Wednesday, 15 November, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So I went to San Pedro, which is sorta the campus here in San Jose. The first stopi was at the mall! Wherein,


You know, just like the Slut Breastplate, but for athletes not for warriors. Outside of the Bimbo it's really a good shirt!

But fret ye not, there's also a bright future of intelligent whiz kids and whatnots! Behold :


The mall hackerspace, what more can you ask for ?

This completes our mall visit, let's head to the actual destination of this trip, the by-appointment-to-MP chocolate shop :


And now time to tally the purchases :


Two blackhats for the blackhats, from eKono ; one white-ish hat for me, from a little handmade shop. It cost three times what the blackhat pair cost -- and let that be a lesson to you. A pound or so of locally made pralines , for good girls, if we ever find any. Plus some imported Belgian shells, plus other sweets. Then there's the butt spanker with squeaky ball -- it has a great squeak, and a scary fucking burn. Then the hard gel handcuffs, which can also sting a bum for five minutes per application. I really recommend these, what "tug of war" dogtoys, are you kidding me ? They're the bitches' tug of war enders is what they are, try for yourself.

I also bought a little green party hat not depicted here, as well as some fraction of a ton of various Automercadoii stuffs, not depicted because too much fucking work to.

In other words : I shed a million colones in one afternoon, and in exchange I got all sorts of itams. That'd be all.

  1. Well, technically the first stop was at the "Sexy Shop" next to the Retro Bar that serves no coffee (sampled on a different trip) where they had no dildos / buttplugs (my original purchase intent). It's a Sexy Shop, see, not a Sex Shop. They sell overpriced nothings, poor quality lingerie and whatever other crap to people who don't have any specific needs past you know, being all transgressive just like us cool folk. Picked out a modest facemask, plastic and feathers, worth maybe a buck. They wanted ~25 bux for it, so they get to keep it. Capitalism at work -- capital good goes to whosoever can maximize its utility. []
  2. It's technically a supermarket, but very well appointed, and very well staffed. Do you know there's in general three people dinging, bagging and dragging my stuff to the car ? Costa Rica has a splendidly service-oriented workforce, I'll tell you that. []
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