MiniGame (S.MG), March 2018 Statement

Monday, 02 April, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu
S.MG incoming and outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Deposits 0.0 Game server 0.0i
Loot pool provisioning 0.0
Payroll 0.81428571
Total 0.0 Total 0.81428571
    S.MG assets
    Account 01.03.2018 Net change 31.03.2018
    Cash 8`492.00411847 0.81428571 8`491.189832756
    Tangibles 311.285879749 0.0ii 311.285879749
    Intangibles and goodwill 77.1697254 0.0 77.1697254
    Total assets 8`879.645437905
    S.MG liabilities
    Account 01.03.2018 Net change 31.03.2018
    Player holdings 138.10254812 0.0 138.10254812
    Shareholder equity 8`742.357175499 0.814285714 8741.542889785
    Total liabilities 8`879.645437905

      S.MG has a total of 88`096`605 authorised shares outstanding. The shareholder equity per share implied value is thus 0.00009930 BTC.

      S.MG has Special Stock Warrants outstanding, as follows :

      # Fingerprint Shares BTC Par
      1 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452 88`096`605 8`809.6605 1
      3 5015BD3D0AE659C8B8632F31CF2950F23C844002 192`307 25 1.3
      4 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 10`000 1 1
      5 BBB0A99950037551F533850A677ABD62D0AEE7D7 10`000 1 1
      6 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 170`000 17 1
      7 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      8 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      9 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      10 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      11 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      12 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      13 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      14 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      15 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      16 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      17 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      18 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      19 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 20`000 2 1
      20 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      21 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      22 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 250`000 25 1
      23 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 70`000 7 1
      24 E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E 3`250`000 325 1
      25 EA0FAD90985B3025576A5061454B0FC0BC07B87E 910`000 91 1
      Tiii 95`398`912 9`544.6605 1.00052

        Provisional statement, will be considered accepted within 24 hours. Make any observations or corrections below.


        As you might've noticed, Minigame doesn't currently have a server -- which makes all sorts of things not work, from logging in to play the game to subdomain name delegation.

        The causes of this sad state of affairs are two-fold. On one hand, Bitpay decided to finally perpetrate the switch portion of its long-running bait-and-switch scam so typical of the USG-driven "technology" "companies". It consisted of replacing Bitcoin with an unadvertised altcoin of their own concoction. Needless to say this left stranded all sorts of politically-myopic operators who thought they were accepting Bitcoin but really were simply giving themselves tied into the hands of the enemy. On the other hand, replacement management called in to reinforce Bingoboingo's Oriental Republic outfit is still cutting its teeth in the enchanted world of adult business, making all sorts of greenhorn mistakes along the way.

        By their powers combined, these circumstances placed us in the unenviable position of not having an online presence for the last half of March and, expectedly, the first half of April. The current plan is that one of the Pizarro principals is flying over there mid-April to remedy in one fell swoop both the sorely longstanding No Such lAbs darkness as well as the more recent Minigame issues. Consequently I approved the CTO's vacation ; upon her return mid-April we are going to get the server back up. It will be a much better machine than the previous item in purely Imperial terms, not to mention it will have a pair of FGs installed, making it the only honest game server in the history of online gaming, period and full stop.

        Otherwise, work on the specification for client-server communications is ongoing ; I hope to have something published this month, meaning third party client development can actually begin in earnest at that point! And, of course, we're still looking for talented people willing to put that talent to work.

        1. Meh. []
        2. This value became momentarily unreportable, as we currently don't have a server and it's not worth my time to dig it out of backups. Once we're online the first report will de facto include catch-up values ; to assuage any panicard tendency in the meanwhile I can firmly state movement was under a Bitcoin (as per usual), and player holdings stood at 138.13 or thereabouts. []
        3. For clerical reasons we're no longer issuing warrants monthly ; nevertheless employee compensation package remains in force, and we intend to issue 12 months' worth of warrants for E72DCCB73A5E06694C5CD781D5196EE6390F999E on January 2019. []
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