Love in an elevator

Wednesday, 12 July, Year 9 d.Tr. | Author: Mircea Popescu

"Wow it's so cool to be sitting here talking and everything! I never thought it'd happen..."
"All it took was sayin' hi."
"I know, right ? How cool is that! So... no, nevermind."
"What ?"
"You know I totally want to ask you all about it, right ? But whatever. You'll probably flip out and not wanna be friends anymore. We're friends, right ? I mean..."
"Ha! This is like the best thing that happened all year. Really, we're like... I can tell people oh yeah, I know Rach, we're tight!"
"Can I crash at your place whenever I feel like ?"
"Yeah ? I mean totally, would you ? Please ?"
"So then. Isn't that what friends are ?"
"Are you coming this weekend ? We could... well I got this Sephora kit we could try it out. If mom throws a fit we'll just use the den or something."
"Should I bring lingerie to try on ?"
"O god yes. You got lingerie ?"
"You mean like nighties and shit like that ?"
"Oh no."
"Oh my god totally. We'll make jello shots."
"You can buy alcohol ?"
"I got vodka stashed! And things. Say... can I invite some of the other girls ? I mean... no, nevermind. Should just be the two of us."
"Either way..."
"They're dying to know, you know. They're all dying to know."
"Know what ?"
"You know... would you tell me ? Please ? I promise I won't tell anybody. I swear!"
"What do you want to know ?"
"Is it true ? Were..."
"Is what true ?"
"Were you... were... did they ga... did they gannnnn..."
"Did they gangbang me ? Yes, they did. "
"Oh my fucking god."
"I was stuffed fulla cocks."
"Ahahahaha that's ... hahahaha."
"I looked like basted duck by the time they were done with me, I had splooge coming out my ears I was so full of it."
"Oh my... but did they... I mean..."
"O yeah. The whole enchilada."
"How many guys were there ?"
"Seven. But two came later. Five at first, then two more."
"Wasn't it... I dunno, wasn't it hard ?"
"It seems that way, if you think about it, right ? But when you're there in it and the dicks are flying all you're really thinking is 'aaaalright, let's do this!'."
"I could never do it."
"You totally could."
"I could ?"
"Hey, weren't you at James' brother party last year ?"
"I wasn't invited. But I snuck in."
"Right, you were with that short guy kept fondling your tits."
"We did a lot more than fondling..."
"Oh ?"
"That's the night I lost my virginity."
"Same guy ?"
"Yes same guy, what do you think I am, some kind of... oh my god. I'm totally sorry Rach it slipped out. I don't mean..."
"Some kind of gangbang slut, to be passed around like a cum rag, huh ?"
"No no no, Rach seriously I didn't..."
"That's ok."
"I didn't mean to judge you."
"Eh relax babydoll. I'm just kidding."
"You're not upset ?"
"Nope. So I like getting stuffed, big deal."
"You liked it, huh."
"I fucking loved it."
"I could never do something like that."
"Ah right, the party. So let me tell you a little secret."
"I also lost my virginity at that party!"
"You did ?"
"What a stupid expression, isn't it ? 'I lost my virginity and my car keys at Jerry's party. I don't know where they went, maybe slipped between the couch cushions while I was sitting...'"
"Hohohohohoh. Oh my god you made me snort. Hahahaha. That's really funny. 'I lost my virginity. I just... lost it. Maybe it's under the bed.'"
"Yeah, I think the poolboy might have taken it by mistake. He thought it was his and left with it..."
"But wait, what do you mean ? I thought you had... I mean... everyone said..."
"That I'm a total slut and James fucks me whenever he wants and sometimes lets his friends watch and jack off ?"
"You think I'm a total skank, don't you."
"No. Rachel please. I don't."
"If I'm such a fucking skank...
"I think you're great!"
"...then why are you sitting here with me ?"
"Please. I just wanna be like you."
"Oh, you do ?"
"Yes. Yes I do. With every fiber in my body and soul, I wish I could be like you, so cool and nonchalant..."
"Is that spelled with an 'e' ?"
"What that ?"
"No, n-o-n-c-h-a-l-a-n-t."
"Ah thank you."
"What the hell question was that ?"
"I'm writing things down, you know ? Like a journal ?"
"How come ?"
"One of the guys at the... at the event, ok ?"
"Ok. The event hehehe."
"I mean they all said I was great and everything. But this one guy told me I'm the most talented slut he ever saw, and that I should keep a journal. Because this is lived experience, and what truly makes a writer is the experiences he had."
"Wow, he said that to you ?"
"So you're going to be a writer ?"
"Well... I dunno, I might want to write something..."
"Helps if you can spell..."
"Omfg did you just insult my intelligence ? They got spellcheckers now. If you didn't notice. Ho!"
"Who're you calling a ho, ho!"
"I'm calling you a ho, and you'd better apologize before I call you something else!"
"Are you going to call me a two bit gangbang skank ?"
"That goes around calling people up while they're trying to stack shelves and bag groceries, 'hey Jamal, get some friends over, my tube's itchy again' ?"
