MiniGame (S.MG), July 2015 Statement

Saturday, 01 August, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.MG incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Coppers salei 6.00000951 Game server 2.28232957
Loot pool provisioningii 55.00000000
Totaliii 6.00000951 Total 57.28232957
    S.MG assets
    Account 01.07.2015 Net change 31.07.2015
    Cash 8`704.620703163 51.28232006 8`653.338383103
    Tangiblesiv 16.00000000 53.38405574 69.38405574
    Intangibles and goodwill 69.162325217 0 69.162325217
    Total assets 8`791.88476406
    S.MG liabilities
    Account 01.07.2015 Net change 31.07.2015
    Player holdingsv 2.57422905 6.71427515 9.28850420vi
    Shareholder equity 8`787.20879933 4.61253947 8`782.59625986
    Total liabilities 8`791.88476406

      S.MG has a total of 88`096`605 authorised shares outstanding. The total assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009980 BTC. The cash+tangible assets per share implied value is thus 0.00009901 BTC.

      In an astonishing turn of events - and in spite of spending twice as much as the previously record holding previous month - S.MG brusquely became cash-positive this month, if not actually net positive. The exact P/E valuation in this situation is left as an exercise to the investor.

      S.MG has Special Stock Warrants outstanding, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 88`096`605 8`809.6605 1
      2 AE3A51FA6C038A5B4D3FE80FBD7C5558DD9EFA14 10`850`000 1`302.0 1.2
      3 5015BD3D0AE659C8B8632F31CF2950F23C844002 192`307 25 1.3
      T 99138912 10`136.6605 1.0224

        Provisional statement, will be considered accepted within 24 hours. Make any observations or corrections below.


        To close, some perhaps interesting datapoints :

        • Since the release of the game, players have racked an aggregate 7`036`736 seconds of gameplay, making this month's 4`353`904 a significant increase over the previous month's 2`682`832 (+62%, partly helped by the extra day in July). Interestingly enough, average player profit per second of play can thus be calculated, and it comes to a little over 37 Eulora coppers, or just that many satoshi.
        • Since the release of the game, players have expended 1.14605307 (a 1`027% increase over last month's 0.11158603 Bitcoin). The expected revenue for S.MG from this is 0 Bitcoin, which puts the value to us per average second of gameplay at 0 Bitcoin.vii The factual revenue for S.MG from this was -1.41, which goes to drastically illustrate the earlier points made about variance in Eulora's game engine. Yes, it is possible for players to make immense gains, which in turn means that on a low server population it is very possible for S.MG to make significant losses. I estimate this problem will dull as the playerbase widens, but I remain prepared to support the game with capital.

        It was a great month, let's see the next one!

        1. I remember the golden days of yester...month like they were Back when I used to be a baller, recall ? Not so much anymore. I might be an [ex] billionaire, but I really don't see myself keeping up with this nonsense, thousands of dollars a month, what is this! So I sadly have to abandon an economic preminence I had hoped might longer endure. None of this month's purchases are mine. Eulora is now richer than Mircea Mircescu, and that's just how it is.

          Was a good month. []

        2. Due to the flurry of activity pools had to be further fed. This disbursement brings S.MGs total investment to 71 BTC. []
        3. Previously, movements such as promotional gifts of in-game items to players etc were reflected here. I have decided this is improper. Even with the Eulora copper = satoshi equivalency, one still can't mix books in this manner.

          Consequently, movements - such as the recent payment of Ec 4329050 (0.04329050 BTC) in the shape of Slithy Toves for the recently delivered craft bot or the upcoming three to five million gift in tool durability, or the famous 12.65 mn copper auction - will be reflected in the Player Assets liabilities rubric only. []

        4. This entry currently consists of Eulora loot pools only. They moved up 55 BTC through S.MG disbursement, and down 1.61594426 BTC through player activity, which is to say players were lucky.

          In other words - Eulora players took home a little over 1.6 BTC this month (nominal values only, what exactly the in-game valuation of the stuffs in question would be is an entirely open question).

          For the future, until further notice, mismatch between the net change in this rubric and S.MG investment/divestment equals player luck. []

        5. The nominal (ie, what merchant pays) of all owned items plus cash held. The value of skills is nominally 0. []
        6. This value differs from the 2.57422905 + 6.00000951 + 1.61594426 = 10.19018282 you might perhaps expect on account of player activity that turns cash into non-tangible value (chiefly through the purchase of skills). []
        7. This is intentional, Eulora is not intended to run a rake. Instead, Eulora will finance itself through the sale of food and drink - which is to be implemented at a later point. []
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