The best auction. Ever.

Tuesday, 21 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

As you might recall, yesterday saw Eulora's first open outcry auction, to find a new home for a delicious starter package for the latest skill and assorted comestibles.

It went fabulously. Just wunderbar. Here's the chatlogi :

    Sun 19-Jul-2015 16:10:24 Mircea Mircescu
    (16:10:24) >Welcome to the gossip channel! 6 players in this channel.
    (16:10:24) >You can't have everything - where would you put it?
    (16:10:42) Mircea says: hello everyone!
    (16:10:51) >Players Currently Online
    (16:10:51) >Daniel
    (16:10:51) >Foxy
    (16:10:51) >Grenadine
    (16:10:51) >Grundin
    (16:10:51) >Mircea
    (16:10:51) >Mod
    (16:10:51) >Voyna
    (16:10:51) >7 shown from 7 players online
    (16:10:58) Foxy says: hi
    (16:11:02) Mod says: hey!
    (16:11:11) Mircea shouts: we gonna start the grand auction right in a second, but first
    (16:11:21) Mircea shouts: would the real mod6 please stand up
    (16:11:35) Mircea says: an' trade me :)
    (16:11:37) Mod waves
    (16:11:48) Grundin says: /nick realmod6
    (16:11:48) >Mod asks to trade with you.
    (16:11:50) Grundin says: oops
    (16:11:50) >You agree to trade.
    (16:12:00) Mircea says: here you go sir, make more maps.
    (16:12:02) Foxy says: ha ha grundin
    (16:12:08) Mod says: ahh wow. nice!
    (16:12:19) Mod says: but... one sec. i gotta dump this other stuff or it'll get avgd.
    (16:12:21) Mod says: brb
    (16:12:28) Mircea says: haha just put em on floor
    (16:12:34) Mod says: ok
    (16:12:50) Mircea says: nono
    (16:12:51) Mod says: here have a worn one :)
    (16:12:55) Mircea says: no, it will average.
    (16:13:00) Mircea says: put all others on the floor.
    (16:13:06) Mod says: ok
    (16:13:11) Daniel says: did i miss the bidding?
    (16:13:17) Foxy says: no daniel
    (16:13:18) Mircea says: no you got lucky daniel
    (16:13:27) >Trade complete
    (16:13:33) Mircea says: enjoy
    (16:13:43) Mod says: Thanks!
    (16:13:50) Mircea says: now, i gotr here some leftover cooking lube... and it has grundin s name on it
    (16:13:54) Mircea says: so... trade me!
    (16:14:31) Mircea says: yo ? there ?
    (16:14:57) Mircea says: well be that as it may
    (16:15:01) >Grundin asks to trade with you.
    (16:15:03) Mircea says: we have aha
    (16:15:04) >You agree to trade.
    (16:15:11) >Trade complete
    (16:15:14) Mircea says: enjot
    (16:15:21) Mircea says: so! we have here before me as follows :
    (16:16:01) Mircea says: berrieses, how about that lmao.
    (16:16:29) Mircea says: so now, this pile of utterly invisible virtual items is going on the auction grass at an opening bid of
    (16:16:31) Mircea says: wtf what was that was it brb
    (16:16:51) Grundin says: kek
    (16:17:01) Mircea says: 1376000 coppers.
    (16:17:07) Voyna says: meh I hate the dark
    (16:17:23) >Server Admin: let there be light
    (16:17:28) Mircea says: lol !
    (16:17:35) Mircea says: that's bnetter.
    (16:17:38) Foxy says: yay
    (16:17:39) Mod says: \ o /
    (16:18:07) Mircea says: so then. if everyone's had a chance to peruse the very riveting descriptions etc, let's get the show on the road
    (16:18:17) Mircea says: do i hear any bids for the here present pile ?
    (16:18:32) Grundin says: 1500000
    (16:18:42) Mircea says: 1500000 from the gent in the blue shirt
    (16:18:54) Mircea says: going once
    (16:18:57) Mod says: 1500001
    (16:19:02) Mircea says: anyone care to beat half a mil ?
    (16:19:08) Mircea says: 5% minimum increase kind sir!
    (16:19:18) Grenadine says: o/ 1600000
    (16:19:18) Daniel says: i'l do min increase
    (16:19:24) Mircea says: so, million and a half,
    (16:19:33) Mircea says: by the gods you gota say, this isn't christies!
    (16:19:52) Mod says: hah
    (16:19:56) Mircea says: 1.6mn from the lovely lady in the front row
    (16:19:57) Grundin says: * erryone scrambling for calculator
