"How do you like being a twerking wigger slave on my internet lulzcow farm ?"

Saturday, 21 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, some raw material :


And now, explanations!

The article title is the exact question I asked one of the participants. Because she's white, see, and I had her twerki earlier and so it all makes sense. Doesn't it ? Cuz "wanna-be nigger" and also wiggling the butt ? No ? A well. Maybe this joke's not for you.

The rabbit schmuck is "a bit of a walking contradiction", fancy that wonder! Presumably because not as much spunk (let alone piss&vinegar) available as'd allow the straight emo claim, that "he's a walking contradiction". No, gotta buy insurance for getting out of bed in the morning. He's a bit of one, or in George's immortal keywords, "she can't accuse me of not being comfortable...". He's also "in a relationship" with some deeply ugly British rose. And he's also directly accessible via fetlife.com/Evildom (provided you fix your referrer string), because fetlife's ever so secure and things.

The obvious point of reference being, of course, "Must suck to be one of you "average guy with a great sense of humor" losers, seriously now". Because very little ever changes, with frogs and boys alike.

What can you do ?

  1. Here :

    Me btw, are you still all horny and totally desperate to cum ?

    slut lol it's all i can think about, all day.
    Me cool.
    Me ima go watch a movie.
    Me meanwhile you stuff the balls up your cunt and go practice twerking. find some competent negro whores on youtube or whatever to follow.

    The balls are ben-wa balls, of course. She took a good hour+ of that like the great sport that she is. Can you ? []

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