die neue SS

Friday, 13 May, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
This article is in Eurolanguages because it discusses
serious problems as well as history,
neither of which is possible in the English.

My heartfelt condoleances go out
to the ESL readership and other porch monkeys.

Historically, the Schutzstaffel - aka SS - was a group that, to quote, "hanno fatto la parte di quelli cattivi cattivi che urlano"i. And if you got scared, you lost.

Very little has changed. Today, the Schutzstaffel - aka SS - is exactly the same thing : a group of baddies that hurl. And if you get scared... you lose.

There's two parts to the SS : the subhumans, and the socialists.

The socialists are deceitful shitbags who like to go around pretending that concrete problems may have group solutions. There is absolutely no rational, scientific, practical, historical, or any other kind of support for this notion. Nevertheless, there are a number of very rational, practical, egotistical reasons to engage in the behaviour : if accepted, the proposition that problems may be resolved "by the group" necessarily and immediately creates the job of the nigger, and buckets upon buckets of that sweet yummy delicious fried chicken for the nigger to stuff his gullet full of.

Take the most commonly deconstructedii nigger job out there : the "priest". In normal time, if a man loves a woman, he puts his thing into her thing. In nigger time, if a man loves a woman he first raises a chicken, then fries it, then seeks out a nigger to give him some fried chicken so that maybe he gets the blessing to put his thing in her thing. Because why, niggers own women now ? Opium for the masses indeed.

Admire the beauty of it : the problem of fucking, which is always and forever a local problem of individual men and individual women, acquires a centralized, group "solution" that solves exactly nothing, but feeds the nigger his sweet, sweet, yummy, delicious fried chicken. What exactly do you expect the nigger to say ? That he just likes eating your work for free, and he'd much prefer it be in the shape of fried chicken rather than whatever it is you'd do normally ? How about instead he just pretends like there's very good moral/scientific/rational/intergalactic/postimpersionistic/afafaclackian reasons for the whole charade ? Whatever happens to be fashionable at the time, he'll call it that. Like a fat salesman with a stutter trying to pretend his widget's "cool" in 1960, "far out" in 1970, "wicked" in 1980, information-superhighway-y and "green" in 1990, "sensitive" and "aware" in 2000 and so on and so forth. Whatever it is you wish to hear - he'll say it. Twice. Ten billion trillion times, no breathsies and no stopsies. Whatever'll get you to get up in the wee hours and instead of tending to your hard-on the natural way, going out looking for chickens is good enough for him. Good enough for you ? That's not really much of a consideration, is it now! You do, after all, want to be a good afafaclackian, don't you ? Careful, lest he calls you a sociopath! Antropofage! Evil bad person! Because words have power, rightiii, and calling things matters. Or at least so ever hoped any thief yielling out "Thief!" throughout the lengthy history of that oh-so-respectable professioniv.

The subhumans are exactly what the name implies : inferior life forms, having more in common with a momentarily bipedal cat, cow or other barn animal than with the actual intelligent human. They're monkeys, if you prefer the term, and yes monkeys and niggers share a deep, heartfelt connection.v

They come in a dizzying array of flavours and convenient packagings, from the viciously harmless jwz to the retarded "Egyptian" that discovered how maps work when I showed him ; from the nameless, endless pointless & witless to the dedicatedly self-mutilating maniacs. They are a thing, a substance, of no further interest than clay or plastics. Yes, it is possible that an ant is caught in the goop we call amber, yes all sorts of things may be found within clay, including fine red wine, yes plastics will contain your penis now and again. This does nothing for the clay, the plastic, the goop generally - the matter of quality within its matrix differentiates or doesn't, and that's that. If it differentiates it is no longer the matrix ; and if it doesn't differentiate it never was anything at all.

But back to the topic : die neue SS. Genau wie das alte.

  1. La vitta e bella, 1997, by Vincenzo Cerami, with Roberto Benigni. []
  2. Ironically, most of the time deconstructed by the various self-help and general derpage authors generally well respected by aspiring niggers everywhere : Marx, Engels et al. Talk about invidious dialectics, huh! []
  3. Ever wonder why the entire "offensive words" bullshit is so strongly pushed by the SS ? Could it be that they, unlike you, understand how desperately they need words to be magical, and what a valuable tool in their arsenal is for you to give a shit whether some nigger calls you "racist" or not ? []
  4. Hey, if being a nigger can be a profession, why not thievery ? If being a nigger can be respectable, why not thievery ? []
  5. Which, of course, is how AIDS came about, but that's a different story for another time. []
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