Why is "fighting corruption" the pantsuit callsign ?

Wednesday, 29 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

There's a five years old piece on why corruption can never be eliminated that was never meaningfully engaged by the pantsuit ideologues for a very good reason : there's absolutely nothing they could possibly say.

"Fighting corruption" is not a rational process directed towards some sort of goal. "Fighting corruption" is a foreigni policy toolii directed at... levelling the field.

Consider a simple snowglobe rendition of the problem. The law (which is a term of art, and a specific item in this system) says "thou shalt not smoke" (or anything else -- kill, fuck women unaskediii, whatever it may be). I sit my ass down right in "your" safe space and light up a cigar. What now ?

The "corrupt" reaction will be to observe that I'm a special case : as your superior the law does not apply to me ; I can do whatever the fuck I please. This completely resolves the problem : you shall not smoke, except if I feel like (but not you). The law stays as it is, corruption allows specific, individualized exception to it that's well taylored to the circumstance and the parties involved and everything can continue unmolested : you reading your comic books on the iPad, me running the world.

The pantsuit reaction will be to... preempt. Instead of plainly and flagrantly breaking the law, I will haveiv hired lobby whores to write exceptions into the law for me. Doh.

As a result, the laws will become unknowably complex. This is no small matterv. Also as a result, society will be isolated : no longer will the superior intermingle with the inferior, but instead I'll hang out at special clubs off limits to the plebs, while the plebs have to huddle together in the misery of "social media", which is to say bedbugs & plastic.

This brings us directly to the levelling the field aspect mentioned earlier : the situation in which the "best country in the world" finds itself is one of deep desocialization and consequent extreme internal weakness. The much stronger arrangements of the orcsvi are a certain, real and very present threat to it. Consequently, it naturally attempts to destroy them : if orc can be persuaded to believe "corruption" is a problem rather than the symptom of his superiority over the faggoty colonizers, why, maybe some islands of Manhattan could be had for 40 bucks' worth of shiny beads.

The empire does what it can to extend its very tenuous grasp on the future. The only important question in all this is, why exactly are you buying into it ? The utterly insane illusion that through some kind of maneuvering you will negate my natural advantage, and no longer have to admit both my superiority to you and your inferiority to me ? Why in the burning hells would you even want such a thing!

  1. Ever wondered why corruption is never discussed internally, notwithstanding blue USG is both the largest and the most deeply corrupt organisation ever ? []
  2. Whatever your country might be, an exact replica of this applies, being all they've got really. []
  3. Do you see the difference between "fuck women unasked", in the sense that the woman is the object and unasked is the property of that object, and "fuck women unbidden", in the sense that the woman is the agent and your property is the performance on call ? Just in case you don't. []
  4. Yes, I will have, future in the past. What, you think the law can catch anyone unawares ? That's counterdefinitional to what the law is! If law catches you unaware you're an idiot (such as were the Jews caught unaware in Europe, say). []
  5. Yes, I'm aware it keeps the SOPS class fed. It destroys everything else in the process, much like open wounds keep the flies fed, it's true, but a) the flies are not a proper part of the organism but a latter adition to it due to disease and b) the cost of maintaining flies in this manner exceeds what the organism can support. []
  6. The avion ti gori people managed to run Belgrade even without a government, or money. People still showed up to work every morning, and so following. This is a nation, even if small, as opposed to an empire, no matter how large (empires are never rich). []
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