The decanter of decansion decants ; and having decanted... moves on ?

Saturday, 14 March, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

How do you say this, anyway ? I mean I get it, of decanting, like appealing. But I don't want appealing, I want appellation. How does decant do the -ion adverb, not the -ing faux verb-adverb ? Hm ?

Neways, I'm sitting here reunited with the girls. One was off doing one thing, by herself ; the other was off doing some other thing, we started together, but then I dropped her off, and continued in the taxi. So as she's taking off her other shoe, melontits lazily caressing her knees, she turns her head towards me and she's like... "did you remember to take the stuff ?!"

We had bought some shit in the joint portion of the voyage, such as cakes and quiche and ensalada de salmon con aguacate and cafes chorreadas de Limon and etcetera at the very nice cafe where we go ; and paid random girls on la calle compliments ; and looked under the skirt of the interesting portion of the teenage couple that had skipped hand in hand all the way down the street to the fuckhotel previously shown jfw, and then up the stairs. No kidding ; the common street hooker looked just like a last-year highschooler ; I'm sure she earned her cien mil or whatever it was (more like perhaps sixty, odds are). All that is perfectly safe, and all through the trip still with me, as you can well see. However other odds and ends -- a coupla mice, a half dozen mangos I lack words to describe the item, it's not a mango it's Afrodite's right tit, stuff like that. And no of fucking well course I didn't "remember" to take them, what the everloving shit is this, I've not carried a bag in a decade. What are women even for ?!

So no, they were left in the cab ; which being a random pick-me-up from the street downtown, twelve or so miles off... there's literally no way to get to him (zero doubt that he'd gladly return the loot if he could be contacted -- but he can't possibly be contacted). Had he been a local... but he wasn't a local, in little rural Centroamerican towns two different barrios might as well be a world apart, and we're talking like eight or so barrios over here, forgetaboutit.

Nobody got punished or anything in the making of this adventure, though of course she felt guilty anyways. But just as everyone's settled down... someone's honking at the gate. So I yell for the groundskeeper guy, who pops his head across from me, on the other side of the third floor. He's not by the gate, he's up here working on shit. Damn. Nicole meanwhile runs there barefoot, to encounter... the cab driver. Who, having found the stuff, drove back, of his own accord, to deliver it to its rightful owner (me). Because, I dunno how to put it in plainer or more piercing words, this is what these people do, and by direct consequence what they are. He could've eaten my fucken mangos with his girlfriend or sold my mice to the street hawkers, I'm sure, but his abuelos used to live here, and even if he doesn't know the place nor ever saw me before in his life... what the fuck, it's just not done, you understand me ? If you leave your shit in his cab he'll just bring it back, like normal fucking people (fifty or a hundred years ago). Ticos for Superior Species 2020.

But getting back to it : by consequence I'm sitting here with my girls and my delicious fresh mango drink (en leche), quite inclined to help. So let's help then, what!

jfw: diana_coman: perhaps he just says it to get an itch under my skin

Not hardly, but here's the actual story that nobody else is going to otherwise know unless I drive all the way back to deliver it myself : at t0, I asked trinque if he'd like to process this transaction via deedbot, because I figured whatever missed pointsi of the past, it might still be good -- for everyone.

At t0 + 1 hour... nothing happened.

At t0 + 2 hours... nothing happened either.

At t0 + 6 hours, or 12 hours, or twenty four hours, or you fucking name your interval, nothing the fuck happened just as much. Isn't it fabulous, this state of affairs where the only guy with, to fucking quote, exactly and for exactness,

so im sitting there in the buffet breakfast area, with two girls standing on either side ready to serve, enjoying my tomcat perch, shooting gazes at all the other dudes, "oh, joe, no suit ?" "oh moe, where's YOUR slavegirls ?" until everyone's just eating with their head bent to the degree their face and their egg are contiguous media.
go me.
TWO valets, WITH tits. a standard never before deployed in the history of feudalism. a duke might, MAYBE, get two pages, but that'd be just about it.