"Hey, I just do it, I don't spend all day thinking about it and rubbing myself on the edges of furniture like a god damned house plant."
"House plant ?"
"I dunno, it just came out."
"You got me with the house plant. Alright. Ahem. Pleeeeaseeee forgiiiiive me, I know not what I do, pleeeasee believe me, I love you like I do. Dooon't denyyyy meee... This pain I'm..."
"Ok enough Miss Karaoke, you're making a scene."
"And you're afraid they might come over and one thing'd lead to another ?"
"Oh not this time. This time Ima be all 'Whatcha need my old used up ho ass fo, you got primo meat right here. She just lost her virginity, too!'."
"I thought we did it at the same party."
"I lost my anal virginity, bitch."
"Are you going to make me do things ?"
"When ?"
"When you're coming over this weekend."
"Oh yeah. Totally. And tell all the other wanna-be skanks you're inviting, too. I'm gonna be the queen bee, and you'll all scurry around and do my bidding and pedicure and everything like good Asian servant girls. Are we clear ?"
"Oh yes, totally!"
"And call me mistress."
"Yes, mistress."
"Actually better call me Almighty Omnipotent Great Skank-Archon Rachelia the Ist."
"Eh fuck you!"
"O yeah ?"
"Yeah! Mistress..."
"You'd better say it. Or else... I'm gonna tickle you."
"Let me hear you say it ?"
"Please mistress, tickling is no good."
"Almighty... Omm...Impotent... Grilled... Skank Tarragon."
"Well... at least it rhymes."
"Have you ever thought about someone making you take all your clothes off in the mall ? Like, you're seated at a table, in the food court, open all around for miles. And thousands of people walking by, and they say 'take of your shoes' and you have to. So you take off your shoes and they make you put 'em into this large shopping bag, and then they make you take off all your clothes bit by bit and put them all in there. And then they just stand up and leave with it. And don't come back or leave it somewhere or anything, no, they just put it in the trunk and drive away. And you're left there, 100% alone and completely naked in the middle of the mall."
"I think about it lots. Like, you wouldn't be allowed to run, or try to hide yourself at all. Have to walk slowly and only through the middle where most people are. And hands on your head, or behind your back, no covering at all with anything. And you'd have to shave first, of course, so everything is clearly seen. And pose for all the people with cameras. Even split your pussy up with your fingers so they can get the best view. And you'd have to practice lots and lots before going to bed in your room, with the mirror, how to best pose for all those people with cameras."
"Sounds like a lot of fun..."
"And then you'd have to eventually go to the bathroom. But you couldn't use the women's, you'd have to go to the men's. And there you're allowed to talk, you must say things like 'hello sir, would you like to... would you like... would...'"
"Put your hands where I can see 'em!"
"Sorry... mistress."
"I think you're a huge slut, you know that ?"
"Oh, no. I could never do anything like that. I just dream about it. But I could never..."
"Ah, that reminds me. So the party, right ? Remember Jerry played that film ?"
"The kinky one ?"
"Yes. 'Maid in Sweden'."
"With the girl with really nice hooters that goes on a trip and they fuck her and then she comes back ?"
"Yep. I have that film tattooed in my brain."
"And the scene at the end, when they look at her nice dress with her friend that didn't go, and she says she could never wear it because all the men would be looking at her, and the slut tells her that's good ?"
"Yeah. That's what finally made me drag Ben into the bedroom and straddle him."
"Who's Ben ?"
"You know, the short guy fondling me."
"Hahaha, you had to drag him ?"
"O yeah. He was very tough at first, you know, kept whispering things in my ear like 'I'm gonna play with your breasts now and there's nothing you can do about it, clasp your hands tightly behind your back.' and kept threatening to make me take my top off 'in front of everyone' and not put it back on until the drive home, or maybe at my front door. 'After you ring the doorbell.' he even said. Oh my god he was making me so fucking hot and he didn't even know it. But then you know, when it came to doing it he turned all pale and kept asking stupid questions."
"Like what ?"
"'Oh are you sure you're ready' bullshit. He couldn't even get it up at all the first five minutes."
"Oh, is it ?"
"Absolutely. 100% sign, if he's never done it before he gets scared and can't get it up."
"Damn. So that's why he kept following me around after."
"Hahaha yup."
"He never did anything, you know ? I had to suck it for like ten minutes to even get it up, then he came before even going in."
"Sounds about right. I hate boys."
"So then he wanted to cuddle, right ? And I was like, sure bitch, cuddle your face in my snatch right here."
"You sat on him ?"
"Yeah pretty much. Sorta played with his thingy now and again while he ate me out."
"Did you come ?"
"So then what happened ?"
"Eventually he got hard enough and I straddled him and it took. On like the third fucking pass."
"Sounds like a lot of work."
"It god damned was!"
"Wanna hear the best thing ? I told my mom..."
"You told your mom about the ...."
"So I told her, you know, that I told the guys I wasn't on birth control."
"You weren't ?"
