The "Rivers of Blood" article, or -- The Lordship list, fifth year.

Wednesday, 28 February, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Motto : "pricep ca ai trage apa dupa ei in esenta si pe drept cuvant. si ti-e o lehamite cumplita."
"apai macar dupa jumatate. anu' trecut daca-ti mai amintesti l1 s-o cam injumatatit ; se vadeste ca era dublu si-asa."

Recall Enoch Powell, ie the last time a "representative" attempted to actually represent his constituency, rather than toe the pantsuit line ? No ? That's odd, because according to google he's the only thing worthy of note in relation to that Vergil line. Who the fuck was Vergil anyway, amirite, he didn't even have a twacebook account or anything.

Artificial "intelligence" aside, there's more to this "rivers of blood" device than the rather unremarkable and on-its-own-merits-hardly-worth-the-mentioni circumstance that pantsuit have serious problems digesting the substantial inhumanity of a large portion of all what crawled out from between woman's legs.ii

Such as for instance... well, originally the de-lording portion of this piece was going to be a lot longer -- so long, in fact, it was broken down into a section for proposals and a section for imposals! But, as history actually flew -- rather than as it could have flown -- there's really no need for butchery on such scale. Instead, here's the reduced, attenuated, piddly rivers of blood article ; with nary the gory and none of the glory of the original, it shuffles sadly towards the dusty corner of unremarkable where all these deplorable could-have-beens if-only go.

But without further ado, let's sit down to business. The current list reads,

  • Her Ladyship diana_coman, Marquess Eulora,
  • Her Ladyship hanbot, the Lady Falconeer,
  • His Lordship trinque, the Master of the Rolls,
  • His Lordship bingoboingo, Lord Goebbels,
  • His Lordship mod6, the Lord High Steward,
  • His Worship danielpbarron, the learned Trishop,
  • His Lordship mircea_popescu,
  • His Lordship asciilifeform, the Lord Admiral,
  • His Lordship davout, the Master of Common Pleas,
  • His Lordship ben_vulpes, the Lord of the Well,
  • His Lordship phf, the Lord Chancellor.
  • His Lordship jurov, the Lord Treasurer.
  • His Lordship Framedragger, the Lord Scanner.
  • His Lordship shinohai, the Right Honorable Baron Titsbare.

It is my considered opinion that davout, jurov, Framedragger and shinohai should all be stricken, due to a certainly present defect which might best be called "failure to thrive".

It's not that they aren't fine, pleasant, respectable or however else people -- jurov was right there when some Foundation funds had to be disbursed, for instance ; shinohai's still always on hand to do a spot of work as he always was (even though nothing anyone heard of came from, say, that reddit experiment) ; davout and Framedragger do on occasion grace us with postcards from whatever pantsuit hellhole they chose to call home, every six months or so.

Nevertheless, these personal characteristics of theirs have no bearing on the matter. The Republic can, and in fact does -- as it had to -- manage just as well without them as with them, and this state of affairs utterly precludes participation in the L1, whatever other qualities may be argued.

It is also my considered opinion that lobbes, spyked and ave1 should be added. As far as lobbes is concerned I believe we have such wide agreement so as to make belabouring the arguments a waste of space (not that I won't happily indulge, if need be) ; as to the other two I believe they have shown great potential, and should be encouraged -- you have to produce the future's "failure to thrive" somehow, after all!

This year's discussion begins somewhat early (though we're technically in March -- the other way from how we were technically in March last time) ; but the actual execution is still intended as a mid-April-ish sort of affair, which leaves ample time for debate. What say you ?

And can you believe it's already been five years ?

  1. You know, just like the very pantsuit in question. They don't have names because they don't actually need names for any purpose. []
  2. It's not that "history is the biography of great men" ; it's rather that the vast majority of walkers had no business treading the Earth in the first place, entirely indistinguishable from the products of yeast infection as they find themselves.

    Don't tell me it's going to be "even yeasts have rights" next, hm ? []

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19 Responses

  1. "Don't tell me it's going to be "even yeasts have rights" next, hm ?"

    As far as I know this has already split the vegans into two camps...Jainists were probably there a long time ago.

