The W, the other W, the WW and finally the WWW.

Wednesday, 17 March, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


It all started for me when I was ten years old. One day after school someone who lived on our street called. My sister picked up, it was Poppy's Dad asking if I wanted to come to their house and play with his daughter. I thought she was really cool. Poppy was thirteen and she had the best shit. I was so eager for it, I bolted out of the house in my house slippers! Jesse, that's my sister, was like "Hey!" behind me right before the door slammed shut. I didn't even have keys or anything. It came to me like "Wow! What if someone sees me like this ?" It felt really exposing somehow, I don't know why. I mean I could just pretend like I'm washing the car or something, we did that almost naked, like at the pool, just a swim trunk. I wanted to get back in and change though, but the door was closed and I'd have to knock. Maybe Jesse wouldn't even open. I'd be there dressed like this knocking on the door, what would people think ? There wasn't anyone there, the street was completely empty, not even a car passing, but it still felt like all the neighbours are looking in from behind the curtains. I don't think they really did, but you never know.

I made myself stop crumpling my tshirt in my hands. I always did that back then, I don't know why. Everyone told me all the time to stop. I stopped doing it since then, actually I remember the exact day I did, but it's later. I crossed the street and knocked on the door to Poppy's house. Her Dad opened the door and told me that Poppy's upstairs. I ran upstairs. I could tell which is her room because there was giggling. It made me real nervous. I just stood there in the hallway in front of the door, crumpling my red square root 100 yo tshirt. It was from my birthday. There were other girls there besides Poppy, I mean at least three or four I could hear. I don't remember how many there were really. Eventually one of them wanted to go to the bathroom so they all came pouring out the door. When it opened I could see Poppy sitting on her bed. I didn't know any of the other girls, but they were even older than Poppy! Almost every single thing in Poppy's room was pink. She had pink bedsheets and many pink stuffies and even her drawer was pink and she had a pink wig with a purple unicorn horn coming out of it!

They dragged me to the bathroom down the hall with them. One of them said I'm as cute as a puppy. Another one said I could be their little puppy and guard the door for them in case there's any enemies. They had me lie down on the floor carpeting in front of the bathroom door. I thought they were all so cool! I could hear them talking through the door, "Poor Puppy!" "He's kinda cute though." "Yes but why is he dressed like that ?" "I don't know, it's really stupid." "Hey Poppy! Can't you dress your puppy any better than that ?" There was a pause, then I heard Poppy loud and clear "Hey guys, I have an idea!" I could hear her paddle over and open the door. She stood towering right above me in her pink plastic princess shoes, one leg across in the hallway, one leg back in the bathroom. Her head was so far up! She said "Hey Puppy, you wanna play a game ?" I said sure, she clapped and said "We're gonna play dress up, puppy!"

I guess it was a little odd for thirteen-year olds to want to play dress up maybe, but at the time I didn't think so at all. I didn't question it. When I was that age, I loved to dress up in costumes of superheroes or pirates. I think maybe I just assumed that's what she meant. Poppy said she already picked out the perfect costume for me, but I have to take off my clothes first. I stripped down to my shorts right there on the carpet, right in front of all the girls. They were huddling around the bathroom door, just their heads popping in. I said, "I did it, can I see my costume now?" Poppy said "Sure!" with a smirk, but then she picked up all my clothes and walked back into the bathroom with them. She put them all in the washing machine! She put in detergent, and turned it on! I was going to say something like "Hey!" but she said "We have to wash poor Puppy's old clothes, too!" I think maybe her parents had just showed her how to work the washing machine and she was eager for more experience. All the other girls agreed with her though, so it started to make sense. Of course she has to wash my old clothes, and really there's nothing wrong being in just my cotton briefs with them there.