    (16:20:05) Mod says: 1.7M
    (16:20:06) Voyna says: oh dang I cae to the wrong auction
    (16:20:17) Mircea says: that's here we go, 1,7mn from the oither gent in the blue shirt
    (16:20:22) Mircea says: where do you folks shop ?
    (16:20:41) Mircea says: 1.7mn going once...
    (16:20:48) Grenadine says: 2M
    (16:20:52) Mircea says: anyone care to beat 1.7mn for this lovelypair of invisible antiques
    (16:21:08) Mircea says: 2mn from sippycup!
    (16:21:12) Daniel says: 2.1
    (16:21:26) Mircea says: 2.1 from the baron gent!
    (16:21:29) Grenadine says: 2.2
    (16:21:41) Mircea says: and 2.2 back on my right here
    (16:21:56) Daniel says: 2.4
    (16:21:58) Mircea says: 2.2 million going once for this beautiful set of
    (16:22:08) Mircea says: 2.4 mn from mr baron
    (16:22:17) Grenadine says: 2.8
    (16:22:22) Mircea says: i need a "going once for the etc" alias.
    (16:22:29) Mircea says: 2.8 @ grenadine.
    (16:22:40) Daniel says: 3.0
    (16:22:58) Mircea says: and three whole milion heard from daniel baron
    (16:23:09) Mircea says: three whole bitcent coins ladies and gentlemen, who's got more!
    (16:23:23) Grenadine says: 4M
    (16:23:25) Mircea says: 3 bitcents going once
    (16:23:41) Mircea says: dragons and dragoncheeses, we have four million
    (16:23:47) Grenadine says: lol
    (16:23:49) Mircea says: that'll take a while to count.
    (16:23:54) Daniel says: 4.2
    (16:24:15) Mircea says: four point two heard, aren't these even millions much more easier to do 5% out of ?
    (16:24:22) Mircea says: 4.2 going once!
    (16:24:25) Grenadine says: 4.5
    (16:24:38) >You must select a target to attack.
    (16:24:54) Mircea says: 4.5 million from the lady in the strangely cut bodice
    (16:25:20) Daniel says: 5.0
    (16:25:30) Mircea says: it's man eat woman here at the new item auctions, which side will prevail!
    (16:25:38) Mircea says: 5 million from the gent, going once.
    (16:25:43) Grenadine says: 6m
    (16:26:06) Daniel says: 6.3
    (16:26:07) Mircea says: 6 million back at the lady holding her arm to her hip
    (16:26:19) Mircea says: and 6.3mn back in navy shirt land!
    (16:26:23) Grenadine says: 7
    (16:26:25) Voyna says: well if they spend all their money on this maybe something be left for the rest of us to bid on :)
    (16:26:39) Mircea says: sorry mladty, there's nothing left. this is ALL THERE IS
    (16:26:44) Mircea says: we're a poor virtual world over here.
    (16:26:48) Mircea says: and 7mn from grenadine, going once.
    (16:27:00) Daniel says: 7.35
    (16:27:02) Mircea says: going twi
    (16:27:08) Grundin says: Voyna,I assure you there's much more money in circulation
    (16:27:09) Grenadine says: 7.5
    (16:27:14) Mircea says: 7.35mn heard from the up and comingcrafter fellow
    (16:27:17) Foxy says: poor world, ha
    (16:27:28) Mircea says: and ill have to remind the public you can't pay less than 5% to win a bid.
    (16:27:37) Grenadine says: :D
    (16:27:46) Grenadine says: 8M.
    (16:27:46) Mircea says: 7.35million going twice
    (16:28:02) Grenadine says: er.
    (16:28:07) Daniel says: 8.4
    (16:28:10) Grenadine says: 8.5
    (16:28:11) Mircea says: aha! 8 million heard in one of the most successful auctions ever held on euloran soil
    (16:28:26) Mircea says: and then 8.4! iheard 8,4, anyone beat 8.4 ?
    (16:28:37) Grenadine says: 10.
    (16:28:46) Grundin says: *gasps*
    (16:28:49) Mircea says: ohmy god it's a rain of copper!
    (16:28:58) Mircea says: 10 million heard for these presidential golf sticks
    (16:29:01) Mircea says: i mean... ahem.
    (16:29:04) Mircea says: 10 million going once
    (16:29:07) Daniel says: 10.5
    (16:29:20) Mircea says: ten million and a pile of change heard!
    (16:29:29) Mircea says: going once
    (16:29:36) Voyna says: ahem I hope the turtle holding up this world has a stong back
    (16:29:58) Mircea says: anyone want these splendid unique rare elite exceptional items more than 10.5 milllion copper coins ?
