do however. [18:03]
mircea_popescu and the rest they get either from people who got all their info from google and failed to understand it [18:04]
mircea_popescu or from various panderers who are too stupid to pander intelligently or at least unstupidly [18:04]
ThickAsThieves yeah the same people that go "if this surch is so great, who so slowz!" [18:04]
mircea_popescu and there it is, a full meal. [18:04]
ThickAsThieves why so slowz* [18:04]
mircea_popescu speal better! [18:04]
ThickAsThieves sometimes my brain has no idea what my fingers are doing [18:05]
* Diablo-D3 (~diablo@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:06]
mircea_popescu << tat's brain [18:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.24310363 = 0.7293 BTC [18:06]
ThickAsThieves dogebrain [18:06]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 26.0/20131205075310]) [18:07]
* davout has quit (Quit: kthxbye) [18:08]
* Jezzz is now known as Guest12342 [18:08]
* Guest57182 is now known as Jezzz [18:08]
mircea_popescu hahaha she rules. [18:08]
ThickAsThieves facemaking practice? [18:11]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:12]
mircea_popescu mebbe it's just cause she looks familiar. [18:12]
* samson_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds) [18:13]
mircea_popescu << this kid should ipo [18:13]
* Duffer1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:15]
mircea_popescu [18:16]
chipug that paper towel thing was fucking great way to wake up, thanks lol [18:21]
Duffer1 ? [18:22]
mircea_popescu yw [18:22]
chipug Duffer1: the 'ipo kid' gif from mircea [18:23]
chipug genius [18:23]
mircea_popescu [18:24]
mircea_popescu i shoulda had a painting LIKE THAT comissioned. [18:24]
Duffer1 ah the internets, restart comp, meanwhile the world changes [18:24]
ThickAsThieves is the painting happening? [18:25]
* chetty has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [18:25]
mircea_popescu i should think so [18:25]
mircea_popescu or if not there shall be CONSEQUENCES [18:26]
mircea_popescu on the internet [18:26]
mircea_popescu [18:26]
* heat has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:27]
chipug bahaha how unlucky! i bring you a gif in return [18:28]
mircea_popescu lol retards [18:28]
* chetty (~chetty@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:28]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:29]
ThickAsThieves i can't even read the Neo thread anymore without using the PR account, I have so many people ignored [18:29]
ThickAsThieves it's probly 2 people [18:29]
Duffer1 "Max Keiser ‏@maxkeiser 28s.@DogecoinCharity Nobody has created more BTC millionaires than @KeiserReport I hope you weren't left behind." [18:30]
ThickAsThieves ... [18:31]
chipug o.o [18:31]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 give him a link to [18:31]
* heat ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:31]
mircea_popescu he always loves being reminded i'm still wearing his anal ring. [18:31]
Duffer1 ha [18:31]
mircea_popescu and if he responds anything you can always give him [18:31]
* PiratByran ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:32]
PiratByran Hey, can someone do me a favor? [18:32]
chipug lol just how often do you get asked if it's you on the horse mircea_popescu?! [18:32]
nubbins` ah, the pirate bureau [18:32]
mircea_popescu funny how this shit works, too, after april he took a six months break [18:32]
mircea_popescu now he's back making the same claims [18:32]
mircea_popescu PiratByran shoot [18:32]
PiratByran Well, I was going to purchase something for my friends birthday using bitcoin. [18:32]
Duffer1 i'll stay out of that one MP :P [18:32]
mircea_popescu chipug it is. not too often, more often mpoe-pr gets asked if she's a guy. [18:32]
ThickAsThieves i took care of it [18:32]
PiratByran And because of various circumstances, I had to use a convoluted method of buying bitcoins. [18:32]
ThickAsThieves [18:33]
ozbot Twitter / maxkeiser: .@DogecoinCharity Nobody has ... [18:33]
chipug why will no one believe we're not lying about being girls? [18:33]
nubbins` PiratByran, many methods of buying bitcoins are convoluted [18:33]
PiratByran Doing my math wrong with fees, I came up 51 U.S. cents (.0006 btc) short. [18:33]
mircea_popescu chipug have you seen mpoe-pr ? [18:33]
nubbins` chipug: because most people are lying about it [18:33]
PiratByran I am a beggar. I will not pretend to be above that right now :P. I fucked up, and it would be very helpful for someone to donate 51 cents to me. [18:33]
nubbins` PiratByran: if you're asking for a handout, PFO [18:33]
PiratByran pfo? unfamiliar [18:33]
nubbins` ;;ud pfo [18:34]
gribble | PFO. A rejection letter received after an unsuccessful job interview. Also applicable for any polite-but-final rejection. Origin: An acronym of "Please F--k Off ". [18:34]
ozbot Urban Dictionary: pfo [18:34]
PiratByran oooo [18:34]
chipug i've seen her dp on btctalk, she's a bonny lassy, she mustve gotten same hassle, why i took pic off [18:34]
mircea_popescu dude, i'm not giving you whatever dust because that'll result in a bunch of other idiots trying to do the same. [18:34]
nubbins` ^ [18:34]
PiratByran okay, no love here. sorry for the bother [18:34]
mircea_popescu gl. [18:34]
nubbins` love != charity [18:34]
PiratByran yeah, Ive been to third world contries I know that argument haha, its cool makes sense [18:34]
PiratByran just sucks having to wait quite some time for 51 cents :( [18:34]
nubbins` i love my wife, doesn't mean i give her a nickel every time she does math wrong [18:34]
mircea_popescu it's a fact, after openbsd we kept getting dudes with stuff [18:34]
mircea_popescu my twitter is fulla it etc. [18:34]
chipug 51 cents?! wtf im like 2 months behind on rent and won't beg. [18:35]
nubbins` mircea_popescu, this is why people don't give [18:35]
mircea_popescu nubbins` i hope you give her a welt. [18:35]
nubbins` mircea_popescu, a kiss ;( [18:35]
Duffer1 ya there was also a noticeable uptick in #bitcoin-assets participation after that as well MP [18:35]
mircea_popescu "vanilla" he said derrisively. [18:35]
nubbins` hahaha [18:35]
nubbins` if only you knew [18:35]
mircea_popescu no, it's ok [18:35]
ThickAsThieves yeah the openbsd donation did bring some nice new blood [18:36]
nubbins` wasn't an offer to share ;) [18:36]
* PiratByran has quit (Client Quit) [18:36]
chipug i take it 51 cents are also not worth waiting for [18:36]
nubbins` well if he'd thought ahead, he would have bought a bit extra. [18:36]
nubbins` "whoops, the exchange rate changed slightly" [18:36]
mircea_popescu o wait that derpage was on twitter ? [18:37]
mircea_popescu ooookay, let's play. [18:37]
mircea_popescu nubbins` tbh, it's shitty implementation on the pp's part [18:37]
* CiPi is now known as cipi [18:37]
chetty 9 killed as firefighters battle a blaze that destroyed Argentine banking archives [18:38]
deadweasel burn them all! (archives) [18:39]
* samson_ (~ukru@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:39]
chetty looks like a good start on that deadweasel [18:40]
Duffer1 this will end well [18:40]
mircea_popescu << [18:40]
ozbot Twitter / Mircea_Popescu: And since we're talking of ... [18:40]
mircea_popescu if anyone cares to rt, i'm sure it'll do a lot for an old man's happiness. [18:40]
mircea_popescu chetty whoa. [18:40]
Duffer1 man i just watched fight club last night [18:41]
Duffer1 maybe some argentinians saw it too :P [18:42]
ThickAsThieves :) [18:42]
ozbot Twitter / TheRealAltcoin: @maxkeiser No. Altcoin is. ... [18:42]
ThickAsThieves also i retweeted for you [18:42]
mircea_popescu why ty. [18:43]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 100 @ 0.00307997 = 0.308 BTC [+] [18:43]
* HeySteve (~DinoSaw@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:43]
mircea_popescu Glyn Jones @onlinementor3 · 1m [18:43]
mircea_popescu @Mircea_Popescu Hi Mircea these Four Free eBooks will really help you achieve success [18:43]
mircea_popescu no srsly. [18:43]
mircea_popescu of the whole 1bn people online i was chosen as the one who needs a little help on the topic. [18:43]
ThickAsThieves stop searching "Who is the fairest mentor of them all" then [18:44]
mircea_popescu whoa. seems i accidentally found a way to get past twitter's 140 character limit [18:45]
mircea_popescu << hoover on the link. [18:45]
ozbot Twitter / Mircea_Popescu: And since we're talking of ... [18:45]
ThickAsThieves nice, now just make a and do it as a service [18:45]
mircea_popescu ya srsly. [18:45]
mircea_popescu then get VCs to finance me and spend the rest of my life eating airline food and conference rubber ducks [18:46]
ThickAsThieves [18:46]
mircea_popescu [18:46]
mircea_popescu logo could be one of those mechanical vaginal pears they had cca 1600 [18:46]
ThickAsThieves moretwitterinyourtwitter.bro [18:46]
* onlyifshes53 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [18:47]
ThickAsThieves twitter has no spam reporting? [18:47]
ThickAsThieves nevermind [18:48]
ThickAsThieves had to log in [18:48]
deadweasel i'm soryr, can I get a link on "mechanical vaginal pears circa 1660"? i'm at work. [18:48]
