Republican History of Jewry

Tuesday, 22 March, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : Tu ovrei? Uite-te la el! Ovrei tu? Tu nu ești ovrei -
tu ești un jidan scârbos, du-te dracului!

A man asked a question, to wit

phf mircea_popescu [20:02:06] i am currently of the " ' technology won't be solving human problems ' has been deeply abused and is taking its pound of flesh" school of thought. << i failed to parse, you saying "technology won't solve" has been overused, and there's need to lean in opposite direction?

which did receive an immediate and functional answer in the very logii, but could also take the following sidepoint :

Historical Jewryiii displayed the historically rareiv choice of carefully seeking meaning in its complete whole, and looking for implications and hidden workings so as to reconstruct the complete, functional truth in one's own head. To support this choice they developed very elaborate technologyv, which was both far ahead of the norm of the time and actually sufficient for their needsvi.

And now, time for an interlude :

diana_coman treaba e ca pe de o parte cs e facut /gandit fix ca sa poti face PROGRAMATIC rahatu' asta de creat lumea etc
mircea_popescu dap.
diana_coman asa ca de ce fras
mircea_popescu mai, stii aia cu salbaticii si microscopu' ?
diana_coman mda
mircea_popescu or batut cuie cu el, ce plm.
diana_coman da' fix de aia ma amarasc, vezi
mircea_popescu pina la urma omu' de o facut cs fusese initial in "echipa" de ps.
diana_coman ah, si si-a luat campii
mircea_popescu si pe urma s-o separat sa-l faca calumea, si pe urma s-or si certat cu dobii
diana_coman ca n-a tinut piept la mormanul de idioti
diana_coman mda
diana_coman pai de aia ma amarasc, da
mircea_popescu pai asta e soarta lui tuturor dintotimpul.
diana_coman ca omul cu cap si-a luat-o in mod evident
mircea_popescu pai el e unu' singur, si ce plm tot vrea el abstractii acolo.

The snippet comes from the ever-secretive boardroom of S.MG, and discusses the technology Eulora uses to be. In translation :

diana_coman The thing is that CS is obviously made / designed specifically so that you can do this whole world creating business programatically
mircea_popescu indeed.
diana_coman so why the fuck ... isn't it.
mircea_popescu hey, you know the one with the savages and the microscope ?
diana_coman myeah.
mircea_popescu they nailed boards with it, what.
diana_coman yeah well that's why i'm sad, see.
mircea_popescu the guy who eventually made cs was initially in the "team" of ps.
diana_coman ah, and he ran to the fields.
mircea_popescu and then he separated to do things right, and then even had some quarrel with the idiots.
diana_coman that he couldn't cope with the idiot pile.
diana_coman mda
diana_coman well, that's why i'm sad, yes.
mircea_popescu such is the fate of all forever.
diana_coman that the man with a head got fucked, obviously.
mircea_popescu well it's just one of him, what the fuck does he want abstractions around.

Now then, back to the issue : making the correct choice, and building the technology to support that choice is only half the battle. It creates - whether you want it to or not, it still creates, a debt to the future. While you're keeping the idiots out, whether you specifically intend to or merely passively manage to - there's a pile of idiots ever building. Perhaps you will be lucky to enjoy a few centuries of "peace" while a pile of idiots large enough to wipe you builds, like the Jews did. Perhaps you will enjoy a few years, like the unfortunate guy discussed above. The fact, the incontrovertible fact of the matter, is that while you build, the pile also builds, and one day will be coming crushing down.

It is easy to say that hey, the Jews could have simply not overlooked the matter, and created themselves a heavily armed military order - as the experience of contemporary Israel may perhaps be shoehorned to "show". This approach elides the important historical accident of that one group of Christians who did copy the Jews, and ended up the most powerful not to mention the richest private organisation in the history of the world, only to be beheaded and then scattered by the French monarch, in one of the more notable French attacks on sound money networks.vii

It is true that cleaning the shit off one's face enough so as to participate in actual encounters with actual human beings is so hard a task it excludes a majority of the extant population. It is also true that building the required tools is hard enough, but the layers of petrified shit on top of slighly more liquid shit that our forefathers - cursed be their ignominous names, for they were dogs to the last one - left us makes it a very difficult task indeed. Nevertheless, these truths do not do anything about the third, which is, that even should such people have such tools, the mormanul de idiots keeps piling in, and the further you go the taller it gets, and unless specifically addressed will one day wash us all into the fucking ocean.

