Forms y nudos

Friday, 18 December, Year 12 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Initially the title was going to be "lifeforms", but it ran long.

Speaking of life-forms : do you realise that, along with mithochondiral DNA, human immunity is chiefly inherited along the female line ? I bet you didn't, did you, but it's true : in the first days of life the newborn's immunity is entirely composed of remnant antibodies synthesized in the mother, not in the neonate. Afterwards it starts making its own, copied after the ones the mother had left behind. There's some personal contribution, mostly through deleting (and some unintentional misinterpretation), exactly like in the perpetuation of "culture" through hand-copied manuscripts ; later in life actual genetic factors permit the expression of genuinely personal -- and in the context of actual antibodies novel variants -- however by and large human immunity is a motherly thing.

Which brings us to the interesting point : males, especially organized in armies, especially if carried over large bodies of water on rickety wooden implements animated by sails are a biological weapon sui generis. It's not the hundred Spanyards with one cannon that crushed the whole Incan civilisation as such, but rather the combination of trivial diseases the stupid cunts of their mothers hadn't prepared the simpy Xoxo (or Koko or Dodo or whatever dumb shit they caled themselves) for, along with the trivial notions and behviours the stupid cunts of their mothers hand't prepared them for (through the age old self-indulgency of uppity cunthood), such that the congregated morons wanted to be like... friends and shit. They "just wanted to get along", because life's the most important thing and so on, inane bullshit in that vein.

I only mention this because it's possible the history might repeat itself, or however you say "believe women" in dead languages.

Oh btw, isn't my great and fabulous luxury of saying whatever the fuck I fucking feel like quite the enviable priviledge ? God knows your "President" or whatever you call the scapegoat these days can't afford it, to say nothing of "you yourselves" (whathever that even is these days) ; and if you were in any sort of danger of becoming a thinking person you'd at least suspect it's the foremost issue. But...


Nudos, aka knots. Or as the Romanian expression has it, noduri si coarde.


This being one of the best cartoons I've seen in a long while. The problem with contemporary cartoonery is its insufferable boyishness. Too loud, too "arresting", too garish in any case, much too driven and sharp and tense (asides from being outright stupid). It creates great demand for the alternative approach ; and if you take a moment to notice the old woman with a portrait en duello the eye inescapably slides to the little boy bereft of an anticipated party, and thereupon the entire edifice of female self-inflicted sadness unravels, complete.

Doesn't it suck living in a world populated by little girls ? (Yes it's your fault, of course it is. Did you rape any girl into womanhood today ? So then.)


Above, as below : fake hills in the distance, consisting of but clouds.

It's true, too!


This gas station has stood abandoned, in a prime real estate spot, for eons beyond rememberance. I'm pretty sure it was slowly decaying the first time I came here, fifteen years ago. Perhaps it may survive us all.


The "concerned parents" / Karens-someone-gave-"secure"-plasticars-to at work.

Yes "salida de emergencia" means emergency exit, yes that's a school, yes the only reason they've parked the monstrosity (illegally, by the way) there is because their children go to that school. They wouldn't be there otherwise, duh.

And it has to be parked in the very fucking door, of course. Because being male-neglected (therefore fat, lazy and stupid) middle-aged women they think walking is bad for them (who knows, someone may rape them on the way!!!), and besides, moo-moo.

Don't you hate living in a world populated by little girls ? It wouldn't even be so bad if you hadn't given the white goods all sort and manner of white goods, but...


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