El Defloreador tum tum tudum tum-tum!

Sunday, 11 October, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Note : This post is to be read humming the Toreador chorus from Bizet's Carmen. Here it is :


Ready ? Thus we proceed!


Thereby the young master Mariusi from Bacauii proudly trumpets to the world his unlocked achievement of having had deflowered himself (hey, Romanian is reflexive like that!) as well as notifying the candid beauty therein that "he loves her (my chicklet), for having gifted him her most priceless possession, to wit that bit of vulvar skin". and on the second line, "I love you faiii and I miss your ass!"

I deeply appreciate the sentiment, being myself a sentimental soul, and I wish the young people involved (the measure of all things such as they are - because they are, right ? You actually believe this, that man is the measure of all things, do you not ?) all the fun in the world.

Also, congrats to the happy father!

  1. One of the better redneck names in Romanian. []
  2. Easily the redneck capital of Romania, slightly ahead of Braila, Galati and other such Moldovian Detroits left behind by last century's Danubian grain trade. []
  3. This is a gendered derrogative very close to my heart, the brusquely familiar vocative denoting a female in a traditional sexo-social and otherwise arrangement. Which, in Romanian, chiefly denotes that she's not to have her own money nor any say in when sex happens or how many children result. Basic stuff.

    Oh, and barefoot & braless. And no pantyhose. And no smartphone. As they say in Romania, "capra nu te nasti ; capra te pui". []

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