The Problem

Thursday, 29 April, Year 13 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

The notion that every two bit nobody is called upon -- as if by phenomena embodied, or the very gods themselves, ridiculum dictu -- to "figure things out for himself" and "come up with his own answers" to life's all questions, big and small alikei, is something beyond description. Undisputably it's the dumbest nonsense ever proposed, for it's self-obviously the dumbest nonsense possible.ii Yet anyone who's ever read the Greeksiii is not going to be much surprised to discover that the worst possible is also existent.iv

Of course, they'd think they accomplished all that, wedidditreddit etcetera ; and yet, for all the layered ludicrous in there, the subject's not merely an exercise in impossiblity. It's an outright pointless exercise in impossibility!

Pedalling on the stationary bicycle is pointless in the limited sense that it won't take you anywhere ; but it's still good for you. The mere act of exercising the muscles is healthy, it promotes blood flow and virtuous metabolic cycling, it's wasted effort, evidently, but wasted constructively.

Exactly contrary to that, the exercise whereby the herd of nobodies acts as if they were their betters -- just like that, just by themselves (or else through the magic virtues of an obelsik engraved to "reason", if you prefer) -- isn't constructive. It's not constructive at all, not to the faintest degree. It has no positive effect whatsoever -- in the absolute, definitive and complete sense of negation.

It certainly doesn't take them any step closer to lordship ; for all the broken china everywhere the elephant's not any closer to being a Chinaman, let alone a china shop owner. Not any closer at all, in any perspective, to any degree. There's just nothing there ; and in the same way the replacement of the white man's accumulated wealth of tradtionally-maintained knowledge, constructed, patiently, painstakingly, over meaningful and recorded centuries, like everything elsev is in the old world, with the cheap plasticrap of "I don't see why" and "hell no we won't go" etcetera comes at a great civilisational

And that is the problem : out of shit this weak, the highest tower that can be constructed is not very high indeed. The greatest turmoils, the deepest longings, the fiercest calls, the anything most-est available in this sprawled, generalized, planetary-sized traditional African villagevii aren't very notable. The world's flatlined drearily, for having been put in the limp hands of limpdick Michael Ceras everywhere, to do with "as best they can figure out what".

The problem of other people, perhaps ; but the problem nevertheless.

  1. Nor are they all that different, in fairness. More a matter of perspective than substance informs these considerations of problem size. []
  2. I don't mean conceivable, there's a a difference, there's plenty of negative space between the potential of stupidity in the sense of what people can conceive of and the potential of stupidity in the sense of what actually is available, as a factual matter ; and that difference's of the sort of scope relating a galaxy to the very universe. []
  3. No, this isn't a collective noun, in your manner. They're not "the Greeks" like you are "the Americans" (in your own parlance) or the UStards (otherwise). It's an after the fact summation, naturally and intrinsically exonymous -- and for that very fact valuable. Because it discusses them niggers as a white man would. Not "empathetically", but externally. As through the eyes of Mr. Bultitude, sr. gazing upon his spuriously idiotic son. Not making any allowance whatsoever for the central idiocy of womanhood that's saying "you didn't live my life" as if the having of some particular form of "an experience" is not merely needed but an outright required ingredient to its understanding -- and therefore meaningful, important and establishing.

    To illuminate that over-dense (even by Trilema standards) last sentence we'll have to proceed by parts. In a footnote, of all places, we have to proceed by parts -- but such is our fate, not for our faults and sins but for existence's intrinsic evil, and so then... that's what we'll do! Firstly, that "establishing" in there is the old churchly Romanian (it's not really Romanian other than in the sense of being preserved in there for three thousand years untouched, because the Romanians are blessfully much too stupid to meaningfully touch anything -- and until recently they knew this, too!) "ziditoare". Its eminent formulation is "suferinta-i ziditoare", which roughly translates to "suffering is [the only known way of] establishing [god's world]. A deeply feminine view of phenomena and therefore existence, whereby thalassa's powerful, yes -- not because it breaks all things, but because it carries all things -- and therefore endurance, perdurance and withstanding are virtues (to the necessary exclusion of all else, as they're the virtues of feminity ; that all esle including everything, everything whatsoever, from mere movement to making sense all the way to civilisation). Nevertheless, female appropriation of fundamental concepts doesn't mar them ; the notion remains, and even shines (after the guts are washed off of it).

