Thursday, 30 January, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Tina awakend after her first real party. She felt tired and groggy. Somebody was sticking sharp, hot knife blades into her eyesockets, right underneath the eyebrows -- or so it felt like. She really shouldn't have gone, like Peggy said. Who the hell takes advice from Peggy ? And about what, about the trendiest overalls this summer maybe ? When Josh invited her Tina felt petrified and exhilirated at the same time. It did feel dangerous, the best kind of dangerous. That's exactly how you get in trouble, isn't it. But... well, how in heck can you resist ? To be invited, as a sophomore even, to that holy of holies, the Seniors' post-prom private party ?! Nobody else in her class was even going, in fact no sophomore had ever went since like the 70s or something.

Panic gripped her intensely, viscerally. Why can't she see anything ? She blinked her eyes, wide open, wide shut, squinty, wide open again. No change. She couldn't see anything. Is she blind ? She tried feverishly to recall, she only had like two of the sweet things with the little umbrellas, that come in carved out pineapples. Was it really two or actually... what if there was something wrong with them ? She had heard once you're not supposed to mix sweets with alcohol, but never really chased it. Why not ? She had heard some other time vaguely that bad alcohol can make one blind. Is that what it was all about ? IS SHE BLIND NOW ?!

The adrenal wave exhausted itself soon enough, and the next heartbeat Tina noticed the cloth on her face. She's not effin' blind, she's just got a dufflebag over her head or something. She audibly sighed her relief, and she heard something like a sigh coming from somewhere nearby. She tried to turn, at which point the numbness in her extremities turned as sharp and hot as fresh vaporub on the clitty hood. SHE WAS TIED!!!

Panic rose again within her, deep, successive waves of real, overwhelming fear. She broke in a cold sweat. They're going to kill her, aren't they. Torture and kill her, yep. Who knows what they're going to do to her! She tried to struggle frantically, but her limbs hurt so bad it didn't take much struggling to reduce her to a whimpering, squealing mass.

"I am very affraid", came the silver chime of a woman's voice, as patently unaffraid as could possibly be had.

"Can you be blind but not deaf ?" she wondered, diligently, before shaking her head, remembering the blindness theory had already been disposed of.

"I am very affraid." repeated the voice, undeterred. "Repeat it with me. I am very affraid."

"Who are you ?" Tina yelled, at the top of her voice. In the silence followed, she thought she could hear the echo of her scream.

The pause only lasted a second ; the voice came back : "I'm Tina."

"You're not me!" she screamed back. "Only I'm me..." she muttered, to herself, with a little croak in her throat, like a little bird was dying.
"We're both you, Tina. You're the Tina you used to be. I'm the Tina you're going to be."
"No, no, please. Please!"
"I am very affraid."
"I... I am... very... very affraid."
"It's scary and it hurts."
"It's scary and it hurts." somehow singing along with the other voice was very soothing ; Tina was getting into the swing of it, if for no reason then because it helped ease the pain, or at the very least took her mind off the other things.
"And I'm Tina."
"And I'm Tina."
"I used to go to Lincoln high."
"I still go there!"
"Yes. I used to go to Lincoln high."
"No! I still go."
"I used to go to Lincoln high."
"I used to go..."
"I used..."
"Iusedtogoto Lincoln high!"
"I'm not going anymore ?" Tina never thought before she'd say that quite so remorsefully. Indeed for years she had wanted nothing else but to be liberated of that accursed place. Yet...
"I am a happy and lively girl."
"I am..."
"I am a happy and lively girl."
"Look, this is ridiculous. Can you come get me out of this ?"
"I am a happy and lively girl."
"My wrists really hurt!"
"I am a happy and lively girl!"
"God damn it!"
"Let's say together : I am a happy and lively girl."
"I am a happy and lively girl."
"When I'm all alone I like to touch myself between the legs."
"What ?!"
"I like to use vaporub when I do it."
"Who told you that!"
"I should be punished for touching myself, so it makes it even better."
"Please. Stop this. I'll do whatever you want."
"I'll do whatever you want."
"Ha-HA! Who's repeating after who now!"
"I'm repeating after you."
"Say I'm a dumb whore, bitch."
"I'm a dumb whore, bitch."
"Yes you are."
"Yes you are."
"Wait, what ?"
"I'm a dumb whore."
"I'm a dumb whore."
"No, don't say that."
"Dumb whore."
"No, I'm sorry."
"If I wasn't a dumb whore I wouldn't be here."
"If... if I wasn't a dumb whore..."
"But I love being here."
"I... I..."
"I love being here. It's excting to be here. My heart is beating fast and my kitty's all wet."
"This place is great."
"This place is... god damn it!"
"I love being here."
"I hate it! I want to get out!"
"If I really wanted to get out, I'd just say the magic word."
"There's a magic word ?"
"And if I said it I'd get out ?"
"What is it ?"
"Wait and see."
"Wait and see."
"I'm a good girl."
"Did it work ?"
"Did it work ?"
"Stop that!"
"Stop that."
"It's really irritating, and my legs hurt."
"I love being here."
"I might pass out."
"I love being here."
"What is the magic word!"
"If you knew it, you'd get out."
"So that's why I'm here, because I don't know the way out ?"
"Everyone is."
"And if I knew the way out ?"
"I wouldn't want to leave anyway."
"Why not ?"
"Because it's great in here."
"Are you brainwashing me ?"
"Why, is your brain dirty ?"
"We both love it here, don't we."
"You do."
"You do."
"No, I don't."
"There's no you in we."
"There's no... what the hell!"
"If I wanted to get out, I'd rub my wrists together, up and down, until the ties loosened."
"That's a thought!"