* Uglux ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [18:49]
mircea_popescu [18:49]
mircea_popescu end spike optional [18:49]
ThickAsThieves i assumed a sppeculum [18:49]
mircea_popescu (that's really for uteral forced expansion, which is way more painful)_ [18:50]
ThickAsThieves then slogan can be [18:50]
deadweasel omg, so glad I don't have a uterus [18:50]
Duffer1 wow the engraving, they put a lot of effort and care into that [18:50]
ThickAsThieves Be an Asshole and put more Dick in your Tweeter [18:50]
mircea_popescu Duffer1 the artist wasn't paid so well, but he took solace in the notion his handywork will be embossed on generations of boxes. [18:51]
* zoinky has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [18:51]
Duffer1 ha [18:51]
mircea_popescu you know, sort-of like the hiring pitch for webdevs today [18:51]
ThickAsThieves "think of all the customer it will bring you" [18:51]
mircea_popescu deadweasel don't be that happy. [18:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 65 @ 0.00306 = 0.1989 BTC [-] [18:52]
deadweasel lovely, next time i need my anus dilated, I'll pick up a set. [18:52]
mircea_popescu that [18:52]
mircea_popescu s not what those are. [18:53]
ThickAsThieves penis enlargers! [18:53]
mircea_popescu vanilla weasel never saw urethral sounds. [18:53]
deadweasel oh shit. [18:53]
mircea_popescu yw. [18:53]
mircea_popescu (ps, one of the early uses of electricity...) [18:53]
ThickAsThieves today an amazing thing happened to me [18:54]
assbot AMAZING COMPANY! [18:54]
deadweasel well, i could get into that.. [18:54]
* mircea_popescu helping the gdp of the western world recover through increased work productivity of the top workers. [18:54]
ThickAsThieves a forum poster criticized my post, I retorted, and he conceded [18:54]
mircea_popescu no ?! [18:54]
mircea_popescu you have stepped in an alternate reality [18:55]
deadweasel you must be on the wrong forum [18:55]
ThickAsThieves [18:55]
ozbot ASICMINER: Entering the Future of ASIC Mining by Inventing It [18:55]
mircea_popescu check who controls the vertical and the horizontal. [18:55]
mircea_popescu aaahahahaha [18:55]
mircea_popescu [18:55]
ThickAsThieves lol [18:55]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform < is this sodium ? [18:57]
deadweasel that front middle kitty is veryapprehensive. middle middle kitty gives no fucks. [18:58]
mircea_popescu [18:58]
punkman1 looks like tin [18:59]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 0.66666485 BTC to 695 shares, 95923 satoshi per share [18:59]
mircea_popescu tin doesn't fragment oxidizing does it ? [18:59]
mircea_popescu it just gets a cover, like aluminum [18:59]
ThickAsThieves silica? [19:00]
ThickAsThieves i have no idea what i'm talking about [19:00]
mircea_popescu that's not metallic [19:00]
mircea_popescu this is definitely metallic [19:00]
chetty sugar [19:00]
mircea_popescu nah, i think it's an elementary substance [19:00]
ThickAsThieves aluminum [19:01]
kakobreklaa read dood. [19:01]
kakobreklaa blah power out again. bbl [19:02]
mircea_popescu [19:02]
* PsychoticBoy has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [19:02]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 1 @ 0.1448 BTC [+] [19:03]
* PsychoticBoy (~Psychotic@pdpc/supporter/active/psychoticboy) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:04]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.119 = 0.357 BTC [+] [19:05]
punkman1 mircea_popescu: yeah that's it, [19:06]
* pLambert (d8634153@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:06]
mircea_popescu a wow wd. [19:08]
mircea_popescu tin huh [19:08]
punkman1 "time lapse video of sample maintained at -40 C. 20 shots per hour." [19:09]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 799 @ 0.00012794 = 0.1022 BTC [+] {4} [19:09]
* joesmoe has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [19:10]
punkman1 mircea_popescu: will the Cardano be lead-free or anything? [19:11]
mircea_popescu i know it'll be gold plated, but i doubt it'll be lead free [19:11]
mircea_popescu we're capitalists not environmentalists over here [19:11]
asciilifeform i've always thought of my gear puller as 'the pear' [19:11]
asciilifeform (similar: [19:11]
Duffer1 pff it's not green? /dealbreaker [19:11]
punkman1 wouldn't want any tin whiskers [19:11]
mircea_popescu it's not green its golden. [19:11]
* zoinky (~Adium@unaffiliated/zoinky) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:12]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform srsly, all that molten solder you've been breathing / spreading aroud the kitchen [19:12]
mircea_popescu it has lead and arsenic in it rite ? [19:12]
punkman1 the smoke is just flux though [19:12]
mircea_popescu so you tihnk [19:12]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 468 @ 0.00083998 = 0.3931 BTC [+] {3} [19:12]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.12113333 = 0.3634 BTC [+] {2} [19:12]
mircea_popescu << now that's aptitude. [19:13]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 7 @ 0.129 = 0.903 BTC [+] [19:13]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.55110013 = 1.1022 BTC [-] [19:14]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 82 @ 0.00551447 = 0.4522 BTC [-] {6} [19:14]
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: Sn / Bi alloy. [19:14]
mircea_popescu aww. and i thought the units could double as art! [19:15]
asciilifeform melting point 138C. [19:16]
* onlyifshes53 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:17]
asciilifeform PCB is lead-free, ICs aren't. [19:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.550002 = 2.75 BTC [-] {2} [19:17]
punkman1 hmm so tin whiskers do indeed have to do with this "tin pest" reaction [19:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 4 @ 0.13 = 0.52 BTC [+] [19:17]
mircea_popescu kinda hard to make semiconductors lead free. [19:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.12400001 = 0.248 BTC [-] {2} [19:18]
asciilifeform [19:20]
ozbot Tin Whiskers Are Real and Complex - Tutorial - Maxim [19:20]
mircea_popescu [19:21]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.135 = 0.27 BTC [+] [19:23]
Duffer1 grats man [19:24]
* joesmoe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:25]
nubbins` i'm happy too [19:25]
* mjr_ (~Thunderbi@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:26]
nubbins` my beautiful copy of the codex seraphinianus arrived today [19:26]
nubbins` it even quelled my rage at this client we're dealing with [19:26]
nubbins` who would rather fly 6.25% organic cotton tank tops in from the exact opposite end of the north american continent [19:26]
nubbins` than use non-organic tanks from the next province over [19:26]
nubbins` because organic [19:26]
nubbins` "is this logo good enough quality?" 28kb png [19:27]
nubbins` wait, no, the rage is back [19:27]
asciilifeform british crown ddos of irc! [19:27]
asciilifeform [19:27]
nubbins` because organic [19:27]
nubbins` because she runs a yoga studio [19:27]
mircea_popescu and this is where we quote to you [19:27]
nubbins` and because most people, given the choice between BEING "eco-friendly" and APPEARING "eco-friendly", will choose the latter [19:27]
mircea_popescu "punkman1> he gets paid to say that shit" [19:28]
* ericmuyser has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:28]
nubbins` seriously, i could sew a one-inch strip of organic cotton onto the bottom of a regular tank top for the same effect. [19:28]
ThickAsThieves all wasted sewing power though [19:28]
mircea_popescu actually this is an engineering task. [19:28]
mircea_popescu do you know the per-km-pound impact of transporting vs the per pound impact of manufacturing nongreen ? [19:29]
mircea_popescu it may actually be the case she's right. [19:29]
asciilifeform enviro-whinerism: expensive, shoddy, deadly. [19:29]
asciilifeform [19:29]
chipug gshq?! [19:29]
punkman1 so it only contains 6.25% organic cotton? [19:29]
nubbins` 6.25% organic cotton and 6.25% recycled polyester [19:29]
nubbins` the rest is just regular cotton/poly [19:29]
ThickAsThieves yeah cuz wholly organic would ruin yoga tudios profit margin [19:29]
nubbins` oh, did i mention these are OVER DOUBLE THE COST, too? [19:30]
punkman1 why even mix the two? [19:30]
nubbins` punkman1: for some reason, you can't buy 100% organic cotton tank tops. [19:30]
nubbins` i'm not sure why [19:30]
ThickAsThieves maybe cuz they shrink too much [19:30]
nubbins` cotton's cotton, it's usually pre-shrunk anyway [19:30]
ThickAsThieves so they say [19:30]
nubbins` yeah [19:30]
nubbins` still shrinks 3-5% [19:30]
* joesmoe has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:30]
nubbins` regardless [19:30]
nubbins` i can buy a 100% cotton tee [19:31]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 30 @ 0.53520272 = 16.0561 BTC [-] {11} [19:31]
nubbins` but not a tank [19:31]
ThickAsThieves ah [19:31]
nubbins` seriously, $6 for non-organic cotton and $15 for 6.25% organic [19:31]
nubbins` "WHY ARE MY LETTERS ALL BIG" [19:31]
