Sad times in the Fiat Empire - apparently you can't give the dollar away these days.

Wednesday, 07 December, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

From #trilema :

mircea_popescu soo... anyone want to sell me bitcoin for $100 paypal ? o.O
asciilifeform mircea_popescu: i'll do it. pgpgram re who/where
mircea_popescu works ty.

Framedragger hundred bucks? ich verstehe nicht :O
mircea_popescu lol
Framedragger fuck i just got it. been too long. not a WHOLE btc. D'OH
mircea_popescu well no lol. some tiny fragment.

From PM

mircea_popescu wait, i'm ~sending~ the paypal, right ?
asciilifeform oh lol i misread

mircea_popescu :p
asciilifeform i read it as 'i need a paypalling sent'. had nfi that mircea_popescu even kept a paypalator around

mircea_popescu i ended up with a "refund".
asciilifeform ah. btw you also have a $40 shop credit at macrofab

mircea_popescu o joy.
asciilifeform (the last-minute quartz resonator substitution i made cut a dime off unit cost)

mircea_popescu nice.
asciilifeform i use pp for exactly one thing, old iron on ebay

mircea_popescu i use it mostly to interface with the poor but stupid young women.
asciilifeform similar!

mircea_popescu too poor to know now stupid, too stupid to know how poor, it's a sickening display.

From #eulora

mircea_popescu danielpbarron you got a paypal account ?
danielpbarron yeh

mircea_popescu can i send you 100 bux for eu coppers ?
danielpbarron ..

mircea_popescu i ended up with a refund from dumbass fiat company that "takes" bitcoin. what can i say.
danielpbarron well i don't really want to sell coppers but i'm guessing you wound up with a paypal balance you don't want
mircea_popescu you guessed exactly right. jesus fuck can't give dollars away these days. nobody wants 'em.

danielpbarron i guess i'd want them for the right price but the right price is usually something the other party doesn't want
mircea_popescu o.o
mircea_popescu what'd be the right price here ?

danielpbarron usually i sell bitcoin for like 20% markup
mircea_popescu well it's your lucky day. pgp me your acct.

danielpbarron k
danielpbarron mircea_popescu,
danielpbarron i love that his paste thinger works in lynx

Do we need to revisit those ancient lolzi or has everyone pretty much got the messageii ?

  1. 2013! Barely three years ago!

    How long did you say before your 401k or whatever it's called ? []

  2. The message being that yes there's a reason it cost BART 5bn to build 16 track miles. That reason is that the dollar is so unwanted, you can't give it away.

    Good luck with that Great Again and things. []

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