Ridoinculous taboos

Thursday, 11 January, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Yes, this article was published in Romanian five years ago. It was called Tabuuri ridicole back then. Deal with it.


This thousand words above seems to me very enlightening in the matter we will be discussing today (and yes, the two are Romanian).

So, doesn't it seem to you rather suspect, dear gents, madams, misses, whores and whatever else you might be (whores, principally) that we've arrived as a society as well as a shitteryi (by "we" I mean white people here, because the gyposii are doing fine in this field) in the odd situation of believing that "it's best the young un' discover by itself everything to do with sex" ?

It's the dumbest, harmful and in the end most ridiculous romanticism!

First off, sexuality is the most important human preoccupation, by far and since forever. And so it should be, at that, for the simplest and most fundamental biological reasonsiii. It isn't (as the romanticist imbeciles "think" without even being capable to verbalize, let alone defend the enormity) some kind of a... meteor, fallen from the skies, an intuition come from the great beyond, some kind of knowledge downloaded into your brain at the exactly opportune moment through the good offices of the great scriptwriter in the skies. It is a technique. It is a technique. Ignorance of this banality puts millions of women in the sad position of this imbecile, isn't it sad ? Isn't it regrettable, such a waste ?

What if we all took dumbness pills and we'd thereby end up with the firm (but unverbalized, and unverbalizable) conviction that the multiplication table is some sort of a something magical, that occurs by itself, and instead of teaching children aged 10 (by force and with beatings until they either know it perfectly or fucking die) we just... let them be. Perhaps flunk the whole lot when exam time comes, because ... well, why don't you chitlins know the multiplication table, dears ?!?!? Can you imagine what houses would look like and how much they'd cost ?iv What a wonder a flat table would be, what amazement a bearing ball, what luxury a small box with a sliding side...

Sexuality is technique, and being technique it must refine through practice, future generations must be able to benefit from the experience of previous generations, culture must transmit! I recommend the pairing of adolescents of either kind with adults rather on the far end of maturity exaclty for this reason : it's the simplest, cheapest and most comfortable manner of avoiding the idiotic taboos around sexuality. Let the young man take a forty or fifty year old lover, let Missy Highschool suck off some dood one year away from his burial, and with this great opportunity let them learn. Let the science and the practice of fucking fucking transmit, there's no need for every dumbass out there to rediscover the banal by rubbing sticks together.

Second off, who, how and why the fuck even dares pretending to forbid the most important form of the comunion between children and their parents ? Why shouldn't 16yo Jeniffer learn from her very own mother how exactly do girls in their clan suck the dick for seven generations, looky first you do like this and then like so not like those whores of X who do it that way and such ? Why shouldn't there be a tradition in the field, why should the individual not belong to a filiation ? Why shouldn't I be able to recognize a 16 yo kiddyv even naked, even in the dark, why shouldn't I say to myself "aaah, you're Katherine's" ? The natural inclination is there, little girls wanna exactly like mommy, have you ever seen a woman dressed in some t-shirt with a little girl in tow dressed in an identical one, how fucking gleeful she is ?

Let them have fucking tradition, here kitten, this is the dragon we in this fambly put on the ankle since 1607. What's the big issue under discussion, that some cucks don't fuck and are afraid of fucking ? Hue, totallies such an absolutely serious reason, how could I have overlooked it before!

Men do this somewhat, vaguely and with great coyness, at least at some point in time daddy took teh heir to a strip club, something, but with averted eyes, like. What the shit ?!

It doth not seem healthy. And in closing :

Problem ?

Problem ?

  1. In the original language "cultura" is how you say "culture", "ca" is how you say "as" and "caca" is how you say "shit", off the Latin root. Consequently "as X" where X starts with "ca" constructs what's known as a "cacophony" in Romanian, and junior high kids everywhere are drilled to avoid it. []
  2. The similarities between the USian nigger and the Romanian gypo when it comes to majority perception are striking, did I mention ? []
  3. Did you know, by the way, that the most important brain function -- of all! -- going by the count of neurons involved is facial recognition and reaction ? You didn't know, because you didn't have how to know, the studies aren't written yet, but lo that I'm telling you, from the future. This is the Russia of the brain, compared to which triteness such as speech are a poor US (which brings us to your also not knowing that RU = 17mn km2 as compared to the US' ~10). []
  4. Amusingly, if you're from the US you don't even have to imagine! []
  5. In the sense of, young goat. []
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5 Responses

  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 18 April 2020

    Aaand in other Trilema firsts, apparently I translated an article twice : once here, once over at http://trilema.com/2017/my-new-bitch-yellow-her-mom-played-da-cello/

    I had no fucking idea, but it allows for a pretty interesting comparison.

  2. Reading these two translations, it's striking how faithful they are to the original while this latter (and I daresay better for suggesting it's taken more turns through your brainpan's twisties) enjoys a more full footnotery and --perhaps most interesting of all, the distinction of sexuality being a technique, as opposed to the earlier translation's sex being a technique.

    An' if you wanna tell me I'm reading too much into it, well...what can I do if you have us read it twice!

  3. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 18 April 2020


    No, I think you're right, the latter's more polished if -- apparently -- subconsciously so.

    Invaluable materials for future researchers!!!

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