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Tuesday, 21 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Here's the first bit :


The mountainous terrain here means water has to be pumped, mostly. This means that it goes through pipes.

Now, normal people confronted with the situation where you have to pipe through mudslide-prone terrain cut by versant torrents capable of dragging more grapeshot than the entire Spanish fleeti would use... modular semirigid piping. Because that's the right thing to use for this job.

The locals don't. Instead, they use flexible onesies, like here displayed, cut to length (which "length" here means -- kilometers!). These then universally spring leaks, which just as universally are... fixed. Also like here displayed : you cut a length of anything, old rigid pipe sayii, or nearby branch, or anything really ; you electric-tape it into place and... voila! Fixed flexible pipe leak!

I would guess less than a third of the water pumped makes it to the intended destination ; the rest flows back downhill through the rain ditches, leaving the poor tree chunk so fucking confused...


Yes, that ton's worth of metal hanging precariously from that winch is actually a functional stair. They lower it during the day. That's all I'm gonna say.iii

  1. Here's how a riverbed looks after heavy rains :


    Compare and contrast to how that self-same river used to look, not so very long ago. So yes, that's multiple DOZENS of cubic metres of rocky debris per linear metre of river bed. What do you own that could take the pelting ?

    Let whosoever has no river raise the first rock! []

  2. This manages to suggest nothing to these god-fearing Catholic minds. []
  3. I could say more, such as for instance that when a teenaged girl spent ten minutes or so trying to fend off the ineptly aggressive advances of some douchebag her age that perceived he should be her owner except had none of the qualities, skills and abilities required, I asked her if she wants a cop or something, and some local dorks asked them if they know each other. She could interact with the dorks, but not with me -- because, obviously, some things are easier than others. []
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  1. I don't get it, why can't teenaged girl interact with you? What's that even mean?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 21 November 2017

    For one thing, they're both shitting it whenever I look that way, male gaze all the way. They quit whatever they were doing and become really imotile and quiet like teenagers caught around a VHS porno in the 80s.

    For the other thing, my question comes with a bunch of implications. Not exactly that she should start stripping post haste, but worse, infinitely worse than that : that she's responsible. For herself, for her own life, for everything. For everything that "happens" to her. That she is what she does, worse fucking nightmare for the US-aspirational 14% in the orclands not being even conceivable.

    Meanwhile, the question of the local group of dorks also comes with a bunch of implications, and they're a lot better implications at that. Comforting. Nice. That she isn't what she does. That her real life hasn't started yet. That haymasfuturo. That yes he's incompetent but a) that's ok because they're all equally incompetent anyway so "she couldn't have been expected" to do any better, "by anyone" and, much more importantly, b) that his incompetence actually shields her own laziness. With him she has direct egress into a very comfortable Peggy&Al Bundy matrimonial arrangement, where he'll resent her for his own incompetence as if it wasn't what attracted and kept her around in the first place, while she comfortably rests, for the whole rest of her life. Ever wonder why Peggy is so incredibly loyal to Al ?

    Yes he's going to be poor, and bitter, their whole life. But more importantly than the fact that he's never going to have any nice things is the fact that he's never going to wake her up at 5 in the morning because she went to bed without doing dishes, and she won't have to be fucking thankful on hands and knees that this time there's no beating involved nor does the punishment include dungeon time.

    Given the choice, most people will opt for what they want over what they need. Which is why it's so important to not give people any choice.

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