How to participate in the affairs of The Most Serene Republic

Monday, 19 September, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

This article is no longer relevant to current affairs. It is preserved here for purely historical reasons, which is to say in order to help you internalize your impardonable failure.

~ * ~

The Republic's rapidly expanding population and economy offer numerous opportunities to participate for an ever-increasing demographici. Here's a run-down.

Difficulty : Beginner

I. You could read the logs. A ball of yarn approximately 22`352`146 words to dateii (roughly twice the size of Trilema, which of course you've read, yes ?), the logsiii recount the entire history of the Republic, and in the process provide the only, winding, intricate stairwell into its very heart : the forum. That the republic readily exceeds the literate production of the combine of "modern democracies" should be unsurprising ; that they, sorry shelters of the stunted, ever manage to reach its quality is altogether dubious. See #trilema for life support.iv

II. You could play Eulora. It's a MMORPG, its currency (ECu) is directly pegged to Bitcoin, it's allegedly fun. Certainly beats dicking around with Bitcoin faucets by a damn sight. See #eulora for live support.

III. You could pay your taxes. It's true that various rottinculo are delinquent in their fiscal obligationsv, but it's equally true they have no voice in Republican affairs.

Difficulty : Intermediate

IV. You could stand up a Bitcoin node. mod6 has created a complete set of tools making life much easier for the beginner-intermediate. He also maintains a public node list, and he's always looking for testers. You will need a dedicated server and some bash skills.

V. You could learn how to program correctly, such as for instance by writing your own Vvi implementation, or by standing up an irc botvii, or by following the excellent manuals produced by the Lordshipviii. Bear in mind that it is deemed unethical within the Republic to write code if you haven't actually learned how to write it first, and that orcs' claims to have taught you something often turn out fraudulent upon examination.

VI. You could write for Qntra. All it takes is a write-up of a news item, which you then submit to BingoBoingo. Accepted stories entitle you to S.QNTR shares, which currently trade at ~0.00005 BTC per.ix

VII. You could evangelize. This is a thankless and mostly pointless task, today as ever in history. Nevertheless, there exist groups of mutually-supported idiots, perpetuating themselves through active denial of reality -- exactly in the manner subhuman groups befouling the Americas centuries ago told themselves inept stories about the world that failed to include Europe in all its majestic glory. Fine examples of such stone-age tribes call themselves "lesswrong", or "Something Awful", or "PUA community" or what have you. The Republic provides sufficient ideological basis to completely destructure any claims the primitives misconstrue as their own ideologies (feel free to fall back on #trilema for dogmatic support should you need it), and consequently any attempts to maintain whatever local hierarchy in power over the respective cow herd will have to be political. Prepare to be banned (sort-of like being burned at the stake irl), secure in the knowledge that no half-naked savage ever has, or ever could, withstand the might of the Republic once we finally get around to arraying against them. It's our lord's will!

Difficulty : Advanced

VIII. You could establish your credentials with the Republic. Understand that your being a doctor, lawyer, University professor etcetera buys you very little. Upper-middle class achievement may be sufficient to impress the parents of one's beloved bride, but unless we have already mentioned you by name what helps is actually being a head of state or somesuch.

IX. You could participate in design discussions. Such as for instance re gossipd recently, but these pop up with some frequency. Mind that VIII above is there for good reason -- if you're nobody on a stick and lack the mental flexibility required to make sense you'll be landing yourself in the soup in short order.

X. You could do your own thing. It's probably a bad idea to go out on your own before you achieve your accoladex, but afterwards you're more than welcome to eg reinvent lisp. Outside of some very moderate scheduling constraints you're your own master in the Republic. Which is exactly as it should be.

  1. It will eventually be the case that everyone can participate in the Republican affairs -- but that "everyone" specifically excludes a large portion of people alive today ; so that the barrier to the eventual realisation of "everyone can participate" is exactly the de-realisation of a good portion of the components of "everyone" today. I hope this footnote is ominous enough, seeing as it makes the physical destruction of idiots a literal goal of the Republic. []
  2. That date was September 2016. You get the idea. []
  3. ; ; ; your name here. []
  4. While at it, might as well register your pgp key with deedbot. To achieve this, place your (ASCII-armored) public key into wotpaste, then send deedbot a private message (via /query deedbot ) consisting of "!!register [the wotpaste url you obtained before]". []
  5. The USG owes well over a million for FY 2015 and a similar amount estimated for FY 2016. []
  6. See Lord Vulpes' likbez. V is a fundamental part of the intellectual future of humanity. No other item accessible to you today is. []
  7. And in the process learn an incredible lot about the strengths and weaknesses of your preferred stack, as well as your other assumptions. See the spec ; and remember that this task has a strange mirror quality to it, in that the less of your own understanding you expose, the less you learn. []
  8. Such as his Lordship asciilifeform's FFA guide (Ada) or her Ladyship diana_coman's eucrypt guide (C++). []
  9. Qntra is temporarily offline while the republic's ISP is being built. []
  10. Current lordship list. []
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20 Responses

  1. Pardon mon thicknesse, but what's the relationship between VII and X? Perhaps you mean to reference VIII?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 20 September 2016

    Yeah right you are, they got renumbered and it broke reference. Fixed.

  3. Off topic, but Happy Mircea Popescu day! :)

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Wait, that was today ?

  5. Ha, yes. I can't find the original post, but 2 or so years ago I added it to my calendar. :)


  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Apparently it's widely observed.

  7. Re: irc bot, I'm developing a game which could probably be run as a text game... not sure if the channel is the target audience though. Would you be willing to look at the concept?

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 27 January 2017


    Or you could you know, just do the Eulora client to text mode conversion.

  9. Let me switch to my real name.
    Anyway, that sounds like work... Eulora has yet to convince me. Also a lot of new languages at once for me probably.
    I'll consider it if you will glance over the concept I mentioned, and point me towards some more information.

  10. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 28 January 2017

    Go ahead, no biggy.

  11. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 2 December 2017

    And updated.

  12. braindamage`s avatar
    Wednesday, 29 July 2020

    The log links in this article apparently retained the btcbase format and don't point to the current home of those lines.

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 29 July 2020

    Yeah, there's an ongoing project to fix these, but it's a lot of work and well...

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