    (16:30:06) Grenadine says: 11.5
    (16:30:06) Mircea says: enough copper to make your own statue with ?
    (16:30:20) Mircea says: eleven and one half million dollars! heard!
    (16:30:31) Mircea says: and going once
    (16:30:35) Daniel says: 12.65
    (16:30:42) Voyna says: ooo a copper statue ...what an idea ... of me of course :)
    (16:30:42) Foxy wonders how much the winner would pay for a different set of supplications
    (16:30:42) Mircea says: 12.65 mn!
    (16:31:01) Mircea says: 12.65 mn going once
    (16:31:20) Mircea says: could this be it ? does daniel snatch by this considerable pile of coin the first and so far only set of the new skill ?
    (16:31:25) Mircea says: going twice!
    (16:31:46) Mircea rasps his fingers nervously on the invisible auction booth thingee
    (16:32:05) Mircea says: SOLD! for 12.65 mn to the up and coming top crafter daniel baron!
    (16:32:17) Grundin says: congrats!
    (16:32:17) Grenadine says: congrats daniel!
    (16:32:20) Foxy says: congrats
    (16:32:21) Mircea says: trade me sir!
    (16:32:23) Mod claps
    (16:32:27) Voyna says: grats
    (16:32:35) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
    (16:32:36) >You agree to trade.
    (16:32:42) >Trading containers is not yet implemented.
    (16:33:01) Mircea says: the table you'll receive separately it being a container.
    (16:33:22) Mircea says: along with some change.
    (16:33:56) >Trade complete
    (16:34:07) >You started trading with Electron.
    (16:34:24) >You bought 1072 Barbarian Earrings Diagram for 80 Denarius, 29 Argents and 28 Coppers a total of 802928 Coppers.
    (16:34:28) Grundin says: anyone needs to refill coppers? i'll be mostly afk next week
    (16:34:36) >You ask Daniel to trade with you.
    (16:34:38) Daniel says: he i do
    (16:34:40) >Daniel agrees to trade with you.
    (16:34:45) Grundin says: ;)
    (16:34:51) Mod says: :D
    (16:34:59) >Trade complete
    (16:35:02) >Free Movement
    (16:35:12) Mircea says: and with this, the grand auction is complete!
    (16:35:21) Mod says: That was fantastic.
    (16:35:22) Mircea says: congrats to the winner andthanks everyone for your semicircle!
    (16:35:45) Foxy says: take them, as I remember you gave me some claims some time ago
    (16:35:47) Mircea says: also daniel lemme know if you encounter any bugs.
    (16:35:48) Daniel says: i got a couple things to sell if there's time
    (16:36:02) Grenadine says: ah ty FOxy
    (16:36:06) Mircea says: what do you mean if there's time lol. it's a permanent universe.
    (16:36:10) Daniel says: and also i'd like tobuy bandar tolkits a nd other tools
    (16:36:12) >Players Currently Online
    (16:36:12) >Daniel
    (16:36:12) >Foxy
    (16:36:12) >Grenadine
    (16:36:12) >Grundin
    (16:36:12) >Mircea
    (16:36:12) >Mod
    (16:36:12) >Voyna
    (16:36:12) >7 shown from 7 players online
    (16:36:22) Mircea says: ah yes i got a 111k toolkit and some chairs. you want em ?
    (16:36:31) Daniel says: yes
    (16:36:38) Mircea says: 10 chairs i got, how manyy?
    (16:36:48) Foxy says: Mircea I want some tools and I have some old ones to sell
    (16:36:51) Daniel says: and a worn out screen
    (16:37:04) Mircea says: alrighty.
    (16:37:13) Mircea says: foxy tools im going to make right now, imp ones.
    (16:37:16) Daniel says: 10 chairs is how much?
    (16:37:25) Mircea says: like 25k each daniel
    (16:37:33) >You started checking your storage with Heina.
    (16:37:33) Daniel says: then al of them
    (16:37:39) >You started checking your storage with Heina.
    (16:37:41) Foxy says: so Mircea, do you want me to give you the worn out ones first, then?
    (16:37:48) Voyna says: ya'll have fun now, laters
    (16:37:52) >You got 1 Worn Old Screens from the storage.
    (16:37:56) >Your inventory is full
    (16:37:56) >You got 9 Chair for the Head from the storage.
    (16:37:57) Foxy says: bye bye Voyna
