Nicaragua es un pais pobre.

Thursday, 29 June, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I had a splendid time the previous long weekend. Allow me to share some shards :


Camouflage successful, absolutely nothing remarkable here whatsoever at all sir!


This, for the record, was breakfast. Yes, with delicious red & bloody beefsteak. Yes, with camarones al ajillo. Yes with etcetera and a triple serving of what passes for coffee in Nicaragua : straight ristretto poured into an US style mug until full to the brim. Milk aside if you want it.


I don't care how you feel, you're a great dancer!


And the year is ...


The business model may be a little more complicated than meets the eye...


That thing reads "Clinica Alabama Granada". It was quite disconcerting.


That's a (mostly inactive) volcano there in the background of Calle Corrales.


You can tell that no serious wood civilisation ever flourished around these parts by that sure sign that all woodwork is either imported, or else mismatched as in the illustration.


The house is not for sale ; but they are looking for someone to mow the lawn...


That, my dear friends, is actually a goat disguised as dog. But really it's a goat.


An urgent, mutually beneficient business proposal may be coming your way.


View of the Granada fort. They built this item on the side of a large lake, for reasons unknown.


Low quality Spanish cast iron cannon.


Better British item, slightly later.


Not so many years ago this beach was filthy beyond description. They cleaned it up, to the point where one can actually stand on it. I'm not sure you'd want to lay a towel down just yet or anything, but maybe in a few more years.


The heros of socialism all look like girlies for some reason.


This is the church in which I heard the least competent catholic preaching ever. The guy is not qualified to do stand-up comedy in California (the San Jose barrio).


There was a party! Besides the rather bad singing...


... it also featured terrible dancing. Just think : none of the girls ever set a foot down at the same time, throughout their ten minute window of opportunity.

They were basically there to show off their pink ruffles and little more.


Local microbrews, and foreign micropeni. Pro tip : cigars are not for the flip-flopped.


The sign actually does say that they pierce labias on the side of the street, quickly and painlessly. Sadly nobody in teh entourage wanted to give it a try, so I can rely no second hand experience whatsoever.


One of the older buildings in town.


It is always a good idea to have many children. You never know when some descendant ends up ensconced in City Hall.


This place had the best affogato. I don't mean "of there". I mean of everywhere.


MP residence. At night there were also naked sluts in that pool, but I was too inebriated to work a camera.


The little girl on the left has a self-fulfilling prophecy in her belly, did you notice ?


There was a little frog trying to get into that fountain. He tried and he tried and he tried. Sometimes he'd manage to climb halfway, but then he'd fall back again. He never managed, and then we left.

That's it.

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  2. [...] imagine what, the geckos here are very peacible (unlike the rather aggressive lot we observed in Nicaragua, those guys actually gnawed on other's legs and things)... but maybe a bird or something [...]

  3. [...] imagine what, the geckos here are very peacible (unlike the rather aggressive lot we observed in Nicaragua, those guys actually gnawed on others' legs and things)... but maybe a bird or something [...]

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