"No, I was. And I didn't tell them anything like that, either. I just told her I told them."
"Why ?"
"I dunno, it just came out. So anyway, then I told her that because of that they only fucked me in the ass the whole time."
"They did ?"
"Of course not. Seven dudes, six hours, come on. What am I, made of Teflon (tm) (r) ?"
"Hahaha. No, you're made of Skankon."
"I'm sorry ?"
"I beg your mercy, great Mistress. Please do go on."
"She believed it."
"Your mom ?"
"Yeah. I don't think she's ever done it."
"Did she ask you if it hurts ?"
"Virgin. Totally."
"I know, right ?"
"Hahaha. So your mom never did it in the pooper huh."
"Did you ?"
"I can't hear you, Miss Karaoke. Did you or did you not have a big fat delicious hunk of boy meat waaaay up inside you making your tummy shiver ?"
"I... I... Alright! I'm a butt virgin, okay ? I never took it up the ass."
"But let me ask you this :"
"Yeah ?"
"Does it hurt ?"
"Do you have a dildo ?"
"Of course."
"Sucktion cup for the shower and everything ?"
"So I sometimes do myself in the ass that way. Does it count ?"
"Of course it counts."
"Alright then."
"Is it big ?"
"As big as you can get your fingers around. Isn't that how you're supposed to pick them ?"
"I don't know, I have a few different ones."
"That's what one coach once told me. She was a lezbo, and totally into me."
"I think they're totally into everyone."
"That one kinda was, at least, yeah."
"Anyway, you'll never meet a cock that thick on a boy, chances are. So shower counts more than bedroom for anal virginity."
"Oh really ?"
"Definitely. By the way, do you know what the best way is ?"
"What ?"
"So at the... event, right ?"
"Yeah ?"
"There was a really cute guy there..."
"The one with the novel ?"
"Huh ?"
"You know, the guy that said you should be a writer and publish a hojournal."
"No, no. Different one. Really cute. So towards the end they were all spent, just kinda wanted to sit around and chat. I was sitting in his lap, and rubbing his dick softly and slowly, and then I whispered in his ear that I want him to fuck me in the ass."
"But what he did is, as I moved on top of him right ? I was with my back on him just sorta crouching on the couch there, and I slid his dick inside. But what he did was, once he was in, he stood up, holding me by my thighs. There I was, you know, splayed in full display with my knees far apart and his dick throbbing inside my butthole. And then he said 'who wants to stick it into this shameless whore' ?"
"'Come on, she's begging for more.' he said. 'Fill her hussy pussy up!' So they came and fucked me you know, while he was holding me up with his dick up my ass."
"Oh my god."
"That was the last round, you know, after that they pretty much took me home. But it was fucking incredible."
"Is it good, being so full ?"
"It's unreal."
"Hey, are you giving me a ride home ? I think my car might be out of gas."
"Well now. That all depends."
"On ?"
"You know what you have to do to ride in my car."
"Sure, I'll pick up the coffees. I got dad's card and all. Just don't want to put more gas on it is all."
"That's not it, honey bunch."
"What ?"
"I'm parked on level 3."
"Yeah ?"
"You see this shopping bag ?"
"Oh my god. Omygod omygod."
"That's right, baby doll. You're gonna skank up for the ride."
"What... what do I have to do ?"
"Take your shoes off."
"Oh my god."
"Into the bag. Come on, we don't have all day."
"I... I..."
"Off they go, little bitch!"
"The socks too ?"
"Nah, keep them. You look cute in ankle socks."
"Thank you mistress."
"You have a bra on don't you ?"
"Yeah ?"
"Into the bag."
"Do I have to take my top off first ?"
"Nah, work it under."
"Okay. Thank you."
"Do you have panties ?"
"Nah. I went commando."
"How come ?"
"I... I dunno..."
"Could it be because you're totally a slut waiting to be discovered ?"
"It... could..."
"Alright, knot your top under your tits to accentuate them. There you go."
"I look like a total whore don't I ?"
"Yeah, you kinda do. But don't worry, next time we'll also stop by the ladies room, touch your make-up a little."
"Oh my god."
"Now listen up, ho! Here's the plan : you go over and pay the bill. Make sure you flirt with the cashier, you hear ?"
"Yes mistress."
"Then you follow me to the parking elevator. Once the door starts to open, you understand, once it starts to open your top goes into the bag. I don't care if there's 500 people in there including your cousin Bob. Your top is in there before you even get a glimpse of the inside. Am I clear ?"
"Oh my god!"
"Am I fucking clear ?"
"Yes mistress."
"Then we see. Maybe you get fucked by a bunch of strangers in a mall elevator. I'll tell you when to take the pants off."
"Oh my fucking god. Oh my god."
"Then we walk to my car. The bag goes in the trunk. You'll maybe get it back when we're at your house. Maybe."
"W... y...."
"But I'll probably make you get out of the car and get it yourself."
"Are you ready to go ?"
"Y.... yesss. Yes Mistress."
"Alright. And remember, no hiding, anything. Not ever."

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