The coolest guy since, simply and literally, forever -- you don't have to "like" it, you don't have to "accept" it, nobody is giving shit one about you in this matter, reality is what it is not what fits in your gullet -- can interrupt his breakfast to answer questions as need be, within hours of their appearing, whether that need is even comprehended by anyone at all or not. That's good enough for him, but... what, it obliges ? Noblesse obliges ?! Herp.

At t0 + no less than fucking... count them with me now, does your timestamp read 2020-03-03 08:25:37.217662 like mine does ? And then the other 2020-03-07 07:21:22.589290 on your screen as well as on mine ? So what's this, four days, t0 + NINETY FIVE hours, yes ? Do you know what that gpgram contained, chiefly ? Me asking that it dun take for fucking ever like last time. How about that ?

Anyways, four days later I gave up. That's what fucking happened. I could very well not have talked to jfw at all. It seemed to me haughty not to. It's true he's new ; it's also true I know of no reason his work or effort needs to be discounted. Indeed I knew no such thing in the case of all the other great losers of this great experiment -- read mod6 from back in 2016, read phf, or alf or any and all of them. Read trinque in his youth, not even back when he was called undata, read him as early trinque, compare and contrast. What got into all of them, brainworms ? Sooner or later you will have to face the fact that who knows, maybe the Republic fucks people ? Dumbs them down ? If you compare what went in and what went out, it is inescapable -- just look at what a fucking moron Stanislav became in the past say six months. Was he always this fucking stupid ? Can you find idiocy of that caliber in his early work ? What the fuck exactly happened, then ?

These are questions you will have to face ; can't simply ignore. Sure, maybe he was just a poltroon, a spineless swallower of all things, ready to claim an unchewed agreement to anything, whatever it might be, like old maids desperate for acceptance or marriage. Then, once his sugar cube went away so went his "ideological allignment", his "opinions" (truly his) and all the rest of it. Ok, maybe. That'd be one. And maybe the other one got fucked in the ass and it changed his personality (srsly ?! this works now ?!) and the other got married and what the fuck, we're gonna sit here coming up with individually tailored explanations built of smoke and circumstances for everywhich event in a sufficiently long list ?

But, be this problem whatever it might be, we're moving on : a further seventeen hours later, one hundred and twelve hours after the initial highlight, trinque sent me something. I've no idea what it is, I've not gotten to it yet. Eventually I will perhaps ; but for now a simple observation suffices : seventeen goes into ninety-five five times and a half and change. Let's call it n instead. It makes an immense difference answering at n-1, rather than at n+1. Seventeen hours in ; or thirty-four, or even fifty-one or sixty-eight, and so on, it'd have been a thing. Too late however, is too fucking late ; and that's what it is and how it goes and what it all means.

For that matter... it's how the unravelling even started -- re-read the phf lulz and be edified.

So yes, it's true jfw's thing made Diana chuckle. There's problems, of course there are, the infrastructure was not ready, bla bla bla. Great fucking progress from 2012 onwards, what can be said. Yet that I felt like giving him his moment in what otherwise is a galactic shut-down doesn't mean now "he fucked it up". His only part here is your further humiliation : after years of "working", the situation is that if I want to use republican tools for republican goalsii it all hangs on some new guy and his thing none of you haughty idiots even tried out. How about that ? Write me fifteen hundred more of those pompously pointless "report of the foundation, gentlemen" or whatever the fuck it is you do, it'll go a long way towards... Towards what ?

And moving on : yes I'm going to give a bundle of Bitcoin to a bunch of people who've been shamelessly sitting on their asses, watching how the rest of you busted your humps and broke your hands and broke your necks and got enough humiliation to last you a lifetime for it all. The old point's not lost -- for all his failure to n-1 rather than n+1 trinque still stands way the fuck taller than some cocksucker who "worked" for Okcupid all these years, or whatever dumb, shamefully dumb shit in that vein. So no, they're not going to get "the best there is", because fuck them, they've sat on their hands rather than make that best exist. They'll get "industry standard", they're not fucking special, a webwallet's good enough for alooftards with "options" and etceteras.

