The lolz inflation continues unabated.

Sunday, 07 October, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Remember how I said years ago that

As you can see, lolz were had. The funny part is that the sum total of lolz claimed to be had exceeds (by what looks to be a significant margin) the total lolz actually physically present, which I suppose means this entire thing is a lolzubble.

Well... nothing substantial has changed in the intervening half decade. As a forinstance :


At this juncture the more regular reader probably remebers the "big mouth correlates well with absent sexual value" heuristic put on display again and again and again on these very pages as well as everywhere in the world they faithfully mirror.

Yet sometimes reality exceeds reasonable expectation. This is such a sometime. Behold :

as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-2 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-3 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-4 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-5 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-9 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-10 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-7 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-8 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-6 as-usual-the-fuglies-are-bitchy-11

This item, abject object of "adoration" online, can't stop "laughing" at my pictures.

Who could disagree ? And what more could be asked for ?

Anything other and besides "pay up", rite ?

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