Jason's folding.

Wednesday, 13 November, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Hi Jason. How are you enjoying yourself ?"
"Um. Are you supposed to be here ?"

The strangely rat-like man gave a manic chuckle. His hunch, his paunch, the conic shape of his face, the tiny eyes far apart on his face and the tinier teeth now and then glinting at the corners of his very unconvincing smile forced the impression of an overgrown rat upon a neutral bystander ; but then again there's no such thing as a neutral bystander, nor was there anyone else present.

"Uh. Hum. Who are you ? Aren't you too old to be here ?"
"No, and neither are you. Not too old, and not too young. Just right."
"Whatever, weirdo. I'm out of here." he tried, with debonair that rung hollow. The man lunged, and slamed back shut the door Jason had begun to crack. Jason paled some, and shuffled to the side, out of the way, his arms distancing from his trunk in the universal gesture of disinterested confusion.

"What the... hey! Whatever..." he rambled, trying to regain his mental balance.
"You'll walk out of here once I said what I came to say. Is that clear ?"
"Jesus. What do you want from me ?!"
"I want you to pay attention, because I'm only going to say it one time." the man stopped a moment and glared for effect, then continued very warmly, almost paternally, "You understand Jason ? Just one time."
"Man, I'm not sucking your crazy ass dick, leave me the fuck alone."
"I assure you, my dear boy, I couldn't be any less interested in that. I have a job to do, that's all."

Jason perked up a little, his first rush of panic driven by the slamming of the door dissipating with the celerity of youth. "A job, huh. Is it the job of talking boys into sucking your dick, huh ? Is that it ?"
"Not mine. I am a harvester for the Organization. A very good one, too! Maybe the best. In any case, they send me in first for the more promising twinks."
"The what who... what the fuck did you just say ?!"
"The Organization has been fighting the government for many, many years. At least a hundred. It's been winning, too, for about as long. Not all the time, of course, but by and large it's been winning an inch or two each year."
"Aham..." Jason nodded, putting all of his choicest "irony" into the vocalization. He rarely did that, because he falsely believed such application has the magic power to stop anyone in their tracks and he didn't welcome proof to the contrary. But for such a weird occasion...
"For some god forsaken reason I'm sure nobody even remembers, the government has a fetish for putting random people inside. You know what prison is, right ?"
"Yes, crazy, I know what prison is."
"Not yet you don't. But anyway -- there's really not that much difference between inside and outside, for the Organization. A room's a room, right ? Chow's chow, who even cares."
"Bet they can't get laid."
"Actually, they can. That's where you come in."
"Me ?!"
"Yes, Jason. You. For the next three years, you will undergo a preparation course."
"A pr... a prepppp... a prrr..."
"That's right. You'll grow tits, and wear make-up, and get used to skirts and shaving and whatever else you faggoty boys do."
"But I'm not a faggot!"
"That really makes no difference."
"Honest mister. Sir. I never even look at gay porn. I swear!" Jason's voice had switched camps, and now carried all the plaintive little boy he could possibly stuff in there.
"But you do look at porn ?" the ratman evidently enjoyed toying with his... victim, customer, whatever it was.
"I... I..."
"Well, so what the hell's the difference, porn is porn, all the same anyway."
"But there's no cocks!"
"You'll get used to it. Here, take this phone." Jason's eyes widened. "Now and again you'll get instructions on it. You follow those. And don't fucking lose it! That's all."
"No... fucking... way..." the boy enunciated, in a complete panic. "No fucking way. No way. No!"
"Jason, Jason. What are you going to do ?"
"I... I'm going to tell on you. That's what!"
"You're going to what ?!" the man could somehow barely contain his glee.
"I'm going to tell. Fuck you. I'm calling the police. I'm going to the school counseling office tomorrow. Fuck! "
"You're going to go to the counselling office and tell the fat nigger sitting on the clock there that some guy you don't know gave you a phone ?"
"That's right!"
"While you were at an unauthorized party, drinking and whatnot ?"
"Umm... No... Not that part."
"Fuck you. You're going to jail!"
"If I go to jail, the Organization will take care of me. Actually, after so many years, there's probably a huge bonus in it for me, if it happens. Meanwhile... what will you do ?"
"What the fuck ? I'm in school. That's what I'll do, I'll go to school."
"Where was it, Lincoln High ?"
"How the fuck do you know that!"
"That's my job. Tell me Jason, does Lincoln High have a zero tolerance policy on bullying ?"
"Of course."
"Does it work ?"
"Let me explain something to you, numbskull. I'm not the only harvester. There's tons of them. The one thing that sets me apart, and the reason they send me first, is that I prefer talking to the meat. The others... they do a whole lot less talking. Like show & tell, you know ? I tell ; then they come along, and they show."
"What the..."
"You've got nothing on me, so it doesn't matter. But if you don't do exactly what I told you to do, they'll send someone else. Maybe a van stops on the side of the road as you're walking home, they drag you in and you spend the rest of the week sucking cock chained to a pole in a bathroom somewhere. Or maybe some married woman picks you up, and then her husband 'accidentally' finds you with her, and fucks you both like two little whores. Or maybe you get a little dizzy at some party and then wake up somewhere you don't recognize at all. Or... in the end, what the fuck difference does it make ? It's gonna happen, it's a given ; and once it happens you'll have something on someone, odds are. At that juncture..."
"I go to the police."
"Right. They'll maybe get the guy, or guys, or maybe they won't. Maybe whoever they get is convicted ; or maybe they walk. Maybe they have a great time of their life -- they likely will, Organization men usually do. Meanwhile you... what's the best outcome for you ? Maybe you're famous for a week, at most two. Then everyone forgets, and you're just another little whore. They're going to protect you, of course, of course. That's what they'll say. They'll remember it, too, for the week or two."
"You can't go back to being just a little schoolboy. That's the point. You can't, you'll be known. You'll be the little whore, so it'll happen again. Maybe you'll go to the police again, and maybe you won't. Maybe they'll listen to you, maybe they won't. Maybe you run into some Organization cops and they enjoy your holes for themselves. What are you going to do, send the whole world to jail ?"
"I don't understand..."
"Yes Jason, you do. You do understand. That's why I'm even bothering talking to you : because you're smart, and you understand." the man paused, took in the whimpering boy before him, and continued "The world is old, you see. Maybe in the time of your gramps' father it was all new and shiny and open. Maybe a hundred years ago being a smart boy meant whatever, education and career, and being a luscious hottie meant having kids, simple things like that. The simple life. Not anymore ; not for a long time. The world is old now, second order effects dominate now. If you're smart all it means is you'll make a willing prison sissy whore, nothing more. There's no empty room, my boy. There's no space, you see. Everything's taken, you have to bend to fit in, now."
"That... that..."
"Not what they said ? Well... they lie."
"If I don't do exactly what you tell me to, you mean... with the phone ?"
"What will happen to me ?!"
"Funny you should ask. Actually... you're going to jail."
"I am ?!"
"Yes. After you complete your preparation course, which I'm pretty sure you'll ace, you will be just turning eighteen. You'll be 'convicted' by the government, and so you'll spend the rest of your days in prison."
"What the fuck will I do there ?!"
"Oh, I'm sure they'll find something to use you for. Plugging your holes, most likely. Hiding the salami, the game of gargling whorebois... there's lots of activities just waiting for you!"
"I'm going to be a sissy prison whore for the rest of my life."
"That's right."
"But what ?"
"I... I... huh. I mean..."
"Yes ?"
"Is Cassie in on this ?"
"The short redhead with the large boobs ?"
"Yeah. Cassie."
"Yes. She set you up. It was never supposed to be a date, it was just supposed to be your moment of destiny."
"But... but..."
"Hm ?"
"But why ?!"
"I don't know. I think she likes seeing young boys fucked up."
"I thought... she said..."
"Yeah, yeah, puppy love, whatever. You can forget about that."
"Will I... do I have to wear... is it..."
"Do I have to wear the cock cage ?"
"Of course. Masturbation the normal way is counterproductive for your kind."
"But... but I mean..."
"Yes, you can still masturbate, they'll show you how. You have to use your asshole instead."
"Like... with a suction cup dildo ?"
"I think so. Hey, didn't you say you don't watch gay porn ?"
"I don't watch much... I mean..."

