The problems of today

Thursday, 05 October, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The problems of today are strictly and exactly one : nobody actually wants to do anything. That's it. There are no others, none whatsoever.

You don't think this is so, or rather you prefer to pretend like you don't. Sadly, the reason is exactly the same in your case as in anyone else's : you don't actually want to do anything. Anything whatsoever.

If you weren't entirely adverse to doing anything, anything whatsoever, in the manner and to the degree slug is adverse to licking salt, you'd stop and look around for a second rather than pretend like "you have a different opinion". You don't, because you can't, because the proof that I'm exactly right and all this is exactly so, the proof that nobody whatsoever has any problems whatsoever above and beyond an obdurate, insourmountable lack of activity are overwhelmingly present in their utter ubiquity. Aww, what's the matter, sentence got long ? You came here to read all about how you're fine bla bla ? You're not fucking fine. Not in the slightest.

The budget of the SECi, the self-same lulzcow producing such celebrated ineptitudes, is a billion-something. About half of that is available to pay for the supposed work of lawyers doing things.ii

What do these five hundred million yearly dollars buy the payer ? In a more active world they'd buy something over one million caged girls, aged on a normal distribution centered on 19 and weighing on a normal distribution centered on 100 lbs -- but then again that'd obviously be hard work. Imagine, raping and whipping so much cunt, you'd have to maybe even get off the couch! Only psychopaths, sociopaths and antichrists would want such a thing, I hope there's laws on the books to keep everyone safe from the activity.iii

What do 50`000`000`000 worthlessiv cents buy in this frozen, paralyzed world ? Does the SEC produce more words than Trilema in any given year ? We're not going to discuss quality, obviously a whole building full of dun-wanna-do drones can't come even close, but even in terms of sheer volume -- can the modern Shannonizer machine keep up with what's left of the European intellectual tradition ? Why do you think not ?

And before you go on the libertardian tack : the "private corporations"v that are banks have budgets a degree of magnitude larger for the same idle purpose. They spend tens of billions on "legal counsel" in a good year, and that's per bank, there being what, at least half dozen of them left ? What do these billions buy them, aside from a general, meta-cognitive agreement that "state agencies can't stand up to them in court", so therefore... yeah, you've guessed it, "shouldn't even try"vi ? Do you recall the last time you read an intelligent brief filed by one of these corporate lawyers ? Oh, "that's not the right place to be smart". Really ? The right place to be, smart or anything else, is somewhere else ? Where ? Not here on Earth, that's for sure.

For all the talk about bringing Bitcoin to Argentina a few years ago back when "everyone" absolutely and very firmly knew what Argentina even was (before utterly and completely forgetting all about it six weeks later when the "just the facts" cycle moved on to other things for them to "know all about", much in the manner they "knew all about" Cyprus and so on and so forth without let or respite since the invention of laziness) there's exactly one person who actually did something, did something towards that ostensible goal. Lots of others talked about, over and around it, of course. I was there.

Why ? Why is it ? Why is it that whenever you "go somewhere" it has to be to the "local" McDonalds ? Why doesn't your idea of travel include learning the local language, acquiring a local fucktoy or ten, a local lawyer or five, a local corporation or two ? What do you actually do when you say hello ?

But why should you do anything, right, doing is for poor people. That's what "we"'ve got the "third world" for, isn't it ? Here, your fabulous third world at work. Sadly, it's not a matter of "diversity". Minorities/poor immigrants think they should make money while they sit just as much, in kind, and in degree identically to women, or to the Eastern-European extreme right. Children or old men, red, brown or white, male or female, here there and everywhere expect, dream and desire nothing else and nothing besides making money without doing anything.

And they don't even mean anything in the capitalist vein by that "money" just like they don't mean anything in the sense of activity by that "make". All they mean, entirely and completely all they ever mean or ever think about, is being insulated from activity. That's it. "Make money while you sleep" was such a rallying cry among the urban poor not because of a love of money, or a desire to make something, anything. It's simply there because what anyone ever wants anymore is sleep -- and preferably, permanent.