Then one of the girls said "Wait, Poppy! If he's a real puppy how come he has those on ? Real puppies don't wear anything. Their bits just dangle out like it's normal." I was mesmerized. All eyes were on me. Poppy too. I was squirming on the floor. She started asking me like she was singing a lullaby, "How about it Roger ? Are you a real puppy for real ?" I thought "Of course I'm a real puppy!" I didn't say anything, I just started rolling around like a real puppy would do, I though. They were giggling like crazy. I tried to stand up but they all said "No, no! Puppies go on all fours!" and they made me give them rides back to their room. I could feel their warm thighs and everything on my back, burning me almost. I'd keep paddling on all fours with one or even two of them back to Poppy's room, but as soon as I dropped my load and came back for the next they'd run back to the bathroom. It was going to take forever! Then they all piled up on me. My arms and legs gave out and they pinned me down on the cold tile floor. They grabbed my ankles and everywhere and held me down. One of them said "we should tickle the puppy!" and they all started doing it! I begged and begged for them to stop, but one said "We're not going to stop until you pee yourself, puppy." and another one said "Yeah, that's right!" and then Poppy said "You'd better do it. The faster you do it the better for you." They tickled me and tickled me and eventually I wanted it. I wanted to feel the warm embrace burning me on my butt and thighs and everywhere. Then my briefs were in the wash with the rest of everything.

They put me in the tub and washed me everywhere. Poppy's parents had one of those detachable shower heads, like at the end of a hose. The girls just washed me with that and soap, it was the best feeling in the world to be touched by those what seemed like five thousand girl hands. I felt so good and happy! I thought it's really just like a real puppy, washed with the garden hose. They dried me off and we went back to Poppy's room. She said "I was going through my old clothes from when I was your age, because Mom says I should throw them out, the stuff that I can't wear anymore because it's too small for me or too revealing for a young lady. But I think they'd be perfect for you little Puppy boy!" At first we had to pick panties for me.

They made me try on more than twenty, and I had to parade and display each one. They argued about it a while and I kept having to put old pairs on again to see which is best, but eventually they all agreed on a pair of white satin ones with purple polka dots and a little fur nubbin right over the butt like the size of a walnut. They liked it because they said it's just like a puppy's tail, but I just loved the way they caressed my skin. They were some of the best ones, silk and satin are the best. Then we had to try on socks, but that wasn't so hard because they said my feet have to show through and Poppy only had a coupla leg warmers. They picked the one that was white and pink striped, going from my ankle all the way to almost my butt. They also had pretty pink bows in front right at the top, and fit very snug. Then they picked the dress, that also wasn't very hard because they said it has to have a collar for stuffies and also be real tight around my butt to show off my nubbin tail. She only had a few like that and they liked the sleeveless white one with pink highlights because they said it accentuates my best features and that's what you have to look for when shopping for a dress.

Then one of the girls ran off to the bathroom and came back with the toilet paper roll. Poppy asked what's that for ?! The girl said "for her bra, silly!" but Poppy just laughed and said she'll be right back. While she was gone two of the girls, I thought they were sisters, started talking about the puppy trick. One of them was like "You wanna do the puppy trick to it ?" and the other was like "Yeah but you do it." and they kept going back and forth. Then they faced me holding their hands together and said "Puppy, there's a real test if you're a real puppy. You want to give it a try ?" I nodded, and they had me go on all fours again. They lifted my dress all the way up over my head, so I couldn't see anything. I really liked that. I could feel them pull my nubbin panties back down to my knees, then one of them grabbed hold of my little penis. She held it and moved it up and down until I got this crazy shudder all over my body. Nothing came out, but I'm sure I had an orgasm, for the first time in my life. I did it lots of times since then, just to be sure, back before moving in with Jesse. It puzzled them. "I think that was it" "But how come nothing came out ?" "I don't know." "Mister always makes that white thing." "Yeah, and the bubble." "Maybe she's just really only part puppy." "Maybe she'll grow into it more."

That's when Poppy came in. Everyone was giggling, and they had to do it to me again to show her and so the other girls could try and then also Poppy wanted to try herself, it was crazy. Then Poppy made take off the dress again, because she had brought me my bra! It wasn't just a bra though, it had the breasts already inside of it, and they were huge! With that under the white dress I looked just like the champion puppy, like they said. It stretched the fabric to breaking point. The collar on the dress was almost choking me it was so pulled so tight, but Poppy took a step back and made an 'aww' sound. They sat me down on the chair the first time since I had came over, and they painted all my nails the same pink as the dress. Then an older girl did my makeup. She brushed foundation all over my face. She put on mascara, and eyeliner. Then she glued fake eyelashes on my eyelids, right over my real ones. They completed the look with bright pink blush and cherry-red lipstick.