chipug honestly, fuck going outside. think i'll give that a miss from now on [19:31]
ThickAsThieves incidentally i did few t-shirt orders for clients, but the last one was a yoga studio [19:31]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 21 @ 0.51610665 = 10.8382 BTC [-] {8} [19:32]
nubbins` tat, fucking fake hippies [19:32]
ThickAsThieves same issues [19:32]
nubbins` i'm surprised they didn't ask for bamboo tanks [19:32]
ThickAsThieves except they only wanted 10 at a time [19:32]
ThickAsThieves cuz they are poor [19:32]
nubbins` (which, incidentally, is eco-unfriendly [19:32]
nubbins` ) [19:32]
nubbins` heh [19:32]
mircea_popescu nubbins` clearly the tee but not tank is a conspiraci of the feminist dykes to make life difficult for the sluts. [19:32]
nubbins` did they realize that 10 at a time was the least cost-effective method? [19:32]
mircea_popescu no other explanation. [19:32]
nubbins` none because they can't afford one [19:33]
ThickAsThieves my wife has one [19:33]
nubbins` i've never seen one [19:33]
nubbins` ever [19:33]
ThickAsThieves and is part of a green nonprofit [19:33]
mircea_popescu [19:33]
mircea_popescu tank vs tee [19:33]
nubbins` funny story, our first hooters is opening up this year [19:33]
asciilifeform three or four on this street, some with the familiar green DOD stickers [19:34]
ThickAsThieves my wife's only has cat stickers [19:34]
nubbins` heh [19:34]
ThickAsThieves i did it as a joke [19:34]
* chipug just remembered an open trade from like two months ago.... ooops [19:34]
* onlyifshes53 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:34]
ThickAsThieves cuz we have 6 cats [19:34]
* onlyifshes53 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:34]
* joesmoe ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:34]
nubbins` i want to get a set of those stick-man family stickers for back windows [19:35]
ThickAsThieves so we have the bumper sticker family thing [19:35]
nubbins` but instead of me, pascale, and a cat [19:35]
ThickAsThieves Man, woman, six cats, in a row [19:35]
nubbins` i want like 30 girls surrounding a single cat [19:35]
nubbins` toothy grins and claw hands [19:35]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 52 @ 0.00540087 = 0.2808 BTC [-] {4} [19:36]
ThickAsThieves probly 1 man surrounded by 2 women would be funny enough [19:36]
pLambert [19:37]
ozbot xkcd: Family Decals [19:37]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves you mean like ? [19:38]
* gesell1 has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [19:39]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.1231 = 0.2462 BTC [-] {2} [19:39]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1389 BTC [+] [19:39]
ThickAsThieves well, no, but yes [19:40]
mircea_popescu ahahaha [19:41]
mircea_popescu mp "did you mean X ?" person "well, no, but yes". [19:41]
mircea_popescu i should wear a button with that. [19:41]
ThickAsThieves pretty much the state of current worldwide communication [19:42]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:42]
pankkake pLambert: people think I'm a horrible person when I state money as my number one reason to not have children. but… it's true [19:43]
* cipi is now known as CiPi [19:43]
mircea_popescu meanwhile back at the forum, [19:43]
ThickAsThieves lol [19:44]
Duffer1 haha [19:44]
* cads has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:44]
nubbins` heh [19:45]
pLambert pankkake: funny, rich people view children as a liability, poor people view children as an asset [19:45]
nubbins` "maybe this will work" [19:45]
nubbins` "maybe if i take an extremely long rigid beam and swing it around my head, the far end will exceed the speed of light" [19:45]
nubbins` pLambert: "manufactured happiness" :D [19:46]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 200 @ 0.00540009 = 1.08 BTC [-] {6} [19:46]
pLambert maybe we could get a perpetual motion machine to apply torque to accelerate the beam? [19:46]
nubbins` [19:46]
ozbot Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness | Video on [19:46]
mircea_popescu pLambert the view happens to be correct. the per-capita investment for poor man's children to replace poor man is negative. the per capita investment for rich man's children to replace rich man is enormous, and exponential. [19:46]
mircea_popescu this not even taking into account the big problem, which is, the required minimal capacity of the child to absorb investment [19:47]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:47]
pLambert could I, as a person in a rich society, just choose to spend little on my children and expect them to contribute? [19:48]
mircea_popescu sure. [19:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.0054 = 0.54 BTC [-] [19:48]
mircea_popescu but from a game theoretic perspective, consider you've rolled an 3 point average character in a 1-20 stats game. [19:48]
mircea_popescu do you reroll or try to level ? [19:48]
mircea_popescu compare with rolling a pure 20 stat char. do you EVER re-roll that ? [19:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 50 @ 0.0054 = 0.27 BTC [-] {3} [19:49]
antephialtic sounds very Rawlsian. Pick the game you want to play based on the odds before you roll [19:49]
mircea_popescu you personally can do anything you please, and so can anyone else. but on aggregate people will play the game correctly. [19:49]
benkay` babe, on getting a new credit card: "why is this so commmplicated" [19:49]
benkay` me: "because its not bitcoing" [19:49]
mircea_popescu lmao [19:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.13888889 = 0.2778 BTC [-] [19:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 20 @ 0.0054 = 0.108 BTC [-] [19:50]
nubbins` [19:50]
ozbot xkcd: Protocol [19:50]
nubbins` lelelel [19:50]
benkay` business partner on discovering our banking partners wants 5 dollars for every physical check: "why is this so stupid? why do banks suck so much?" [19:50]
nubbins` i should try this soon [19:50]
benkay` me: "because its not bitcoin" [19:50]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22800 @ 0.00093363 = 21.2868 BTC [-] {2} [19:51]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.53987998 = 1.0798 BTC [+] [19:51]
nubbins` friend, paying for an item with cash at the store: "why is this so easy?" [19:52]
nubbins` me: "because it's not bitcoin" [19:52]
ThickAsThieves mircea_popescu Bitcoin Magazine has put out a bat signal for you: [19:52]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.53999332 = 1.62 BTC [+] {2} [19:52]
mircea_popescu ThickAsThieves as usual, they do not know what the words they're saying mean. [19:52]
nubbins` pascale just referred to the part of the toilet where all the lid hinges are as "the choda" [19:53]
pankkake paying cash is hard for me, I can't do mental calculus [19:53]
mircea_popescu pankkake just hand over bills and watch the op's eyes [19:54]
mircea_popescu poker change protocol. [19:54]
pankkake I usually don't care [19:54]
nubbins` haha [19:54]
nubbins` eyes widen: "where's my change" [19:54]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 20 @ 0.0054 = 0.108 BTC [-] [19:54]
pankkake if they think scamming me is worth me not coming if I discover it… so be it [19:54]
mircea_popescu i never actually bother doing the math untill i see they're cheating me [19:54]
nubbins` eyes narrow: "sorry, here's some more" [19:54]
mircea_popescu i've like a 98% success rate so far. [19:54]
nubbins` i watched a friend overpay for an item by ~$45 in colombia because he mixed up "five" and "fifty" [19:55]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 20 @ 0.0054 = 0.108 BTC [-] [19:55]
nubbins` "that vendor was really friendly" [19:55]
ThickAsThieves "Mortgage Rates Hit Three-Month Low" [19:56]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 40 @ 0.0054 = 0.216 BTC [-] {2} [19:56]
ThickAsThieves maybe theyll start paying us to buy houses [19:57]
pankkake I like that john law article! [19:57]
mircea_popescu [19:57]
* HeySteve has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [19:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.13888889 BTC [-] [19:58]
* HeySteve (~DinoSaw@unaffiliated/heysteve) has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:58]
pankkake she looks like dr greg [19:58]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] [PAID] 32.54126220 BTC to 695 shares, 4682196 satoshi per share [19:59]
* cads ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [19:59]
mircea_popescu what's a dr greg [20:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.11110004 BTC [-] [20:00]
pankkake [20:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 41 @ 0.10312682 = 4.2282 BTC [-] {9} [20:01]
nubbins` haha [20:01]
nubbins` i remember dr greg [20:01]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves: i was reading an article the other day saying that rates here in canada will start rising this year or next [20:02]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.0906781 = 0.272 BTC [-] {3} [20:02]
nubbins` all a bit of a beat-off [20:02]
mircea_popescu rates everywhere will start to raise next year since 2008. [20:02]