    Secondly, the philosophically feminine -- and feminine irrespective of whether any genetically female humans now hold, or ever during millenia uncounted did hold such views, explicitly or otherwise, to any degree of rarity or majority, just as a photon's aroma's unrelated to your tasting light in any way whatsoever -- misperception of existence, whereby it doesn't have to make sense, or ever be recounted to any standard, being instead entirely driven (as in extreme cases it actually is quite plainly driven) by the cunt as a ready substitute for any recounting. The cunt that ever spawns, an endless dropper, a spigot of the great sea of monstrous thanatoi beyond. Ten trillion ovopositors dripping, day by day and moan by moan, all horrors conceivable, leaking all misery from beyond into actual existence, impervious to any consideration. They "just come", what, and you're more than welcome to wash your head with them. The biological woman, the original software "engineer", making no promise of quality, value, or even fitness to any particular pupose -- such as, living. Or living here. Or anything, really, anything whatsoever at all. Completely irresponsible, immune by incomprehensible social convention to any criticism, "I told you to make a boy, what the fuck is this shit" or "I wanted blond" or anything whatsoever ; and in any case absolutely impuissant, entirely unable, as paragon of unskilled discapacity, of affecting any change whatsoever, any improvement over any length of time through whatever approach ever attempted or even just imagined, anything.

    The Greeks, you see, the actual, the living people walking some lands had to believe the woman a mere vessel, in which the man puts self-same little babies (that grow as in an oven and so she's not sole to blame) to keep them from simply butchering the lot (by the same device through which Socrates' students tried to keep anyone from objecting to their tyranny -- equitable guiltification). It wasn't mere "mistake" on their part, scientific naivite, cluelessness. It was naught besides socio-political necessity, rude and nude, absolutely unyielding. "The Greeks" believed in Plato's obstetrics model in the same way you believe in "covid" : your society such as it is needs that, absolutely needs it, to barely keep things together. A man flying in a helicopter has more liberty to unhinge the Jesus nut than you have to touch the covid narrative ; and in the same way modern man has to believe all cuntsquirt&spurt greatly good and equally so and wonderfully etcetera. Because, otherwise, they'd hang all the preggos ; and even with that flimsy deflection natality ain't ever gonna recover. That's why there's no romcom scenes in which a mother and a father look upon their baby and carry on a perfectly reasonable conversation along the lines of "Gee, Marge... it's pretty ugly." "Yeah, isn't it ?! I don't know, it's been a lot of work, but honestly I think we should just re-roll." or anything even remotely like it -- because, if this were on the table at all, the species'd be long extinct.

    Thirdly, and finally, the debris of all this, in its non-coincidental accumulation : the very substance of good, the very core of what makes anything important that's important, the entirety of sense, and sensibility, and all things of zoon (as contrasted to mere bios), they all come from a certain unfriendly, both disinterested and unpersuaded, view upon feminity and its conceptual descendents. The rejection, both of feminity as a philosophical approach (that is, a pre-constructed set of answers to the problems of existence), and of its natural defenses (such as, the in and of itself false proposition that having had the child establishes some sort of relationship to it ; and therefore by extension that having had the experience creates a secret little sorority impenetrable to outsiders, as if experiences could ever be new, novel, or personal in that sense) and consequences (such as the proposition that new life is by its novelty welcome), is the necessary condition of ever having anything like human life ; which is why the exercise of that male gazing upon the female struggling is, not merely enjoyable in itself, and for its effects, but actually constitutive, of meaning (and everything else deriving from it, such as importance, or a life of the mind, or outward civilisation), which is what "establishing" there means.

    I hope we now understand each other : it's not enough to call the fatties fat ; though it's as decent as any other start. []

  4. The fact of the matter is, we've long known the world was made by idiots -- the best possible excluded from existence, without exception, quite reliably ; while the worst possible ever included in all systematisations however construed. Wouldn't it be nice if for once the stupidity equation didn't have any real roots ? Or at least if its largest weren't real ? But alas... []
  5. Take food, for instance. How do you know bread, or pickles, or cheese are food ? What instant examination upon the-item-itself, yields this determination ? What's a DOC, and why is it ?

    Centuries upon untold centuries of regular interaction selected some bacteria from others, created microsystems (and mycosystems), all this evolved. It wasn't made ; it was proposed. It was proposed and death itself chose winners, out of large swathes of hopeful potentials -- and that's how come peaches aren't corcoduse, too! []

  6. regime_parlamentaire_bilan_fin_de_siecleThis isn't to say such accumulation is beyond revision ; it's merely to point out it may only be revised by great men. Never by parliaments, for fuck's sake!

    This is however to say that all traditional societies aren't equally good, equally virtuous, or equally societies in the first place. Not merely for being "just as societies", nor "made by walkers who are just as much people because all walkers gotta be just as much people because it says so on our obelisk", nor for "having aged just as long" -- everything that's currently here has "aged", after its own fashion, sui generis, for equally as long ; but this says nothing of the equality of wasps and rabbits -- nor for any other reason. There can not be such a thing as reasons for equality for the simple if directly obvious reason that there can never be such a thing as equality in the first place.

    The choice is very simply (and just as strictly!) between man and woman ; it's not a free choice, nor is it a choice between equal options. It's what it is. []

  7. Because yes, that's what happens : if you "liberate" yourself from the white man's traditions... you just fall back through history, fifty or eighty centuries, into the nigger-rigged nigger man's traditions. What, you thought there's escape outright available ?

    Ahahah. []

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