They made that 'aww' sound again, but synchronized this time. Poppy put her pink wig on my head. It fit really well, the hair was long, flowing past the hem of my dress. She put a white hairband with a pink bow on it over the wig to hold it down tight. Then they let go of me, running all around and clapping like crazy. They seemed really proud of what they made. They took me to the mirror, and it was mindblowing. A hot, cool, debonaire young woman was looking at me right back from it. I wanted so hard to be her! That woman was the best you could be. They were snapping pictures with their phones, until one looked up excitedly and said "she needs a name!" I guess she was going to post them somewhere or send them to someone and that's why they finally needed a name for me.

They took a moment to brainstorm. "It has to be something that sounds similar to his real name." one said. After a few minutes they decided on Rebecca. They really liked the name. They kept clapping excitedly and talking to me like to try it out, "Hi Rebecca!" and I'd say "Hi!" back then they'd clap and lose it to fits of giggling. After a while Poppy dropped a pair o white high-heel sandals on the floor in front of me and told me to step inside. They were her mom's I think, but they fit me just fine. Then she said "Come on Becca." I looked at her like my life was going to end. "Let's go out!" she said. That was it.

We walked down the street to the bus stop. Everyone knew everyone where we lived back then, but one of the other girls whose name was Audrey introduced me as her cousin Becca visiting from Florida. I had to shake hands with people who knew me from real life as Robert but they'd just say "Oh hello Rebecca, so nice to meet you dear." Then in the bus we all sat together but the girls kept giggling because they said those guys are totally checking you out Becca. They got off at the next stop, I don't know who they were. Maybe they were checking me out. We got off at the mall and we just went all over everywhere trying on clothes. It was a lot of fun! I don't remember what all we tried on. Everything, basically. All the girls just stripped down to their bras and panties in the dressing room because it was all girls and they were so pretty! One of them hesitated the first time before doing it, but after that it was just normal. I had never seen so many pretty girls like that before. I didn't even know porn exists back then.

We didn't buy anything of course but afterwards we went to the food court and ate things. There was a boy there I knew sitting all by himself, Allan's older brother. He was kinda in a corner and he looked sad. He wasn't even eating or anything. Poppy said "Becca, you have to go over and say hi to the virgin." They all thought this is a splendid idea, so I had to do it. They told me to say "Hello, I'm Becca. What's your name ?" and then ask him if he would like to see my pretty bows, and if he says yes I had to lift my dress up over my stockings so he can see them. I didn't want to but they said I have to. They said I'm too grown up now to be just a stupid puppy, and I have to do it to be in their secret club. They said they all did it before so now it's my turn.

I went over there, but he could see them and hear them giggling all the way so he wouldn't tell me his name. I looked back at them to see what I should do ? They were all "go ahead, go ahead" so I sat down and asked him if he'd like to see my pretty bows ? He just went crazy, started grabbing at my bra with both hands and pushing into me. Then he started smooching me. I almost fell over the chair running out of there! He just got right back to being sad and by himself like nothing happened. He didn't even look at me! My lipstick was all smudged so we had to go to the bathroom so they could fix it for me, and then we took the bus back home.

My clothes I came in with were still damp because we forgot to take them out of the washing machine when we left, but I put them on anyway. Poppy said I should keep the panties and legs but she had to put the sandals and the bra back in their place and she didn't want to give me her pink wig. They washed all the beautiful make-up away, it made me so sad. I was back to being Robert now, but I could still see Becca everywhere I looked, except not in the mirror. Poppy said she's going to have a sleepover next weekend and I should come too so they can play with me more. One of the girls said "But Poppy, aren't your parents going to say anything ?" and she said "I'll tell them little Becca just wants to be a girl because she's confused about herself. They'll love that." so it was all set.

When I knocked on our door Jesse gave me the eyebrow. I still had the strange stripes on my legs, and she noticed the nail polish. She made me step out of the slippers to show her my toes before she'd let me in. She said "Just as I thought, you little sissy slut." Then she removed the polish off my fingernails but not off of my toes. She said I'd better be on my best behaviour with her or else she's going to make me tell Dad all about being a little sissy. It was good though because after that she always did my toenails. She wanted to have that over me, but over time it became our thing. We'd do it in secret, in her room, and it was our little secret thing. Sometimes she also dressed me up in other ways. I think she really enjoyed it, not just because she kept blackmailing me about making me tell Dad how come I have nail polish on my toes but I think she liked it in general. I had to be real nice to her and she made me do all sorts of things.