ThickAsThieves as i see it here, housing is fucked for along time [20:02]
mircea_popescu problem is... no. canada economy can't support rates over 5% , and won't. possibly ever in the history of canada. [20:03]
ThickAsThieves in FL there are so many half-finished neighborhood developments [20:03]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.11109999 BTC [+] [20:03]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 67 @ 0.00306 = 0.205 BTC [+] [20:03]
ThickAsThieves once things pick up theyll finish them, keeping the market down [20:03]
Dimsler__ oh yeah right [20:03]
Dimsler__ they'll finish [20:03]
Dimsler__ half of the suburbs in america are going to become farms [20:04]
Dimsler__ just like they did in detroit [20:04]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.20001 = 0.4 BTC [-] [20:04]
Dimsler__ suburbia is completely unnatural city management and planning [20:04]
mircea_popescu why ? they can plant gardens [20:04]
Dimsler__ it was a concept devised by the anglo-saxon to push the catholic and jew out of the city cores in the early 1900s [20:04]
mircea_popescu minimal changes can turn us suburbia into what europe is like. [20:05]
Dimsler__ because they were losing voting power [20:05]
Dimsler__ no they can't [20:05]
mircea_popescu specifically ? [20:05]
ThickAsThieves not so bad when every 'hood is right off the highway [20:05]
Dimsler__ thats complete horseshit [20:05]
Dimsler__ man have you ever been to america? [20:05]
ThickAsThieves here we go! [20:05]
mircea_popescu yes, i lived there. have you ? [20:05]
Dimsler__ yes [20:05]
Dimsler__ and i also lived in europe [20:05]
mircea_popescu cool. so then. specifically ? [20:05]
Dimsler__ the population density makes it improbable [20:05]
Dimsler__ in a north american city most peopel live 20km+ from the downtown center [20:06]
mircea_popescu i thought we were discussing the infrastructure not the population. [20:06]
Dimsler__ of a single city [20:06]
mircea_popescu in europe most people live 20km+ from the downtowncenter too. [20:06]
Dimsler__ while in europ 15km IS another city [20:06]
Dimsler__ oh yeah where? [20:06]
Dimsler__ because I've been everywhere [20:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 5 @ 0.19376446 = 0.9688 BTC [-] [20:06]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 177 @ 0.00307222 = 0.5438 BTC [+] {2} [20:06]
mircea_popescu well see., the fact that they call it "another city" is irrelevant [20:06]
Dimsler__ from paris to kiev to bucharest [20:06]
Dimsler__ no [20:06]
mircea_popescu you can call about 45 "othercities" in greater boston area [20:06]
nubbins` ^ [20:06]
Dimsler__ the population displacement is massive [20:06]
nubbins` amalgamation [20:06]
nubbins` toronto used to be what, five cities? [20:07]
nubbins` then they all bled together [20:07]
nubbins` same with ottawa [20:07]
nubbins` same with vancouver [20:07]
mircea_popescu in fact, la is > size of slovenia. to the point i was making jokes about the TOWN of slovenia. [20:07]
nubbins` same with montreal [20:07]
Dimsler__ toronto in the 1900s had a sign up in the core saying they didn't sell realestate to jews or fags [20:07]
nubbins` happening right now with edmonton, calgary [20:07]
Dimsler__ so they where forced into urban sprawl [20:07]
Dimsler__ the problem with that is it creates inefficiencies in infrastructure [20:07]
nubbins` ^ [20:07]
mircea_popescu i think your particular preoccupation with a political slant makes the discussion intractable to you. [20:07]
* mius has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:07]
Dimsler__ where an individal cannot move around without consume a fuck load of natural resources [20:07]
mircea_popescu forget the jewz bs. [20:07]
pLambert Where I live, a small town in the US, everybody lives within about 3 km of the downtown [20:08]
Dimsler__ sure i don't believe in nation states [20:08]
Dimsler__ assume every little suburb became its own little city [20:08]
Dimsler__ how will they sustain there life? [20:08]
Dimsler__ there is no manufacturing, jobs are a 50-60km commute away [20:08]
mircea_popescu pLambert we're not even talking about flyover us, cause obviously that doesn't exist for the op :D [20:08]
* benkay` has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:08]
Dimsler__ who the fuck is funding the fuel here? [20:08]
mircea_popescu Dimsler__ you heard on the internet ? [20:08]
Dimsler__ north america was built on cheap gasoline [20:08]
mircea_popescu i have teams working for me totalling well over 100 people [20:08]
Dimsler__ the internet? wtf are you talking about [20:08]
mircea_popescu and srsly, i'd be surprised if the average distance between pairs is under 3k miles [20:09]
Dimsler__ the internet is a den of theives pornographers and fraudsters [20:09]
Dimsler__ there is no "money" to be made on the internet [20:09]
Dimsler__ for the average joe [20:09]
mircea_popescu ok i guess this has gone to its logical conclusion. [20:09]
nubbins` the average joe is a bum [20:09]
Dimsler__ the logical conclusion is going to be an exodus from suburbia [20:09]
nubbins` the average joe works minimum wage [20:09]
Dimsler__ back into the cities [20:09]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.19376446 = 0.3875 BTC [-] [20:09]
mircea_popescu not happening. [20:09]
Dimsler__ average white man US population is 44 [20:09]
nubbins` happening some places [20:09]
nubbins` south korea, for example [20:09]
mircea_popescu the suburbia is getting (for a minimal cost) refurbished and that's that. [20:09]
mircea_popescu your joe can starve, nobody cares. [20:09]
* LorenzoMoneyOfc ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:10]
Dimsler__ the next place for older americans is next to a funeral home or a cemetary [20:10]
* livermore34 (43515f24@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:10]
Dimsler__ the average joe isn't going to just starve [20:10]
pLambert my parents live in suburban Detroit, I have noticed the area around them is becoming denser, over time the US cities will change to be more like small cities instead of one giant city [20:10]
Dimsler__ hes goign to cause a shit storm [20:10]
nubbins` me: "what was the interest rate on your mortgage?" [20:10]
Dimsler__ pLambert, oh yeah? with what manufacturing? [20:10]
nubbins` dad: "7.25% locked in for 35 years. a real bargain at the time, as rates soared to 18% at one point" [20:10]
mircea_popescu Dimsler__ poor people without resources or abilities do not cause shit storms. [20:10]
livermore34 this sounds interesting: [20:10]
Dimsler__ and with what population growth? [20:10]
livermore34 no more exchange shutdowns [20:10]
livermore34 or exchange scams [20:10]
nubbins` imagine, 18% interest on a mortgage [20:11]
pLambert what about manufacturing? Detroit has factories spread throughout all the suburbs [20:11]
Dimsler__ nubbins`, thats nothing new [20:11]
mircea_popescu livermore34 you've not really done your reading re that shitfest. [20:11]
Dimsler__ thats 1990s america [20:11]
* LorenzoMoney1 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:11]
nubbins` wow [20:11]
Dimsler__ 1988-1990 had mortgages rates up to 16% [20:11]
nubbins` imagine [20:11]
Dimsler__ mircea_popescu, man reference yourself hurricane katrina [20:12]
Dimsler__ a little storm [20:12]
Dimsler__ and even the national guard couldn't stop looting niggers [20:12]
nubbins` "even" the national guard, hey? [20:12]
mircea_popescu seriously, you got some stuff going on that's preventing you from thinking. [20:12]
nubbins` "even a bunch of bums who train one weekend a month couldn't keep an entire city under control" [20:12]
nubbins` shocking [20:13]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:13]
Dimsler__ mircea_popescu, you have no idea bout how evil and arrogant the anglo-saxon actually is [20:13]
mircea_popescu [20:13]
mircea_popescu on the right, national guard. [20:13]
mircea_popescu Dimsler__ probably because i'm even more evil and arrogant. [20:13]
nubbins` heh [20:13]
nubbins` "the anglo-saxon" [20:14]
nubbins` "the jew" [20:14]
nubbins` "the nigger" [20:14]
Dimsler__ well these are actual terms [20:14]
ThickAsThieves wow i go make some tea and come back some prime idiocy [20:14]
nubbins` "the dimsler" [20:14]
punkman1 I propose "the dimsler" [20:14]
mircea_popescu !b 2 [20:14]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( [20:14]
asciilifeform saxons.txt [20:14]
nubbins` ^ hahahahah [20:14]
punkman1 you got me nubbins [20:14]
nubbins` i'm quick [20:14]
mircea_popescu if a saxophone is an instrument, [20:14]
mircea_popescu what's a niggophone ? [20:14]
nubbins` and i have like ZERO LAG [20:14]
* livermore34 has quit (Client Quit) [20:14]
Dimsler__ well what [20:15]
ThickAsThieves there's no money to be mad eon the internet guys, go home [20:15]
Dimsler__ its a pure fact [20:15]
Dimsler__ usury is caused by the jew [20:15]
mircea_popescu it's a puree of facts. [20:15]
Dimsler__ compounded interest and usury cannot exist in a economic money system [20:15]
mircea_popescu is this tibby ? [20:15]
nubbins` lel [20:15]
