Hey, stupid women ? We need to talk. Smart women don't want to be with you anymore.

Monday, 17 March, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

First, let's consider this nonsense :


So, what would you say happened here ? My own call would be that someone, ie miscreanity, misread, misunderstood and misrepresented what was happening around her. This is usuallyi a symptom of that someone (ie miscreanity) being stupid. Because that's what happens when you're stupid : your brain doesn't work properly, and so finds itself unable to read, understand and correctly represent what's going on. So you end up with misrepresentations that other people are now stuck either ignoring or correcting, in their own time and at their own expense.

This is quite problematic, especially because other people, very immoral and outright evil people have noticed a chief property of the stupid, that markedly distinguishes them from all other disabled people : they're also in denial about it. This denial is a somewhat common occurrence in the early stages of grief, especially for people with otherwise small, sensory disabilities. It's not common for someone missing a leg to pretend like they don't - gravity takes care of that in short order - but blind people for instance, especially in their early blindness days may well refuse to accept they're blind and so continue with "normal" activities that are suddenly very dangerous for them. Like you know, driving a car. Or people going deaf, pretending - out of sheer vanity, mind you - that they can hear just fine, and then proceeding as if nothing they failed to hear was in fact said so they can get "unfairly" canned.

This common sin of humanity called vanity creates then an easily exploitable niche for the contemptible, which is why talking heads sprout such nonsense with such panache. It generally takes more effort to fix the misrepresentations and misapprehensions filling the average stupid head in denial about its stupidity than it took to put them there in the first place, and definitely more effort than anyone's willing to expend - because people may enjoy and seek out the company of the blind, or of the lame, yet nobody will ever enjoy the company of the stupid, and quite opposite to seeking it out, they'll spend quite a bit to try and avoid it.

However, since every advertising dollar is equal to every other advertising dollar (a sad state of affairs which is quite co-morbid with the current collapse of Western society) and since the stupid are both abundant and easily accessible for the contemptible, simple market forces push the production of ideal objects towards the lower bound. You can try to spend your time and wrack your brains to come up with a good joke, and make good tv programs. Some people will get it, and appreciate it. Or instead, you could spend infinitely less time and no brain power to come up with the sort of shit miscreanity would lap up. You'll get trashed to hell on Trilema if MP feels like it that day, which isn't really all that often, which means you'll be mostly scott free, which means you can continue to pretend like you're part of human society. You're not, you're worse than a whore, but just as long as nobody knows it's all ok, right ? And then you kiss your kids in the morning and go to "work". No shame, just self esteem.

Anyway, all this happened yesterday. Meanwhile miscreanity, the stupid in question, had enough time to sleep off her hangover, become undistracted, focus and so on. What happens today ?


The first paragraph is just a rehash of the original stupidity. It is there so the stupid (ie, miscreanity) can give herself the delusional ego boost of "coherence". She... "thinks", in that old cumrag that is apparently expected to function as her brain, that repeating something stupid over time actually does something for you. Something positive, I mean.

The second paragraph is novel delusional ideation, and quite amusing. The very fucking point of the bet is to allow people who agree with the notion that Bitcoin will outperform Berkshire as an investment to confront the people who disagree with same. That's the controversy before BitBet, that's what stakes are taken on, that's the whole fucking point. Miss Stupidity, however, knows better.

And the third paragraph is pay dirt.ii But before we go into that, let's take a little detour :


So now, what happened there ? Some chick had a falling out with some dude. Oh noes, the horror, the incredibilosity, the "omaigawd-this-has-never-happened-before-since-the-dawn-of-time" factor involved. We're in uncharted territory over here folks, mind your step.

Nevertheless, what does the stupid woman in question tend to misrepresent the situation as ? O, you've guessed it, a problem of all women. And the contemptible are quick to jump on the opportunity, because they know that's the niche, currently. That's what the fucktards will pay their bitcents for. That's their pay dirt.