Tina began the painful, slow, grinding process of loosening her wrist binds forthwith. She stopped now and again, her hands and feet ever number. In truth, it wasn't getting her anywhere.

"It huuuuurts!!!!" she whined.
"I like the pain." the voice chimed again.
"Ok, I like the pain, but this is too much. Please ?"
"I'll do anything you say."
"I'll do anything you say. Please, I beg you. Anything."
"Pain is the best thing for me."
"Pain is the best thing for me."
"It's what I deserve anyway."
"It's what I deserve anyway." she echoed, mindlessly.
"Please hurt me real bad."
"Please hurt me real bad."
"All the time."
"Alll the time! Please. What if my feet fall off ? What good will I be then ? Huh ?"
"I'm ready to do anything."

Tina sighed and sang along, "I'm ready to do anything."
"I will do anything I'm told."
"Yes, anything I'm told, sure, I'll do it. Please get me out of this tie! Please!"
"I will do anything I'm told."
"I will do anything I'm told."
"When I'm ready, I will kneel face down and push my ass out like a total whore." the voice droned on, hypnotically. Every time it seemed done, it started on a new sentence. Tina felt drowsy, confused. "I will wait patiently. If my ties are removed I will not move at all. I will sit put with my face down and my ass pushed out like a good whore. I will count to one hundred, slowly. Then I will take all my clothes off. I will take off everything. I will be completely naked. I will never take off my hood. I will not lift it even a little."

The final pause elongated, like a long drip of honey over a chasm, stretching ever thinner. A hollow urgency grew inside her chest, its edges becoming sharp, prickly, electric. Eventually, she couldn't repress her voice anymore : "Thanks god!"
"When I'm ready..."
"When I'm ready I will push out my ass like a whore on my knees and..."
"When I'm ready, I will kneel face down and push my ass out like a total whore."
"Yes, that's what I'll do. Like a total whore!"
"When I'm ready, I will kneel face down and push my ass out like a total whore."
"When I'm ready, I will kneel face down and push my ass out like a total whore."
"I will wait patiently. If my ties are removed I will not move at all."
"I will wait patiently. If my ties are removed I will not move at all." Tina chanted along. It was actually very easy to do ; the exhiliration of projected release carrying her like on the lips of angels.
"I will sit put with my face down and my ass pushed out like a good whore. I will count to one hundred, slowly."
"I will sit put with my face down and my ass pushed out like a good whore. I will count to one hundred, slowly."
"Then I will take all my clothes off."
"Then I will take all my clothes off. I will take off everything. I will be completely naked. I will take off everything like the slut I am. I will be completely naked. I deserved to be naked. I'm a whore and a slut. I don't deserve any clothes. I hope I have to be naked forever. Please use me like the whore that I am."
"I will never take off my hood. I will not lift it even a little."
"I will never take off my hood. I will not lift it even a little. I hope they come in and fuck me hard. God I'm horny."