It all really started last September. I was not married to Rich back then, we had just recently met and... I was working out, he came over. I thought he wanted to use the machine, but he said "Hi, what's your name ?" He had his piercing eyes right on me, I couldn't move. I told him I'm Jesse and he asked me what do I do for a living ? I couldn't really answer him, I stuttered something I don't know what it was supposed to be then he said "Would you like to be my whore instead ?" I was blank, I didn't even know what the fuck. He said "It's like booty calls but you're never busy, and I'll pay you two thousand a night. You don't have to fuck anyone else."

That's how we met, I mean I just followed him out of there to his car. He drives a McLaren, no shitting. I just swallowed his cock when he shoved my face into it and that was that. That's how we met. All the other wives laughed and laughed when I told them the story at the first WW party. They thought it was the hottest shit. He gave me four hundred in cash, I mean he just wiped them all over my face and shoved them in my bra when he was done. He dropped me off in front of my apartment building like that. They went straight into the super's mailbox, I was two months behind. Then after that he'd call whenever he felt like and I went over every time. I was like a dog with that phone, every time someone call I'd run out of the shower like a maniac, waving my hands behind me "omgomg it's him".

Then one day after he ploughed right into me against a table like he just didn't give a fuck, my feet running away from under me, he asked me if I'd like to be his fiance. I nodded. He said "Hold on bitch, it's not that easy. What are you willing to do to be my fiance ?" I looked at him like wut ? Anything. He said "get on your knees, for starters". The he had me beg to be his fiance five ways from Sunday. He made me promise I'll just sit at attention like a doggy, leash on, waiting for him when he comes home. He said I have to jump on him and lick his feet just like a real dog bitch. He had a lot of ideas like that, and I said it all for him. After a while I was like "Hey, are you just making random shit up ?" and he said kinda. I laughed and said "ok, so may I be your fiance then ? I'll do anything." The next day we were engaged, with a five carat yellow Tiffany's diamond ring.

I knew he was probably going to pop the question, and I was wondering what the hell can he come up with this time. I spent all of August doing Internet research on BDSM and sex slavery and everything I could find, trying to figure out what'll he do to me. It just wasn't like Rich to have nothing up his sleeves, and he already made me promise everything and humiliate myself into the dirt just for being his fiance. He wasn't gonna up and marry me without serious hardcore worldmelting... something. But what the fuck ? I eventually figured he'd probably brand me, like with a hot iron. I had come up with some alternatives, but none really made sense. He could do a big orgy but he really wasn't much into other dudes at all, I mean occasionally he'd hire escorts so we fucked him together or we ate each other out or fuck each other with strapons while he fucked us in the ass. Really the biggest pain was getting them to leave afterwards ; but there was never another penis involved. I knew he wasn't into kids. I thought it'd maybe be public humiliation, like with the other people he worked with, maybe I'd have to go to the office naked or something, but honestly that was so fucking hot I almost wished it'd be it.

That's why I was so shocked when he told me he thinks he might be bisexual. It just blew my mind. I thought to myself "shit, he's gonna want me to fuck him with the strapons now" but that wasn't it at all, thanks goodness. He liked little she-boys with big tits and small cocks, the younger the better. Blacks and gingers especially, and asians too. The way it worked out was, I'd go out and meet whatever fruitcake somewhere. It was pre-arranged, of course, but still, we'd pretend like we're flirting. I'd pretend like I'm a total nympho and invite them over. Then he'd bust in on us, make a big scandal, scare the living daylights out of the little trap. I mean, they knew what the plan was all along, but somehow when they were right there, caught in the act, Rich yelling and confronting them... they fucking melted. He really liked it when they cried, too. He made them wipe the snot off their faces with their hands and then lick it off their own fingers, he'd get his belt off and beat the shit out of their asses, it always turned into a hell of a show. It always ended the same way, too: with a little sheboi in my arms crying and wincing while Rich pounded that ass into oblivion. Somethimes they'd sorta-kinda get their tiny penises inside of me, or I'd lick them out, though I mostly worshipped Rich's balls or hugged the hundred pounds of fuckmeat.