    Hearty seconds for lobbes and spyked, mulling the rest.

  2. Sorry to hear shinohai is under consideration for removal. Glad to hear lobbes is getting added.

  3. I'd like to second the nominations of spyked and ave1 , whose work I have found very, very valuable.

  4. I support the nomination of lobbes and have no reason to object to opening the opportunity to ave1 and spyked. From the first revision to 2015's first cut on the basis of clear lack of ideological alignment. On through the third edition happening in two increasingly bloody rounds, the bar for L1 has kept climbing.

    With all the blood that could have ran after the state of necessity was raised in September through the events of this month, the suggested "failure to thrive" subtractions also align with higher standard on the fiefdom and alignment requirements. Shinohai, jurov and davout are fine fellows. Shinohai is usually willing to lend his time, jurov is a fine treasurer with a history, and davout having participated in Republican affairs seems in a position to be welcomed back if he gets tired of the pilot business. All I recall of Framedragger making a splash with the scan affair and fading away.

    Contrasted with the proposed substractions diana_coman has spent the last several months putting together a Republican crypto library, Trinque continues building on deedbot, ben_vulpes and mod6 stepped forward with alf to rescue the possibility of the Republic having a digital space from my inability to self manage, and alf signed on to contribute capital with them for this while beginning to confront his destructive relationship with time. The list goes on.

    The past year, especially through February has created what appears to be a clear seperation of expectations between the L1 and the L2 that goes beyond keeping the forum clean. The rivers of blood were prevented by actions of actual identifiable persons on the L1 remain list, actions for which I am grateful. I get to keep my start on the "outside the empire" part of escalating barriers to lordship.

  5. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 2 March 2018

    Man, that first revision link was so apt, that article so ripe for re-reading... I can't believe what all is in there! Dub !? Who the fuck is dub! Folk included merely for sporting a pulse, then folk as utterly ideologically hostile to the Republic as at all possible included nevertheless... And yet the text reads exactly what it should read, somehow.

    It's been an epic few years, I'll tell you that.

    The voice model had just been introduced back then, remember, and it was to the fresh eyes of old idiots a doubtful matter, they went about acting as if this novelty has to you know, prove itself and all that. You know, just like "doctors" went about waiting for "those young sprouts" to "prove to them" washing hands "does anything".

  6. Yeah, I have vague memories of that period so I went and re-read all the revisions and the introduction of the system before commenting this year.

    The Introduction
    First Revision
    The second year
    The third year
    The third year, revised edition
    The fourth year

    I remember the nanotube cut being controversial because gribble versus the impossibility of having a barrier if the fellow is rating every stranger off the street and keeping them rated.

    So much butthurt tended to follow those early revisions as well.

  7. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Friday, 2 March 2018

    I suspect the butthurt evolved on a continuum from loud to deep.

  8. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me for the time being!

  9. I'm all for Lord lobbes!

    I think spyked and ave1 make very good candidates, just as lobbes did last year.

    The removals make sense to me at this time although I really wish they didn't.

  10. shinohai`s avatar
    Saturday, 10 March 2018

    Thanks for the opportunity at any rate, it has been my pleasure to be of service to the Republic these past few years and to be the Lord Titsbare if only for one.

  11. It disappoints me that jurov, shinohai are on this list for removal from the Lordship.

    It is worth mentioning that jurov has served as The Bitcoin Foundation Treasurer for over three years and has faithfully fulfilled his fiduciary duties thus far.

    Additionally, shinohai, has been of great service to myself and The Bitcoin Foundation for what feels like two years now.

    I'd like to thank them both for their efforts and commitments to making a better Republic. It should not go unsaid that both men are welcome to continue their work with The Bitcoin Foundation, should they choose to do so.

    That being said: I move that we should accept all of Mr. Popescu's additions and subtractions in toto.

  12. spartacus`s avatar
    Tuesday, 27 March 2018

    Marquess - a nobleman
    Marchioness - a noblewoman
    English - weird like that

  13. spartacus`s avatar
    Tuesday, 27 March 2018

    * that with ref to Her Ladyship diana_coman obvs

  14. The additions and removals have my support. May they motivate on both ends.

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