Tina asumed the position as she kept on the chanting, abusing herself and declaring herself, repeating over and over the words, the sentences, mixing and matching them into new combinations that all really were the same thing. There was a heavy screech, like metal on stone. Tina started talking louder and louder by degrees, until she was nearly screaming her submission. She couldn't hear the steps over her own voice, but she knew there were steps. She felt the ties being removed, but she didn't dare even rub her aching wrists. She started counting instead. "One... Two..."

Then it occured to her -- maybe it's not slow enough ? Maybe she should... "Three. I love it here. Four. This is the best place in the world. Five. I hope I never get to leave. Six. I like it here because I'm a whore. Seven. I'm just no good. Eight. I'm a total slut. Nine. I don't deserve to see anyway. Ten. I hope they fuck me. Nine. I hope they fuck me a whole lot. Eight. I want to lose my virginity in the dark. Seven. I hope they keep me blindfolded. Six. I hope they rape my virginity off and I don't even get to see who. Five. I hope it's bloody. Four. I hope it hurts me a lot. Three. I want it to hurt, inside. Two. I want all their cocks covered in my blood. One. I hope I bleed lots and lots. Two. I wish it never stops. Three. I like it when my ovaries hurt. Four. Other girls complain about it, but I love it. Five. One time I heard some girls say Alesse is terrible for giving you the cramps. Six. I tried to get the doc prescribe it to me. Seven. It took a lot of finagling, and then it didn't even work. Eight. It didn't do anything. Nine. It didn't hurt at all. Ten. I don't know what to say. Eleven. I'm a slut. Twelve. I'm a slut. Thirteen. I'm a whore and a slut. Fourteen. I'm not really even that much of a slut really. Fifteen. Now I'll have to be though. Sixteen. And a whore. Seventeen. Jesus that's a stupid mag. Eighteen. Peggy says you should wait to be eighteen. Nineteen. I really liked being tied up. Twenty. I hope they tie me again later. Twenty-one. I'm kinda hungry. Twenty-two. Should I go back down again ?"

The voice shocked her, Tina had completely forgotten how her reverie had even started, lost in a world of her own. "I am sorry. What should I do ?"
"I should keep counting."
"Twenty-three. Is it okay if I say things ?"
"It's very interesting."
"Twenty-four. It's very interesting. Twenty-five. Thank you. Twenty four I mean six. Twenty-seven. How do I become a slut ?"
"By only caring about pleasure and nothing else."
"Twenty-eight. I become a slut by only caring about pleasure and nothing else. Twenty-nine. Thank you. Twenty-thirty. I sometimes care about other things. Thirty-one. I will be a better slut. Thirty-two. I think I can be a great slut. Thirty-two. What about a whore ?"
"I'm a whore because I only care about others' pleasure."
"Thirty-three. I'm a whore because I only care about others pleasure... Thirty-four. I've not been much of a whore so far. Thirty-five. I'm sorry. Thirty-six. I will be a good whore. Thirty-seven. I never realised before. Thirty-eight. I'm ashamed of myself. Thirty-nine. I should be punished more. Forty. What about pain ?"
"Pain is pleasure."
"Forty-one. Pain is pleasure. Forty-two. Pain is pleasure. Forty-three. Pain... Forty-four. Pain is my pleasure. Forty-five. I hope they hurt me so I become a whore."
"They will."
"Forty-six. They will. Forty-seven. I hope they will. Forty-eight. I want to be naked. Forty-nine. I want to be always naked from now on. Fifty. Forever. Fifty-one. May I take my clothes off ?"
"Yes, strip naked. It's so nice being naked."

