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Sunday, 23 August, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So I've been spending my days playing poker onlinei and partying (not necessarily in that order) ; but as I suppose the latter's a lot more your interest... let's go to press.


New shipment of slaves coming in (a word to the wise : I think some crimes might be being committed here!)

From experience as generously allowed by lengthy, unbrokenii practice I've discovered it's a lot better if they're insistently reminded to hold on to their passports while being processed ; the meaninglessness of the act somehow drives the point home better than all alternative affirmations.


Do you think this looks like popcorn ?

Because I've been told it looks like popcorn, and I do not think it looks anything like popcorn.

I think the cookbitch's putting too much popcorn in the dust with sky & diamonds...


That lavender hardughie above is, believe you me or not me or not believe at all (ideally) a church. Also supposedly (it is rumoured) a transit & processing point for freshly enslaved careerwomen & assorted snatched preteen bodies, or something in that vein or not in that vein at all, whether it be artery or adultery or in any way something to do with going in.


"Sastreria Mario Marin" plainly indicates that the item advertised is not merely a taylor, but one that aspires! It's named (for a guy who sounds vaguely Romanian, from that period of Romanian diasporization), it's... would you like some clothes made ? They'll fit so well they'll look painted on! By that brush.

We were talking, you know, the best thing'd be if there was also a beauty salon&spa on the opposite side of the street, similarily advertised. Then couples could be coming hand in hand from the village, to be processed. In town.

Yes ?


Hey, remember that time when I took over one of Budapest's oldest, most beautifully decorated cafes for my perverse shenanigans ?

Well... What, you hoped my perversity knows geographic bounds ?!


I find the cups-and-butts cunterdistinctive condratiction quite pleasing to the eye. And tentacle.


Ca-n viata.


Do you remember me saying something or the other about blossoming ? Something to do with women being clipped at the right times in the right places and so on ?

Well, it pleases me no end to be able to actually display & present for your admiration the physical results of the metaphore in question!


This'd be me listening to contemporary slutmusiciii (on youtube!!!) while having contemporary sluts slutting it out live right in front of me ; and by this opportunity let me challenge any Arab princes / sultans of Brunei / Russian moboligarchs / whatever the fuck's left of white manhood at the periphery of the collapsing empire : can you compare with me, fuckers ? Let's fucking see it, what've you got ? What've you been doing with this life ?

You've been served.


Yes, that's a whip, a proper, braided leather, stingy as all burning hells whip.

Because that bitch... she's a cow.


Sure it's alright for them to share the same cup ; but if you cum twice do yourself the favour and use two cups. Gotta treat yourself right!


This is a candid, by the way. Completely unposed, and by the way, let me in passing mention : if your candi dun look this way after a spirited bout of anal, you... you... well, I guess you gotta buy her a new Spongebob jammy.

Try it, anyhow.


Yes, that's vaseline.


Vaseline is the baseline.

  1. There's this delightful little game called Governor of Poker 3. I like it very much for a laundry list of reasons, chief among which that it's aesthetically both very pleasing and very daring. As to the former point, it will perhaps have to be said that whatever my objections otherwise, political, cultural or whatever they may be, in this particular case the "tablet" style is particularly adequate and quite very much delivering : you do want a clean design with thick lines and no florid intricacy of spurious detail when playing poker, this is the place for the neoprotestant take on aesthetics firmly and exactly, and as such it works exceedingly well. As to the latter point : not only have they definitively pinned down the representation of Sartre's (and everyone else's) Other, such that heretofore poker dialogue proceeds not face to face, but hat to hat ; but they've also whipped a particular decoction of chintzy kitch into a very workable froth. I don't recall when's the time I last liked computer graphics on aesthetical grounds -- they're often enough very saucily pornographic, but rarely asexually accomplished.

    Otherwise, there's no actual money involved (I mean I suppose you could pay a buck or two here and there for however many millions in chips -- but what you're buying are the exact same chips some casino blondie is earning under the table / some punter is winning over the table, there's no "special currency" in the azn sense, no "rubies"/"diamonds" here [they do have "gold", but its only utility I could find consists of buying hats and pins for them]), and, importantly, everyone's complaining. Let's quote :

    Sparkie951 [has Governor of Poker 3] 3 Aug @ 1:03pm
    The Emerald Has To Go
    The Emerald is just getting out of hand.... It is causing so much abuse and players points chasing and abusing other players... This is getting bad an out of hand. These users do not understand that the Emerald only gives them 25 to 250 Mil... I saw one user go from 1.4 Billion down to less than 300 Mil... I have seen several players go to over 100,000 team points in under 2 days and some now almost 200,000. There is no way this can be done with out apply abuse to players.

    Here is the deal... When they go all in, they get all chips already legitimately bet and forcing people to fold on a bluff... They then take a quick win and change tables.

