Brokola. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, 07 July, Year 10 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu


Hopefully they get to brokola the whole fleet of "smart"phones for dumb people, and permanently.

Meanwhile in the imaginary online world...



But let's leave the imaginary online world behind and move into the imaginary "real" world :


Leaving aside the intrinsic, inescapable hypocrisy of a well organized criminal group overtly attempting to Rhodesia Russia nevertheless complainingi about their agents being hung for a plainly evident conspiracy to do exactly what they were in fact doing : I can think of no better use for a bunch of inept girlies going about with "antifa" "tulpas" in their heads than intimate contact with truck batteries.

Some time ago I played a browser game, it was something along the lines of building a porn empire. The girl acquisition pipeline consisted of propositioning street whores to move over, which could either trigger a fight or not, and if it didn't or it did and your crew won it you'd have a new employee. However, the same place also had a mugging dynamic, which sometimes included female would-be muggers, and whom you could enslave upon defeating them in baseball bat to brass knuckle combat. The infrastructure to handle such enslaved girlies involved a basement, perpetual enforced nudity, ball gags and the process of "breaking them in" (ie, turning them into an employee -- an undersirable result in game terms, for various reasons). The mechanics of such re-education chiefly revolved around forcible copulation, such as for instance tying a (LoveMaker-branded) lead-acid battery to their parts and shocking them periodically into moving as if they were fucking voluntarily.

I'm sure the FSB did nothing of the kind, and that certainty comes from the plain knowledge that it'd have been the correct thing to do.

It'd have been the correct thing to do, and the sooner this is thoroughly understood the sooner we can move away from all the inept nonsense.


  1. Somehow the "non-conspiring" conspirators had someone ready to translate "their" idiocy in Spanish and paste it on walls in between various other Pili-isms. Who ? How come ? If this is not a conspiracy, then what is ?

    Such is the incredible cheek of the pantsuit : they will have you believe conspiracy is what they call conspiracy. That and no more, entirely up to their arbitrary choice, and similarily "free speech" and "rights" and whatever else. If you permit them to speak at all they'll waste no time trying to hijack language and naught else.

    Be it phrased as "that there was a limit..." as in the neo-xtian "evolutionism" sects or phrased around "sin" and "forgiveness" in the traditional neo-xtian style, the readily recognizable flag and in fact the only idea of pantsuitism is ye olde cuckoldress' credo, that mainstay of "what are you going to believe, what you see with your own eyes or what I'm telling you ?".

    Beatings are the solution, by the way. No questions asked, hands down, ass up, welts everywhere. Now. []

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