The Pulation and other biodiversities.

Sunday, 18 June, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

You might not readily understand what this "biodiversity" word means. I mean -- obviously you think you do, how could you not. You probably also think you know what mangos taste like, or what constitutes a good cup of coffee. Let's explore the matter a little.


This one is biodiversily dead.


This other one is so biodiverse it's outright growing feathers and generally speaking explores the whole "how to become a bird" thing. Because they have so many different kinds the space of possibilities is fully explored quite to that degree. Now what ?

You know how colibris came to be, yes ?


This one has electronic countermeasures capable of jamming my camera.


This guy is biodiverse in an inconspicuous manner.


Here we have a biodiverse Iranian rug made out of bug.


And now for something completely different -- the best shot in the whole five floors of the Museo Del Hade. Above represented -- some religious artefacts of a likely ritual use.


Pulation para momentos. It's a thing!


If it makes a difference, I had a drink in the same spot Hemingway and some other obscure dudes did. I think. It might just be cheap publicity.


There's some lillies, and the guy tells you bye!


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