Antiqua Sanctorum Patrum, or -- The Lordship list, sixth year.

Monday, 11 March, Year 11 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

I re-read the whole seti in preparation for this item, I'd say it's quite informative, and besides -- how things have changed!

As passed through the many years (which in our world count above decades, almost on par with whole heathen centuries), the list now stands as

  • Her Ladyship diana_coman, Marquess Eulora,
  • Her Ladyship hanbot, the Lady Falconeer,
  • His Lordship trinque, the Master of the Rolls,
  • His Lordship bingoboingo, Lord Goebbels,
  • His Lordship mod6, the Lord High Steward,
  • His Worship danielpbarron, the learned Trishop,
  • His Lordship mircea_popescu,
  • His Lordship asciilifeform, the Lord Admiral,
  • His Lordship ben_vulpes, the Lord of the Well,
  • His Lordship phf, the Lord Chancellor.
  • His Lordship lobbes, the Lord of the Auction House.
  • His Lordship spyked, the Lord Crypto-Alchemist.
  • His Lordship ave1, the Lord Logiciel.

That'd be thirteen, which I suppose makes the obscure titular reference somewhat more justifiable, if marginally so. In any case, as to proposals :

  1. I don't believe danielpbarron can continue on the list. It's a matter of belief, you see -- the fellow fails ye olde fiefdom criterion by not actually doing anything all day long, and the court criterion by having enwebbed himself in such a mess of irrational (not to mention counterproductive) saecular commitments that I can't imagine a sort of dispute in which his word would carry the sort of weight befitting a lord of the Most Serene Republic. Can you name a topic, situation or circumstance on or in which you'd seek DPB's perspective ?
  2. I suspect both the Republic and ben_vulpes himself would be best served by his being removed into trinque's house -- as Marcus Porcius once observed, "I'd much prefer the citizens should wonder why I was no more than a knight rather than wonder why I was so much as a lord". I am bringing this up mostly seeking comment from the very parties involved, for myself I have no intention to push the matter, at least not this time around.
  3. In a similar vein mod6 is going through some dubious times, but if nobody strongly objects I suppose it'd cost little indeed to merely look at the matter again next year.
  4. Contrary to last year's sarcastic sendoff, the new lords worked out quite well! If it works, don't break it -- so how about we expand our rolls to include bvtii! Maybe he could be the Lord Verschlimmbessert ?
  5. Mocky would have made a stellar addition, in my considered opinion ; but as he's hit a bit of the same tarpit beleaguering the other lordsiii, it may be wise to postpone elevation for a year ? I quite readily see both ends of this coin, however, so let's say I'm simply going to throw my support behind whichever path the fellow himself prefers : if he wants he should be raised this April, I'll support it, and if he'd rather be raised next April, I'll support him then.
  6. I will not support nicoleci's accesion this year, she is yet crue. Maybe next year.

The lordship is cordially invited to affirm, reject, discuss, reconstruct or otherwise interact with the (conveniently numbered for convenience by the department of redundancy department) items, or even add some of its own! The comment box below warmly, eagerly and batedly awaits this, and nothing else!

  1. 24th of April, Year 7 : A new Lordship List ? ; 9th of February, Year 8 : The Lordship list, third year. ; 31 March, Year 9 : The Lordship list, fourth year. ; 28 February, Year 10 : The "Rivers of Blood" article, or -- The Lordship list, fifth year. []
  2. blog, log, wot. []
  3. People like esthlos presumably disappeared by sinking in there too ; it's not clear to me what became of billymg, but I'm guessing a touch of ye olde reading. []
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16 Responses

  1. I do not object.

  2. I'm in favour of the bvt candidacy.

  3. I am also in favour of adding bvt.

    It is not clear to me if Mocky actually desires lordship, but I would support him if he did based off of his solid work to date

    danielpbarron has stated his non-objection to the matter; there's nothing meaningful I could add.

    No objections here to mod6 remaining a lord in 2019. While I am a lord, I consider myself a junior one, especially to mod6. Seeing as I received time to sort out my various tech/cultural debts, I see no reason mod6 should not also. He has done foundational work for the Republic over the years, and even up to now it is obvious the guy cares a great deal re: his work.

