Old texts on traditional marriage ; vampirism and gayety.

Sunday, 26 October, Year 6 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Nicolae Iorga was a Romanian bigwig, a century or so ago. He had a lengthy, scary beard, just like me. Also just like me, he was an insanely prolifici universalistii with very strong conservative biases that the banal derps of his day mostly tried to avoid, for the same reasons they carefuly avoid me : the plain, deeply felt knowledge that should they try to field instead of avoiding, they'll end up like that guy in that gif. In any case, he was the ideal father figure to the rather psychologically dissolved kid that was attempting to put forth the pretense of having made and leading a local national-socialism just as good as the original,iii which is how he got murdered.iv

Panait Istrati was a tramp, essentially, but otherwise a longshoreman in the port of Brailav who got picked up by the nascent monkey chorusvi as some sort of promising "new" writing voice.vii He was muchly celebrated, except by Nicolae Iorga, who said of him this much :

Opera lui Panait Istrati ne arată elocvent că avem de-a face cu un hamal din portul Brăilei. D-nul Panait Istrati mi-a trimis Kyra Kyralina cu dedicație. Am încercat să o citesc, dar am fost nevoit să arunc cartea imediat; asemenea lucruri nu se pot citi. Eu nu-i găsesc absolut nici o calitate.

which comes to

The work of Panait Istrati eloquently shows we're dealing with a longshoreman from the port of Braila. He sent me Kyra Kyralinaviii with a dedication. I tried to read it, unfortunately I had to drop it immediately, such things can not be read. I find absolutely no value to it.

Obviously, Kyra Kyralina was part of the mandatory reading list back when I was in highschool. Bearing in mind that I had no idea about all this foregoing matter at the timeix, I nevertheless did not read it.