Tuesday, 12 December, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

Can you fucking believe I've not yet used that title ?!

Anyway :


This guy is like one inch long, and ain't fucking kidding all around!


They're doing this pantsuit ideologizing in force here, it's all about how "we're all equal and equally people except for the Catholics" and so on ad nauseam. This "art project" which has absolutely nothing to do with art, but instead was corruptly, let me underscore, financed through corruptly, let me underscore again, hijacking the public treasury like any propaganda piece ever. It should appear rather fucking plainly to the most cursory of investigation that they only look alike once I show up in the picture, forcing their differences to melt in the immense distance they still have to come to sit next to me. Otherwise, from up close, they're not all that fucking similar.


Doesn't this look like exactly the place you'd like to be ? Oh, no ?


Similar "art piece" that has nothing to do with art and everything to do with politruking as seen above. This one is a century old, and so finds itself diametrally opposed to current fashions on the progressive circle of pointless stupidity. To quote,

Municipalidad de San Jose, periodo 1930 - 1932, interpreta el sentimiento de los vecinos de la capital, dedicando este paseo como un justo y cordial homenaje a la Madre Espana y al descubridor de America, Cristobal Colon.

Ie, "you're all niggers and we love our colonial lineage".


In Costa Rica Catarama nu a murit, pentru ca in Costa Rica SAFI traeste! (For bonus lulz, INS is the Instituto Nacional de Seguros. Bodes well, and incidentally, did you know boda means wedding here ?)


I bought myself a coupla pairs of suits, a bunch of shirts (including a Colombian-style linen one!) and various other trims at the only surviving gentlemen's store in San Jose, Hermanos Feoli on Calle Central y Avenida Central. The cash register was actually functional as seen, and the actual item they used to ring up the sales. If you stop to think what this probably means about the merchandise you can perhaps imagine why I say there's no other left here.


Never upgrade anything again, you hear me ? There's no need, and there's no benefit, and most importantly : if you do, you'll miss out on the only people that matter.


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