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Saturday, 02 April, Year 8 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Oh, recall the start of this discussion, back in February ? Merely six weeks have passed hence, and yet how things seemingly set in stone for the end of the world do themselves vary and transmute and novatei!

To summarize the flow of closest-related events, here are some snippets from the old channel :

On March 23rd, starting at 20:40:19 :

mircea_popescu mk, so upon consideration, the issue here is that me nulling the logs is at best a stopgap, and no sort of long term or tenable solution. there's certainly no sense in me continuing to pour words into a bag i won't read the logs of, wtf.
mircea_popescu while it is incontrivable that the lordship has failed utterly, and is in no sense the guarantor of keeping spammers and idiots away from the forum as intended (youhadonejob.png!!!), that is a distinct and separate problem from what to do with #b-a.
mircea_popescu reviewing that, i can either 1) log as mod and ban the schmuck or else 2) ask kakobrekla to alter the l1.
mircea_popescu 1 has the manifest disadvantage that it is an exact replay of the bitbet drama. it may be argued that it is "clean" and "elegant" and "all i wanted was to protect you, son", which is so much idiotic patriarchical nonsense it makes my skin crawl - and thus let's extend kakobrekla in public the same sympathies extended in private ;
mircea_popescu 2 requires the man who just saw the product of his not-inconsequential efforts die over "not doing what mp says, with money" have to choose whether to do what mp says... but with people, this time. we did in fact start this channel together, just like bitbet, and he did do a lot of infrastructure work here, just as there. so... what do ?
mircea_popescu i dunno, but the fact remains this nonsense can't continue, if for no reason then because i won't be any part of the most recent attempt of fiat world to reclaim the republic. so for the sake of variety, let's go with : kakobrekla, you willing to take nubbins off the l1 ?

Later that same day,

21:35:17 kakobrekla << haha! how pretentious. its almost as entertaining as the miners konspiraci. anyway, unlike bitbet which was a shared toy between us and was damaged beyond repair by your foolish actions for which you dont care to take responsibility (but will be, on the end, enforecd upon you), let the record state #b-a is solely my creation and you inhabited the chan a week or so later. and yes,
21:35:17 kakobrekla i made it inhabitable for some interesting folks with (the lack of) various rules and various perks.
21:35:18 Logged on 23-03-2016 23:35:31; mircea_popescu: 2 requires the man who just saw the product of his not-inconsequential efforts die over "not doing what mp says, with money" have to choose whether to do what mp says... but with people, this time. we did in fact start this channel together, just like bitbet, and he did do a lot of infrastructure work here, just as there. so... what do ?
21:36:04 kakobrekla < and i actually suspect, given your recent reckless behaviour followed by destructive actions you have been compromised by that very same fiat system and are on a good way of dismantling the republic (simulate a world where mp admits a mistake and eats his own cooking and see how it compares to this)
21:37:01 kakobrekla that being said, i believe b-a should be self regulating and not depended on what mp or kako thinks, the solution, already in effect, is: the condition to self-voice is no longer L1>0 || L2>0 but instead L1 + L2 > 0, which also goes along the notion that lordship no longer exists. the power is your hands now, people.
23:40:34 asciilifeform 'Hard is it on earth, / with mighty whoredom; Axe-time, sword-time, / shields are sundered, Wind-time, wolf-time, / ere the world falls; Nor ever shall men / each other spare.' (the poetic edda, vol1)
23:56:26 mircea_popescu i'm about as interested in participating in democracy of any kind or description as you can imagine. #b-a existed to any degree and in any sense for as long as it wasn't that. it can go back to being #okcupid or whatever the fuck else the "power of the people" warrants.
23:58:28 kakobrekla not really a democracy but there is no more immutability for l1
00:01:56 mircea_popescu i guess might as well try this.

