The Progre

Saturday, 14 September, Year 5 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
    The Progrei does what "progress" calls right good and proper, all that schmaltzii :
    He reads his blogs, he posts on forums thusly creating hollow quorums,
    Establishing what is and was through the procedure known as "buzz" -
    In all respects and every time a thorough exercise of mime.

    He holds opinions on all topics strongly supported by teh lolpics
    By memes and by "research" of sorts, by - broadly speaking - reason's warts.
    He is a part of great big battles, the pratty sort that's won by rattles,
    His childish beard has but one knot : the Progre has no use for thought.

    And so it is and so it comes and so he every time succumbs :
    Half hour after wardrums beat, five minutes after warlike heat,
    About a subjugated plain, among its desperate copies slain,
    The Progre stalks with hands on hips while drivel gushes from his lips.

This humble attempt owes a lot to W. H. Auden and a little less to S. Datskovskiy.

  1. This word denotes one of the many lost generations : the current one. The cruft coming out of anglophone "humanities" programs, completely undisciplined, woefully illiterate, bereft of any notion of what the history of thought looks like, certainly not pre-FDR. Read it [progre], like the first syllable of "progress" followed by the first syllable of "great", as it sounds nothing like ogre, [ogər]. []
  2. Goosefat. []
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25 Responses

  1. I don't really get it, so I had to read it out loud.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 15 September 2013

    A sheynem dank.

  3. BingoBoingo`s avatar
    Friday, 20 September 2013

    Might as well share a reading of this work.


  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 20 September 2013

    Level one cunts ? Nice one lol.

  5. BingoBoingo`s avatar
    Friday, 20 September 2013

    Thanks. I try when vanity up my addresses.

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