Top Secret!

Saturday, 10 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Top Secret!i is an absolutely delicious and, as it turns out, timeless spoof.

Released the same year as Orwell's thirteen-thirtyseven, it pokes fun at a shockingly skinny Elvis (Val Kilmer) that is accidentally invited to sing in a shockingly Polish Warsaw-pact "East Germany" (as part of an ellaborate ploy to "distract the world's attention" through no lesser means than having it fix its eyes upon... a cultural festival no less!). After which there's carrying ons.

Sadly the deeply bovineii Lucy Gutteridge utterly ruins the love interest side of any story, but then again Abrahams has the good sense to downplay the matter altogether. Otherwise, the gags are spread thickly and far from jackbooted heavy, they're light and gracile and cause in the viewer a most delicate and feminine sort of laughter. None of that HA! gross, unrefined welder stuff, we're here in a magical land of ehehehehe-hehehehe and hihihi.

You must see this thing.

  1. 1984, by Jim Abrahams, with Omar Sharif, Val Kilmer. []
  2. Deeply bovine not in the good way, of udders, but in the bad eye oops I mean way, of... gaze and behaviour.

    This thing'd have been so much better with either something blonde a la Christina Applegate's signature character or else planturous and dumb like say Marilyn Monroe throughout her irl but most notably on display in say All about Eve.

    Alas, perfection is not of this world. Oh Lorna, where art thou! []

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