By noon the next day it turned out that the solution wasn't actually implemented, and on the 28th

mircea_popescu upon consideration, i see no reason to continue supporting or otherwise encourage kakobrekla's bizarre worldview. on the contrary, i view further involvement with the nonsense as considerable moral hazard, and a miserable thing to do altogether.
mircea_popescu there's absolutely no place in the future, or among civilised people, for this "hi i r zuckerberg and i ~created~ facebook" thing. i can see how it continues the "oh, mp is raining money, let me not get in his way" thing from before, but consistency in poltroonism does not enact poltroonism as an acceptable life philosophy.
mircea_popescu i can readily understand that fiatism has been for all and sundry the unique way of life, since "forever" ; i can see how the shit is well ensconced and difficult to wash off. nevertheless, loyalty to a group, as opposed to the individual, is still socialism, as much so as either GOP or NSDAP ever were. preserve that and you preserve it all.
mircea_popescu vaguely defining the group in question, ad-hoc or after the fact, does not resolve the problem, one's still a poltroon. appeals to "science" or "law" or whatever other conveniently vague abstraction still doesn't resolve the fact that one's placed himself on the hostis humani generis side of the debate.
mircea_popescu and so, this is the end for this particular irc channel as a venue for tmsr. the irc festivities are moving over to #trilema ; with a more selective lordship list and improved tools all around. you're welcome to join - but leave the fiat mind behind, lest it drag you too back down into the swamp.

Soii ends the story of #bitcoin-assets as the forum of the Republic. The festivities are continuing on #trilema, where the new lordship list has just been introduced. It reads like so :

deedbot deedbot rated diana_coman 1
deedbot deedbot rated hanbot 1
deedbot deedbot rated trinque 1
deedbot deedbot rated bingoboingo 1
deedbot deedbot rated mod6 1
deedbot deedbot rated danielpbarron 1
deedbot deedbot rated mircea_popescu 1
deedbot deedbot rated mike_c 1
deedbot deedbot rated asciilifeform 1
deedbot deedbot rated davout 1
deedbot deedbot rated ben_vulpes 1
deedbot deedbot rated phf 1

Everything works the same as it used to, if better this time. $up and $v to voice ; $etc everything else. Deedbot runs Lisp under the hood, which is pretty cool, and trinque said he's going to clean it up and publish it for curious minds.

See you around.

  1. Yes novate is a word. Yes in English. To novate, novation, look it up.

    Oh, you had thought only innovation exists ? Aww! []

  2. The quotes contain one specific claim and one proposition advanced that are not acceptable ruat caelum et pereat mundus.

    One is "i made it inhabitable for some interesting folks", derided otherwise as the Zuckerberg fantasy.

    The other is "b-a should be self regulating and not depended on what mp or kako thinks", which essentially proposes to revert a republic made of people into a welfare state made out of some tired re-implementation or other of Lafond's slave mistress. It should be evident by now, but if it is not evident let it also be plainly stated, that I own that woman, and that she neither can nor wants to stand before me, but feels her place is, and enjoys her place being, on her knees.

    The world hence may be what X thinks, or what X and Y think ; or what X, Y, Z and K think, and so following. The world can never again be "not what X or Y think". Believe this even as you read it, for if you do not, or will not, or can not, you will believe it even as you bleed your last.

    You will note that in the other matter I had not the time to wait pointlessly for kakobrekla to come to his senses, nor did I enjoy the tolerance for ineptitude manifested as "solutions" that neither practically work as claimed nor serve the purpose they're supposed to serve. Any scruple I might have had (and I had, and expressed, if belatedly) about acting without involving him stands well vindicated by this later turn of events. []

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  1. Is there a public log for #trilema yet?

    Is there any particular criteria you were following for who to include in the L1 list?

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 3 April 2016

    phf> i can has log reader sometime today tomorrow

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    Levereged Tulips 
    Sunday, 3 April 2016

    You're a greasy gypsy

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 3 April 2016

    The shareholders thank you for your generous donation.

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