So I went to buy a new hard-drive...

Friday, 16 March, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

... no, it's not a set-up, I literally went to buy a hard-drive to replace the dead antique that failed recently. I ended up with this 2 TB platter Toshiba thing, should be good enough. Amusingly, I paid for it the same ~130 bux the original it replaces had cost, back in 2005ish. That's longer than it takes, you realise ?

Anyway, then we went for lunch, at, literally, Pomodoro. The companera (blanca huella que todos los dias clavando en el yugo me ves picanear) didn't break up with me, and I didn't break up with her. Instead, we had pizza, she picked up this chick dressed in a dress (who, believe it or not, was an electrical engineer student ; upon my asking whether they do theory or practice she retorted that they do the both, upon my further inquiring whether they have the machinery that prints PCBs she said she's only just started ; but I believe we shall be seeing more of her -- if tradition is anything to go by, more of her cunt by candlelight, but let's not anti-cipate) and then I amused myself with the hostess, this brunette moron. First, she didn't dare launch the airplane my girl had folded out of the (first) A3 sheet advertising the restaurant they placed in front of her. You could sense the infantile trepidation of temptation harnessed, I doubt she lost her virginity with so much emotion -- because yes, under pressure from my encouragement she did dare launch it, and then having already launched it once, she amused herself doing it a few more times -- Alabama had nothing over this chick. Then she sat back on her perky stool which was basically on the girl's shoulder, butt towards us, and started lipworking a lolipop.

So I asked her what flavour is it, which didn't click in her head ; I asked her again que sabor es and she turned and assured me it's fresa. Then she suckled on it some more while furrowing her brow, clearly doing some serious heavy lifting in there, only for five or so minutes later to... how do you say strafulgerare in English ? She was enlightened by a thought! She thereby proceeded to check the packaging of the thing she had been sucking on for a while, and then told me it's actually cherry. Ceresa, she confirmed in Spanish as well, less misunderstanding occur. Which train of events readily prompted my inquiring with the girl, "Hey, what if you had one of these around the house ? I could go 'pet, why's she not used the litterbox ?!' and you could go 'god damn it, again! HEY!' wouldn't that be fun ?". She... made a most di-plomatic answer to this challenge.

Then we went to this manga bar/restaurant/figurine shop y sushi place etcetera they have here. We had drinks and des serts and the hostess (some short ugly dollop in knee-high white stockings because they take the whole anime thing seriously, the management I mean) brought us a box of Catan. I always wanted to try that thing out, because they keep harping about it everywhere, great strategy game and whatnot.

Have you ever played fucking Catan ? It's subnormal, I swear to fucking god, Monopoly stands with this wonder in approximately the relation Bridge stands with Uno. O yeah totally, game of strategy and you gotta cunt the cards!1!1elventy

Here's the strategy : build one town by the mountain with view of a single or double wheat and the othert town by the same mountain with a view of a single or double forest. Mixes work, and try to get a sheep somewhere if you get singlets. Then build roads to complete this. Then keep going, eventually you'll have five town of which at least three on mountain, which you then proceed to upgrade first, which makes you win, nqa. The "alternative" strategy based on wood + clay (get roads and buy special cards to get cavalliers, for 2 + 2 more points) is slower and more fragile, so it's no alternative at fucking all.

So ends the only game of Catan I ever played or expect to play (unless, of course, we actually end up with subnormal hostesses around the house for some incomprehensible reason), which I won but take no satisfaction in winning. We proceeded therewith to a stand-up comedy show! It was in this otherwise very nice bar (particularly good service, which is hard in this country), the Central Pub by Sabana. Turns out it has a "London Room" way in the back, which really looks like the BDSM parlour but very sadly isnt'.

This schmucky kid produced himself. He was a music teacher at some local highschool, and his opening was "thanks for coming, isn't it hard to break off netflix". He had no follow-up from there, besides recounting shows and making inane observations about them like some god damned 14 year old in remedial socialisation. Seriously, how come the people making superheroes out of household items don't pick different attributes, like Spiderman could have been instead a knitting afficionado, like spiders are rite ??? snort snort hurr durr. The cerebrally oily locals actually laughed at that painful idiocy, there were three pairs and a half dozen Sam candidates there for an "audience" (I sat on the couch to the side of the stage and dun count, okay ?)

We then proceeded to consider how some fenotypically dubious student of his said something about "how it would be like" if he "taught in Hogwarts", like I expert everyone ever by now, bleagh. His idea slash contribution to humor and worldly intellectual discussion was that it'd suck. Obviously. Because it wouldn't be similar to his current paper-bound existence or whatever nonsense. He also had a bit about some guy that went back in time and killed serious antihumanitarians before whatever act brought them to the attention of the bleating herd -- Hitler before WW2 (what's a beerhall putsch?!?!) ; Obama before 7/11 and some schmuck whose name I forget before Despacito (unintelligent MTV-like summer "hit" in Puerto Rico and other Spanish speaking, Miami-worshipping treemonkey hangouts). Geddit ? It's a funnyjoke.

Then we went back to the main bar and watched the news about some bridge (intended for 4 million students!!11) collapsing in Miami, Florida (heh -- prepare for a lot more of these, Make America Flat Again) trapping an unknown number of cars. I fully intend to use the example to put the truth of the matter into the heads of the local pantsuit-aspiring cowsies.

That'd be it.

PS. At some point through all this we also bought a large pile of shoes, I don't remember exactly when but the chicks look great in them and my pair's quite comfortable.

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  1. Si, i-ai bagat fieru-n inductor sau n-a ajuns nici la lectia a'ea?

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