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Monday, 29 May, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


This thousand words above seems to me rather elucidating in the matter we'll be approaching today (and yes, the two are Romanian).

So, don't you find it suspect, my dear gents, ladies, maidens, whores and what else might you be (mostly, whores) that we've arrived as a society as well as a culturei (I'm speaking of whites, because the gypos are doing fine as far as this goes) in the bizarre situation where we believe that "it is best for the young'un to discover on its own everything to do with sexuality" ?

It's the stupidest, most harmful and in the end ridiculous romantism!

In the first place sex is the most important human preoccupation, by very far and since forever. As it's natural and proper for it to be, for the simplest and most fundamental biological reasons. Sex is not (as imbecile romantics pretend to believe, without being capable to verbalize, let alone defend the absurdity) some sort of meteor, fallen from the sky, not some kind of intuition from worlds beyond, understanding that hits you suddenly in the manner of an epiphany.ii Sex is a technique. Ignoring this utter banality puts millions of women in the position of this idiot, isn't it pathetic ? Isn't it an utter waste of a cheap streetwalker ?

What if we all took stupid pills and thus arrived at the (firm, but unverbalized nor verbalizable, let alone supported) conviction that the multiplication table is you know, something that occurs by itself, and instead of teaching third graders (by force and with beatings if need be, until they say it without hesitation) we'd instead let them weed about, after which flunk the lot because... well... but why can't you multiply, dears ?!?!?! Can you imagine what sort of dwellings we'd inhabit and how much they'd cost ? What wonder'd be a plane table, what amazement a bearing ball, what luxury item a box with a sliding side ?

Sex is a technique, and as a technique it must be refined in practice and the coming generations must be able to benefit from the experience of past generations. Culture must be transmitted! I recommend the mating of young adolescents and active pubers of either gender with adults rather closer to senescence for this exact reason : it's the simplest, cheapest and most comfortable method of avoiding idiotic taboos around sexuality. Let the young gent take a lover in her late forties or fifties, let Missy Highschool suck off some dude about to croak, and in this let them learn. Let both the theory and the practice of fucking fucking transmit, so we're not stuck with every dumbass reinventing the banal by rubbing sticks together.

In the second place, who, how and wherefore dares interfere with the most important form of communion between children and their parents ? Why shouldn't 16 yo Mary find from her very mother how exactly do girls suck cock in their family, for seven generations ? You do like this and then like that not like the Johnsonsmith whores who do it otherwise ? Why shouldn't there be a tradition in this, why shouldn't the individual belong to a line and a filiation ? Why shouldn't I be able to recognize a 16yo naked in the dark, why shouldn't I be able to say "aaa, you're Katharina's ?" The natural inclination is there, girlies want for themselves just like what mommy has. You ever saw a woman walking about with some tshirt with the girly in tow wearing exactly the same tshirt, how happy this makes the dandiprat ?

Why shouldn't there be tradition, look kitten, this is the dragon we in our fambly wear on the ankle since 1607. What's the big problem ? That some unimportants don't fuck and consequently fear fucking ? O noes, but this is actually a heavy argument, how could I not have taken it more into considerations until now!

Men do this, or at least used to, somewhat if rather vaguely and all shyly -- at least at some point daddy used to take the junior to the brothel, but rather with a hand over the eyes sort of thing. What the fuck ?

It doesn't strike me as healthy. And in closing :

Problem ?

Problem ?

PS. This article was originally published in Romanian half decade ago.

  1. In Romanian "as a" is spelled "ca", and so therefore "as a culture" readily spells out something with shit in it. Apt, don't you find ? []
  2. Let's point out in passing that Ballas encounters the same problem :

    What happened? I think the generation raised on action movies felt betrayed. Those movies promised possibilities, promised that when you grow up, your powers will kick in. When you grow up, if bad guys take over a bank, you'll be able to use kung fu on them. It seemed not to have occurred to anyone to learn actual kung fu, or look up how banks are typically laid out, where the alarms are-- just in case. No, these skills would be uploaded straight by God when needed, sudden and immediate, just as they came to JCVD in Bloodsport. Life is a movie and movies are only 90 minutes long. Not a whole lot of time for training.

    Well, the possibilities never came true, so heroes can all go to hell. And God, too, while we're at it, he didn't deliver either.

    (What Happens To An Action Hero When We Grow Up?)

    He puts the blame on excessive television consumption. I have no doubt it's a factor, but I'm also entirely satisfied the root, if not the bulk of the rot, is simply the psychotic notions on sexuality of anglotards. Hey, if God can upload into your brain fucking on your wedding day, why couldn't he upload kungfu on banking day ? There really isn't so much difference between the two. []

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  1. Mircea Popescu`s avatar
    Mircea Popescu 
    Saturday, 18 April 2020

    Aaand in other Trilema firsts, apparently I translated an article twice : once here, once over at

    I had no fucking idea, but it allows for a pretty interesting comparison.

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