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Monday, 27 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Soo... yeah, that raven thing worked out great. Here's a transcript for the armchair Eulorans :

(19:27:08) Mircea says: i think he been trying to sell em maybe
(19:27:26) Mod says: Yeah, I saw something about that.
(19:27:53) Mod says: Daniel: You wanna sell me a Token o' Sacrifice?
(19:28:03) Mircea says: say something in chat bout the evbent starting btw

(19:28:11) Mod says: Ok
(19:30:04) Foxy says: where's the raven?
(19:30:05) Mircea's very dark, shiny blue raven swoops down and lands on his shoulder.
(19:30:15) Mircea says: Well then! Here we are!

(19:30:16) Foxy says: nope, not there
(19:30:25) Mircea says: who's got a token to tempt the fates ?

(19:30:57) Foxy says: actually daniel, under what category are they? lol
(19:31:01) Daniel says: items
(19:31:05) Foxy says: thanks
(19:31:20) Mircea's raven croaks and looks around ominously

(19:31:43) Foxy croaks and looks at the raven hungrily
(19:32:05) Mircea's raven flaps its wings omnibusly.

(19:32:17) Foxy says: lemme get the samovar out :))
(19:32:35) Mircea feeds the raven little bits of slightly stale spleen.

(19:33:32) Daniel says: nobody wants to buy my tokens?
(19:33:45) Mod says: My questions are not worth 1M.
(19:33:45) Foxy says: not at that price, no
(19:33:54) Daniel says: i have a series of questions i might want to ask
(19:33:54) Foxy says: as mod says
(19:33:57) Mod says: Offer: 500`000
(19:34:00) Daniel says: hm
(19:34:00) Foxy says: so go ahead daniel
(19:34:02) Mircea says: buy and sell, trade 'n' thunder, speciously great asunder!
(19:34:51) Mircea's raven pecks at a spec a while.

(19:35:42) Foxy says: daniel, it might help your trade if you truly let us know whether you got a straight answer, lol
(19:36:05) Mod says: Ok. I have a question.
(19:36:08) Mod says: I'll pay 1M
(19:36:10) Daniel says: hm, well i think i need something like 5 for my series of questions
(19:36:16) Daniel says: oo
(19:36:23) Foxy says: that;s ok, when you're done
(19:37:07) Mircea's raven croaks audibly " Don't be afraid! Your fate like your death can not be taken from you, for it's a gift!"

(19:38:14) Mod says: I have a sacrifice token to feed The Raven
(19:38:25) >Mod asks to trade with you.
(19:38:28) Mircea's raven shuffles its legs. "My name is Phtephen the Phater. With a ph."
(19:38:33) >You agree to trade.
(19:38:45) >Mod gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(19:38:45) >Trade complete
(19:39:09) Mod says: Phtephen the Phater: Where will I find a Slithy Tove?
(19:39:16) Daniel says: hah
(19:39:24) Mircea's legs melt into an inconsequential pool. A voice from beyond hisses "speak your question now!"
(19:39:59) Mircea looks through the pool
(19:40:41) Mircea looks deeper through the pool
(19:42:28) Mircea says: At 628, or at 6 or at 234 below or at 207 below or at 670. five places in all, but how much of this and how much of that you'll have to figure on your own.

(19:42:42) Daniel says: O.o
(19:42:51) Foxy says: oh
(19:42:59) Mircea's raven pecks at mod's head a little, then flies back

(19:43:20) Mod says: Thank you Phtephen the Phater!
(19:43:22) Mircea's feet return to their normal form. There's a faint hiss.

(19:43:25) Foxy says: mod, I'll give you some money towards the price of that token since you asked the question publicly
(19:43:39) Daniel says: yeah is it possible to get private answers lol
(19:44:01) Foxy says: didn't you get private answers daniel?
(19:44:26) Daniel says: i haven't asked any questions yet
(19:44:31) Mircea's raven croaks Remeber... You can't phate without hate!

(19:44:47) Mod says: Daniel: I'll ask another question for 1M if you wish to sell.
(19:44:52) Daniel says: sure
(19:46:03) Mircea's raven eyes the two men in blue shirts curiously.

(19:46:16) Daniel says: if anyone's curious, i have a 70 quality token i'll let go for 750k
(19:46:22) Mod says: Phtephen the Phater, are you ready for another sacrifice?
(19:46:50) Mircea eyes the impudent mortal coldly. Do not ask before you've paid!

(19:46:57) Daniel says: not sure if quality matters here
(19:47:08) >Mod asks to trade with you.
(19:47:10) >You agree to trade.
(19:47:19) >Mod gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(19:47:19) >Trade complete
(19:47:41) Mod says: Phtephen the Phater: Where will I find Crumbly Rocks?
(19:47:46) Mircea's head turns into a writhingmass of fateful rice pudding.