Regretfully, I have no clear idea as to how the addressing would workviii. It is rather obvious, from experience, what specifically not to do. It is not at all obvious whether we have even seen all the negative cases ; nor is in fact anything usefully positive at all on the table, let alone anything to approach that which is sorely needed everywhere.

A couple of my numerous forefathers lived an experience, almost a century ago to the year, which even made it into a poem. It goes something like this :

Dar noi prin foc o rupem iute, crezându-ne pe sub redute. Si nu eram! Vedeam de sus ca altfel e de cum ne-au spus, ca pân-acolo-i lunga cale, o râpa-n drum si-adânca vale.

Discovering the complicated pattern of redoubts that was supposed to defend civilisation as the Turks conceived it was the chief soldierly experience of the Romanian War of Independence. It was, let us say, unpleasant. It still is.

  1. The text reads

    You, a Jew ? Wouldja look at him! A Jew, you ? You're no Jew - you're a filthy kyke, go to hell!

    and comes from "Take, Ianke şi Cadîr", a play by Victor Ioan Popa that any literate Romanian can recite by heart. Yes, this exists, you may not sit at the adult table in that country if you can't say Scrisoarea a IIIa - and there's a recording floating about of a five year old me doing the deed, which isn't trivial considering the thing's 2.5k words - as well as O Scrisoare Pierduta, and a bunch of others. Living memory, it's a thing. So is literacy, and a bunch of other such wonders. []

  2. And see also. []
  3. As understood by the Republic, which understanding may or may not fit with any other understanding, which fit may or may not be of entomologic interest to the same Republic but is in no sense dispositive of the factual matter - even should a Jew think himself a Jew on whatever basis he's still not a Jew if we don't see him such. []
  4. The historically common choice is to fit nonsense into simple forms that can be easily and oft repeated. All historical socialism, be it the original as practiced by a string of "luminaries" from Adolf Hitler to Karl Doenitz ; be it the Western version, as practiced by a string of "luminaries" from Roosevelt to Hussein Bahamas ; be it the Eastern version, as practiced by a string of "luminaries" from Jughashvili to Gorbachev made this choice, which is why they were evil. Indisputably, genocidally, evil.

    If you wish a ready example : when creating "music", the choice is open between trying for a concerto, which is rather hard, especially if one isn't Bach, or else going for an earworm. Once one has decided to set the bar as low as possible, as socialism apodictically does, the choice goes away - but even if the choice went away earworms still aren't music. []

  5. Consider just that the Jews actually did have the WoT, and at a time the Christian worms sharing the same soil were still packing mud. []
  6. The fact that a Jew relying on his WoT could safely travel, safely conduct business over mail and safely have children is sufficient proof here. No Christian peasant ever conceived that his son could just as well leave the house, for instance. []
  7. On one hand, it is proper to call this "a French attack" - much like syphillis properly is the French wart, the horde of imbeciles trying to destroy the tower of actual people is very properly the French attack.

    Obviously, Mr. Donald doesn't know ancient history - the world doesn't start with 1792. It doesn't start with the Templars, either, just a very good historical example. []

  8. "Oh but MP, de Molay could have simply beheaded Clement and Philip and sewed their heads on backwards!"

    Well... for one thing, their ideology was broken, specifically in that it didn't allow for such. They didn't have the time to simultaneously address amending the ideology to allow crowned head transplantation experiments and also fight the two idiots who were really one. For the other thing : suppose the new chimera fails to function. What then ? Will you administer Iraq ? Go do it!

    Will the doing include a lot more of these head rearrangements ? []

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5 Responses

  1. > Regretfully, I have no clear idea as to how the addressing would work ... ... nor is in fact anything usefully positive at all on the table ...

    There is not a Final Solution to mass idiocy, and the failure to find any such is not a failure any more than the failure to construct perpetuum mobile is. Which is to say, it ~is~, but fixating on it is not, IMHO, a constructive thing to do.

    The old Norse folk had the right idea: world began in ice and darkness, and will to it return, etc., etc. --- but we still have fresh reactor rods, let's use them.

    Yes, vermin have 'infinite hitpoints', exterminators - grow old, tired; history cycles. Eventually, the DDT runs out, a dark age begins, another generation re-invents hygiene. But I, for one, am not out of DDT quite yet.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 22 March 2016

    I am not convinced by this perpetuum mobile argument.

    Water also has infinite hitpoints, outside of inept shitholes in the US and India, water is nothing of political consequence. How do you build Holland though ?

  3. > How do you build Holland though ?


  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 22 March 2016

    To keep with the lulz - habauc is roughly speaking how you say actve weirdo nut in Romanian.

  5. And 'gibakik' - Iddish., 'Check this out!11'

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