King Ralph

Tuesday, 01 September, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

King Ralphi is a delightful lightii comedy from right before the idiocracy kicked in. Admittedly a difficult set-up to pull off ("mittelamerica white trash becomes royalty"), John Goodman's beyond ample, truly capacituous latent capacitiesiii prove once more and once again equal to any draw. This man is probably the least appreciated actor of his generation, and certainly one of the greatest -- when you thought of that set twenty years ago you imagined it'd be Donald Duck Pacino, but it ain't Pacino. It's Goodman, and De Vito, and... not that many others, really -- much like it wasn't Burton, but O'Toole, not Heston but Scoffield and so on. Multe bat la poarta vietii...

They could've hired better looking women for the good looking women parts, I suppose -- but then again there's much fewer good looking women than there's good jokes, so necessarily it follows that you can't have one per comedy, even if you manage their time for them.

Anyways, there's much worse cinematic phates than having to watch this thing -- not necessarily the case if you're going through "what else came out in 1991", but abso-fucken-lutely if you're going through "what else came out, 2010-2020".

Faceti si voi o contestatie, ce sa zic...

  1. 1991, by David S. Ward, with John Goodman, Peter O'Toole, John Hurt (who for you probably is the antagonist in V for Vendetta ; but for the harem forever shall be Rich). []
  2. There's but this one scene wherein O'Toole revs his engines just a moment, half-taking out serious metal at a kiddy-pool splash party and in the process eliciting a literal "whoa there!" out of the entirely unprepared yours truly. []
  3. You had to do a double-take such that the "talent" you had read resolved into the "latent" I had written, didn't you ?

    Might as well admit it, your brain's not yours to work for you but mine to... work for you ; and we both know this (no, not including you). []

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