Has miscreanity been stupid and reacted by trying to pass her very own, very personal stupidity as "a broader problem", preferably of "a group" that's preferably not well identified other than by external, superficial factors ?iii Has Horvath been stupid and reacted by trying to pass her stupidity as "a broader problem" ? And equally of a group, equally unidentified except for superficial factors, right ?

So there you have it, the ancient, kindergartenesque belief that if "all the kids" or at least "most of the kids" do it then it can't really be so bad. Miscreanity couldn't have been stupid, she was just... you know, thinking of the children.iv This is the fundamental drive of the unthinking, to seek a group, which is exactly what makes socialism, in all its forms and "different" implementations the exclusive domain of the stupid.

This is why feminism has gone from respectable to laughably ridiculous and contemptible over a couple of generations : once stupid women start trying to offload their own stupid on womanhood, and once the Leahs of this world catch on and latch on, the whole thing's in danger.

So, dear stupid women : you're not feminists, and you're not fighting for the cause, and you're not even women. Because being stupid is this all-consuming, all-devouring thing, she who is stupid can be nothing else. She can't be a mother, she can only be stupid. She can't be a cab driver or a waitress or a banker - she can only be stupid. Whatever clothes she dons, whatever labels she tries to paste on, the stench of stupid reaches through and marks her, just as in the case of garbage. You don't care, when confronted with a pile of garbage, whether it's garbage that aspires to be a steak, or computer parts, or wet rags or anything else. It's all equally garbage, and you don't want any part of it. That's exactly, but I tell you exactly how it goes for stupid, too. Once you're stupid you can be nothing else.

And this is not because "the men" or "chauvinists" or piggies or Chtulhu "conspire" to prevent you from being what you aspire to be, or doing what you aspire to do, or shut you out, or ignore you and look right past you and move right past you. It has nothing to do with them. It has everything to do with you. You're the one ignoring, shutting out, looking right past your own stupidity.

That part is the part that's all about you. The one part you try to misrepresent as being about them, about the world, that's the part that's all about you. How stupid you are, how bad you stink, how unsufferable company you are - that's about you. What's not about you is everything else, that you keep trying to misrepresent as being about you. It's not. That part is about the world.

So now that we're clear : smart women don't want to be with you anymore. They never did, they never will. Get lost.

PS. Miscreanity is not a girl, she's just some dude named Ramon. Which is exactly my point.

  1. Not always. People who are tired, or under the influence of mind altering substances, or just distracted, or under a bogonic spell, or on and on, can actually do or say stupid things. The ready way to distinguish between someone who is stupid and does stupid things on one hand and someone who is not stupid but merely did something stupid is in their reaction to commentary. The actually stupid insist. []
  2. I wouldn't really have even bothered with this article if there wasn't a third paragraph there, because contrary to what the stupid imagine, I don't use them for dissection material in order to hurt and humiliate them.

    It's not about them, I couldn't care less about them, they're not human as far as I'm concerned. Just like I'm all in favour of butchering a million or a billion, or however many cute fluffy bunny rabbits, be it for making medicine, or cosmetics, or music out of their cries of agony, or whatever else - I'm equally in favour of torturing, mistreating and abusing the stupid in absolutely any way. That's what they're here for, after all, and if that's what gets you off by all means, who cares.

    It doesn't really do anything for me, but nevertheless I will dissect them, with no regard to their own whatever bullshit, if I figure I could use the parts to teach, illuminate and instruct people about stupidity. And so here we go, check out the spots on Miscreanity's liver. []

  3. I can almost hear Nixon's "silent majority" over here agreeing with him. What's the criteria to be on Nixon's side ? Why, you just need to be, he's co-opted you on that basis. Cool deal, huh ? []
  4. Which is how girls end up gangraped in school : the kids figure that if all the other kids are doing it then it's okay. []
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27 Responses

  1. You're retarded bro

  2. subSTRATA`s avatar
    Friday, 21 March 2014

    Reminded me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxFYwNLv67s

  3. I think you are writing about TROLL not a real woman.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 22 March 2014

    Well that's always debatable, incumbent upon your definition of reality and women.

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