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Wednesday, 29 July, Year 7 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

In the first case in recorded history of a computer programmer being paid in Slithy Toves, Diana Coman scored 1k of the things (q 85) for all her work hacking through the official Eulora client and putting together a craft bot. I'm sure the All-Union Union of Computer Programmers, Pastry Chefs, Human Servicing Professionals And Others is going to be thrilled once it finds out.i


The bot itself is perhaps marginally more useful than the macro previously discussed, but in any case it holds great promise of great things to come. In order to install it and try it out,

  1. Download the bot bundle (~12kb) ;
  2. sha256sum Foxy_Eulora_Craftbot.tar.gz and then verify that the result is equal to f37f60ce11182fae8598d1ae2e69643f986e040f909cd405eeafa3ef6b664c98 ;
  3. Unpack the files, read the manifest (you will need to edit some local files to provide hooks for the bot) ;
  4. Recompile Euloraii

Coming in a future installment - a trading extension (so that you can leave your character on with instructions and it buys/sells on your behalf), a mining extension and so on. Unrelatedly to all this, phf has 1`337 Wooly Mushrooms coming to him once he finally gets around to making the OS/X version work properly, and yes I intend to continue with this approach.

Eulora marches on!

  1. You may think this so called union is made up, and perhaps it is. Then again all other ones are made up - and for instance here in Argentina (an excellent US-in-fifty-years, by the way, if you're ever curious how idiotic leftism ends up, come down south for a spell) I have seen classes of pastry chefing advertised, organised by FATPCHPYA, which is to say Federación Argentina de Trabajadores Pasteleros, Confiteros, Pizzeros, Heladeros Y Alfajoreros. No it's not some sort of joke - I mean of course it is, but apparently they aren't aware of it over here. []
  2. Last step in guide, the

    export CRYSTAL=$HOME/dev/cs
    $ ./
    $ ./configure --with-cal3d=$HOME/dev/cal3d
    $ ftjam -aq client

    part. []

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  1. Unrelated to the bot, the bundle actually includes the /pilot command too. It will steer your character towards the given coordinates, so it might be useful to someone.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Wednesday, 29 July 2015

    It's actually quite nifty. Other than its crashing the server (which is really not its fault), it also trains you, gets stuff from storage and other useful things.

    (I've not really been able to verify the "trains you" part so far, ftr).

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