Mom ?

Saturday, 08 July, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Mom ? Mooom ?"
"In here baby."
"Oh mom. Thanks god you're home!"
"Hey, what happened to you ? Here, sit down. What happened ?"
"So I was coming home from school, right ?"
"Through the park ?"
"Did Mr. Floor tie you up again 'till all hours of the night ?"
"Mom, it's Fleur. Fleur. Like in French."
"Fleehhr. Flll..."
"Stupid fucking name."
"Anyway, we didn't have drama today."
"You didn't ?"
"No. In fact, Mrs. Schropzenkiew was sick, so we got to go home early."
"Early ?!"
"Yeah, at one."
"It's half past nine!"
"No, I know."
"Where have you been for eight and a half hours ?!"
"That's what I'm telling you, yes ? Soooo... I was coming home from school, right ?"
"Right. At one."
"Yes. And there was like a pebble or dunno what in my shoe, so I sat down on a bench and take off my sneaker to see wtf, which is the last thing I remember until..."
"Untill ?!"
"Until I woke up in this derelict warehouse or whatever, with this whole bunch of dudes."
"What ?"
"Yes. I was lying on this dirty pile of old mattresses, and they were helping me out of my jeans."
"Oh my god!"
"Then they... well... you know."
"They did ?!"
"Yeah. Before you knew it there were all these dicks out, right, and I had one in each hand and one in my mouth, then they stuffed two in, but that didn't go over so well..."
"Were they big ?"
"Nah, not really. Like you know, normal."
"And then what happened ?"
"Then I told them I wasn't on birth control..."
"You aren't ?!"
"Of course I am. But anyway, it backfired, because they all started chanting no means yes, yes means anal, and they kept pushing me to say which is it gonna be."
"Anal ?"
"Well, yeah. Whatever, I only did it like once with James, but I figured..."
"You had anal sex ?"
"When ?"
"After James' sister's prom. We were a little buzzed and well... he said..."
"Where did you do it ?"
"In your car."
"So that's why there was..."
"...yeah ?"
"You said you didn't know what the hell it was from."
"What did you want me to say ?"
"Next time do it in the forest, like normal people."
"Yeah... I think I will."
"It was great! I feel like I sat on a football."
"You like that ?"
"It's a very nice feeling, like being all full and stretched out and content."
"Wasn't it painful ?"
"Not really..."
"You know, you don't really look like you've been... doing it for the past eight hours."
"Ah no, we only did it for about four... maybe five. Then I had a shower..."
"The warehouse had a shower ?"
"Some makeshift art installation, you should have seen that thing."
"They installed a shower cabin in an abandoned warehouse ?"
"Ah, no cabin. Basically a bucket with holes."
"But how does that afford any privacy..."
"What privacy, they were snapping pics and shit."
"Don't say shit, Rachel."
"Sorry mom. "
"We'll have to go to the lab get a blood test."
"They said they were clean..."
"Yeah, I guess."
"What else did they say ?"
"Well, let's see. They passed my bra around and collected money afterwards. Check this out, there's almost six hundred dollars in here."
"And they said I was a great sport, and they gave me a number to call if I think I might need the treatment again."
"They did not."
"Here it is."
"Oh my god..."
"So mom...."
"Yeah ?"
"Will you come with me next time ?"

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