    So since they are playing a points game and do not really care about the chips, they just want to get the Green Shield as a Status Symbol as to how good they are. There is No rank lower than VIP+ that can do it safely and efficiently

    Here is the way these players are Faking Points and it is simple.
    1.) Joining the Table and Quick All In
    2.) Will most likely have a Green Shield
    3.) Many times will have (what I call a stupid hat)
    a.) Alligator or pig
    b.) Powder Keg with Sewer Rat Lighting it off
    c.) Other Weird and stupid hats
    4.) High Level, usually above 50, being a High Roller or lower in the upper tables

    GOP, Please fix this game... There are so many issues and it is only getting worse.. You have already lost a lot of us who used to buy chips, but just not worth it any longer. Salvo, Please go to the DEV's and ask them to fix the game... Tell them that they are going in the wrong direction.

    Thanks in advance for helping us

    I think I have figured out why they Bingo!
    I was thinking it was they they are just selfish, rude, and over bearing, but beginning to see it.

    The real problem is:

    1. They do not understand betting odds
    2. They do not understand the cards
    3. They do not understand how to relate bets to their hands...
    4. I also attribute it to our school system for such low level of math training in the class rooms.
    5. Understanding the value of a Dollar and relating funds to the chips.
    6. It really feels like most of the players are what I call Children that have not grown up yet (25 and below).
    7. Too many people play out of their class... High Rollers should never go to the higher tables. Should never take more than 5% of your assets to the table.... at 5 Mil for Crystal Palace in Las Vegas that would be 100 Mil (No High Roller has that).

    If a McDonalds clerk cannot make change when the registers go down, how can they count their cards and really know what is good and what is bad... So many think AA and AK is good All In PreFlop... there are no 2 cards thats worth an All In Preflop

    AA has an 85% published win rate as hold cards (in GOP I would say it is less)
    AK would be much would be much worse than AA because of Logarithms involved.

    Another problem I see is ethics.... Players for what ever reason like to laugh at players when they win.... this is not on unethical and rude, it is not called for. It is not funny to see someone lose. It is nothing more than being rude at the table and using very poor ethics. There are times to laugh, but not over someone losing a hand. Along the same lines is respect. Poker was built around respect.. In GOP the players show almost no respect for the player near them...

    There is no get rich scheme, and I have seen so many Bingo Players lose it all time over time... Sooner or later they will be caught with their pants down and someone calls them... It is amazing a player with 5 Mil will go to a 5 mil buy in table an lose it all on 1 hand and are bankrupt... they should know better, but in today's environment they feel like it is ok to try to run over others and then don't understand when they lost everything. Hard to feel sorry for them when they do it, but they should have known better!

    As you can perhaps intuit from the froth, the problem perceived by the average pantsuit tard is that the game is "regressive", like proper taxation : it puts all the burden on the poor, as everything all the time fucking well should! "Abuse", rite ?

    What happens is that the game proceeding on imaginary money nobody has ever had to work for (and the admin pumping up untold billions into the universe on a daily basis through all manner of gamified activity rewarders -- which, while exactly contrary to Eulora's take on game currency, nevertheless is a good thing here!), money has exactly the only remaining value left available : that of attention. Obviously most tards are unwilling to adjust their priors to reality, which is why they're tards in the first place ; but nobody cares about them : Governor of Poker brings to life a sort of poker you've never the fuck seen anywhere else, it's utterly post-pantsuit meaningful in terms of the meanings of pantsuit currency. Obviously it's no fun to be blitzed constantly and consistently, without let or hindrance, by a teeming, endless legion of r-strategy eversames ; but... well, who the fuck told you you're the K, hmmm ? The fact that you "spend your time introspecting" whereby you've come up with such science as "laughing at losers is bad" does not constitute any kind of grounds, no.

    Rather, I'd say this game finally gave something to do to the simp legion mutely gravitating out there ; and since noblesse oblige, this Trilema article finally gives something to do to the simp legion mutely gravitating around here : click the link, feed my downline, and otherwise in the bimbo's immortal words... "suck it, little kids!" []

  2. Har har. []
  3. How do you call this genre, by the way ? "Music" it is not very much, rather I'd say burlesque lite, a coupla minutes at a time and filmed, in a studio as opposed to live, so I guess... TTB for tik-tok burleqsue ? You know perfectly what I mean, I'm sure, we're here talking of Cardi B and her train of more or less gifted immitators, Nikki Minaj, Rihanna, Doja Cat etcetera.

    Basically it's the necessary as well as unavoidable coming together of the camwhore culture with the unemployed rap video extras/dancers demographic, in the general soup of reproductive age female attention whoring with a view to distinguishing themselves from the very wordy losers without bodies. []

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