Jason was interrupted by an unfamiliar buzzing. He looked at the phone in his hand like it were a ghost. Like it were some long dead notion, the epiphany of childhood past. The message read "take your clothes off bitch boy!"

Jason looked at the man in a panic.
"Do I... do I have to... everything ?!"
The man nodded disinterestedly. "Probably. Best be sure, you know ? Better safe than sorry."

Jason started sobbing as he pulled his tshirt over his head. He grabbed his shorts with his thumbs under the waistband and, catching his underwear too he just pushed the whole mess down, in a sort of rushed panic. He realised his predicament once he couldn't get his pants off because of his sneakers, but couldn't reach to undo his sneakers because of the crumpled mess fastening his ankles together. He blushed profusely. The man snickered, and slapped his bare buttock as he let himself out the door.

Jason, bent at the waist, naked but for his socks, with the remainder of his clothes hobbling his feet together, tears dripping from his eyes and precum dribbling from his entirely soft, immature penis, moaned faintly. He was all alone, for now ; but be wasn't going to be alone for all that long, nor ever again.

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  1. The world is old, you see. Maybe in the time of your gramps' father it was all new and shiny and open. Maybe a hundred years ago being a smart boy meant whatever, education and career, and being a luscious hottie meant having kids, simple things like that. The simple life. Not anymore ; not for a long time. The world is old now, second order effects dominate now. If you're smart all it means is you'll make a willing prison sissy whore, nothing more. There's no empty room, my boy. There's no space, you see. Everything's taken, you have to bend to fit in, now."

    Such a great fucking line in and of itself and it adds so much to the story.

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    Of Course 
    Friday, 15 November 2019


  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 15 November 2019

    Why thank you!

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