Mimi metallurgico ferito nell'onore

Thursday, 16 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Mimi metallurgico ferito nell'onorei is ostensibly another attempt by the usual suspects to "educate"ii ; to "show" how very superior to the republic socialism is (or at least, how an idealized, ireal and irealizable conception of socialism may be purported above a strange, nonsensical cartoon of the republic for maybe an hour or two at a time).

It works about as well as all the other attemptsiii, which is to say not at all.

The failure of the tool to serve its intended purpose nevertheless frees the artefact to serve aesthetic and archeological goals. Leaving archeology into Italian XXth century society to another time (and another people, I'd rather dig through abandoned septic tanks -- which isn't that far off, by the way) there's certain beauty in the very person of Carmelo Mardocheo detto Mimi, as he finds himself -- embodied by Giannini, but animated by the perfect and pure flame of a yet very primitive republic.

Watching him resolve in his abridged terms and with his simplified tools the fundamental problems of WoT and reputation, the comedically symmetrical solution (you--take her son ; you--hers) he produces to a purely Solomonic problem (comedic onlyiv in its shocking elegance and unexpected simplicity)... it's a treat, what.

Mariangela Melato consists of eyes entirely, and she plays a rather convincing second fiddle to Giannini's periorbital ocular exertions.

Altogether an enjoyable film, I thought.

  1. 1972, by Lina Wertmuller, with Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato. []
  2. This, of course, is a codeword in the socialist word-world. Like the Romanian "trebuie sa intelegi", the USG.blue notion of "education" is entirely built out of "replace your priors with my priors and pretend like this was a rational process for no reason whatsoever", a direct extension of "I'll take your things while you pretend like you weren't stolen from" into the realm of ideal objects. []
  3. Visconti, Kaye, Vicario etcetera etcetera, a lengthy list. []
  4. He is entirely correct in observing that women can not possibly own the fruit of their womb. This fundamentally correct observation can be funny in the same way walking on ice is funny -- principally to tropical natives, who find its frank depiction amusing strictly because they've never encountered the problem of low friction in their daily lives, which is to say through their ignorance. []
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