Yes Man

Monday, 13 February, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Yes Mani is billed as a "romantic comedy", but more practically speaking it's Jim Carrey doing faces in an exceedingly thin Politically Correct Fiction sauce.

The premise, haphazard as it may be, goes something like "boring middle class dude joins slut club" -- and I mean that in the most literal sense, Deep South's "proper woman can never say no to a man" implemented verbatim.

The "results" of such an attempt are obviously going to entirely depend on the strength of the execution -- the plain abandonment of agency on the part of the characters makes character development meaningless and the whole story a hollow Deux Ex Machina charade. If the blind god seated on the throne is exceptionally gifted, the result, substanceless as it will necessarily come out, may nevertheless be entertaining. The direct equivalent of the American diet, if you will, "empty calories and male curiosity" as Steinbrenner's himself put it.

In this case however there's no man, blind or otherwise, seated on the throne. It's a woman, old, saggy, bitter, incompetent through never having seriously tried, a "feminist" in the sense of trying to hide from her own stupidity and insufficience. The result is... well... dude marries an Iranian woman and some other woman and a third woman. You know this third one is THE ONE in a lengthy list of a guy's that doesn't say no to womenii because... No, really, guess, how do you know which idle waitress is THE ONE ?

Yep, she's got a terrible hairdo, yep she's entirely worthless and deeply aware of it, too, in the pretend-denialist, passive-aggressive manner of these schmucks. Yep she "teaches a class in" nothing whatsoever. Why exactly does she want to say that, and like that ? Because she's so very free, right ? And you're supposed to think that she ain't afraid of anything -- not even mathiii! -- on the strength of going around with a bad haircut perched atop what's left of a shitty car that's missing half the wheels. And she was someone's bootycall, and she's in a band (which sucks) and jogging and photography and "who cares about doing something well, I'll do it stupidly instead, ha!" and so on and so forth qs. Honestly that q is approximately ε, but whatever.

The only conceivable reason this film might be worth watching, other than because it lays out entire the Democrat Party plan for the Hussein Bahamas Decadeiv is to convince you that the best thing Jim Carrey could do with his time would be a re-make of American Psycho, in over the top surrealist key. Think Nicholson's poster for The Shining, add to that Carrey, cults and mass market business suits.

Yes ?

  1. 2008, by Peyton Reed, with Jim Carrey. []
  2. Peak of daring devilmaycareness, there's a scene of blowjob-by-implication with an old Austrian woman even! []
  3. Ai visat cu ecuatii.
    Nu, n-o fost chiar asa horror.
  4. Which entirely was "we'll give free money to all comers in three digit biddles and they'll love us so much they'll all come to Abominable Pantsuit's Election Party!". Don't believe me ? Look at this schmuck's face! Look at it!

    This was all they had, and it played out just about as well as you'd expect.

    But not to worry -- Apple could buy Russia notwithstanding it inexplicably failed to influence the elections. []

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