Tina reached around with some difficulty. "Fifty-two. I'm taking off my left sock. Fifty-three. God I'm stiff. Fifty-four. I'm pulling off my right sock. Fifty-five. They smeel a little cheesy. Fifty-six. I should destroy these. Fifty-seven. I should destroy all my clothes, so I can never wear them again. Fifty-eight. I'll tear my blouse at the back, that's easy. Fifty-nine. What to do about the socks though. Sixty. The bra is easy. Sixty-one. I wore great slut lingerie, everyone at the party said so. Sixty-two. Well, almost everyone anyway. Sixty-thre. I think not everyone saw it. Sixty-four. I'm a filthy girl. Sixty-five. Skirt tears so easily. Sixty-six. Panties too. Sixty-seven. I should have done this before. Sixty-eight. Like in the cafeteria one day. Sixty-nine. Just destroy all my clothes in the bathroom and come out completely naked. Seventy. So everyone sees me. Seventy-one. I'm so glad I shaved it bald. Seventy-two. Though it's growing back. Seventy-three. Hey Tina!"
"Yes Tina ?"
"Can I shave my kitty again ?"
"I have to call my cunt a cunt."
"I have to call my cunt a cunt. Can I shave it again ? I mean my cunt."
"Yes I may."
"Yes I may. I'm also hungry."
"There's food. I can smell it."
"I can't smell anything besides my socks. I'm sorry Tina. There's food, I can smell it."

Tina started up almost, then immediately buried her face back down. "Seventy-three. I'm so sorry. Seventy-four. I will be a good whore. Seventy-five. I'm almost a slut. Seventy-six. I will finish the hundred. Seventy-seven. I'm very hungry, that's why. Seventy-eight. But Tina said I may shave. Seventy-nine. I never shaved outside of the shower. Seventy I mean eighty. I think you get razor burn if you shave dry. Eighty-one. Maybe there's a shower. Eighty-two. Maybe no tho. Eighty-three Even better if there isn't. Eighty-four. I hope I get razor burn bad. Eighty-five. It's what I deserve. Eighty-seven Once I'm done I'll look for a razor. Eighty-eight Instead of food. Eighty-nine. I'm not even going to have any food. Ninety. Because I'm so hungry. Ninety-one. Unless Tina says I should. Ninety-two. I do anything Tina says. Ninety-four. Tina is the boss of me. Ninety-five. I do anything Tina says. Ninety-six. I love you Tina!"
"I love you too!"

At this point, Tina did the unexpected : she leaped up, landing precisely on her bare feet. As she stood tall, completely nude in the bare gloom, her left hand lifted the hood over her head in one dramatic, sweeping motion. She looked around : walls, old brick, very tall. Wooden floors. Something that might've been a vent. No table. No chairs. Nothing. Behind her, an old metallic bed, with an old, cheap matress on it and some shredded girls' clothing. A small tray with something on it and a darken hole.

Within two leaps Tina was melting into that very darkness. It answered into a corridor down which Tina took to a spirited sprint, passing similar holes on either side. She settled into a more ponderous trot as her first wind broke, and then she slowed down still. The corridor was endless, or so it bloody well seemed, and then it occured to her -- she's running in a circle. She had passed her cell at least three times. The place was evidently huge, probably underground...

"God damned it!" she said, mostly for the comfort of hearing the other Tina, the chiming Tina, the voice from nowhere from before. But there was nothing there. Nothing but silence, giving Tina a pang of genuine regret. "I'm a dumb wh..." she nearly said but stopped herself. "Now I've done it," she whispered underbreath.

Certainly things didn't look good, not in the slightest. Being tied up, that's one thing, hooded, raped, whatever. Where could this place be ? Just the rent on it... someone with a place like this isn't going to just tickle her fanny. Tina's knees buckled and gave way under her, just as she whispered "I'm dead meat". It's an abattoir, isn't it. It has to be, whoever abducts girls to take them to endless circular corridors underground isn't working on the limited budget of the part-time peeping Tom. This is no married man with an after-church Sunday hobby of feeling up highschool girls on the bus, this isn't some guy with a job looking for a bit of fun on the side at concerts of bands popular with teenagers, this is simply... well, it's Death, isn't it.