nubbins` this is all rich [20:15]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12221 @ 0.0009345 = 11.4205 BTC [+] [20:15]
nubbins` you people are fucked [20:16]
ThickAsThieves tibby wouldnt lurk this long til now [20:16]
* antephialtic has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:16]
Dimsler__ yeah you're all fucking genious' [20:16]
Dimsler__ people are going to get internet jobs [20:16]
* benkay` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:16]
* nubbins` shrugs [20:16]
Dimsler__ and live in some suburbian utopia [20:16]
Dimsler__ thats a great idea [20:17]
punkman1 yeah clicking ads for satoshis all day [20:17]
Dimsler__ and have little farms in there backyard [20:17]
Dimsler__ s [20:17]
nubbins` sounds nice so far [20:17]
nubbins` does it have to be in america tho? that place sucks [20:17]
nubbins` too many destitute and crazy people [20:17]
ThickAsThieves how hard is it to move to Canada? [20:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 64 @ 0.00305999 = 0.1958 BTC [-] [20:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.111 BTC [-] [20:17]
pLambert maybe the US would be better if we got rid of the FedGov? [20:17]
nubbins` easy as fuck [20:17]
nubbins` you can drive here from there [20:17]
Dimsler__ all anglo countries blow [20:18]
ThickAsThieves lol [20:18]
Dimsler__ you move to them you're going to get fucked up [20:18]
Dimsler__ plain and simple [20:18]
ThickAsThieves but to be a citizen and live there [20:18]
nubbins` so where's your eden, Dimsler__ ? [20:18]
Dimsler__ sealand [20:18]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves: get a job and we'll let you stay here [20:18]
ThickAsThieves can i make my own job? [20:18]
nubbins` sure [20:18]
* benkay` is now known as benkay [20:18]
nubbins` i guess [20:18]
ThickAsThieves i dont like bosses [20:18]
nubbins` nobody does [20:18]
ThickAsThieves indeed [20:19]
nubbins` i've got a mexican roommate who just got her work visa a while ago [20:19]
nubbins` you may need to be sponsored by an employer to get settled, not sure of the ins and outs [20:19]
asciilifeform if i recall you can buy canadian citizenship for $50k [20:19]
asciilifeform (usd) [20:19]
nubbins` but canada welcomes immigrants with open arms [20:19]
Dimsler__ you'd be completely retarded [20:19]
Dimsler__ to spend 50k [20:19]
ThickAsThieves I'll come apprentice for Pink Eye [20:19]
Dimsler__ on a candian citizenship [20:19]
nubbins` sounds great, can't pay ya tho [20:19]
ThickAsThieves i can make logos, what more do you need [20:20]
mircea_popescu so i was just on the phone with this jewish chick i know, and she admitted that in israel the oreos are made out of dead anglosaxon babies. [20:20]
ThickAsThieves we can put them on the internet [20:20]
nubbins` the back deck needs shovelling [20:20]
mircea_popescu seems we;ve been wrong all along [20:20]
nubbins` mircea_popescu, same thing in canada [20:20]
nubbins` and our cadbury chocolate is made from real jersey cow milk [20:20]
asciilifeform the crunchy part is made from angles, the inner cream, distilled from saxons. [20:20]
ThickAsThieves i could pay the mexican to shovel it for you [20:20]
nubbins` i tell ya, it's the promised land [20:21]
nubbins` ThickAsThieves, she already has a job ;( [20:21]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform hahaha [20:21]
Dimsler__ well the jew takes advantage of the gentile [20:21]
ThickAsThieves jewlitan [20:21]
Dimsler__ with his shylock [20:21]
Dimsler__ has been like that for centuries [20:21]
nubbins` bitcoin removes the need for usury anyway [20:21]
Dimsler__ well thats why i'm here [20:22]
Dimsler__ lol [20:22]
mircea_popescu nubbins`> you may need to be sponsored by an employer to get settled, not sure of the ins and outs << drive over, hire a lawyer to start a companby, have the company hire you. [20:22]
mircea_popescu problem solved. [20:22]
nubbins` oh, i thought you were here to babble nonsense [20:22]
Dimsler__ you can't breed bitcoins [20:22]
Dimsler__ like you can with fractional reserve currency [20:22]
nubbins` mircea_popescu: nod, would probably work [20:22]
Dimsler__ so you can't lend them for profit [20:22]
Dimsler__ usury is self eliminating in bitcoin [20:22]
mircea_popescu people lend btc for profit all the time what are you talkin'; about. [20:22]
Dimsler__ you can't breed bitcoin [20:23]
nubbins` you can't breed Dimsler__ [20:23]
ThickAsThieves ? [20:23]
Dimsler__ its not possible to compound interest on bitcoins [20:23]
punkman1 you can definitely breed dimslers [20:23]
Dimsler__ or create usury contracts [20:23]
Dimsler__ they will eventually lead to defaults [20:23]
Dimsler__ due to bitcoins deflationary nature [20:23]
ThickAsThieves Dimsler is more likely to breed than most of us [20:23]
ThickAsThieves stats say [20:23]
nubbins` hahahah [20:23]
asciilifeform on the other hand, if you can afford this maneuver in canada, you can afford it in a real country. [20:23]
mircea_popescu ^ [20:24]
ThickAsThieves which is realest? [20:24]
punkman1 Sealand [20:24]
Dimsler__ when default occur people will be more cautious about lending [20:24]
Dimsler__ its plain and simple [20:24]
nubbins` one with its own sovereign? ;p [20:24]
Dimsler__ it just isn't going to happen [20:24]
Dimsler__ especially not on a massive instrituionalized scale like we have now [20:24]
mircea_popescu nubbins` romania is not a bad one, for as long as that lasts. [20:24]
nubbins` phun phact, ugly betty is the ruler of our fair land [20:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.08603422 = 0.1721 BTC [-] {2} [20:24]
Dimsler__ romania has us extradition [20:24]
Dimsler__ so it already sucks [20:25]
mircea_popescu ... [20:25]
mircea_popescu you kinda need to pick some criteria and stick to them [20:25]
nubbins` it's like you're being willfully obtuse [20:25]
Dimsler__ i told you [20:25]
Dimsler__ no US extradition or OECD compliance [20:25]
Dimsler__ only countries worth living in [20:25]
mircea_popescu that makes a real country ? [20:25]
mircea_popescu so go live in columbia, what. [20:25]
Dimsler__ that makes a free country [20:25]
asciilifeform russia. france. [20:25]
nubbins` colombia sucks to live in [20:25]
mircea_popescu france is a real country now. god help us. [20:25]
asciilifeform by his definition [20:25]
nubbins` yeah, russia [20:26]
nubbins` there ya go [20:26]
mircea_popescu im curious what his polonium defense is for free living in russia. [20:26]
nubbins` you'll fit right in [20:26]
Dimsler__ russia is great to live in [20:26]
Dimsler__ whats the problem? [20:26]
mircea_popescu "sure, makea few billions and start buying english football clubs so maybe the kremlin won't off you" [20:26]
nubbins` "russia is great to live in" [20:26]
Dimsler__ like even your boiler room [20:26]
mircea_popescu what's that blondy jounralistn's name again ? [20:27]
Dimsler__ in romania you could be extradited straight to the US [20:27]
Dimsler__ by some random entity [20:27]
Dimsler__ vs in russia [20:27]
Dimsler__ where nobody gives a fuck [20:27]
ThickAsThieves Anne Coulter? [20:27]
mircea_popescu wait wait. were we talking about me or about you ? [20:27]
mircea_popescu or do you just presume we're interchangeable because irc nicks [20:27]
nubbins` ann coulter lel [20:27]
mircea_popescu no dude [20:27]
mircea_popescu lipishinkaya or something [20:27]
asciilifeform politkovskaya [20:27]
mircea_popescu Anna Politkovskaya [20:28]
mircea_popescu yes. [20:28]
asciilifeform plugged for good cause, as far as i can see [20:28]
Dimsler__ how? [20:28]
mircea_popescu good cause or no good cause... [20:28]
asciilifeform like that chinese idiot [20:28]
mircea_popescu and since we're doing this, [20:28]
Dimsler__ who cares about a bunch of muslim rats [20:28]
mircea_popescu ;;google Alexander Litvinenko [20:28]
gribble Alexander Litvinenko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; BBC News - Who was Alexander Litvinenko?: [20:28]
Dimsler__ they invaded europe [20:28]
asciilifeform who wrote about how his country needs 300 years of european colonization to become 'civilized' [20:28]
Dimsler__ and fucked it up [20:28]
Dimsler__ the weak nordic and geraminc [20:28]
Dimsler__ let th emuslim rat in [20:28]
asciilifeform (won't hear of this in the anglo media, though) [20:28]
Dimsler__ and he shit all over the place [20:29]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [20:29]
mircea_popescu asciilifeform well it;s a fact or do you disagree ? [20:29]
mircea_popescu obviously "civilisation" as she means it isn't necessarily a goal [20:29]
mircea_popescu but if it were a goal, what else. [20:29]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:29]
* nubbins` has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [20:29]
asciilifeform the fact is, this kind of thing doesn't sit well with any ruler [20:29]
Dimsler__ western europe [20:29]
Dimsler__ has weak policies [20:29]
mircea_popescu certainly. [20:29]
asciilifeform chinese, european, aztec, whoever. [20:29]
Dimsler__ for humanity [20:30]
Dimsler__ and strict for economics [20:30]
ThickAsThieves how bout switzerland? [20:30]
Dimsler__ thats why they are turning into socialized slums [20:30]