That's how I got the idea, too. My little brother, Becca! That kid was weird from the get-go, always sniffing at my panties drawer and wasting my blush, but right before I took off for college, that whole year... he all but came out. He wasn't even in junior high yet, but he was painting his toenails and telling people he's Rebecca, going to sleepovers and pajama parties with highschooler girls... I guess they always thought he'll straighten out with puberty, but poor Robert was born to be fuckmeat. He had just turned fifteen that June, so I dropped him an urgent express fedex : "Bitch boy, you make sure and use that ticket. I'll explain when you're here. Love, Jesse. PS. Think of it as a delayed birthday party." I added a plane ticket, one way. I picked the landing early in the morning, figuring the little bitch will probably need some spa time and maybe even shopping before he's ready to meet his new Daddy.

When I picked him up at the airport he was Becca alright. His voice was something the fuck else, I mean it's a little weird over the phone I guess but in person it was just striking. The hormone suppression therapy had done wonders for his penis, too. I made him take it all off in the car and show me. It wasn't as much as my lip gloss tube, even. I was thinking all the while, "boy, is Rich gonna love this!" He explained to me that the therapy also prevented his balls from coming down so far. True fact, his sac was as empty as a little boy's. He said he's read somewhere that if they stay in another year or maybe two they'll just melt back into the body and be gone forever. He said it's much better for him that way, because his meat was never irradiated with ball juice like in those gross other trannies, so it can take whore therapy much better with no history to confuse it. Those are his exact words, he said he couldn't wait to be eighteen to start on whore therapy. I said "You know it's hor-mone" but he just shook his hand like "whatever", like I was just being a spoil sport.

Seeing the little shit sprawled naked in my car made it fucking clear what I have to do.


The thing about Jesse is, she's a total slut, just like her mom. She's not even my real sister. Dad thought she's his daughter before her real mom ran off to whore out somewhere. That was back before he met Mom. When she died they had everyone in the family take DNA testing to make sure something about genes and cancer, and they discovered Dad and Jesse aren't related at all. They're not even sixth cousins, the people said most everyone is related a little but Dad and Jesse were like they came from different countries.

After she left for college Poppy and the other girls also lost interest. They got stupid boyfriends like dumb jocks and hateful assholes all mean and sucked them off all the time after getting drunk at parties in the backseat of their cars. God it makes me so mad! They just played with me one summer and then once school started again it was like a different world for them, like it all didn't mean anything, just a little game like Uno or something. Go ahead, forget all about it, "my boyfriend says traps are gross tee hee". I hope they all die in a fucking fire!

I discovered porn on the Internet though, and posting boards, so it was no skin off my back they were all stupid, all of them! Because I started just at the right time I was the biggest contributor to wikipedia ever in its history, even The Jimbo himself invited me to like parties and get togethers. The Internet really helped me be myself and find out who I really was. Some people say Mr. Wales is just a pedo and he should be put away and his friends too, but that's just them being jealous and hate everything that's from Alabama, that's all. I mean it's true we did the hot tub things at the special contributors reunion and with the sponsors, but that's not what pedo is anyway. I could link some pages to prove it, too.

Then because I was so famous with the right people and the Internet everyone at school started respecting me a lot more once I was in Junior High. Especially Mitch. That's when that bitch Jesse decided to show up in my life again, just like that. It was just after all the congratulatorations for my cake day on reddit were winding down because I made the account for my birthday and that way I always had friends and parties for all my birthdays, unlike everyone else so I was spending more time on titwer. There was a knock on the door and a guy with a moustache just like in Bangbros showed up when I went to see who it is and he said "sign here". I thought shit, it's a contract, they're making me a porn star. It wasn't though, just a stupid letter. In it Jesse wanted to make me a porn star, though she didn't come right out and say it. That's just like her, she made me start cross dressing but never said so and now she was going to make me a star too but pretend all the while it was just nothing going on and business as usual. She's one sneaky bitch.

I asked her, too, how did she know I'll even show up ? I never answered or said anything like "ok". I didn't even think I was going to go but then on the night right before I couldn't sleep because I had to get pretty. Not because of her stupid invitation or airplane ticket or anything, just so. A girl can feel like she wants to dress up any time she feels like it, doesn't have to be for a reason. Right ? Right. So Becca just wanted to come out, that's all. Then she went over to the airport for no reason, just to check it out, and then the clerk showed me where to sit down and I sat, why the hell not. I can sit down anywhere I want to, it still doesn't mean anything. Nothing means anything, no means no and nothing else means anything, and besides a girl can say no if she wants to doesn't have to mean she won't do it.