(19:47:48) Foxy says: that's really low quality
(19:48:08) Daniel says: well if it gets an answer just the same then it's a good deal!
(19:48:36) Daniel says: ok fine, half off since 70 quality is about half the others quality
(19:48:36) Foxy says: yes, I was just surprised
(19:48:44) Mircea's rice pudding face gurgles. "On a beach you will find crumbs and crumbles. Look carefuly for it quickly fumbles."

(19:48:49) Foxy says: oh wow
(19:49:10) Foxy says: ha ha, there we go
(19:49:19) Mircea's face slowly returns to its more normal, pork and beans aggregation.
(19:50:47) Mircea's raven catches a mosquito in flight and carefully pecks its legs off one by one.

(19:50:49) Foxy says: thanks mod for asking those
(19:50:59) Mod says: You're very gracious Foxy.
(19:51:07) Grenadine says: daniel i'll take a token if you're selling more
(19:51:12) Daniel says: ya
(19:51:52) Foxy says: my, what huge mosquitos grow on eulora
(19:51:54) Grenadine says: i missed mod's first question, anyone care to share what it was (saw the answer)?
(19:52:03) Daniel says: where are slithy toves
(19:52:04) Foxy says: about the slithy tove grenadine
(19:52:19) Grenadine says: ah ty foxy
(19:52:24) Grenadine says: & daniel
(19:52:32) Daniel says: yw
(19:52:41) Foxy says: np
(19:53:45) Mircea's raven plucks its own eye out with its very sharp claw. After a moment, it plucks out the other one. Then it plops the bloody orbs back in, backwards. Which means, not only the left in the right socket, but also pointing towards the insider of its raveny skull. You're now stuck looking at a raven with severed optic nerves hanging from its eye sockets.

(19:54:01) Daniel says: lol
(19:54:09) Foxy enjoys the view
(19:54:50) Mircea wipes the dripping blood of his shoulder. His shoulder caves in. There is now a dark, cold hole where the shoulder used to be.

(19:55:22) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(19:55:24) >You agree to trade.
(19:55:36) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(19:55:36) >Trade complete
(19:56:05) Mod says: Daniel: I have another question.
(19:56:17) Mircea's raven eyes daniel expectantly.
(19:56:20) Daniel says: How do I get the blueprints for the item that grants the skill gung-ho gumbo?
(19:57:24) Mircea falls over. A voice booms from everywhere at once. "You will have to selflessly sacrifice, impetuous one."
(19:57:34) Daniel says: bah i knew it
(19:57:45) Daniel says: thank you
(19:57:59) Mircea dissolves in thin air. There's a bright flash and everything returns to normal. The raven's dark eyes glimmer in the moonlit sunshine.

(19:57:59) >Grenadine asks to trade with you.
(19:58:01) Mod says: yw
(19:58:03) >You agree to trade.
(19:58:13) >Grenadine gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(19:58:13) >Trade complete
(19:58:40) Mircea's raven grabs Grenadine by the nose. She's now stuck speaking very nasally.

(19:59:04) Mod says: :D
(20:00:02) Mircea's raven lets go of the nose. A dribble of blood comes out.

(20:00:54) Foxy says: very happy, grenadine?
(20:01:08) Grenadine says: well no, my nose hurts ;p
(20:01:16) Mircea's raven bats its wing over it, and it turns into a caterpillar. The caterpillar climbs up in Grenadine's hair and weaves it into a cocoon. Presently a butterfly emerges. It is a metallic butterfly, and it flies off on its articulated, mechanical wings.

(20:01:26) Foxy says: lol
(20:01:58) >Mod asks to trade with you.
(20:01:59) Mircea's raven laughs heartily with the hearty laugh of a thousand dwarves who speak of crafting in an Irish accent.
(20:02:34) >You agree to trade.
(20:02:50) >Mod gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:02:50) >Trade complete
(20:02:51) Mircea's raven plucks all of mod's eyelashes out. "Ask your question, eyebald one" says a woman's voice from nowhere.

(20:03:31) Mod recoils in horror of the missing eyelashes.
(20:03:48) Mod says: Phtephen the Phater: Where will I find the two leaf clover?
(20:03:56) Daniel says: heh
(20:04:22) Mircea's raven croaks happily. Baron Daniel, familiaris tuus.

(20:04:31) Daniel smiles
(20:05:28) Daniel says: ok i have 5 tokens left and i need them for a series of questions i have
(20:05:36) Daniel says: unless someone wants to buy them
(20:05:50) Mircea's ears take off and fly to the nearest tree. The tree turns to ash. The ash turns to glass. The glass turns every hour. Thus, hourglass.
(20:07:35) Mircea takes two spare ears out of his waistcoat pocket and mounts them on his head. He looks good as new.