mircea_popescu and it'd be a pretty boneheaded thing to do anyway. russia has had enough cultural revolutionary great leaps forward to last it five centuries. [20:30]
Dimsler__ swtzerland doesn't hand out citizenship [20:30]
* nubbins` ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:30]
Dimsler__ and has ahigh productivity rate [20:30]
Dimsler__ like you go to germany and like 1/4 is a filthy fucking turk [20:31]
Dimsler__ like you can't buy a used car without the odometer rolled back [20:31]
nubbins` have to admit, i wonder where dimsler is from and what he looks like [20:31]
* kleinessteak has quit () [20:31]
ThickAsThieves jersey [20:31]
Dimsler__ eastern european, western educated, lived everywhere [20:31]
Dimsler__ thats aobut all you need to know [20:32]
pankkake like the would not bang guy [20:32]
nubbins` we covered all i needed to know already [20:32]
nubbins` that was just for curiosity [20:32]
nubbins` pankkake, +1 :( [20:32]
nubbins` he seems to be a wizard [20:32]
Dimsler__ fact is, any country with liberal moral values and strict financials where usury is rampant [20:33]
Dimsler__ is going to suck [20:33]
Dimsler__ and the people are going to be clueless and retarded [20:33]
Dimsler__ with a bad case of stockholm syndrome [20:33]
nubbins` as opposed to russia where everything is great [20:34]
nubbins` and all are smart [20:34]
Dimsler__ lol russia is not a fucking utopia [20:34]
nubbins` wait, i thought it was at the top of your list? [20:34]
asciilifeform last i checked, usury is in perfect health in russia. [20:34]
Dimsler__ did i fucking name a country? [20:34]
nubbins` yes [20:35]
nubbins` [20:35]
nubbins` try to keep up [20:35]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets log [20:35]
nubbins` lel [20:35]
pLambert What about Somalia, I thought they were supposed to be Utopia? [20:35]
nubbins` you can't even keep track of all the things you're mad at, can you? [20:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [-] [20:36]
nubbins` pLambert: loose financials, conservative values [20:36]
nubbins` no extradition to USA [20:36]
nubbins` no OECD compliance [20:36]
nubbins` by dimmy's criteria, somalia is the promised land [20:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1212 @ 0.00084009 = 1.0182 BTC [+] {3} [20:37]
nubbins` hell, there are hardly even any anglos or jews there! [20:37]
pLambert but there might be too many Muslims, I think Dimmy said those are bad too? [20:37]
nubbins` hmm yes that is true [20:38]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.5100751 = 2.0403 BTC [-] {4} [20:38]
nubbins` it's cool tho if you just stay inside [20:38]
pLambert How about Antacrtica? [20:38]
nubbins` no manufacturing [20:38]
pLambert is that a criteria now too? [20:38]
nubbins` i think it always was [20:39]
nubbins` [20:39]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets log [20:39]
pLambert Just build your own factory? [20:39]
nubbins` nah then transport is the problem [20:39]
nubbins` too bad you can't make money on the internet [20:39]
nubbins` otherwise it'd be perfect [20:39]
asciilifeform 'in my country there's a problem, and that problem is transport...' [20:39]
nubbins` [20:39]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets log [20:39]
nubbins` it's almost like dimmy just runs the mouth without making any lucid points [20:40]
Dimsler__ lol [20:40]
Dimsler__ you guys are seirously stupid [20:40]
nubbins` if you're smart, i'm ok with being stupid [20:40]
mircea_popescu What about Somalia, I thought they were supposed to be Utopia? <<< they used to be but then kako got snowed in. [20:41]
* gkunno_ has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [20:41]
asciilifeform Dimsler__: if you'd like to live in New York circa 1890, you will have to build it. tears have never built anything. [20:41]
nubbins` sullen pouty sooky-bum complaining about all he witnesses yet adding nothing of value to anyone or anything [20:42]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 150 @ 0.00084065 = 0.1261 BTC [+] [20:42]
mircea_popescu nubbins` you clearly don't understand the internet. [20:42]
nubbins` clearly [20:42]
mircea_popescu everclearly. [20:42]
nubbins` "you guys are seirously stupid" should be on the cover of the -assets book [20:43]
* Uglux_ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:44]
mircea_popescu you have no idea what an assets book entails. [20:44]
mircea_popescu my logs are > 50mb and i only log when i'm on [20:44]
nubbins` do you even read those logs? ;( [20:45]
nubbins` choice quotes accompanied by ASCII porn [20:45]
* lewicki has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:45]
* dexX7 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [20:45]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 300 @ 0.00084066 = 0.2522 BTC [+] [20:45]
nubbins` it kind of lost steam around the point that we realized there aren't any ASCII artists in here [20:45]
asciilifeform emacs, 'artist mode' [20:45]
* lewicki ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:45]
* lewicki has quit (Changing host) [20:45]
* lewicki (~lewicki@unaffiliated/lewicki) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:45]
nubbins` too large [20:45]
nubbins` gotta create by hand [20:45]
asciilifeform [20:45]
ozbot emacs-fu: drawing pictures [20:45]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 400 @ 0.00084075 = 0.3363 BTC [+] {2} [20:46]
mircea_popescu nubbins` i grep tehm [20:46]
nubbins` ah, okay [20:46]
* dexX7 (~dexX7@unaffiliated/dexx7) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:46]
nubbins` that might actually work [20:46]
nubbins` i can't be fucked to draw 50 ascii porn shots tho [20:46]
mircea_popescu << this should be on the cover of the assets book [20:47]
mircea_popescu representing the noobie de-lurking [20:47]
* Uglux has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [20:48]
nubbins` [20:48]
ozbot #bitcoin-assets log [20:48]
nubbins` heh, i like that [20:49]
KRS- heh [20:49]
* KRS- is now known as KRS-One [20:49]
nubbins` could even make it a periodical [20:49]
punkman1 hah [20:49]
nubbins` "-assets quarterly" [20:49]
nubbins` -AQ for short [20:49]
nubbins` -aQ i guess [20:49]
KRS-One Improve your I.Q. with aQ. [20:50]
* Guest15839 has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [20:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 200 @ 0.00084077 = 0.1682 BTC [+] [20:50]
mircea_popescu more iq with the aq [20:50]
mircea_popescu According to a 2013 report from the Treasury Inspector General’s office, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued nearly $4 billion in bogus tax refunds in 2012. The money largely was sent to people who stole Social Security numbers and other information on U.S. citizens, and then filed fraudulent tax returns on those individuals claiming a large refund but at a different address. [20:50]
mircea_popescu dude the fiat system works so well, i have no idea why all these people talk about bitcoin threats and whatnot [20:51]
* riX2000 has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [20:51]
* jacksbueller has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [20:51]
* Guest15829 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:51]
* Dimsler__ has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [20:51]
* riX2000 (~riX2000@unaffiliated/rix2000) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:51]
* Namworld ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:51]
* jacksbueller (~jacksbuel@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:51]
* Dimsler__ ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:52]
* kakobreklaa has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) [20:52]
* kakobrekla (~kako@unaffiliated/kakobrekla) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:52]
* dignork (~dignork@gateway/tor-sasl/dignork) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:54]
* FabianB (~ogg@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [20:55]
nubbins` hmm [20:57]
nubbins` fuck this, i've got work to do! [20:57]
* nubbins` has quit (Quit: quit) [20:57]
* tyrion70 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [21:03]
mircea_popescu [21:03]
* tyrion70 (~Adium@unaffiliated/tyrion70) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:03]
* Guest15829 has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:05]
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* Guest15829 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:07]
* dfgdsgxf (5b44358d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:09]
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pankkake "difficulty" : 62719.43923596 [21:20]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [-] [21:24]
* phish ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:25]
* twizt (18be329d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:27]
* davout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:32]
* davout has quit (Changing host) [21:32]
* davout (~davout@unaffiliated/davout) has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:32]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:33]
