How Anthony Kiedis killed Louise Ciccone

Sunday, 07 October, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

slut love american style. jokes my folks never told me.i
Me ty!

slut the former apparently a tv series
slut "anthology comedy"
Me heh
Me cheapest of the cheap fodder, below even talkshows

slut 8.8gb torrent, coupla seeders
Me i don't want it.
Me "The Odd Couple, formally titled onscreen Neil Simon'sii The Odd Couple, is an American television situation comedy broadcast from September 24, 1970, to March 7, 1975, on ABC. It stars Tony Randall as Felix Unger and Jack Klugman as Oscar Madison, and was the first of several sitcoms developed by Garry Marshall for Paramount Television."
Me idiots.

slut can you picture how much it sucks?
Me yes. this guy's bioiii single handedly killed a whole swathe of post-rock rock for me.
Me not just his stupid fucking band, but any kind of intellectual respectability mtv might've built for the crowd.
Me eg these days i find it quite fucking impossible to not see madonna as the bimbo sees her, though at some point i thought she was moderately cool. and i can't think red hot chilli peppers and not think omfg elevator music
Me though at some point...iv and so following.

slut no idea why your opinion of madonna dropped.
Me what's she done ? if i had to answer this q, what do i say ?
Me "she was in that thing with that schmuck i can't stand" ?

slut she's made like forty fucking albums is what she's done, and photobooks with black on white girl shots, and so forth.
slut for her entire life. for until they forcibly remove her from it.
slut and it still doesn't sound like shit after 40+ years
Me and married guy ritchie, right

slut so the fuck what, she married him when he was good, she divorced him when he sucked.
Me so is the idea like count ? aerosmith also made 40+ albums in 40+ years of heavy drug use. and i similarily thought a lot of them, coupla decades ago

slut count is part, not all, of it.
Me but i can't find much meaning in any of it, looking now.

slut aerosmith sold out to ben affleck bs
slut madonna did not.
Me it's just... wank. "love in an elevator, loving it up till it's going down" ?

slut so never listen to anything but bach again, what can i tell you.
Me i have this humongo library of lyrics in my head, and it's all fucking terrible.
Me all the madonna shots with naomi have to be re-shot. have you seen them ?!

slut i'm sure i have. why do they have to be re-shot?
Me what am i looking at here ?
Me is this an advertisement for polka dots ?
Me or for bovine males in the background ?

slut so never listen to anything but bach again, what can i tell you.
Me what THE FUCK is he wearing ?
Me i can't even disprove the notion that the "wtf, how did you get that, killed a cheetah ?" joke in road trip isn't a disparaging reference.

slut i sure hope there's no lingering typo in your gpg contracts article.
slut lest future you be all "eh wtf i can't be arsed to even like that guy anymore, wtf daughter"v
Me do you think the same applies ?
Me in fairness outtakes way the fuck better than the published material.

slut i think a complaint against a prop's style of underwear in a picture depicting madonna fucking around with naomi campbell published at a time when the pictures themselves and especially their interracial content was "problematic" etc is akin to being hung up on a typo, yes.
slut maybe he had a disapointing cock and she's sparing you.
Me but see, this is the problem with context dependency. i am not saying that ~shouldn't have been big in the 70s~. i am saying, now that the 70s are dead and dust, i find nothing left there.
Me i find ~plenty~ in the, eg, 1870s "mothercountry" impressionist paintingvi.

slut when's the last time you actually listened to madonna?
Me current or vintage you mean ?

slut either
Me pretty sure we did a very brief cameo during one of the music fuckarounds we did.
Me not sure that's much "listening".
Me but then -- i've become painfully unmusical lately.

slut ! = actually listened, eh
slut yeah
slut well so naturally then!
Me tried leonard cohen.
Me thought he was fucking great, historically

slut no, i agree with you there.
Me terrible.vii

slut he's got 5 - 10 actually great songs. rest of his catalogue is like the long hard discordant road he had to take to get to them.
Me yes but i'm saying, in my mind it's a huge trend. i look about at what i thought was a large thing, maybe attackable in parts, but standing in general. like a bridge span,
Me "oh this brick's broken here". sure, it is. but the arch stands
Me i look back and i can't recognize any arch.
Me this was a big fucking deal. possibly only item that wouldn't need re-shooting, except for the part where it apparently disappeared.viii

slut well you may have actually looked back in cohen's case, but in the rest?
Me i tried to listen to various rest. iron maiden. aerosmith.
Me all sorts. they sound dumb.

slut why'd you listen to "love in an elevator" to look back at aerosmith? it's dream on, or crazy, for that, obviously.
Me for whom ?
Me fucking crazy. spurious bs. yes i get it, madonna-lite silverstone ass in teen breeches. w/e.ix

slut iron maiden's dreamchildx still sounded great the other day when you played it.
slut and i propose there is no "for whom", it's objective
Me well for me, elevator'd be the thing to look at.