When I asked her how she knew she said "little bitch... you're the compliance generation. All you need is for someone to tell you what to do. It doesn't matter what it is, you'll do it anyway, regardless." I guess she's right, too. Just as long as she doesn't act like it's my fault or anything. I didn't want any of this, remember ? But I told her, "You're the same way Jess!" and she nodded her head and said yeah, she's the same way. We're all the same way.


"You look just like a little whore."
"Yeah well... you look just like a big one."
"That's because I am a big one."
"Woh Jess! Really ?!"
"Oh yeah. I'm the biggest whore ever."
"What do you do ?"
"Everything. I got this guy, I mean he just came up to me at the gym and asked me if I want to be his whore."
"Omg. What did you say ?"
"I didn't say anything. I just followed him to his car."
"Did he..."
"He stuffed his cock in my mouth, yep."
"Did you like it ?"
"I don't know yet."
"Is he rich ?"
"Yeah, he's Rich."
"You know... I never... I mean..."
"Really ? Because I've seen some memes."
"Just online though."
"You've never been with anyone ?"
"I don't think so. I mean, you know, girls... But we never..."
"Rich'll make a whore out of you alright."
"You think so ?"
"I don't know Jess..."
"Here's the thing, you little shit : the therapy, and the implants and everything ?"
"Yeah ?"
"You don't really have to wait for them, if your guardian gives you a consent form."
"Dad'll never..."
"I could be your guardian though."
"What ?! Dad'll never..."
"You think he'll complain that much ?"
"Rich could fix that up. He can do anything he wants, really."
"Because he's rich ?"
"That's right."
"Will you... will you... with me ?"


After picking up the little shit at the airport I knew I had a family in my bag. I told Rich there's a little surprise waiting for him when he's good and ready. He said "oh" on the messenger and I told him it's just a little shit I picked up. That's what we call them, the t-bois. Little shits, it fits like a glove. He said "7pm" and I had everything ready. When he was at the door I was already kneeling in my leash like a fiance does, and I jumped all over him yelping "Daddy! Daddy! Welcum home! Yay!" like I always do. Everyone says I'm great at that. Then we went upstairs, and I got Becca out of the closet. I could tell Rich likes her alright. I sat on the bed with her head in my lap while Rich stuffed her virgin asshole. I smothered her fake eyelashes with my real tits, and I felt her tense up in panic and work herself up with the pain until that moment came when she just gave herself up. That's the best part of turning out these fucktoys, that moment when they give up and just let themselves be broken, inside and forever. I really love feeling their hot panting breath afterwards, it's like a whole different thing. Becca was crying and swaying her butt, back arched, knees bent, pushing her back into the cock. I whispered "who's a whore now" and she nodded.

We ate the little shit off of Rich together, then he said "Bitch, you're total wife material. I'm going to tell the club to arrange it for next month." The club, that's our WW club -- the Whore Wife club. All the execs in his firm are members, but you can only join if you're married and of course you must be married to a sport. The WWs are a pool and anyone in the club can fuck them, that's why they're called whore wives. There's a special price app for it. Every Thursday it sends out pictures of the wives, one at a time. It sends as many as you want to look at. They come with a price, all the wives start at a thousand dollars. Everyone who wants to fuck the whore in the picture that weekend clicks on "it's too low", until eventually there's nobody left to bid against and the app tells you "Congrats, you've got a whore wife!" both to the husband and to the winner. The wives aren't allowed to leave for this reason, like if you want to take your own wife to Aspen or anywhere over the weekend you have to buy her on Thursday. I think they donate the money to charity maybe, or just use it to pay for more whores, I don't really know.

That's not the only thing they do. There's also special events, like they have all the wives go to a house party and lez out and then the guys will bust in with like guns and camo gear and everything, to rape everyone. That's the best, because they yell and get in your face and pull hair and slap us around. There's other things too, and of course weddings and many party formats. Rich said they're going to do something special because everyone really likes weddings, they're like a welcome party for a new whore. He said it'll blow their mind when they see our little bundle of joy. Becca's eyes were really huge and getting huger as Rich described how he's gonna have to walk down the isle right behind my ass in nothing but stockings and with his little nubbin dangling where everyone can see. It's true, too, WWW, whore wife weddings are something else, and you should see the dresses! It's not even legal to cover up your cunt or tits or anything, they're a riot. Rich also said he's going to get us fake tits bolted on at the same time too, so we can be brother and sissy, like tit sissies together.