ThickAsThieves thats Altcoin? [21:34]
* jcpham is now known as _homm_ [21:35]
* Kushed has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds) [21:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 250 @ 0.000825 = 0.2063 BTC [-] {3} [21:36]
* _homm_ is now known as jcpham [21:36]
* pingo ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:37]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: I've got my Altcoin shill piece in [21:41]
davout hello [21:44]
davout you want moar? [21:45]
BingoBoingo jurov: Twas gratis [21:45]
davout yep [21:46]
davout yes, it works but it isn't automated [21:49]
* tbcoin ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [21:52]
* onlyifshes53 has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [21:55]
* NormDePloome has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [21:55]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.09979999 = 0.1996 BTC [-] {2} [22:03]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [-] [22:03]
mircea_popescu ;;later tell herbijudlestoids re the "greater point", [22:05]
gribble The operation succeeded. [22:05]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo "other, less meta altcoins" you mean "other, less alt metacoins" or "same, less coin metaalts" ? [22:07]
mircea_popescu because it could be taken in any number of ways [22:07]
BingoBoingo Because meta [22:07]
BingoBoingo Reader has to decide [22:07]
BingoBoingo Shit happen when I write sober [22:08]
Asa9 lol [22:08]
mircea_popescu [22:10]
ozbot Seinfeld: Conrad, Connie or Con - YouTube [22:10]
* FabianB has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [22:10]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 800 @ 0.00301897 = 2.4152 BTC [-] {5} [22:10]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.00532245 = 0.5322 BTC [-] {7} [22:10]
* farfi (~farfi@ has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:10]
mircea_popescu wow that point re metaphysics is actually incredibly strong [22:11]
mircea_popescu it just gave me one of those inception moments. [22:11]
mircea_popescu BingoBoingo what schooling did you do ? [22:11]
* farfi (~farfi@ has left #bitcoin-assets [22:11]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Four years of kinds mushed together aimless undergrad mixing drinking, philosophy, economics and math, then two years of philosophy grad school I quit, the two years of Library graduate school with an absofuckinglutely worthless degree, followed by discovering Oh, that bitcoin stuff is money. [22:13]
mircea_popescu where ? [22:14]
BingoBoingo Undergrad was indescriminate budget small liberal arts college (Socially Liberal Methodist variety). Philosophy was at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. [22:15]
mircea_popescu so i gather you're the poster child of the confused generation. [22:15]
BingoBoingo Definitely. [22:15]
mircea_popescu !b 2 [22:16]
assbot Last 2 lines bashed and pending review. ( [22:16]
mircea_popescu no, seriously... [22:16]
mircea_popescu #bitcoin cures, ladies and gents [22:16]
deadweasel amen [22:16]
mircea_popescu touch the screen now. heal! HEAL! [22:16]
* deadweasel speaks in tongues [22:16]
mircea_popescu i think we packed enough meta in there to mine at least a dozen blocks. [22:16]
ThickAsThieves did somebody say metaphysics? [22:17]
ThickAsThieves BingoBoingo, thanks for the article! [22:17]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: You are very welcome. [22:17]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.51997563 BTC [+] [22:17]
* FabianB ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:18]
* FabianB has quit (Changing host) [22:18]
* FabianB (~ogg@unaffiliated/fabianb) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:18]
BingoBoingo That one hasn't made it to Slashdot though. Maybe if someone else with a Slashot account submits it there around 07:00 UTC and then post the link to the submission here Altcoin can make Slashdot. [22:19]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Bitcoin indeed cures. [22:19]
BingoBoingo Speaking of Physics, Platos cave, old meme. Descartes Meditations Meme. Maimonides God can only be defined in the negative, meme. Aristotle's powerpoint on the word "is" though still generates papers. [22:21]
mircea_popescu ;;google trilema [22:22]
gribble Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.: ; Trilemma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: ; Münchhausen trilemma - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: [22:22]
mircea_popescu that sweet day when a misspelling takes over a) the correct spelling ; b) wikipedia [22:22]
asciilifeform i thought the single 'm' was the Ro. spelling. [22:23]
mircea_popescu it is. [22:23]
* antephialtic ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:24]
mircea_popescu i think in googleterms "misspelling" is actually less of a stretch than "obscure language word" [22:24]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.51997563 = 1.04 BTC [+] [22:24]
BingoBoingo In Google Terms loosing Hearn was a tragedy. [22:25]
BingoBoingo Hearn was perfect for Google [22:25]
mircea_popescu did he actually do anything while there ? [22:26]
mircea_popescu the narrative i heard is more along the lines of "oh, yet another one of the schmucks that spend some time here doing nothing to be able to put google on their cv" [22:26]
* antephialtic has quit (Quit: Leaving...) [22:27]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: Dunno if he did. Just seems the way he is wanting to ruin BTC fall inline with the ways Google wants to ruin TCP [22:27]
* antephialtic ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:27]
* antephialtic has quit (Client Quit) [22:27]
mircea_popescu i doubt google wants anything anymore per se [22:27]
mircea_popescu other than FOOOOODDDD [22:27]
BingoBoingo Lol [22:27]
* antephialtic ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:27]
BingoBoingo Looks like I missed Dimsler__ but it seems I can recognize his ideal state: West Virginia. [22:28]
pankkake you mean brainssss? [22:28]
asciilifeform BingoBoingo: colleague of mine just moved there. now he's getting 100K/sec. [22:30]
BingoBoingo asciilifeform: Well they also lack suburbs, have manufactering (of prisons), aren't really inside the US (Sentences to the prisons there are practically exile), and the people are awfully friendly if you don't try to get into any of their rackets. [22:31]
mircea_popescu pankkake after they get big enough and public enough, no force in the world can keep a corporation alligned to its long term interest. [22:34]
mircea_popescu this i suspect is the eventual fate of mpoe too [22:34]
mircea_popescu all that remains is a dull ache for more revenue [22:34]
BingoBoingo mircea_popescu: So roughly 5 years after you cede the controlling interest, MPOE seats go down to tens of Satoshis? [22:36]
* mius has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds) [22:37]
Duffer1 mpoe bot will be self aware, buy it's freedom [22:37]
BingoBoingo Duffer1: Maybe it tried that yesterday... [22:38]
* daybyter ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:38]
pankkake it won't be satoshis, it will be doges [22:38]
asciilifeform slavecoins. [22:38]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 183 @ 0.00084077 = 0.1539 BTC [+] [22:39]
BingoBoingo pankkake: No one will remember Doge then. It will be HerpBuxx. Named after teen singer Derp Heiperp [22:39]
pankkake I came up with a new altcoin idea. FuckCoin. so you can give a FUCK [22:40]
pankkake btw: [22:41]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.102245 = 0.2045 BTC [+] {2} [22:42]
BingoBoingo I have a cold storage address that starts as 1fuck (all lowercase) and lacking firstbits rights. Barely anything there. Doubt I'll awaken it until Million Dollar BTC (Much happier last chapter to that film than Million Dollar Baby). [22:42]
* the20year1 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds) [22:42]
mircea_popescu pankkake: No one will remember Doge then. It will be HerpBuxx. Named after teen singer Derp Heiperp << [22:43]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 2166 @ 0.00011653 = 0.2524 BTC [-] {8} [22:44]
pankkake [22:44]
BingoBoingo I mean there isn't an AllYourBaseCoin or a BoxxyCoin, the reason is that time is unkind to memes [22:44]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.1 = 0.3 BTC [-] {2} [22:45]
Duffer1 still no substitute for audrey :( [22:46]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 4 @ 0.04520001 = 0.1808 BTC [-] [22:46]
BingoBoingo pankkake: With maybe exception for Marie and Indira most on that list can get the ??? [22:46]
BingoBoingo I mean Di barely made it into the 90's [22:46]
* mius (~mius@gateway/tor-sasl/mius) has joined #bitcoin-assets [22:47]
BingoBoingo Since I'm not all that anon anyways (Thank you metaNSA) I'll throw out the undergrad school [22:47]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 183 @ 0.0008408 = 0.1539 BTC [+] [22:48]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 1353 @ 0.00301 = 4.0725 BTC [-] [22:48]