I hope it's all clear now ; but if it is or if it isn't -- my mango's gone.

  1. Remember when I said, literally and to the very letter,

    mp_en_viaje << alright. to catch back here, after a lengthy interval of low thoroughput resulting obviously in some desyncing : to my mind there's three items outstanding.
    ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-21 00:44:41 trinque: I've got things in motion to spin up my old dc.

    mp_en_viaje your self-interest one is the perfecting of in-channel payments, such that deedbot can be used not merely as the processor of republican record, but also as the everyday support of commerce. this'll require managing small payments on an hourly rather than day+ timeframe. it was specced back in 2017 or some shit, and i deliberately did not push the issue on the expectation and implication that you're sitting there responsibly and effectually, like a lord, not angstily and spinningly like a spinstress, thus therefore progressing daily towards a goal, rather than wasting time "being worried" or whatever the hell.
    ossabot: Logged on 2017-04-07 14:24:31 mircea_popescu: no, let's also de-equivocate think. there's two kinds of think, one's a forge/reflow/examination of trees resulting in analytical consumption of inputs with actionable outputs guaranteed ; the other is a neurotic behaviour perhaps best described as spinning, whereby specific emotional triggers / detriggers are visited in succession. the prussian model was never concerned with the former in any sense, but merely aimed to eliminate the latter ; under the (broadly correct) assumption that a quiet head works and a loud one doesn't. this isn't so different from, eg, buddhism.

    mp_en_viaje there's an important difference here : that deedbot is the payment processor of record is a ~priviledge~ i grant you, precisely in the manner and of the nature of my saying you now own county devon. whether you manage to produce five billion pounds of silver by running county devon or five hundred pounds of debt is a reflection on you, not on the county devon. how great a lord you are entirely rests on what great things you can accomplish on how little in granted priviledges -- and this for the very simple and utterly unmissable reason that another lord Devon there will be ; but another county Devon never, and therefore any mismatch will have to be fixed on the fixable side. see ?
    mp_en_viaje so as the matter stands, you're currently eating the priviledge to no great productivity, and not doing your own interest, which is in itself ludicrous. hate the other folk doing exactly the same as much as you want -- nobody hates anybody ever but for the reflection of himself he perceives in them.

    mp_en_viaje the second, which is the hanging matter, is that i meanwhile specced a new functioning of ratings and voicing, the to-spec execution of which being the very bedrock upon which deedbot payments even work. come april or whatever, i'm not about to do the old style lordship ratings, meaning that i'll be confronted with a very phf situation in six months' time, something that's evident to ~anyone paying any attention at all, and so liable to eschew mention.
    ossabot: Logged on 2019-08-02 02:14:00 mp_en_viaje o look at that, phf logger also quit sometime last night. hey!

    mp_en_viaje i'm mentioning it specifically because hey, why not, but normally wouldn't have, again on the expectation that "his lordship" is not hollow pretense, but actual and factual description. this is what it describes : a man who needn't be told the obvious. naught else, it's all it is.

    mp_en_viaje finally, the third, which is the small matter, is that currently attempting to paste things back and forth is being disrupted by arbitrary nonsense. i'd very much like (not so much for myself, heh, but for the glory and heathen-perceived might of this our here republic) to be able to get strip club footage via a transparently logged process showcasing the great practical
    ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-18 10:25:23 diana_coman: mp_en_viaje should I set her up with a ftp account on
    mp_en_viaje value and utility of gpg ; but we've currently missed out on capitalizing on that particular one opportunity -- which opportunity, again, costs money, and which opportunity, evidently, can't actually even remotely be replicated by anyone else -- because hurr durr, something's saved by capping pastes at XXX rather than YYYY. help me out here, what's the cost versus whats the benefit of me, you or anyone else being able to show some self-important rando that logpoint years hence ?
    ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-18 17:20:58 mp_en_viaje i have been keeping a (quite public, at that) log of a wide reaching "where is it not raining" research project. expensive enough, too, i've been burning 4 figures/day, every day, since ~april. not that the point is how to make it cheapest or anything

    mp_en_viaje that'd be where we stand, now i want to hear sense from you back.

