Medicine Tactics

Friday, 06 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

So I dumped a story in the logs, it went like

mircea_popescu meanwhile in the lulzy tales : late last night i went into girl's room cuz i couldn't sleep and wanted to play. she was asleep. she woke up startled, and then i could see panic grip her. and i was you know, all "don't worry baby, you're not in trouble, there's nothing wrong" and she was looking at me with these big and growing eyes and turning progressively whiteer.

eventually she was awake enough to remember ~she had put earplugs in~ because went to sleep while place still active, and ~that was why~ she couldn't hear a word i was saying.

As I typed it in, the story of Medicine Tactics came back to me, but I didn't want to keep pouring into the logs, so here it is :

We're walking down Avenida Central, where all the two dollar whore outfits are on sale. Speaking of which, have you ever had the car stopped in the middle of the jungle, on the "road" that's never seen asphalt, put the blinkers on and march girl into clearing in the jungle wall, in nothing but her town shoes, to be fucked from behind, arms tied to tree ? No ? Yes ? But then did you compliment her on her two dollar whore skills, and give her the two dollars she's so earned (one of which just happens to be this one dollar bill you picked up off the floor in the very busy Mercado Central, among thousands of poor people, much like, many years earlier, you had picked a five euro bill off the floor of Istanbul's most frequented pedestrian bridge) ? Did she take it well, which is to say as the great compliment that it is (both being good at being a two dollar whore and getting the magical money you've touched) ? Because if you answered no at any point you haven't yet lived, ha-ha-HA!

It occurs to me the blog is a more supportive environment for lateral thinking, almost as if irc is for depth but blogs are for breadth ; but we digress. So we're walking down Avenida Central, and girl wants to continue previous conversation, so she says to me
"Do you remember what you told me about Medicine Tactics ?"
"The what ?" retorts I, completely taken by surprise by the entirely unexpected request. Medicine Tactics ? What medicine tactics!

There are two distinct items that contribute to make this quite the major brain cycle eater. Three actually. One is that I never know what of mine the girl's read. Maybe somewhere in the depths of Trilema there's a discussion of Medicine Tactics, why not. God knows everything else is there. Yes she said "you told me about", but it's possible I told her to do something entirely else and this was linked and thoroughness is mandatory in this harem -- they even eat the cum once it's extracted from its dispenser, and then eat it again. And again... but we digress.

The other is that I always reconstruct what girlies say into the most interesting form ; it's an ancient habit, one which I expect most people who ever taught sooner or later developed (and I tell you it'd have driven me to madness even sooner among the retarded "philosophy" students, but anyway. It's informative, in any case, and educative, and so "what could she possibly mean, Medicine Tactics ???"

Then there's also that I'm professionally dyslexic, which is to say in the course of my business I juggle vast but strictly disjunct "namespaces", and that "strictly disjunct" comes at great cognitive expense of not being able to cross certain boundaries readily -- which is to say, not with the nimble step of the clueless. So, what am I not seeing of this Medicine Tactics joke ?

From the other side, she watched me obviously sink into confusion, "what Medicine Tactics ?"
"The Medicine Tactics discussion! You don't remember telling me about the Medicine Tactics problem ?"
"When was this!"
"What are you talking about ?"
"Medicine Tactics."
"I have no fucking idea..."
"Remember, you explained to me, how a variable has a name, but also a content, like a jar with a label and some pickles, and knowing which is which..."
"Metasyntactics ?"
"That's what I've been saying!"
"No, you haven't. You've been saying Medicine Tactics. Your enunciation is terrible, and in fact your pronounciation of the two different things is strictly identical. Apparently in the context of variables it sounds exactly like "metasyntactics" to my ear, but as we were discussing plastic surgery earlier, it stuck to Medicine Tactics and wouldn't come off. You're going to diction classes next."

Imagine that! Has it ever happened to you that one of your girls used a grand total of maybe five consonants, and it was upon you and the grand gods of context to distinguish t and d, sy and ci, etcetera ? Because if it hasn't...

... you haven't lived!

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