    The activity of both nicoleci and ben_vulpes appear to primarily be in other houses, therefore I have not the knowledge to meaningfully comment one way or the other. I'll leave that to those who do have such knowledge.

  4. I'm shaking off the beleaguerment even now, and would prefer this year.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 12 March 2019

    @Mocky Excellent news!

    @lobbes Re the bimbo half of

    The activity of both nicoleci and ben_vulpes appear to primarily be in other houses

    chick's done what, a few woman-weeks' worth of summaries (that alf didn't like) and a few woman-months' worth of by-hand typesetting of old bmp pdf's. All of this happened in #trilema ; none of it is coding work, of course -- but then again I believe it's well understood that a Republic built on code work only will not survive its would-be builders.

  6. 1. I thought Daniel had an interest/experience in irons for Eulora and the game itself but his own blog clearly points to the loss of this interest in favour of missionary work with a bit of cooking on the side and nothing else otherwise.

    2. I'm happy to support whatever version trinque and ben_vulpes consider most appropriate here at the moment.

    3. I support any option that Mod6 himself prefers here at the moment. From my point of view, he is still active and engaged, if struggling at the moment - hopefully he finds his way out of the whatever tar pit he got in, as his previous record is excellent.

    4. I fully support Lord Verschlimmbessert!

    5. Great to hear that Mocky is ready this year.

    6. While I actually even wish there were more non-coding people in l1, I think nicoleci still needs some time to find her fiefdom more clearly. I don't think that the number of hours-work done/exposed in #trilema is a meaningful criteria for lordship in itself.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 12 March 2019

    > I don't think that the number of hours-work done/exposed in #trilema is a meaningful criteria for lordship in itself.

    It absolutely isn't. That comment was strictly re lobbes' point.

  8. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Tuesday, 12 March 2019

    > in favour of missionary work

    "Missionary work" in the limited sense of trying to spread the word about what, in his own terminology, would be "a false church". It ain't like God himself's gonna come down riding a hirzob an' fix computers for us ; nor is he gonna be all that impressed when he comes about to check on work done, either (at least, if my own experience with being god is anything to go by -- which, supposedly, is how this works).

    This "we're all faithful, but nothing works" is for the birds. Literally. Apud Francisc of Asisi (popularily also called Sisoe).

  9. > This "we're all faithful, but nothing works" is for the birds. Literally. Apud Francisc of Asisi (popularily also called Sisoe).

    In my experience it's usually "we're all faithful because nothing works."

    Sisoe though seems to fit extremely well the situation indeed.

  10. Sage advice, 'twould reflect the locus of my service. I'll remove my standard to Trinque's walls.

    Sound ye the horns, I'll heed the call.

  11. I support all of the above, and will continue to serve at the pleasure of the currently seated Lordship.

  12. I support the proposed moves including the ones offering options to the current and prospective lords. bvt's work is making his case. The tarpit is a serious problem and extraction from there is a problem those currently afflicted are in the best position to estimate their extraction from.

    Last year ben_vulpes put himself out there to help get Pizarro going. This year I have a lot of gratitude that he stepped up last year. As lord or knight I recognize ben_vulpes as carrying noble arms.

    As to nicoleci, no one is better positioned to evaluate her potential for elevation to the peerage than her master.

    The danielpbarron situation is a shame. With an enviable degree of freedom compared to the mired lords, he disengaged. I'd still weigh his opinion, but the space I'd weigh it in is smaller than the one I'd give anyone else presently on the list.

    Congratulations to last year's inductions.

  13. I back DPB's removal, bearing him no ill will. There doesn't seem to be a lot going on there these days.

    Ben Vulpes has long had my trust and respect; I would not be with the Republic without him. I'm happy to support his decision.

    I've given mod6 a few whallops lately, but they've been in the spirit of rousing a friend that's had a bit too much to drink. If he's still in it, why not give him some time.

    bvt has my support! He seems an intelligent and productive chap.

    Mocky as well. He had the courage to drop everything and adventure in Qatar. Surely there's a bit more of that in him yet.

  14. @Trinque et al:

    I concur re DPB. (And if he at some point breaks out of his glue trap, and returns to action, I will support his reinstatement.)

  15. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Monday, 18 March 2019

    This seems pretty well settled, then!

    Come April, we've got a new list.

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