    That was October last, 21st day. Wasn't it ? You were there, just as I was there (you're still there, just like I isn't, but that'd be rather besides the point, we're merely sorting out the past here). Did you hear sense back, then or hence, that perhaps in my thickness I missed ? Was the hanging matter resolved as it had to be, as far as you've seen, right and proper and on time ? Did the dude whose pretense to a locus his ass couldn't in fact sit on actually carry any meat, or did we just simply forget that whole "I hate all of you" debacle, or need I quote chapter and verse or... well ? What exactly ? []

  2. "Oh, but MP should bring his own nodes into our midst, and his own ISP, and maybe even put food on the table and warm cunt in the bed, why not -- noi doar cintam si dansam.

    Bai frate, stiti ce ? Ia mai luati-va tara-n ranita de-aici, bon asa ? []

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  1. Thanks for connecting those dots. Incidentally, the mixed metaphor (can there even be an itch *under* the skin?) came partly from recalling the recent:

    diana_coman: jfw: basically you need some itching powder for the writing process, lolz.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 15 March 2020


  3. Phf is dead`s avatar
    Phf is dead 
    Monday, 16 March 2020

    > For that matter... it's how the unravelling even started -- re-read the phf lulz and be edified.

    That would be August 5, 2019 but respectfully I beg to disagree. The unravelling truly began with the two masters discussion earlier that year and the eventual negrating of DPB, June 22. That was the first time the all-engineer so called Republic found itself confronted with the obligation of non-technical performance, and everyone pretty much lost their shit, became depressed and so on. It's one thing to ask the monks+friars to chant this rather than that, or six times rather than nine. It is another thing entirely to ask them to do something besides chant. When BB did it of his own volition it was one thing, that's good enough for him they thought while doing their best to sabotage him. When it became required instead of just some exotic fringe madness thing everyone pretty much checked out.

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 16 March 2020

    I suppose your proposed construction may be well borne by events.

    So, following the logic, the broad formulation of closure

    nothing interesting or important occuring that'll have human males involved to any significant degree

    really should read something more in the vein of

    nothing interesting or important occuring that'll have

    either "technical minded" boys sufficiently seduced by that nonsense as to believe being an engineer's a way of life, rather than a marginally useful approach to an irrelevantly narrow set of problems

    or else "non-technically minded" boys sufficiently impressed with themselves as to happily take the tools of greatness and apply them to their immonde nothingness as if it were just as good and worthy regardness

    involved to any significant degree

    I mean, I checked out contravex yesterday, for the first time in like two, maybe three years. Dood was using the entire array of Trilema tooling flawlessly, like just about none of the sad lot ever yet managed. But he was using it... to tell the grand story of how Amazon sent him an order in six packages over three days or whatever utterly inconsequential aiureala in that vein.

    And yet, the obvious problem with this re-write, should you find it acceptable, is then that it's altogether dubious to me whether if you remove the idiots type A, such that instead of "coming up with his own handrolled rewrite" they just fucking use the tools that are, and if you also remove the idiots type B, such as that instead of complacing* themselves in whatever green tinged pool of nothing they do in fact push themselves towards something to at least the most moderate of degrees, you'll be left with anything at all. Seems rather like changing "no barn animals allowed" to "no domestic birds, and no domestic mammals" -- the fuck, that's all of them!