Hopefully y'all get it, what can I say.

  1. Don't think they're in any way diverse. They're exactly typical for the whole of bureaucracy, there and everywhere, now and always. []
  2. We're not talking actually difficult, actually demanding things, such as taking a hard look at oneself and discovering almost nothing's worth keeping, and then acting on this discovery. No, none of that. We're talking "self-actualizing" bullshit, activities which serve to confirm for the animal's psyche the correctness of the animal's investments. Getting to "feel like a lawyer" when lawyering's one's ostensibly chosen, professedly important "career path" aka principal activity. []
  3. Yes, I'm serious : an hero is better than you in that at least he's fucking doing something! []
  4. Why do you think the dollar is worthless ? "Mismanagement", is it ? "Those damned politicians" following "the wrong policies", at which they ostensibly arrived through fucking demonic possession, and not through responding to your perpetual and unyielding pressure, amirite ?

    Is it perhaps because nobody is willing to trade anything whatsover for it, and especially not any kind of activity ? []

  5. Oh, banks aren't really private nowadays, but more akin to the Gosplan-driven state entreprises of socialism's previous incarnation ? And why do you think that is, perhaps because the Commies invaded with the aid of covert fifth columns and forced everyone to change their activity to match their expectations ?

    Really ?

    How about it's because when the population gets sufficiently disinterested in agency, the forms of economy necessarily collapse into state ownership ? []

  6. That is exactly it, the SEC settles with Dimon exactly like you and the rest of the schmucks settle with the USG. The rationale is "uh, they've more resources than me, and we're both equally committed to not doing anything like ever, and so how about we just pretend they won and go home". That's it.

    Imagine what helluva game the 1988 "World" Series would have been, if the Dodgers met the Athletics on the field and went "you know what, LAN is 16.5mn worth of batters and 6.8mn worth of pitchers to OAK's 10.6mn worth of batters and 4.9mn worth of pitchers, how about we call it (16.5+6.8)/(10.6+4.9) = 6 to 4 and that's that, go home" ? How would you ever have found out it's really 5 to 4 ? Hm ? And who the fuck actually wants to even see Game 1, forget about it, why go to all that trouble... []

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11 Responses

  1. You forgot this example

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 6 October 2017

    There's just so many of them...

  3. Grea viata asta. Like the 10-20th article about how much these times suck. It's as if you dream of having not been deceived for n-th time again and again.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 8 October 2017

    Trilema bias is usually a statement of the bias of the reader.

  5. Ant0n Eg0 (blog reviewr)`s avatar
    Ant0n Eg0 (blog reviewr) 
    Wednesday, 11 October 2017

    That nobody wants to do anything is obvious hyperbole.
    There are plenty of do'ers, but they are drowned out by vocal do-nothings.
    If anything, it is the isolated nature of productive groups (including your serene republic?) that is the problem of today.
    Not the lack of motivation of the sheeple. As if that could ever be a problem (lol)

  6. That nobody wants to do anything is obvious hyperbole. >> That's not obvious at all. Mind you, "setting the world on fire" with "innovative" "projects" isn't something to do, it's vagueness to self-comfort. Note that similar ends and motivations such as sleeping were acknowledged as abundant. Got something else? Show it.

    There are plenty of do'ers, but they are drowned out by vocal do-nothings. >> Apples aren't drowned out by oranges; neither are doers by sayers.

    If anything, it is the isolated nature of productive groups (including your serene republic?) that is the problem of today. >> Nothing prevents your imaginary "do'ers" from doing something for the Republic, other than themselves (or you know, the burden of needing to exist in a dimension etc). Furthermore, what do you think isolated means here? Let me guess, not enough vocal do-nothings buzzing around?

    Reality isn't based on what you imagine would be nicest to the largest amount of people. That you're surrounded by idiots who'd agree with you doesn't make it true, either.

  7. Phrased more kindly:

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Thursday, 12 October 2017

    Hey, that guy's not even terrible.

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