Would you like to see my wedding album ?

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    Dude: "It mildly annoys me, as a capable sheep, that people like you exist."

    MP: "I think you misidentify your own feelings. It's not actually resentment ; it's the male version of the innate behaviour that PUA folk call a "bullshit test". There's nothing tragic about it being innate, it wouldn't work otherwise. There is the potential of tragedy in getting fixated in it, but this is universally true of all biotools (an observation we call Freud's great intuition).

    I could also add that my "trapping" is very liberating, but such isn't to be believed anyway."

    FOARTE BINE! Bravo Bravisimo.
    Or as we say in the hood, that shit is FIYA, nigga.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 20 March 2021

    The bimbo will be quite pleased to hear I was accepted in the hood. Again.

  6. Quite pleased. He's not the only one, either.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 21 March 2021

    Heh. All this tempted me so I sat for a moment and tried to imagine what a blast/shock running into Trilema must be, for the innocent-yet-functional brain.

  8. Jeffrey Owens`s avatar
    Jeffrey Owens 
    Sunday, 21 March 2021

    Stage one of the encounter with Trilema: WTF Man, there is wayyyyy to much going on here.

    I came to check out X (some early history of BTC)...

    and ended up at X^Y (37 browser tabs opened, each leading to an article more intriguing than the last).

    OK, I'd be remiss not to mention that one of the 37 browser tabs was the famous Trilema blog post replete with pics of chicks' titties w/code scrawled on 'em in ink. Classic lulz. I'm guessing that has to be one of your most visited pages.

    But srsly, the truly mind blowing aspect of Trilema is the exceptional quality of the literature.

    Who-da-thunk the Lord of BTC is more a world class artist than a run-o-the mill empire builder? Sheesh.

    Case in point; the opening scene in The Re(al) Pimp goes right at the jugular.

    Pedophilia, incest, pimpin' and ho-in' are at the very core of the Black American conundrum. We don't really talk about it much. It's taboo.

    True art, The Re(al) Pimp, yields the power to cleanse & heal those old crusty infested wounds. You transformed the tabooest of taboos into an amulet in the opening two paragraphs somehow.

    And made it EROTIC, to boot. Jesus fuckin CHRIST.

    That's the true power of art. Fuck all that other shit.

    I digress. Lemme get back to the point.

    In the opening scene, three year old Baby Iceberg (Ice Cube, at that developmental stage) gets baptized in Maude's WAP (Wet Ass Pussy, the current #1 rap song on the Billboard charts, btw).

    One could reasonably speculate that it was this funky ritual, wholly sanctioned by his lyin' ass mama, that ultimately transmogrified Lil' Bobby into full blown Iceberg.

    But that's another convo for another time.

    Let's address how you gave a certain voice to the Black Man.

    "A man from Columbia told me last week writing was invented by young women because old men forget. Speech, he said, was invented by young men, to better hide their thoughts; then writing came around, to work differently than memory, and all the better make a mess of it. I thought as we were talking, you know what? I'll write it all down! and then we'll see. Maybe you read it and tell me; though by then I won't be here to hear it any longer."

    Niggas, with verrrrrry few exceptions, don't think those thoughts, or say these 'tings.

    I know this for a fact, 'cause these are my folk. My tribe. I'm responsible for them. So I pay careful attention to them.

    Because they don't think those thoughts and say these things, I got frustrated and abandoned the tribe for greener pastures a long time ago.

    When it comes to leaving the ghetto, everyone who can, does.

    It's the negro version of the American dream: I gotsta get the fuck up outa *here*.

    Perhaps it's necessary to clear your head. However, this brain drain is arguably how the Hood in America gets perpetually worse.

    The Lord of the Niggas, my mentor, whose name shall remain unmentioned for the time being, gifted niggas the franchise back in 1965.

    Precisely like Lincoln's freed slaves who were utterly clueless about what to do w/this newly bestowed freedom in 1863, we had no clue what to do with this shiny new thing called the vote in 1965.

    Constitutional democratic republicanism really wasn't a thing for us back in the day.

    Still isn't. The best we could do is elect a sizeable cohort of boot lickin' negros to local office. That led to Obama a few short decades later. Not bad actually, for a small minority, numbers-wise.