    (16:38:00) Mod says: c-ya Lady Voyna
    (16:38:12) >You ask Daniel to trade with you.
    (16:38:15) >Daniel agrees to trade with you.
    (16:38:19) >Trading containers is not yet implemented.
    (16:38:39) Mod says: Well, I gotta run off for a bit too. Let's do it again soon!!
    (16:38:51) Grundin says: um.. I actually forgot, what's the improbable oil for?
    (16:38:56) Grundin says: cu Mod
    (16:38:58) Grenadine says: hasta luego!
    (16:39:00) Mod says: c-ya!
    (16:39:02) Mircea says: later
    (16:39:02) Mod waves
    (16:39:07) Daniel says: grundin it's for making slag products
    (16:39:13) Mircea says: ok so 228,6k the chairs anddd
    (16:39:20) Foxy says: Grundin for pretty much everything, all sorts of slag mainly
    (16:39:31) Grundin says: i know, i mean... what's the reward for?
    (16:39:42) Grundin says: the rm-rf scripts?
    (16:39:55) Mircea says: sure.
    (16:40:54) Mircea says: 120.6k your side
    (16:40:58) Mircea says: 108k you owe daniel
    (16:41:24) Foxy says: Mircea, I have the bundle for a samovar
    (16:41:26) Grundin says: good! hope i won't get just zillion of ring recipes when i craft with it
    (16:41:26) Mircea says: carry over the 8
    (16:41:39) Mircea says: ok carry over the 2
    (16:41:42) >Trade complete
    (16:42:13) Mircea says: 2mn + 138k these two.
    (16:42:19) Daniel says: grundin lemme get some copper?
    (16:42:35) Mircea says: foxy meanwhile i discontinued that service :D
    (16:42:39) Mircea says: but ima click it just for you.
    (16:42:48) Mircea says: lemme finish this trading stuff first.
    (16:42:48) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
    (16:42:51) >You agree to trade.
    (16:42:52) Foxy says: sure, thanks
    (16:43:34) >You have no opponents to yield to!
    (16:43:44) >Trade complete
    (16:43:59) Grundin says: Daniel: whisper
    (16:44:24) Mircea says: so. anyone elser buying or selling anything before i settle down to bang on foxy;s samovar ?
    (16:44:37) Grundin says: two chairs
    (16:44:42) Grundin says: i'll buy
    (16:44:49) Mircea says: you can have one as this guy bought 9
    (16:44:55) Grundin says: okay one
    (16:44:57) Mircea says: ill be making more tonioght hopefully. anyone got branch?
    (16:45:01) >You started checking your storage with Heina.
    (16:45:03) >You started checking your storage with Heina.
    (16:45:05) >You got 1 Chair for the Head from the storage.
    (16:45:09) >You ask Grundin to trade with you.
    (16:45:10) Daniel says: i can sell a few if people need
    (16:45:14) >Grundin agrees to trade with you.
    (16:45:20) Daniel says: i have branch
    (16:45:27) Mircea says: 25.400
    (16:45:32) Grundin says: Mircea : price?
    (16:45:32) Foxy thinks to start making chairs or something
    (16:45:45) Mircea says: ill take all the branch you got daniel
    (16:45:58) Mircea says: grundin 25.4k not 2.5k
    (16:46:34) Grundin says: yes, dese coins
    (16:46:38) >Trade complete
    (16:46:42) Mircea says: thank you
    (16:46:50) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
    (16:46:52) >You agree to trade.
    (16:47:23) Grundin says: i have 64 branche
    (16:47:38) Mircea says: i dont have change so itll be good enough
    (16:47:39) >Trade complete
    (16:47:42) Mircea says: ty.
    (16:47:48) Mircea says: brb relog.

Here's a group picture :


And no, it didn't close at two million, or three, or five. Or ten.

Grab on to your shorts, because seriously, twelve million six hundred fifty thousand copper pieces. 12`650`000. That's right. 919%. Yeah.

I told you it was fabulous. It was.

Congrats to the winners!

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  1. Inca putin si se atingea un prag istoric ce 1000%! Congrats, se pare ca licitatia a fost una pe cinste.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 25 July 2015

    Nu vrei tu un job, mai Simona mai ?

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