You know who the best US president was ? How about Andrew Johnson ?

Sunday, 08 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Let's consider :

  • Andrew Johnson was staunchly against corporate welfare as understood and implemented in his day ("aid for the railroads"), and more generally against significant expenditure by the government. If people just had the common sense to listen, America might still be a standing Republic today!
  • Andrew Johnson was firmly against created "rights", going so far as to oppose any kind of federal enfranchisement of the recently "liberated" blacks. If people just had the common sense to stick to his leadership through the years the whole "civil rights" idiocy would have never occured!
  • Andrew Johnson was firmly in favour of women's rights : instead of the mendacious and counterproductive nonsense now fashionable, when his wife thought five kids are enough he bought a fourteen year old slavegir, named her Dolly, and fucked her daylights out. No HeLa was produced in the proceedings.
  • Andrew Johnson was a great public speaker, so great in fact that the pantsuit of the day spread the rumour that he were insane, as per that ancient "you will always know a true genius by that one unerring sign, that all the dunces are arrayed in a confederacy against him". And then they impeached him, for daring to attempt to fire his own employee. And then they lost.
  • Here's the seal on the deal : in spite of opposition to the Confederacy nonsense, so much so as to join up with Lincoln as his VP, and in spite of opposition to "tax & spend" shenanigans, Andrew Johnson was very firmly oriented towards defending the poor, such as for instance by inventing the homesteadi, and opposing tariffs! Imagine this, a guy who sees through the pantsuit double whammy enough to counter them on both ends of the scam : neither fake, bullshit "protecting the needy" with WCHPii contrary results, nor fake government-propped "businessmen" aka oligarchsiii.
  • He was trying to get the Electoral College removed, and the President elected by popular vote. In 1850! His notion to have the Senate elected by popular vote (rather than the "obviously correct" and "traditionally supported" system of election by State legislatures) was... also defeated. Because it didn't make any sense, what! Did it ?
  • You may know it as "gerrymandering", however the first use of the term is from 1852, when the pantsuit Tennessee legislature under the keen leadership of the lead pantsuit Gustavus Henry redesigned Andrew Johnson's district to make it impossible for him to carry it anymore ; a procedure called in the press of the time Henry-mandering.
  • He was firmly against alcohol prohibition, and beat the smarmy Meredith Gentry by an "unexpected" margin. Against the know-nothings!
  • Apud W. B. Campbell, 1857 :

    The great anxiety of the Whigs is to elect a majority in the legislature so as to defead Andrew Johnson for senator. Should the Democrats have the majority, he will certainly be their choice, and there is no man living to whom the Americans (period name for the Know-Nothings, "American Party") and the Whigs have as much antipathy as Johnson.

    Need more be said, even ?! Like what, his being called "the vilest radical" in the pantsuit press ?

  • He opposed spending on troops to put down the Utah Mormon revolt, on the grounds that the US should not have a standing army. Yes ?
  • He told the idiot Southerners to keep their seats, rather than resign because their states "seceeded", not that any had enough head to see sense. Of all the bonehead moves in a war started by a party that owned no cannon foundry and no proper ironclad drydocks, this idiocy nevertheless easily takes the cake. Ye olde "why take one's rightful place as a tiny item in a larger thing when could hallucinate optionalities and self-importances all day long" hard at work among they too stupid to know how stupid they are. Jeff Davis was to be ~President~, what all else matters ?!?!?!
  • Tennessee pantsuits tried to get a constitutional convention called through referendum, but it failed. They then tried to "put the question of leaving the Union to popular vote", because totally, making shit up "as you go along" ie, "as a reaction to what didn't work" is exactly the pantsuit way to get shit done. Andrew Johnson campaigned against both, generally speaking with a gun on the table. Because that's the third element in the anal child arsenal -- after the anal child fails to get his way through "follow proper procedure"iv and then also failed to drive everyone to "exceptional" procedures of his own ad-hoc devisingv he'll try to shoot you. By God if he stands up do me the favour and shoot to painfully maim, there's no reason to kill him before you've blown out both his shoulders and both his kneecaps. Get the head after he's passed out, and give it a good few minutes to make sure he's not faking it first, aite ?
  • Tennessee was extempted from Lincoln's emancipation proclamation, did you know that ? You didn't, did you, because you studied "history" of "your country" as the pantsuit want you to know it. All "scientific" and "just the facts"-like, right ? Yes, well, Lincoln still excepted Tennessee blacks from emancipation at Andrew Johnson's request (who also recruited like 20`000 black soldiers for the Union army). What now ?vi

The list could go on, but really, find me an Eisenhower or whatever with half the merits. Who ?

  1. Yeah, that's right, the one item that made America, the item that they're trying to make again these days, was Andrew Johnson's child. What now ? []
  2. See also []
  3. No, contrary to what the fake media may be claiming in your ear, there exists no such thing as a businessman in the US today. All that sad bananistan has are oligarchs, government-made men, people picked off the streets and given a chunk of wealth stolen from the public treasury.

    They can't make money, they can only adjust the rate at which they burn it, thereby influencing somewhat how long you got until they'll need more. There's exacly no difference between Fred Wilson and Dan Voiculescu, between Mark Cuban and Dragos Stanca, between Warren Buffett and Sorin Ovidiu Vantu etcetera etcetera etcetera. They're all exactly the same and identical cargo cult cvasi-businessmen. This thing :

    So we understand each other : John is some poor and kinda stupid kid from some ghetto in some indistinct townlet. One day, Mircea the Bad comes there on whatever business, sits down in the bar with his two bitches curled up at his feet and drinks a rum or something. The girls from the ghetto, for love of their country (in our example, that sad ghetto) pick John up forcibly, sit him down at the table next to mine and curl at his feet, just like the other two. They're definitely not slavegirls, they have neither the training nor the skills nor in the end the needs or structure of that relationship, and no marble columns, no gardens where water sprinkles among the cypress nor artesian fountains springing forth marzipan await them at home, but instead the nude concrete walls, the [low class mass produced kitsch wallhanging stuff], the bedbug infested pressed shitboard nightstand. But indifferent to all these points, they play a role to support a theory : the theory that here too, in the assghetto of shit "we got fine stuff", and a John who, even if only four letters long, is still quite as great as any Mircea come from afar.

    You can't fucking fake it "'til you make it". I'm here to make sure you never make it -- and remember what happened when I was here to make sure you'll never make it last time ? That's right, you never made it.

    All you have on your side are these balloons, a collection of named baffoons that stay inflated for just as long as you keep blowing and not one second longer. What the fuck are you going to make with that ?! []

  4. Except that "following" is purely happenstantial -- if the anal child's activity happens to mostly fall within the prescribed form he'll claim to have followed proper procedure, notwithstanding that such is purely accidental, having never been his intention in the slightest -- his intention is firmly fixed on whatever gargauni in his head and naught else. If however it doesn't happen to fall sufficiently within proper procedure, or anyone puts up a stink over the margins where it does not, the anal child will claim persecution. Because that's what's important, nay, not merely important but all that matters : the anal child's fantasies. Everything else -- just obstacles in the way. []
  5. If by now the evident relation to poorly socialized children, neglected to the point of not being even remotely housebroken isn't evident... []
  6. No, it's not happenstance -- the two men liked each other enough so that in spite of Maine's Hamlin being in fine health and eager to run as VP again, Lincoln nevertheless ran with Johnson on the ticket.

    What now ? []

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