    But WHY isn't constitutional democratic republicanism a thing for niggas? That's the burning question.

    Well, because our folk don't think the thoughts and say the things that Iceberg said in paragraph 4 quoted above. There's a dearth of philosopher-kings in the hood.

    Thus I was compelled to express my gratitude to you after reading the first chapter. I'll say it again. Thank you, sir, for giving a proper voice to the nigga. I know what to do with the gift you bestowed 'pon us.

    Now I have the amulet.

  9. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 21 March 2021

    > I got frustrated and abandoned the tribe for greener pastures a long time ago.

    That's okay, I quit my old hood when it became inescapable that the quality of the new soldiers coming in at the young end was way too close to pressed shitboard to ever dream of replacing they going out at the other end.

    Contrary to socialist nonsense/fiction, it's the plebs that have obligations, and only the plebs that have obligations. This includes transcendental obligations, such as "being good enough", meaty enough, whatever. It makes no difference if there's no how available to them, they're still obliged, be their obligation plain impossible or no. And if they ain't up to snuff, for whatever reason... well, there's no rule they gotta survive. Simple enough.

    > Not bad actually, for a small minority, numbers-wise.

    I think those "gains" are both illusory and unrelated to any kind or description of black activity or action.

    Notice how these days the zog machine is readily hijacking the narrative they constructed (in your name) towards "stop ASIAN hate" instead. There's way the fuck fewer of those, so by the logic of "black lives matter because it's a minority", the 1.nothing% azns are even more matterfull.

    I'm expecting you'll get to watch the same exact talking heads herping about "the crisis" -- except, a "different" one, but in the same exact terms, reusing all the props even -- while Obama sends his kids to UCLS and you try to dig yourself out of them 378 open tabs. In short, it wasn't "black people" or "African-Americans" or whatever cvasi-white-no-berret-let's-pick-on-them ethnogroup that did it. Martin Luther King didn't make the sun rise, and no black person made black lives matter yet. Twas just a ploy (and if you look at how neatly it reused the props leftover from ye olde OWS ploy -- hey, where did that go ? same place "ozon layer hole" chorus went, perhaps ?), well made and well oiled but a ploy nevertheless.

    > I'm guessing that has to be one of your most visited pages.

    Not even. I mean tits, who even cares. Its importance is purely discoursive, I have something to show all the "women in business" emancipation twats : here's 150 out of 150 failed entrepreneurs. Who failed them ? Twasn't me. Who ? What kept them from growing up, why did they have to leave all the money on the table ? Ants in fort knox, eating the crumbs fallen off a guard's sandwich and figuring themselves ahead in the game.

    > Now I have the amulet.


  10. What the others said goes 100x for me! When I found Trilema my whole life changed around. I decided to dedicate my insta to Mr. Popescu the author of Trilema the blog. I hope it is ok if I upload pictures???

  11. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 23 March 2021


    But... whatever, stick to the web format ones (ie 560px or smaller) if you must.

  12. Thank you sir very much!

    BTW It is not possible to add Trilema link to instagram. Not in website field and not in bio simply, if I try to put instead of where it says not associated with Trilema the app just says "To protect community" and won't allow.

  13. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 23 March 2021


    I really don't think it'd make a difference either way.

  14. lol, instagram trying to 'not see' trilema, as if thats possible.

    Master, check it out..fakemirceapopescu has a million followers. I can't wait to see where this goes - I'm sure the Romanians already picked it up for the news cycle.

  15. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 23 March 2021

    Whoa would you check that out!

    I had no idea there's a Romanian account with that many followers. Actually... why do we even suspect the fan person's Romanian anyways ? Is there some reason for that ?

  16. Maybe because it's in the national spirit of celebrating public information.

  17. Am not Romanian, am from Tehran in Iran!

  18. I think its a safe bet, being as they have not a single other person worthy of idolization and you took us on a walk in the park that made national headlines. Who knows though seeing as Trilema is so widely read....

    Also, Goosey Boy is hoping he makes it to the gram.

  19. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 23 March 2021

    @No. 1 Fan O hey, that's pretty cool.

    @nikki Turns out not huh. Do I get a marble ?

  20. Can not put on account because it is just a table.

  21. Oh-no, you don't know... Its actually a picture of the most enterprising goose in existence, while in the process of formulating his purpose in life.

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