(20:08:52) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:08:54) Mircea's raven opens its mouth and another identical raven comes out. They fight for a while. Eventually they eat each other and result in the original raven.
(20:08:56) >You agree to trade.
(20:09:10) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:09:10) >Trade complete
(20:10:03) Mircea's raven grows a pair of pouty, luscious, female lips. It casually picks up some lipstick and pretties them up.
(20:10:41) Mircea's raven turns to mod, and kisses him in the ear, then whispers no in the sexiest voice mod has ever heard.
(20:11:03) Mircea says: Too bad it's just a ravenous raven.

(20:11:04) >Grenadine Sippycup dropped a Widow's Whisp Berries.
(20:11:16) Grenadine throws the raven a berry
(20:11:22) >Mircea Mircescu picked up a Widow's Whisp Berries
(20:11:46) Mircea's raven sits on the berry. A minigoat comes out of the berry and quicly runs off.
(20:12:44) Mircea's raven crows. "Know this. There is no direction except for aside."

(20:13:23) Daniel wonders if that was for him
(20:14:03) Mircea's raven chuckles.

(20:14:09) Daniel slinks away
(20:14:29) Daniel says: well then i won't bother with my other questions then
(20:14:46) Mod says: You don't wanna be kissed by a Raven?
(20:14:52) Mircea is suddenly crushed by a section of brick wall fallen straight from the heavens right atop his head. On the other side is an inscription, in bronze. It reads : "A woman without man is a wo."

(20:14:52) Mod says: :D
(20:16:07) Mircea falls from the heavens and crushes an section of brick wall. On his head there's a bronze plaque without any inscription. They read "I.D.E.M."

(20:16:30) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:16:38) >You agree to trade.
(20:16:59) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:16:59) >Trade complete
(20:17:44) Mircea's ear opens up and the band formerly known as "Yes" comes out. They sing a song and vanish into a chamber pot. This must mean something, but if it does it wouldn't be too surprising.

(20:18:21) Mod says: I like this raven.
(20:18:23) Mircea's raven crows at Daniel. "Keep at it, lad. It's a whore and she's expensive."

(20:19:05) Daniel raises his eyebrows
(20:19:39) Mircea's raven has a hammerhead for a beak. Where did it get it, no one knows.
(20:20:47) Mircea starts to creak like an old house. His features transform, his clothes turn into frilly girly stuff. He has nice boobs and a wasp waistline now. The raven wolfwhistles. There's a wolf holw nthe distance.

(20:21:30) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:21:34) Mircea farts loudly. The fart turns into an all envelloping cloud. It is pink.
(20:21:36) >You agree to trade.
(20:21:41) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:21:41) >Trade complete

(20:22:07) Mircea's cloud fills everyone's mouth with bubble gum.
(20:23:01) Mircea's raven pecks at Daniel's pocketwatch a little, which is strange as Daniel doesn't have a pocketwatch. Daniel thinks of the fountain and is suddenly hit by the realisation that there's nothing to do.

(20:23:12) Daniel says: aw
(20:23:59) Mircea's raven turns into a little toy train engine, with real steam coming out of its steamstack. It twirls around Mircea on invisible tracks. Choo - chooo!

(20:24:03) Daniel says: heh i'm running low on tokens here
(20:24:09) Daniel says: but i can think of another thing to ask
(20:24:16) Daniel says: unless someone stops me!
(20:24:31) Mod says: go ahead Daniel.
(20:25:05) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:25:07) Mircea's ex raven train engine explodes in a rain of confetti. Each little bit turns into a black feather. They float around slowly dancing around each other until the raven is recomposed.

(20:25:09) >You agree to trade.
(20:25:21) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:25:21) >Trade complete
(20:25:47) >Players Currently Online
(20:26:27) Mircea's raven looks intently at a second, miniature image of itself that only it can see.

(20:27:46) Mircea's raven points at Daniel with its wind and belches out a gloomy laugh. The Andrews Sisters crawl from under the earth, in their very advanced decomposition state. Trumpets from nowhere audibly sing out "No!" then the whole scene fades. Mircea is now sitting on the raven's shoulder.
(20:28:52) Mircea plucks the raven's head off, then pulls his head out of his neck. He switches the two. There's now a raven with a beard supporting a gentleman with a beak on his shoulder.
(20:29:16) Mircea croaks "what are you looking at!"
(20:29:47) Mircea's head from atop the raven's body looks at everyone in turn with burning eyes. Everyone in turn gets blisters.

(20:30:30) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:30:33) >You agree to trade.
(20:30:39) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:30:39) >Trade complete
(20:30:48) Mod says: eeeee!
(20:31:27) Mircea's ravenous body belows and belches. "Seven deadly sins... seven ways to win... seven are your burning fires... seven... your desires..."

