I don't care how you feel, you're a great dancer!

Sunday, 03 March, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The line's out of Next stop, Grenwich Villagei - which by the way is a great film. The unbearable, fat & despicable balabustaii (with a soft spot for music) mother of the hero directs it at a black homosexual dude. She asks him if he's Jewish, he retorts that he's not Jewish, he's gayiii. She figures it must mean that not being Jewish is cause of happines in this world (which may be true inasmuch as one's spared the good offices of mothers like her).

The film's great because it correctly and credibly stereotypes. This is a very difficult balancing act : credible stereotypes aren't by the very definition correct to life. Correct stereotypes are almost never credible. Constructing stereotypes that share both traits in the superlative is art in the strictest definition of that term : half math, half poetry, half logorrhea and a pint of Jew drool. It's also a dead art, mostly because people today are too stupid to make beautiful things anymore. (Also too lazy and too pain averse, but these would not be unassailable obstacles if they weren't this fucking dumb).

The reason pinkos won is quite well captured. Quite frankly nobody sane could have lived in the 50s and not torn the thing to shreds. There's not enough suphuric acid in the world to pour on all the crap that "good, honest people" of the time produced. "You gotta marry her". "I don't understand this kind of people". "Here's some apfelstrudel". It's unbearable and it had to come to an end. That the idiots which ended it proceeded to create a different sort of tower of horrors is in the end a reflection of the human condition, nothing more. Nobody sane can live in the 2010s and not tear the current "compassionate" and "fair" and "everyone's special" mountain of iDiocy to shreds just as much, but that's neither here nor there really.

I'm only halfway curious at what stupidity we'll make of it in the next incarnation. It will suck just as bad tho, that's a given.

  1. 1976, by Paul Mazursky, with Christopher Walken. []
  2. Which in Romanian is a derrogatory racial slur & epithet used to describe fat, ugly, stinky middleaged or older gypsy women or more generally a fat female slob. []
  3. How long before you faggots start writing Gay with capital G, just like Jewish ? []
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  1. How long before you faggots start writing Gay with capital G, just like Jewish

    Reason being it's more a community with imaginary traits rather than some physical-biogical... "real" traits/etc?

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