    But be that as it may -- there's also the other problem, namely that I can't even swear I see the point at all. The other kind of minutious self-stroker also wouldn't chase a lead let alone produce one to save his fucking life, that's how Pete D "quit smoking" : by being told off by the "cigarettes" for the same exact failure as the others.

    Is it ultimately such a notable difference, that instead of building the Foundation into a foundation, organizing events, importing volunteers, turning that platform such as it was into an ever-widening funnel converting ever-more, ever-better pantsuited lemmings into the Republic mod6 faffed about, whereas instead of building Qntra into an actual news platform, importing volunteers, turning the damned thing into an ever-widening funnel converting ever-more, ever-better pantsuited lemmings into the Republic bingoboingo faffed about, whereas instead of turning the republican ISP into an ever-widening funnel converting ever-more, ever-better pantsuited lemmings into the Republic alf, mod6 & bingoboingo faffed about, whereas instead of turning the deedbot wallet into a competitor on the fucking market, and thereby into an ever-widening funnel converting ever-more, ever-better pantsuited lemmings into the Republic trinque faffed about, and so the fuck on -- whereas on the other side instead of making his trishophood into anything dpb faffed about, and instead of making portland into anything ben vulpes faffed about, and instead of on and on ? I swear I don't fucking see it, it seems to me rather like we're discussing how dull or shiny rocks failed to float.

    The thing that supposedly distinguishes these rocks is entirely irrelevant in the face of the thing that unites them : their sheer, unmitigated, stenuously defended incapacity to float. I really don't care how they catch the Sun ; I deeply care that out of the list of successful foundations currently known, exactly ZERO of them started with more money than the thing mod6 & co fucked up. The Baltimore riots didn't have a ready supply of beer, and yet they did what we couldn't coalesce out of Oregon. Why do the niggers manage without needing the cunts and drinks lined up, whereas you masterace losers don't manage to even line them up at all ?! Look at your leisure through human history, nobody had such luxurious a situation as these whelps enjoyed ; out of all the successful churches to date established (and my god there's many) exactly NONE started with the great advantage of the fucking duke of Milan's support. Yet they went and nailed shit to the church door regardless, and took it up the ass for it.

    So in the end, not for lack of examination, but on the contrary, I stick with my opinion : there's no further point to the continued existence of whatever XY bearers may be today extant. Nor may your mileage vary, really -- you need a car in the first place to "mileage" & elaborate shit like that.

    * Fucking joke of a bullshit half-language, it "doesn't have" the verbal form of complacency the noun !? What the fuck nonsense is this, why not go about with a three wheeled car for the same money!

  5. >> Why do the niggers manage without needing the cunts and drinks lined up, whereas you masterace losers don't manage to even line them up at all ?!

    Insufficient incentive and lack of physical motivation to compensate. It's always "off-time", behind the curtain, away from the fambly, after the real job. Even with some of these assuaged, there's nothing without the whole. Nothing can be important so long as what's professedly important takes a backseat to "[nachos/smartphone/derpendopotamous/decorum/emotional security/nostalgia] first".

    Every other possible explanation is just a shard therein. I spent many years thinking, hoping, arguing that it wasn't true --people don't necessarily need a whip. Whether the age or anything else plays into it, regardless, I was wrong, they do.

  6. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 17 March 2020

    Who the fuck will ever be found who can be arsed to whip boys is still as much an open question as back in the days of yore. For a while the matter was somewhat addressed by that great invention whereby they were used to beat each other up ; and judging by its excellent products and the horror incumbent upon its destructuration it was clearly the greatest social good and foremost invention of mankind -- but the clueless poseurs with great self-esteem had to fuck with it and "war is bad mmkay" etcetera. Until a replacement is found... actually, it's not at all even likely a replacement will be found. Humanity will carry on as a herd just as well, probably even cheaper this way.

    Anyone wanna take bets on how long until male offspring makes up less than 10% of live births ?

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