(20:32:22) Foxy says: did anyone ask about magical dungbeetles?
(20:32:32) Daniel says: no
(20:32:44) Daniel says: i still got a token left
(20:32:54) Mircea holds Daniel's mouth open forcibly. The raven with a human head crawls in. Daniel is turned inside out, and apparently his spleen had NIET tatooed on it.

(20:33:31) Foxy says: mod?
(20:33:34) Daniel says: that's probably a good use of the last one
(20:33:48) Daniel says: technically i have one more after that but it's a different kind of token
(20:34:09) Foxy says: well, the md are the bottleneck for your craft, what can I say
(20:34:15) Mircea's head crawls out of Daniel's gory remains. The raven body lays an egg. A new, fresh Daniel crawls out of it. It is different from the Daniel before.

(20:34:41) >Daniel asks to trade with you.
(20:34:45) >You agree to trade.
(20:34:53) >Daniel gave Mircea an Inconsequential Sacrifice Token.
(20:34:53) >Trade complete
(20:35:32) Mircea's raven points at the concept of dung.

(20:37:01) Daniel thinks to himself
(20:37:03) Mircea's raven temporarily turns into a famous director. With specific gestures, he utters : "You owe the state of Florida one milllion nine hundred eighty three tousand nine hundred and three dollars. And that's apart from interests and penalties."

(20:39:02) Grenadine steals scorcese's spectacles
(20:39:10) Grenadine says: always good to have a backup pair!
(20:39:24) Mircea's raven turns into a flower. It sings with a very rolled r : "sunt o floarrreee.... currrrgatoarrree...."

(20:39:39) Daniel says: well all i got left is a much more valuable token
(20:39:54) Foxy says: lol daniel, want me to sell you a token?
(20:39:59) Daniel says: heh
(20:40:03) Daniel says: i'm out of questions luckily
(20:40:14) Foxy says: wow, now that's something
(20:40:15) Daniel says: i'lll try to think of something
(20:40:31) Mircea's raven turns into a copy of Das Capital. It is luxuriously bound. On the cover, one can see the author name as Foxy Forrester.

(20:40:41) Foxy says: ha ha
(20:41:22) Mircea opens the large, creaky book. A nude, lifesized Joan of Arc runs off, chased by a man in half overalls.

(20:41:52) Foxy is taking the samovar out to make some tea
(20:42:14) Foxy says: possibly a token tea
(20:42:23) Mircea's raven returns from where it's been and takes its usual perch on the seat.

(20:43:14) >Foxy Foxster takes a seat.
(20:43:48) Mircea's face is luxuriously bound.

(20:44:20) >Foxy Foxster stands up.
(20:44:53) Mircea's raven does a little jig.
(20:45:46) Mircea takes out a copy of "Statistical Probabilities Illustrated" and starts reading.

(20:45:52) Daniel says: well i'm probably not gonna use my better token on a question but i'm sure 1 million is more than it's worth on any other day so the offer still stands
(20:46:11) Foxy says: can I see it, daniel?
(20:46:15) Daniel says: sure
(20:46:52) Foxy says: oh, I have one like that
(20:46:56) Daniel says: yeh
(20:47:03) Foxy says: nad yeah, not for a question I'd say
(20:47:13) Mircea's raven murmurs to itself. "Eh, phate chance!"
(20:48:18) Mircea looks around. The raven looks around. A sense of ominous ominosity descends on the audience. There's a loud pop and everything's not the same as it didn't use to be anymore.

(20:48:29) Mircea says: Sooo...
(20:48:40) Mircea says: howdja like our little phate event!
(20:48:59) Daniel says: very phun
(20:49:04) Foxy says: a very late event indeed seen from here, lol
(20:49:06) Mircea says: :D

(20:49:15) Mod says: Yeah, I think it worked out well. We'll see anyway!
(20:49:20) Mircea says: it's latte spelled with a lth!

(20:49:23) Foxy says: I'm off before I fall asleep on the keyboard
(20:49:35) Mod says: ni' Foxy
(20:49:41) Foxy says: btw mircea tomorrow for the testing I surely can't
make it this late
(20:49:42) Mircea says: don't let the bed bugs bate.
(20:49:57) Mircea says: o btw daniel you want this oil ?

(20:50:02) Foxy says: bye all
(20:50:02) Daniel says: ya
(20:50:06) Daniel says: goodnight

And as far as the next Sunday is concerned : whosoever brings me a set of nine tools of the same kind, such that the durability of one is 1, and of another 2, and of another 3 and so forth until the ninth's 9, will in exchange receive a unique antique version of that tool, of one million durability. This exchange is only available once for each tool type, and only available for mining tools. Good phuck (with a ph) !

And after that.

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