slut there could be some b-side that you liked because i dunno, it hit the spot this one time in the car or whatever. but obviously that's fleeting.
slut there are objective besties.
Me because 25 years ago, it was the item that made me think, "hey, maybe these doods have more to say than meets the eye ?".
Me which i suspect is the original promise of music, "there's an enchanted land past the rainbow, alice."xi

slut i dunno. the bands i loved when i was a teenager i love still, even if i like whatever they made afterwards less. smashing pumpkins being a great example, i can't really even listen to whatever they've been doing for the past ten years, but the bridges are still very much intact.
Me but yes, dreamchild still sounded great, musically.
Me sort of thing makes one want a better sound system. which ~never happens to me as it is.

slut and i guarantee you "justify my love" and "lucky star" etc still sound great musically.
Me she was a pop shit, never had ~great musically~. was all image.
Me remember that stupid film with the blond "photographer" kid in london ?

slut unfortunately.
Me that's the madonna milieu. a sorta kinda wanna-be aristocracy of the early postmodern.xii

slut but i protest that she never had great musically.
Me i guarantee you that film'd have been the peak of cool in... 1990s ro.xiii but, today, it's just more beta wankage.

slut she was in that niche to be sure, but she actually sounded great.
Me lucky star ? srsly ?

slut yes
Me whole thing's a jew harp part time.xiv
Me of course, if it's not obvious, im not proposing anything hence is anywhere near. no fucking way. what, peyonce and bink and whatnot ? noty.
Me however, it's almost like a plane leaving -- yes the airport tower is closer than the hotel. but... what airport tower ?! where, down there ?!

slut so you don't like new wave, swap lucky star for bedtime story
Me why not sabrina then!xv

slut i could grant this argument all day long if you'd steeped in the actual product for a while but i'm telling you, absent the medium it's going to suck, necessarily.
Me srsly. it's a house beat. what's this, if not autotune ?

slut i can hear that. you're listening to a remix.
slut so yes.
Me jew. harp. part. time!
Me afaik it was a "departure from her r&b" bs, ie, THIS is what it was. madonna electronica.

slut are you really going to make me pull out like a virgin?
Me ie, her... first album ? yea ok. she was a promising 19yo.xvi
Me or wait, did she have a "madonna" album before that, like all the noobs ?

slut i dunno, not like i'm a madonna expert!
Me i'm telling you, she fucking ~ended cca 1992. and the highlights are dick tracy, that virgin album, the naomi pics and a come-back-from-retirement-to-lol-at-self vogue thing
Me and none of these can be defended. or if they can -- i don't know how.
Me "Throughout its run, The Odd Couple was juggled around ABC's programming schedule. The show struggled in the Nielsen ratings and was canceled at the end of every season. However, ABC renewed the show for each upcoming season because the ratings for the summer reruns were high." << THIS.

slut i don't even know which angle to start hitting from.
Me i spent all of the 90s thinking she's great and mtv just didn't get around to proving it yet.

slut abc always had this sheen of tertiary shit network tho
Me right.

slut what would proof've looked like, ftr?
Me this is very much the problem. the only possible proof'd be revolution.
Me in any case, riot, massacre, arson and so forth. not fucking jaywalking.

slut so madonna didn't massacre the zeks, ergo she doesn't sound good.
Me yes. in a word, yes.

slut mmmm....kay?
Me same process that murdered say rowan atkinson marches on.xvii

slut so wait, is john lennon like a good musician then cause he got himself killed? or does it make him really bad?
Me john lennon's ~only reason i'm not slaughtering the beatles.
Me because honestly...

slut so what do you like?
Me you know ?

slut oh, right, the military marches.
slut i guess that's all you're left with.
Me i'm becoming the monk that hates laughter over here.
Me but yes, the military marches, and opera, and yes bach. i like "the entertainer". and i guess jazz.xviii

slut seriously though marches ain't so bad, it could be worse. imagine if country-western folk took to murdering sprees after the squaredance saturday.
Me but pop is dissipating from my memory at an accelerating rate. in a few years, doubt if a decade, i won't even know anything happened post 1960.

slut not sure bach ever resulted in bloodshed.
Me but at least is good without excuse. rather than "here, take this autotune and this chick in suspenders as an advance and hang on, we're getting to it".
Me fundamentally, pop existed as an overdraft account.

slut really dunno why you're blaming autotune on people who never used autotune, except of course that you don't know the names of any of the current idiots that actually use it.
Me i perceive the entirety of what pop ever was, from the days of elvis onwards, very much this "beta!!!!" sticker on an empty box. and lo, box still empty.
Me the quoted madonna song ? autotune to all shit!
Me and she was kinda famous for "using new technologies". automated drums and shit.

slut bedtime story? nope.
slut well which is it? bach used a harpsichord at some point, the heathen!
Me do you actually know what a harpsichord is ?!

slut yes, and i'm saying wtf does it matter "automated drums"?
Me remarkably strong argument. easily the "early autotune" huh.
Me i dunno wtf it matters. i'm here with an empty box trying to figure out what the fuck happened.

slut well one possibility is that you stopped listening to new music and got a lot less tolerant in general in the interval, then spent ~hour playing "top of pops" roulette.
Me very much factually what happened.

