Where THE FUCK!!! is everyone ?

Tuesday, 15 August, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Bitcoin is valuable today because for the past five+ years I've been intransigently sinking each and every attempt of all the scum and barnacles i sticking to its mighty hull to make it "more acceptable to governments" which is to say useless and stupid.

Bitcoin is not the money of Diane fucking Keaton. Bitcoin is the currency of the nameless 16 year old who runs away from home to bleed her way into womanhood live on camera. Bitcoin's entire point, and its entire value proposition, as numerously and amply discussed on Trilema these past few years, is to make it too expensive for the average head of cattle to present pantsuit.

That's why the obnoxious voice of the insufferable soysexual in that video sounds so fucking desperate : because for the past five years the base of his idiocy has been methodically undermined, and today he discovers himself in the only truly untenable position : that where he thought he's in the right because they were numerous, only to turn around and discover he's alone. Will the faggot press on, because he's right, now that he's alone ? You've seen these battle nigglets before, haven't you, talking tough and spewing shit while turning their head to check back every three seconds ? Yeah, the fabled suburban tough guy, that's him.

And yes the end game is having menopausal women in the exact position of dogs today : either they go around with a collar provided by a citizen or else get taken to the pound to be euthanized in thirty days if no-one claims them. That doesn't mean women can't be citizens suo jure ; but there's not going to be any prize for simply showing up, nor "human rights" nor "equality" nor any of the rest of the herdemocracy nonsense.

What can the herd of emos do about it ? The herd part is already melting away, leaving behind the ugly grub of emocracy exposed. How long can that last ? Who's gonna feed them their soy milk ? Who's gonna shade them from the unforgiving Sun above ?

Not I. And, importantly, neither will the jwzs. Slowly but incontournably, it is becoming too expensive for them to do it, which means they will not do it, which means it's time to say goodnight.

Where the fuck is everyone ?

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