Her mind reeled in disbelief, or rather in the refusal of belief. She's young. She's... she's... why'd he kill her ? She'll do anything. "Because it hurts", the thought came right back at her, from that unfathomable, mindless chasm thoughts come back at you. "You like it when it hurts, don't you ? So does he. Just..." Unthinkable, unthinkable! But true, she never went very far. She never did anything. Always too afraid. But if it's somebody else...

The thought sparked, like New Year's first fireworks, the report deafening the silence : girls. Someone who abducts girls. There's no way this whole construction's just for her sake. She's inconsequential. There were others before. There must be others now. There's others. If she found them... She leaped instantly at the first hole. A huge, heavy metal door blocked access. It wasn't even so much a matter of it being locked, Tina couldn't budge it to the slightest degree. She couldn't even tell if it was locked or not, it was simply immense, definitive, trying to push it out of the way was exactly like trying to cowtip a locomotive.

She slinked down the endless corridor, dejectedly trying out the holes. They all presented the same exact face, until, more than a dozen holes later she found one that was standing at an unexpected angle. Her heart stood still. They were all flat, arranged in the same way. This one's not ? Why not ?

"Maybe it's a trap", she thought. "All the better, what can it do, kill me ?" she thought as she squirreled around the three inch thickness of the door's rim inside. On a cheap metal bed a whimpering form shone through the diffuse gloom. She approached quietly and saw clearly : a girl, whimpering, her face in a sack, pushed down, her teeny ass pushed out, her ankles bound tightly. She reached and undid the damned things, slowly, laboriusly. She heard the other girl inhale sharply, and then, after a short while, "One... Two... Three..."
"No, stop, don't do that", Tina said.
"Who are you ?" came the sniffling voice of the other. "What are you doing to me ?" she managed, before breaking down in heart-rendering sobs.
"I'm a prisoner here, just like you. What's your name ?"
"I'm Tina."
"What the fuck ?"
"What ?", managed the other, between tears.
"I'm Tina too!"
"Yeah, that's what the other one says too."
"We're all Tina." The chiming voice was back.
"Fuck. Fuck me."
"You've been bad, Tina."
"No no I've been good, I've been good, I swear I've been. Please!"
"She's talking to me."
"Why have you been bad ?"
"I took off my blindfold and I ran out."
"She told me not to."
"Yeah, me too."
"Why did you do it ?"
"I... I don't know. To save you ?"
"Did you have to take your clothes off too ?"
"I'm so ashamed."
"Don't be."
"I was never naked before."
"Me either. Well... I mean in the shower..."
"Yeah... How is it ?"
"Promise not to laugh ?"
"I... it's actually nice. I kinda like it."

The girl kneeling in bed gave a rabbity little laugh. Then she stopped herself. Then her tears welled up again. "She made me say I'm a slut."
"Yeah, she made me say it too."
"Are you like... a real slut ?"
"I... I think I might be, yeah."
"Aren't you ashamed ?"
"Uhh... I mean at first... it's kinda... it's complicated."
"Can I have a hug ?"
"Take your clothes off first."
"How come ?"
"So we can be ashamed together."
"What ?"
"Kinda hot."
"I know, right ?"
"Do I have to... everything..." the prone Tina started, just as the naked Tina was pulling her jeans and underwear down her thighs to her knees in one fell swoop. She encountered little resistence liberating the captive of the rest of her fittings & garments, and soon enough the two desperate girls were coiled together, as tightly as their extreme circumstance unmitigated by much experience imperatively required.
"Thank you for saving me.", she whispered in her ear.
"We're so far from being saved..." came the dark response.
"What do you mean ?"
"I've seen the outside. It... it doesn't look good."
"It doesn't ?"
"Just this endless corridor. No exits, nada."
"You know, Tina... I have a confession to make."
"Yeah ?"
"You first, though."
"What ?!"
"Have you ever been with a girl before ?"
"Not really..."
"Will you let me sit on your face ?"
"You have to kiss me there. Hard and wet. Lots and lots. And I'll do the same to you."
"It's great, you'll see. It's the best thing."