* dfgdsgxf has quit (Quit: Page closed) [22:49]
pankkake at least the whites are at the top [22:49]
dub I think pankkake is on to something [22:50]
dub we beed a way to account for fucks given [22:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 200 @ 0.000841 = 0.1682 BTC [+] [22:50]
dub a fuckchain secured by proof of fuck is appropriate [22:50]
BingoBoingo dub: Fetus sealed in lucite as proof of work? [22:51]
ThickAsThieves rumplestiltscoin [22:52]
pankkake at least "orphaned block" will mean something [22:52]
BingoBoingo LOL [22:52]
mircea_popescu aha [22:53]
mircea_popescu +j [22:53]
mircea_popescu jesus [22:53]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 600 @ 0.00084188 = 0.5051 BTC [+] [22:53]
mircea_popescu [22:54]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 125 @ 0.00084199 = 0.1052 BTC [+] [22:55]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 375 @ 0.00084199 = 0.3157 BTC [+] [22:56]
pankkake [22:56]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 66 @ 0.00529952 = 0.3498 BTC [-] {5} [22:58]
* LorenzoMoneyOfc has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:00]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 1969 @ 0.00301 = 5.9267 BTC [-] [23:03]
* punkman (~punkman@unaffiliated/punkman) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:08]
* Kushedout has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer) [23:08]
* punkman1 has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds) [23:09]
* Kushedout ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:09]
ThickAsThieves "Hrm... what will we call fractions of an ATC? How about "altoshi"?" [23:10]
ThickAsThieves "Altoids." [23:10]
ThickAsThieves "Paradimes?" [23:10]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: Xenos [23:10]
ThickAsThieves if i could, i'd change the source to not have decimals [23:10]
ThickAsThieves useless [23:10]
benkay altoids lol [23:11]
ThickAsThieves maybe thatll be the next coin [23:11]
ThickAsThieves Paradime [23:11]
ThickAsThieves no decimals [23:11]
ThickAsThieves "the only alternative to Altcoin" [23:12]
mircea_popescu altoids lol [23:12]
mircea_popescu code has no decimals as it is. [23:13]
ThickAsThieves really? [23:13]
ThickAsThieves so bitcoin didnt have it when it started? [23:13]
FabianB satoshi [23:14]
FabianB calculating money should never be done with decimals [23:14]
ThickAsThieves who the hell put it in there? [23:14]
BingoBoingo ThickAsThieves: BTC values are all ints where 1 satoshi == 1 [23:14]
pankkake decimals are fine, floats are not :) [23:14]
deadweasel metas? [23:15]
FabianB yeah [23:15]
* AusBitBank ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:15]
ThickAsThieves people are nuts if they think people will start talking in ubtc and mbtc and shit [23:15]
* twizt has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:16]
pankkake the French eventually switched to New Francs [23:16]
pankkake of course, it was in the other direction [23:16]
BingoBoingo This shit should be like BTC 101, All BTC values are ints built from 1 satoshi == 1. How to configure a miner shouldn't even exist until BTC 320. [23:16]
ThickAsThieves so why is it called bitcoin [23:17]
ThickAsThieves and not Satoshi [23:17]
Namworld Would anyone be interested in loaning me 290 BTC @ 10% per year, with collateral? [23:17]
ThickAsThieves doesnt that kinda request come with more info usually? [23:18]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.0998 = 0.1996 BTC [-] [23:18]
BingoBoingo Namworld: Sure. Application consists of a video of you self performing a lung lobectomy and videotaping it. Poor form when applying sutures is grounds for denial. [23:19]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.104 BTC [+] [23:19]
* Duffer1 has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 26.0/20131205075310]) [23:20]
* zoinky has quit (Quit: Leaving.) [23:21]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 5 @ 0.19376446 = 0.9688 BTC [-] [23:21]
Namworld I'll self-perform a lung lobectomy on YOU and videotape it. (You didn't say on "you performing on yourself" but "you self perform", which means I only have to perform it myself, not on myself) [23:22]
BingoBoingo Namworld: And we get back to meta. Isn't Altcoin awesome? [23:23]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.10449 BTC [+] [23:23]
* Chaang-Noi ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:23]
asciilifeform sepukkucoin. [23:24]
* lolstate has quit (Quit: lolstate) [23:24]
davout !ticker m ^oix [23:24]
assbot [MPEX:^OIX] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 122.22370491 / 105.56529382 / 105.38554991 (1211 shares, 27.25 BTC), 30D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC) [23:24]
davout mircea_popescu: shouldn't the oix displayed be divided by the lot size? [23:25]
davout for clarity [23:25]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.10449 BTC [+] [23:25]
FabianB looks like stable price period will continue [23:26]
Namworld Well loaning BTC has definitly gotten impossible. [23:26]
BingoBoingo I wonder what GangnamCoin would be trading at today if it was released last year? [23:26]
ThickAsThieves that oix doesnt seem right [23:27]
ThickAsThieves wheres all the volume from yesterday [23:27]
davout it takes only sales into account [23:27]
ThickAsThieves doe sthat make sense? [23:27]
mircea_popescu davout i guess it should, but this clarity thing... [23:27]
davout the bot bought the puts yesterday [23:27]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.10449 BTC [+] [23:28]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.51997563 = 2.0799 BTC [+] [23:28]
Namworld Please inquire, assuming anyone has the capital at all. [23:29]
davout lol [23:29]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1045 BTC [+] [23:32]
davout ThickAsThieves: i guess taking into account purchases by the market maker bot mixes the bot's opinion into the OIX, which doesn't seem to be desired [23:33]
ThickAsThieves i dunno about that [23:34]
BingoBoingo [23:34]
ozbot Twitter / BBoingo: @etploshay @CathyReisenwitz ... [23:34]
ThickAsThieves it was the seller that desired to sell [23:34]
ThickAsThieves at whatever price [23:34]
* Uglux_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection) [23:35]
* topace (~topace@unaffiliated/topace) has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:35]
assbot [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12450 @ 0.00093513 = 11.6424 BTC [+] {2} [23:36]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1095 BTC [+] [23:36]
* HeySteve has quit () [23:36]
ThickAsThieves [23:38]
ozbot Twitter / Search - #whoisneo [23:38]
lippoper yes! ozbot! [23:39]
lippoper .bait me [23:39]
ozbot [23:39]
mircea_popescu [23:42]
* smidge has quit (Quit: sorry, but you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fuck...) [23:42]
* truff1es ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:44]
* truffles has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds) [23:45]
davout the jimmothy thread converted to .gif ? [23:45]
mircea_popescu lol [23:46]
mircea_popescu [23:46]
mircea_popescu << and this'd be everyone ELSE in that thread. [23:47]
* kleinessteak ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:49]
davout you're making me want to watch videos of these crazy japanese dudes doing irl video fx [23:49]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 6 @ 0.0452 = 0.2712 BTC [-] {2} [23:50]
davout fuck, this makes zero sense [23:50]
mircea_popescu [23:50]
davout yeah, pretty much [23:50]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [-] [23:51]
jurov heh [23:55]
* ThickAsThieves has quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds) [23:55]
ozbot NBC: All Visitors to Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked | The Weekly Standard [23:55]
mircea_popescu jurov did you see the one with the pillows ? [23:55]
jurov which? hotel pillows? [23:55]
jurov perhaps not [23:55]
* onlyifshes53 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:55]
davout jurov: sounds like a headline the onion would make [23:55]
mircea_popescu ;;google sochi out of pillows athletes [23:56]
gribble Sochi Is Running Out of Pillows - Vocativ: ; Sochi venues turning into Olympic-style nightmares « Hot Air: ; From Sochi, journalists report Winter Olympics woes: poor conditions: [23:56]
jurov ah that [23:56]
mircea_popescu "They test the system in the report -- and are, as one might expect, immediately hacked the moment the test computer connects with the Russian network." [23:56]
mircea_popescu herpderp russian guys are bad says nsa [23:57]
assbot [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 1000 @ 0.00011311 = 0.1131 BTC [-] {4} [23:57]
deadweasel "" [23:58]
deadweasel oops, "nine media hotels" [23:58]
deadweasel how fucking useless [23:58]
* kleinessteak has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds) [23:58]
* the20year1 ( has joined #bitcoin-assets [23:59]
deadweasel send one media team, them be hacked for free streaming olympics! [23:59]
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