  1. Figure here because they were mentioned in a book I borrowed from [a different] girl. It's a ghostwritten "autobiography" of one Anthony Kiedis, and it includes the following phrase verbatim :

    Roger Corman was doing a triple-R-rated version of Love American Style called Jokes My Folks Never Told Me. It was the quintessential '70s flick with beautiful naked women throughout.

    Yes there exists such a thing as the 70s flick with beautiful naked women throughout. It's spoken in Italian, even when dubbed in English (seriously now, look for the scenes they left behind).

    Back in the day I was actually doing porn I was still the same person, and I still did my research. Roger Corman didn't figure anywhere in the line-up, much like the United States didn't figure anywhere in the line-up. The competition was Swiss not fucking Detroit, and the pretense that our culturally-irrelevant colonies fucking existed in the 70s strikes my memory of the 80s and 90s veheheheeery oddly indeed.

    Just look at something like "Naked Paradise" : a pointedly not naked film about pointedly no nudity. This, this is what the ameritards were all about, then as now : putting a little petrocheese in a box on which some farmhand had ineptly scratched "Fringh Cheezzque, esq." and then eating it in silence around the camp fire, quietly pretending their failure is somehow "ironic", and therefore not entirely descriptive of them, of their capacities, potential and human value. Except for the occasional "panics" (what drunks commonly refer to as "moments of clarity"), the American tradition from Samuel Clemens to Barrack Obama consists very much of this "put the dung in the empty metal can and then smoke it as if" dealio and entirely nothing else.

    Meanwhile I am rich and powerful and the women run ample circles around me organizing the detritus of the-world-in-general according to my own hierarchies. Bitch stands ready to produce the sensible forms of named fiction, if I only say the word. Spoiler : I'm not fucking gonna. Not this time. []

  2. You understand ?

    There's a Vice documentary about "24/7 slavery" and "total power exchange" and stuff. Guess what's missing from it.

    Guess what's missing from the cases of "French" wine sold in the US, guess what's missing from the Ann Arbor version of Piaget, guess, guess, guess. Nomina nuda, all they're interested in -- and as price is a factor, they tend to get the empty boxes dumped on their sorry ass. Wut do ?!

    Easy listening, easy living, easily defeated schmucks. []

  3. Kiedis was, you realise, the front man for Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    In it, "he" says, literally, the following :

    During that summer of 1981, heroin hadn't become prominent on the drug scene.

    He says this, I'm not making it fucking up. Take a moment to come back, and think about it : what is the value in reading the "biography" of a moron stuck so far up his own ass ?

    You'd think Blondie is about half the music his band ever listen to, yet the entirety of his discussion of Blondie is how he proposed marriage to the woman one day. That's it. His two paragraphs about what a big deal Kelvyn Bell was to him consist of his saying what a big deal the dood was. To him. That. Is. It. Here :

    It was Donde's birthday, so we dropped some acid and went to Tracks to see John Lurie and the Lounge Lizzards, then to the Bottom Line to take in Arthur Blythe. To our amazement, Blythe had Kelvyn Bell, the great guitar player from Defunkt, playing with him. The show was incredible, and after it was over, I went to the bar and talked to Kelvyn about music and about his guitar playing and the records that I knew he'd played on. He was very happy to engage about music with this eighteen-year-old* boy from Hollywood who was blazing on acid.

    This is fucking it, and that's all. They "talked about music" after a show that was "incredible". When I say Elliot is the icon of all UStards you think I'm engaging in rhetorical flourish -- but no such thing. As "MeanStreet", whatever that is, informs us on the cover, "If there ever lived a guy with enough material to fill an irresistible tell-all biography, it's Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis." Irresistible, yes ? Tell-all, ok ? Tell the fuck what! What ?! What have I been told ? What fucking material ?! WHERE IS IT ?!

    * The issue this 2004 book has with ustardian ageisms... Every single fucking chick in there is 18, including the teenyboppers his father was drugfucking in the 70s, because totally, that's how it worked, and they were so not 15...