Over the course of the coming and then departing hours the Tina on top coaxed uncounted orgasms and quite a bit of genuine oral performance out of the Tina underneath her, firmly but patiently, working her unrelentingly, by degrees, until each nook and cranny was thoroughly explored, then sated, and then well exhausted. A Tina lay on her side, nude as her quivering quarry, methodically parting her legs each time she rapproached her knees.
"Why do you keep doing that ?" the Tina on her back eventually inquired.
"You must keep your knees apart, so your cunt's always exposed."
"Why ?"
"I like it that way."
"I thought you were ashamed being naked."
"I was."
"You sure knew what you were doing back there."
"Why, thank you Tina!" and, bending over, she kissed the clit of the girl laying on her back, soft as velvet.
"Did you have a confession to make ?"
"Yes..." and then, with a sigh, "I was kidnapped, just like you were, and taken here."
"Aha ?"
"Long, long ago."
"What ?! How long ago ?"
The Tina on her side glanced at the Tina on her back, played with her hair, felt an inquisitive eyebrow from bridge of the nose towards the ear...
"Six years."
"You've been in here for six years ?!" Tina inquired, incredulously.
"Not in here, no. I've been kidnapped, just like you, six years ago. I was in here, just like you were. Then I moved on, just like you will..."
"But right now ?"
"Right now I've been in here since yesterday. Just like you."
"Your name isn't really Tina, is it."
"No, it isn't."
"Why are you here ?"
"I'm here because I'm a slave. Just like you."
"I'm a sophomore. In highschool."
"You were a sophomore, Tina."
"That's all behind you, now."
"Shut up."
"Suppose you went back, say you were rescued or whatever. Could you ever take any of it seriously anymore ?"
"Oh, god."
"Wouldn't you find it boring ?"
"Why are you here ?"
"I'm here to help you."
"What are you helping me with ?"
"Your transition."
"To being a slave."
"Just like you."
"That's right."
"Scammer!" cried the Tina on her back, then stopped, befuddled, as if her sudden outburst surprised and confused her. What sense does it make ? "Asshole! You lied to me! Fuck!" she screamed, croaking, and attacked the other one -- within a flash she was straddling her, raining an avalanche of girly fists upon her head from on high, small finger and side of palm first as the relative position dictated. The Tina that was on her side, forced now on her back by the onslaught, moved her arms up and abandoned herself to the one above her, making no attempt to defend herself. "I deserve that" she whispered, eventually. "I'm sorry."
The only real Tina started crying, and collapsed on her hated victim, alternately kissing her cheeks and pulling her hair. "How could you do this to me ?"
"Please say that you love me."
"I love you, okay ? I do. But how could you do this to me ?"
"So I could love you too."
"You'll see."
"Oh, I've seen." Tina's eyes glared and then she slapped her captive, hard, on the right cheek. The girl started crying, and Tina yelled out, in a strange admixture of teary anger, "That's right, bitch. That's right. You lying bitch cunt!" and slapped her again, though not as hard, on the other side. The slapped girl bit her lower lip. "You're right, Tina. I deserve it."
"You love being hurt, don't you."
"Not now."
"Right. Now, you're ashamed."
"You'll see."
"What ?"
"Things change, over time. One day you'll see."
"I hate you."
"Then kill me."
"What ?"
"Look, like this." The fake Tina took the real Tina's right hand and wrapped it expertly around her own neck. "There, that's it. Now all you have to do is squeeze. Just squeeze and don't let go. Count to a hundred. I'm gone."
"You want to die ?"
"Then what are you doing ?"
"I'm letting you free."
"There's no more power than this. This is all there is. Go ahead, squeeze. Kill me."
"I... I don't want to."
"Do you still hate me ?"
"Fuck. Look, just because I don't want to kill you it means now I must be a slave ?"
"You say it like it's a bad thing."
"It isn't ?"
"Like hell..."
"You were wrong before, weren't you ?"
"I... I..."
"Kiss me, stupid."

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  1. I think Tina handled this within an acceptable frame.

    Also, I had no idea copycat dialogue could actually be pulled off. It's not that I'm surprised by your destroying of rules by now...but it is incredibly surprising.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 31 January 2020


    &Yeah, it was one of the foremost features of this idea in my mind, that it'd be indeed nigh-on impossible to apply for purely technical reasons. But then again, it turns out technical difficulty's never in the end what one imagines at the onset.

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