Fuck Argentina.

Saturday, 21 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

slut i think malibu is definitely the best rum, just sayin
Me you have no idea.

slut lmao.
slut i just wanted to see what youd say, how was your day btw?
Me pretty great, all i did was watch movies, eat and boss people around.
Me and mock idiots on fetlife, lol.

slut lol anyone good today?
Me nah. some dumb bitchi from argentina. "feminist".
Me you know how some people are racist, like, they hate niggers ?

slut lol im familiar
Me i hate anyone from argentina.

slut how come?
Me cuz they're the absolute shitheels of this world. pretty much anything the craziest aryan power dood says about blacks ?
Me 110% true, about argentines.

slut lol yeah but what do they do?
slut ive nver heard anything disparaging about people from argentina
Me o, get a load of this. they grow. soy.
Me that's it.
Me and then!
Me they go around like "o no, argentina, is civilised". pretending like, they've got i dunno, a night life. education. businesses. they want as much in rent as they see in the miami rental agency leaflets
Me but the country is barely nigeria level.
Me after staying there i fired anyone who was even RELATED, in any way, to anyone from argentina.
Me should be exterminated, the sad fucks.

slut lol holy shit
Me o ya.
Me i never hated anyone before living there
Me but now i do
Me anyone from argentina is like, on my hit list.

slut lol did they all wrong you?
slut or did anything specific happen?
Me no, but i don't have the patience to check.

slut lol
Me like, you know, if you take a shit and notice there's corn kernels in there, you don't go in to taste them.
Me argentines are simply an abomination unto this world.

slut what a great metaphor
Me anyway, i seriously won't eat in argentine places, won't patronize argentine business, won't socialize with argentine people, i hate 'em.

slut lol glad i never brought up the subject before or in person
Me lol.

slut lol ill take your word for it, because i have to .. i think lol
Me anyway, here, some examples :

slut wooh
slut example time
Me trilema.com/2015/marcha-de-las-dumbas/
Me trilema.com/2016/pili/ vs trilema.com/2016/pizdi/

slut okk
Me waait, there's more!
Me trilema.com/2014/understanding-argentinas-coming-default-for-real-this-time/
Me trilema.com/2016/my-rather-sad-breakfast-or-fuck-you-smart-food-company-srl-and-fuck-you-industria-argentina/
Me trilema.com/2016/the-worlds-most-contortedly-idiotic-computer-case-in-pictures/

slut lmao
Me trilema.com/2016/la-santa-soppressata/
Me trilema.com/2016/cargo-cults-a-case-study/
Me trilema.com/2017/the-story-of-the-scared-slut/
Me trilema.com/2015/baires/

slut i know where i want to start
Me trilema.com/2014/further-argentine-weird/

slut these titles lol
Me trilema.com/2016/industria-argentina-or-my-life-among-the-tribal-savages/

slut haha
Me trilema.com/2016/peruvian-immigrants-argentine-natives/
Me trilema.com/2015/views-from-a-shithole-or-periplus-through-stupidity/
Me there's TONS more.
Me it's just, normal people don't realise what fucking shitheels they are. but once you start noticing things, you fucking notice things. how they ALWAYS pretend and NEVER deliver.

slut lmao
slut hannah mentioned something similiar before too
Me no human being can spend any time with them and not notice.
Me it's like they're replicants, claiming to be human beings. but totally are not.

slut lol these are some pretty unflattering stories
Me all true.

slut how long did you live there? pretty different from how your life sounds now haha
Me a coupla years
Me but yes. i went cuz they keep going on about how it's great and night life and whatnot
Me bupkiss, buenos aires is a 10mn inhabitant akron ohio

slut yeesh
slut fuck argentina
Me ikr!
Me do you understand that THEY HAVE NO CLUBS ?
Me i mean this. no discos, no dance halls, NOTHING ?

slut lmao yeah i was in ohio
Me this is not a joke, the total surface is <100 sqft

slut bars?
Me no i mean argentina

slut no i know
Me they do not have bars
Me they have these, and i kid you not, 50 to 100 sqft eat standing and no service cafeteria things
Me everything is cramped. and the irony of it all ? THEY HAVE DANCING LESSONS
Me city is full of those
Me 0 places to dance.

slut lol
slut sounds like the midwest of south america
Me and the local fucktards, you know ? "oh we have great night life" "Where is it ?" "oh... i don't know"
Me NOBODY can take you to a party. no such thing
Me unless you mean a bunch of bums on a curb.
Me tyvm, i'd rather hang out with the niggers in compton for that. at least THEY ARE NOT RETARDED

slut what did you do there?
slut lol
Me i kept trying! you understand, it's a country the size of europe+ukraina, or if you prefer, of the ENTIRE midwest, with a city that is like 3x the surface of new york
Me so you keep thinking "maybe i'm retarded, haven't found the cool places yet"

slut lmao
slut thats how they trap people
Me which is why i will fuckinbburn them down.

slut ill join you
slut sounds fucking lame
slut anything redeeming at all?
Me nope.
Me nothing at all.

slut lol we have to spread the word

She's into spreading, what can I tell you.


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