    This item appears to have been penned by a mediocre junior high student for class assignment in Wisconsin somewhere, what can I say. It certainly manifests all the avatars of unreflective dullness, in any case. []

  4. That point being as close as a few days ago, when we discussed the band in the same format and I said something like "it seemed to musically render the southern Californian desert" and she was kinda meh. []
  5. Apparently I've at some point decided 'ght' may no longer exist, I've nfi what happened. []
  6. It's really 1880s, but anyways. []
  7. This happened over an otherwise pleasant roadtrip : I had prepared a pile of Leonard Cohen albums, for the delight of three Leonard Cohen fans, declared as such. Not two hours later we were looking at each other in puzzlement. "Really ?". Eventually I said "wtf, turn that stupid thing off" or something to that effect, and everyone sighed a sigh of relief. Can you imagine this, sigh of relief from music ? It can't be fucking music, can it, definitionally it therefore can't be music. Needless to say they've not been touched hence, more plastic pollution for Mommy Earth. []
  8. Thanks god for one's own archives huh. []
  9. No, I didn't think much of "Crazy" -- specifically because at the time that timidly came out, I had the same age girls naked all around. Recently bleeding pussy wasn't quite such a big deal to me as to the average zek. Nor is, because why the fuck would it be. []
  10. She means Moonchild and Infinite Dreams, somehow jointly like that. I think it's a rather productive conflation. []
  11. It was sure as fucknuts why I cracked open the book that started this discussion. "Hey, maybe this guy's got some shit to say". []
  12. 1960s, in the original. Amusingly enough, "boierii mintii" in the retarded Romanian space, FORTY YEARS LATER. []
  13. They didn't know about it. Because that's the fate of the world -- I know, they don't ; I do, they don't ; I have, they don't. And so following.

    Go, make it "fair". It's a wonder to watch the attempts. The world has changed, rite. []

  14. As in, its needs don't even rise to the level where they'd require the full time services of a jew harp. []
  15. Yes, Sabrina was Madonna-big, because tits in the pool one summer. She didn't last, but for that one summer -- 100% Madonna-big. []
  16. Lots of those in the pantsuit cemetery. []
  17. I was watching "Mr. Bean" one day, he was in class trying to take some kind of exam, or maybe was in church trying not to mucously explode. Somewhere like that -- and it suddenly struck me, the underlying "all people are equally people" socialist message of the schmuck. And I never liked him thence. Because I don't like that, and my dislike for the herd and its herdings is so strong by now, it will utterly overpower anything else, hands down and no questions asked. []
  18. And other things. Just, not things you'd know of, is all.

    Ohé, la douane ! Ohé, les gabelous !
    Lâchez tous les chiens et puis planquez-vous au fond d'vos cabanes...
    Regardez sur la dune, l'homme qui passe là-bas.
    C'est moi, moi tout seul! Mais vous n'm'aurez pas...

    J'me fous d'la douane

    There's more to sound than what the payola stuffs down gullets, is all. []

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9 Responses

  1. I still have a soft spot for Kanye and Bonecrusher (who apparently the Latinos never heard of), but exposure to the Latino "Industria Musica"... So many of the fuckers have one hook, one backing track, and they build careers off of that shit. Then I look back to the home language space with BritneyChain, Mr. Gaga, and the Disney crew which produced many too many names. Disney did how ever make Demi Lovato who is more rock than Keidis by virtue of knowing where the heroin is at, as evidenced by her hospital trips for experimenting with the fine line between living and dead.

    Still, fucking Marco Antonio Solis, Christian Castro, and the compost pile of "Is this an album or a single track on repeat." And "lloviendo estrellas" can especially go straight to hell. If I walk out on my South American balcony where I write pieces about the problems of Jews in Germany only to see the stars in the sky raining down, that isn't sweet. That's hellfire Armageddon shit, like Ben Affleck.

  2. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 October 2018

    I hear you brother. Despacito, but I hear you.

  3. "the bands i loved when i was a teenager i love still, even if i like whatever they made afterwards less" - is this meant to be a comment on the quality or substance of those bands' music? I tried and tried to read it that way but I just can't see it, regardless of what the bands are - I mean, what, they peaked by accident exactly when she was a teenager?

  4. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Sunday, 7 October 2018

    It's possible, isn't it ?

  5. Eh, Despacito is sufficiently BritneyChain that it processes as neutral background music not much different then the 110cc speed demons at this point.

  6. It is possible but I find it really unlikely - perhaps it's just me. For one thing I have encountered this precise belief so many times and in so many different contexts that I really can't say it's to do with more than the speaker being a teenager at that time. Basically yes, many people tend to go through life still liking all sorts of things they liked when they were teenagers - usually the least (re)examined the more liked. Perhaps this is not the case at all here but I don't see it.

    For another thing, the statement is general (the one named band is given as an example only), without any exception baked in, so *all* of those she liked either peaked at that time or otherwise maintained their level and/or improved. Possible I suppose but rather dubious still.

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